Will we Slumber until Death?

I found some interesting data out of England this morning.

This is just another plot showing how the jabs make you more likely to get COVID.  In the same report they also had this plot.

This plot shows vaccinated people are being admitted to hospitals less than unvaccinated.  People point to this and say that means the vaccine works.  I say not so fast.  These 2 plots together tell me a completely different story.  On the surface it tells me that the jabs make you less likely to get seriously ill from a disease you are more likely to get.  I am not sure that is a great trade off.  But that is not the important thing to note.  Once again the missing element was time.

Older people were jabbed first.  According to this plot the older you are the less protection you have.  In the 18-29 age group the black bar (Vaccinated) is only about 10% as high as the grey bar (unvaccinated).  That would be close to the 90% effectiveness the pharma companies advertise.  Unfortunately older people who were vaccinated earlier are now down to about 60% protection.  This is after only 7 months.  How long before that reaches 0?

If this was where the story ended you would question whether the temporary protection from the Jabs is of any value.  Unfortunately promoting COVID infections is not the only way the jabs kill.  I found this translated interview with an Italian 911 ambulance doctor.


He has noticed an upturn in activity as well as this.


“Is it as if with the administration of the Covid experimental sera the immune system lowers its defenses, stopping to fight these pathologies that it had previously stabilized?”


This is not the first time a health care provider has made comments on this phenomena.  I saw another account from a cancer nurse who noticed patients who were in remission saw their cancer return after getting jabbed.  It is not unusual for a cancer in remission to come back.  What surprised the nurse was how often they are seeing it and how aggressive the cancer is.

A while ago I posted a video of Dr. Ryan Cole.  Dr. Cole was worried that the suppression of T cell activity caused by the Jabs would lead to other diseases including cancer.  He was already be seeing indications of this in his patients.  That coupled with the Italian interview made me curious.  Could I see indications of this in the mortality data?  Euromomo is a research organization that tracks mortality statistics for 29 European countries.  The plot below is from their website.  The plot shows all-cause mortality for the 29 combined countries starting Mid-March of 2021 (week 10).

The shaded blue area is normal.  The dotted red line indicates what they consider to be substantially above normal.  You can see that for almost all of 2021 actual deaths (solid blue line) have been substantially above normal.

Euromomo also slices the data by age group and this is where it gets really interesting.

The only age group that is not seeing this mysterious increase in mortality is children under 14.  This is the only age group that has not been vaccinated.  That bears repeating.  The only age group not seeing abnormally high mortality is the group THAT HAVE NOT BEEN JABBED.  How much longer are we going to ignore the evidence that the jabs are lethal?  Will this increased mortality tapper off?  My guess is no; especially if you take the boosters.

The Jabs offer very little protection from COVID, a disease that threatens only a select few.  Jabbing everyone exposes everyone to a laundry list of deadly conditions.  This is not about a virus.  It is way past time to wake up.


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  1. Erica
    Erica says:

    When the vaccines rolled out, healthcare workers were among the first eligible. But so many nurses were refusing that their refusal was making the “news.”

    I googled “nurses refusing vaccine” at that time, just to see what I could find about this phenomenon. I stumbled on, of all things, a website for mothers called “dcurbanmom.com” So the moms were chatting about the nurses refusing on a forum, and I scrolled through the conversation. I found a comment that was so interesting/disturbing that I screenshotted it. The date on my screenshot is January 16 of this year, and here’s the comment:

    “FWIW, the only medical professional I know who is refusing the vaccine in the first round is an oncologist-hematologist. He says that he is not convinced that the mRNA modality won’t eventually lead to cell mutation and eventually to cancer. (I’m a CPA, so not remotely qualified to judge the statement.) He’s my friend’s husband and honestly not the nicest guy, but pretty well respected in his field.”


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