You can choose Common Sense or you can choose Government

Australia is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, I guess that is why so many Australians are dying from COVID.  It is the peak of Cold and flu season and hospitals are full.  Things have gotten so dire that the government is sending in the military to retirement homes.

It is obvious that the Australian government takes COVID very seriously.  They are willing to use every tool at their disposal to fight COVID.  It really is a shame that one of those tools is not common sense.

Seriously, what do they think the military will do?  Will the virus be deterred by an armed guard at the entry?  Will the military shoot infected seniors before they can infect anyone else?  Australia is a great example of what happens when you put stupid people in charge; Canada is another.  There is not a single IQ in their governments that rises above the level of a chimp.  I will make it simple for them even though I know simple is beyond their intellectual grasp.

  • The vaccines don’t work. If they did you would not have a problem.
  • Vitamin D, Ivermectin, and Hydroxychloroquine do work.
  • Don’t shoot seniors, just give them some combination of vitamin D, Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Politicians and bureaucrats are stupid; we don’t have to be.  This lunacy has to stop.  Turn off your damn TV and just say no.  This ends when we want it to, not a minute before.