Yearly Toxic Injections or Vitamin D supplements, I know which one I would Choose

Previous studies have shown that COVID patients and fatalities typically have very low vitamin D levels.  The criticism of those studies was that COVID could be the cause of the low vitamin D not the other way around.  This is a valid criticism.  Correlation is not causation.  2 things occurring at the same time could be a coincidence or one could be causing the other.  In the latter case it is a chicken and egg question.  Which one is the cause and which is the effect?

Some enterprising Israeli researchers tried to answer that question using old blood test data.  They used blood tests done before the patient developed COVID to determine if their levels were low historically  or if the onset of COVID caused the low levels.  They just published their data, you can see it here.

3 out of 4 COVID hospitalizations and 7 out of 8 fatalities were people with low vitamin D levels.  These numbers are incredible.  That is an 87.5% reduction in fatalities.  Vitamin D is more effective than most of the COVID Vaccines.

There is one problem with Vitamin D.  It is temporary.  A change of season or Diet can affect it.  That still makes it equivalent to the vaccines.  They are proving to be very temporary.  Below is more data out of Israel.


After only 6 months the vaccines are far less effective than vitamin D and it is only going to get worse.  Without yearly boosters the Vaccines provide no protection.  10s maybe even 100s of thousands of people have already died from the vaccines.  How many people will die from yearly injections?  If vaccines and yearly boosters are mandated the death totals will be staggering.

Why are we mandating lifelong injections of a proven killer when people can just take Vitamin D supplements?  Our society has gone insane.  We may as well line up for the boxcars.