Why are There No Real Leaders in Canada?

When Joe Biden took office on January 20th, he wanted a national mask mandate for 100 days.  In Joe’s medical opinion that would kill Covid once and for all.  Joe did not seem to notice that masks had already been worn for more than 100 days in many places that had not eliminated covid.  Or even prevented a single case for that matter.  Still Joe had way more medical experience than his predecessor.  He must have learned something from examining so many children over the years.

So how are things working out now on day 43 of Joe’s 100-day national mask mandate?  Well, even Joe might have noticed that it is not playing out the way he had hoped.  19 of the 50 states have now removed their mask Mandates.

Joe also wanted harsher lockdowns.  He was especially critical of the 2 states that refused to lockdown, South Dakota, and Florida.  In the last 2 weeks now Iowa, Texas, and Mississippi have lifted all COVID-1984 restrictions.  This morning I heard an interview with Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw.  He spoke about his bill recently introduced to congress.  The Bill is titled “No More Lockdowns”.  If the bill is passed any state that remains locked down will be ineligible for federal funding.  Congressman Crenshaw even referenced the dozens of scientific papers that conclude lock downs do not work.

In the US 38% of the States do not have ridiculous mask mandates.  10% of the States have opted for freedom and restoration of human rights.  To top it off one of the rising political Stars in the country might understand science.  If it were not for their recent capitulation to communist China, I would say that things are starting to turn around in the US.

I am sorry to say you will not find any similar good news in Canada.  First, we capitulated to China a long time ago.  3 years ago, we gave them access to a military base and unfettered access to our airspace.  2 years ago, we started training their military. 6 years ago, we installed their approved Candidate as our Prime Minister.  As we have seen in Canada and the US when China picks a candidate for us, they prefer them to be corrupt and stupid.

In the US they have chosen to go down swinging and push back against their Manchurian Candidate.  In Canada not so much.  This guy thinks it is dangerous to breath heavily when you exercise.

This guy thinks everything is ok now.  He never thinks much about exercising.

And these 2 do not think at all.

How do you defend a country that produces men of such low moral fiber and then elects them to public office?  We have no one in public office in Canada who even understands science, or liberty.  Good luck trying to get one of them to defend something they refuse to understand.  The only thing we do have in Canada is the largest most prolific collection of female serial killers on earth.

We pay them handsomely to kill people.  Some even applaud them for it.  I weep for my country.

These guys are also shedding tears over covid; tears of Joy.


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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    I’ve always felt that one day I would potentially be in politics. However, it seems like people in Alberta and more so Canada do you not want what I do. I hope that changes, I have a young family and maybe moving down south where they will fight for liberty is the place to be. If change doesn’t happen this is not a place to raise family family. How much will people endure before they want to change??

    I would like to hear other readers comments on this??
    I know there’s lots of you out there. Once you start reading Richard’s stuff you can’t stop it’s spot on.

  2. Tim
    Tim says:

    Getting into politics for the right reasons is why anyone should get into them. The problem is those that are worth their salt do not want the media digging up even the smallest piece of trash about them from 20-30 years ago. You were accused of cheating on you grade 3 spelling test? I’m sure in today’s cancel culture that will somehow make you a fascist, racist and maybe even a nazi. I agree though, get into it if you want because I know you’ll be great Tyrel but my one piece of advice, NEVER backdown or cater to the media or left. Maintain your pride and dignity and you’ll do great.

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