Why have only one Leaky Lab when you can have Millions

On May 22nd I posted reasons why Ivermectin is superior to the COVID vaccines.  India, Indonesia, and Mexico quickly broke the cycle of infection with Ivermectin.  No country has been able to do that with vaccines.  Quite the opposite, highly vaccinated countries have experienced soaring infections.

By now it should be clear we should jettison the vaccines and turn to Ivermectin.  If you are still in doubt here is some more data that makes it crystal clear.

Japanese researchers compared COVID deaths and cases for African countries that used Ivermectin to those that did not.  The blue countries and blue line are the Ivermectin regions.  Those countries are almost unaffected by COVID.

If our governments were concerned about stopping this Pandemic we would have started Ivermectin treatments a year ago.  The Vaccines are not helping and were never necessary in the first place.  So again I ask, just what is the real purpose of the vaccines?  These researchers might have answered that question.


Below are their findings.

Viral loads of breakthrough Delta variant infection cases were 251 times higher than those of cases infected with old strains detected between March-April 2020.

Vaccinated people have enormously high viral loads.  Anthony Fauci no longer needs to build viruses in Wuhan.  He now has millions of mobile laboratories all over the world.  Vaccines have turned people in to virus incubators. Incubators that are just as leaky as the Wuhan Virology Institute.  The vaccinated are now potential super spreaders.

The purpose of the vaccines is clear.  Their sole purpose is to prolong the epidemic.  With Vaccine mandates and quarterly boosters this will never end.


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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    Yep so true! It will never end unless people wake up. My wife and I had Covid. Knew it for sure because my wife started to lose taste and smell. I got it shortly after, we both and started taking ivermectin at that point. Both started to slowly get better symptoms never got worse. My symptoms not as bad as hers I took ivermectin as soon as I had symptoms. started feeling better symptoms improved never went deep into our chests. It works. And secondly. All the kids had it as well with basically not symptoms. And look at what we have done to children over this?? Wake up Sheeple!!


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