Why do You Believe when They don’t

One of the most astute observations about climate change ever made was by someone who isn’t even a scientist.  Mark Stein once said “I will start believing in climate change when the people promoting it start to act like they believe in climate change”.  He is absolutely correct.  The people telling you your carbon footprint is too large all have enormous carbon footprints.  Foot prints that grow larger every year with their wealth.  Wealth that they largely accumulated at your expense.

Climate change rules do not apply to wealthy people who take private jets to climate conferences.  Conferences that discuss the detrimental effects of air travel by ordinary mortals.  Private air travel by the climate demi-gods is not only acceptable but necessary to combat climate change.  I find it stunning that anyone even listens to these obvious charlatans.

COVID restrictions follow the same play book.  Rules for thee but not for me.  Politicians are often caught flaunting the rules.  Rules that often have exemptions that only apply to them and their friends.  Here is a photo of the moronic man-child at the latest international summit.

The caption on the photo is not mine.  It is crude but 100% accurate.  No one in this photo is behaving like they think COVID is a problem.  No masks or social distancing; I doubt that is because they all just received their booster.  In fact I doubt anyone in that photo is vaccinated but I don’t doubt they all carry vaccine passports.  They don’t follow rules or get vaccinated because they know the emergency is a fake.  That is not surprising since they are part of the group that faked it.

A picture truly is worth a thousand words.  From this picture I even know what they are laughing about, or more accurately, who they are laughing at.  They are laughing at us.  We are told to cower in our homes with a mask waiting on our next jab while they fly around the world and party.  Are you tired of this yet?  I know I am.  In fact I have been sick to death of this since March 17, 2020; the day democracy died in Canada.

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