COVID deaths were not Natural

Here is an interesting paper on excess deaths during COVID in Italy.  The paper finds that excess deaths correlate more closely to government policy than to viral outbreak.  Regular readers of this blog have heard this all before.  COVID was not a problem until government made it a problem.  All of the restrictions forced on us by our governments are detrimental to public health.  Masks, isolation, stress, all of these things weaken your immune system.  There was no way any of them can stop the spread of an airborne virus but every one of them negatively impacts your health.

In June of 2021 I took data from 2 different sources.  One was a paper on excess mortality and the other was a measure of lockdown stringency in each country.  I used that data to produce this plot.

The countries that used the lightest touch had the fewest deaths.  Most COVID deaths were not COVID deaths they were deaths due to government misadventure.  In June this is what I had to say about this extremely clear correlation.

Any Country that reacted sanely did not have much trouble.  COVID amounted to nothing other than a mild flu year.  COVID was only a problem in Countries where politicians made it a problem.  This cannot be stated too many times.  Lockdowns Kill.

As the linked article states there is evidence from multiple sources that COVID was circulating in the fall of 2019 yet we did not have large numbers of excess deaths.  In fact no one even noticed the existence of this novel virus.  The only thing that changed in February/March of 2020 that suddenly made this previously benign virus deadly, was the change in government policy.

Governments, not the virus, killed and this whole thing was intentional.  It is generally accepted now that the virus came from the lab in Wuhan China.  The myth is still that it was accidentally released and appeared first at the wet market a short distance from the lab.  Now we know that is not true because the virus was found in other countries long before the “discovery” in Wuhan.  In time I believe we will find that there were several releases and none were not accidental.

It appears the virus was released in multiple locations in the fall of 2019.  The virus was allowed to circulate without much fanfare.  This first release was necessary so that the virus would be easy to find when the plans were put in motion.  The second release came in February in Wuhan.  The virus was already circulating but the second release was necessary to provide a plausible origin story.

The second release was followed quickly by manufactured videos of people dropping dead in the street.  Suddenly the virus was discovered everywhere.  We were told this was due to how incredibly contagious this virus was when really it was just because the virus had a 5 month head start.  The fear factor was ramped up, society was shut down, and then the deaths started to happen.

Our governments did this to us as part of a grand plan to re-order the world.  It was intentional and millions died.  Are we going to let them get away with it?