Where is the Accountability?

Another day another athlete drops deadTwo in fact.  How much longer can we keep denying that we have a problem?  Two more people have died either because they were foolish enough to trust government or they had no choice but to comply.  Who will stand trial for these deaths?

What we are witnessing is criminal.  Western governments have been killing their citizens in large numbers.  First they used lockdown stress and medical malpractice, now they are using vaccines.  I have been calling for criminal prosecution for more than a year and my voice has finally been joined by others.

If we let them get away with this the dead get no justice and evil bastards like Trudeau, Biden, Macron, and Johnson will just do it again.  Someone needs to go to prison.  In fact a lot of people need to go to prison.  Unfortunately David Martin’s May 22nd deadline has come and gone without any action that I am aware of.  This won’t be over until we stop arresting preachers and start arresting politicians.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    David Martin has been a voice of reason since early days in this tragic crime against humanity. I am glad he is going for the throats of Trudeau and Fauci. Murdering one person gets you 25 years. Murdering many may get you put away for the rest of your life. The Nazis who were only partly responsible for the murder of millions of Jews were hung. So what does a Trudeau deserve? Is there a punishment fit for a crime of this scale?

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