You taxes finance COVID Theatre

Canada is about to change the definition of fully vaccinated to 3 doses.  You might ask how I could possibly know that.  Well it’s easy, I know this because I am already watching act 2 of some very carefully scripted COVID Theater.

Just yesterday I posted the latest junk science “proving” unvaccinated people pose a danger to vaccinated people; this was act one.  Today we have act two.


The conversation about mandatory boosters has just begun and the whole thing has been scripted.  Here is how the whole thing worked.

  • First the Trudeau government pays some academics to produce a computer program that exaggerates the risk unvaccinated pose to vaccinated people.
  • Then Andrea Woo, a “journalist” who works for the globe and Mail makes sure everyone is aware of the study. The globe and mail is a media organization that takes tax money in return for publishing propaganda, so in effect the article is a paid advertisement for the fraudulent study.
  • Today Teresa Tam, a government employee, fields a question from a “journalist” about the need for boosters. This allows Theresa to opine that boosters are necessary and suggest that the government should consider mandating booster shots.
  • The “journalist” who asked the question also works for a media company paid by the federal government. This means he asked the question he was told, to get the scripted response from Theresa Tam.

The net result is that gullible Canadians will believe that this whole discussion was organic and only happened because of the great threat of the virus.  In reality this whole thing was scripted.  Government employed academics bastardized science once again so that government financed media organization could give Theresa Tam, a government employee, a platform to spread nonsense.  Talk about an echo chamber, everyone involved in the 2 act play were government employees.

It is obvious where we are going, Canadians will be forced to take a booster now, a 4th shot next fall and a 5th before the end of the next flu season.  It is also obvious that the sheep will be led through this without bleating even the slightest protest.  I know this is wishful thinking but before the government holds me down and injects me it would be nice if they could answer at least one of these questions posed by Steve Kirsch.  If possible this is the one I would like them to answer.

If the vaccines are really safe and effective, why do the manufacturers need liability protection? 

In a perfect world I would to amend that question slightly.  It sure would be nice to ask that question this way.

  1. If the vaccines are safe, why do the manufacturers need liability protection?
  2. If the vaccines are effective, WHY THE HELL DO CANADIANS NEED A THIRD DOSE?