We are well on our way to Genocide

This is not about a virus.  This is about control and control is a lot easier if you eliminate people who are predisposed to think.  Getting rid of those people is a process.  A process with well-defined steps.

By my count steps 1 through 6 are complete.

  • Independent thinkers are identified by their lack of vaccination passports.
  • Unvaccinated are denied employment and basic services.
  • Governments are hiring private security to enforce this discrimination and financing add campaigns to demonize unvaccinated for spreading the virus.

Governments have been so successful in demonizing the unvaccinated that vaccinated people believe all outbreaks are due to the unvaccinated.  Even outbreaks in fully vaccinated events which exclude unvaccinated.  COVID is the first disease in history that can be spread by people who don’t have it and are not even present.

This irrational fear of unvaccinated people will make the next steps easy.  On Monday step 7 starts.  The first out of the gate is Austria.


Unvaccinated people will be subject to house arrest for the crime of not believing government.  The justification for the complete elimination of rule of law is the surging COVID cases.

62% of Austrians are vaccinated.  That has resulted in the highest level of infections the country has ever seen.  Most highly vaccinated countries in northern Europe are now seeing record levels of transmission.  Logic would indicate that the jabs have somehow made the situation worse.  Unfortunately this has never been about logic, science, or even a virus.

We are 70% of the way to genocide.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    You are spot on with your post today Richard. Even a modest understanding of history is enough to know this is true. It’s curious that everyone is horrified by the genocides in other countries in the past, but that they can’t recognize it happening in their own country or city. Indeed, most people are actively participating in it.

    But it sort of makes sense.
    In the past, a genocide happened in a local area. After it died out, the facts emerged slowly to outsiders and horrified all the people that were not a part of it. Most of the world could therefore learn from it, if only temporarily. But there are now no outsiders. We now have such a connected world that everyone in the world is participating in the same event. The reaction to Covid may possibly be the event that tears civilization apart on a scale from which we cant recover.

    Human beings are a scary lot.

  2. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    People who have contacts with the military have said they are building camps in the north country in several provinces. Step 7

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