We are living in a Dystopian Novel, Complete with Zombies

This morning I saw this.

I cannot verify the authenticity but I do not doubt it since just 4 weeks ago I wrote this

“If you think this stops at 3 shots you are kidding yourself.  We are on our way to multiple COVID Jabs each year”. 

I have been right far more often than wrong.  That does not make me some kind of psychic.  When you accept that this is not about a virus or public health these predictions are not difficult to make.  Sometimes all you must do is take them at their word.  The Premier of Victoria, Australia is very blunt about where he is going with this.

This will never end.  The future is nothing other than boosters, variants and restrictions.  The people of Victoria will never experience freedom as long as Premier Daniel Andrews draws breath.  Australia has already regressed to feudal times.  Politicians are now kings; demi-gods with power of life and death.  We are living in a dystopian novel.

In Dystopian novels it is either a virus or a vaccine that causes the collapse of civilization.  With COVID we have both.  In those stories the vaccine or virus is not the killer.  It is the zombies and self-appointed kings that do all the killing.  COVID and the vaccines have certainly produced zombies but they are not doing any killing.  They are just standing around watching the tyrants like Daniel Andrews kill.

COVID zombies just don’t thirst for brains like the Hollywood zombies.  That is probably because they had no use for brains in their pre-zombie days.  Why would they want brains now?  Zombie or not, for them life is more comfortable without brains.  This is precisely why Tyrants like Daniel Andrews are so laser focused on eliminating independent thinkers who reject his dictates.  He simply does not need to worry about the zombies.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    History teaches us that tyrants typically don’t die of natural causes. They enjoy extraordinary power and privilege until one day their subjects turn on them.

    Being a tyrant is a very high risk profession.

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