Criminalizing Science

The new left wing government in Brazil has introduced a bill making it a felony to question vaccines.  The punishment is 2 to 8 years in prison.  Science is a process of discovery.  The very foundation of science is questioning assumptions and accepted knowledge.  You cannot do science without asking questions so the new Brazilian communists have in effect outlawed science.

Unfortunately Brazil is not an outlier.  Most western governments are moving towards censorship of miss and dis-information.  Those two words can’t even be defined which is very convenient for tyrannical governments because the words can mean whatever the government wants them to mean.  The government can use these laws to persecute anyone they want.  All they need to do is claim that your words or actions are somehow miss or disinformation.

The further left the government the more ridiculously these laws will be applied.  In Trudeau’s Canada it is now illegal to carry a Canadian Flag in the Canadian capital.


Apparently it is miss-information that ordinary Canadians might be patriotic or that our legacy of freedom might be worth preserving.  If you are caught spreading such false and dangerous ideas long haired, unshaven men in RCMP uniforms will accost you.

Questions can lead to the truth.  Since governments are the biggest purveyors of lies their desire to outlaw inconvenient questions is not surprising.  It is also not surprising that they have chosen this moment to accelerate their efforts.  Forced vaccinations seem to be a primary goal of these tyrants and the mountain of dead bodies is causing more people to question not just the mRNA vaccines but all vaccines.

Robert Kennedy Junior is the most prominent vaccine critic in the world.  He has just written a new book.  I have not read it but if it can red pill a vaccine advocate like this reviewer it is a must read.  I am very much like this reviewer but a little further down the curve.  Before the COVID fiasco I already knew that better sanitation and hygiene had significantly reduced infectious diseases long before vaccines were developed. Plumbers and garbage men save more lives than doctors.

Still, I believed that vaccines were an essential tool.  I did not know how weak the case for vaccines really is.  The COVID vaccine caused me to ask questions that I never would have previously asked.  Now I am a huge criminal because I question everything.  As a result my government hates me more than they hate the average Canadian; and I confess; the feeling is mutual.

Media advocates full steam ahead; Logic demands we Stop

Below is a short clip from an Australian new broadcast.  A fake expert is explaining that COVID is still a problem and people need to get either their 4th of 5th shot.  He points out the high number of Australians dying of COVID which causes the airhead media personality to quip that the numbers don’t lie.


It is true that numbers don’t lie.  It is also true that neither of those TV personalities is smart enough to understand what the numbers are saying.  Those two breathtakingly stupid people need to take a step back and listen to what they just said.  Australians have taken up to 5 shots of a treatment designed to control COVID and COVID is still out of control.  At what point are you going to question whether the shots really work?

This is typical left wing logic.  Don’t try something that has a chance of success, just repeat things that have consistently failed.  When something fails it must be repeated with more effort and conviction.  These people want boosters for life.  That might seem like a long time but with mRNA vaccines a lifetime commitment is not what it used to be.

The best way to shorten your life and die of anything including COVID is to keep taking boosters.  This is confirmed with data from every highly vaccinated country.  The latest revelation is out of Germany where excess deaths are soaring and COVID is almost exclusively a disease of the vaccinated.

The longer this goes the more difficult it becomes to ignore the injuries and deaths.  At this point we should even add COVID infection to the list of vaccine injuries.

Thankfully, in 2023 the tide is finally turning.  Before 2023 academics and doctors were silent.  Most of them were afraid to come forward with their concerns.  Now more of them are willing to risk government retribution for disseminating truth.  You remember truth right?  It has been a while since any has been spoken but it is easy to recognize.  Governments inadvertently highlight truth by labelling it miss information.  Or dis-information; I am not sure I don’t get the memos from Trudeau and the WEF telling me what I should call it this week.

What ever you call it, a little more truth escaped today.  An academic from M.I.T. has added his name to the government watch list by calling for a ban on mRNA COVID vaccines.


To me the most important thing he said was his question at the end.  How did the least effective, most dangerous, medical product in history become the most profitable?  That single question cuts right to the heart of this 3 year scamdemic.  All of this was done for profit.  The dead bodies were just an added benefit that helped convince psychopaths like Trudeau to cooperate.


Climate of Ignorance

A paper was published in September of last year concluding a doubling of Atmospheric CO2 will result in 2.1 Degrees of warming (Celsius).  This is much lower than the estimates pushed by Government and their demonic minions in the Media.  They like to use the higher estimates from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  That wholly political and unscientific organization claims doubly CO2 will result in 2.5 to 4.0 degrees of warming.

So why is there such a discrepancy?  The answer to that question can be found in Nicholas Lewis’s paper.  In his paper Lewis shows that the higher estimates are caused by not considering all the potential impacts on climate.  He includes a table that shows how his estimates change with each database update or additional variable.  I turned his table in to this plot below.

Sloppy science leads to high warming estimates.  Rigorous science leads to low warming estimates and Nicholas Lewis is not the only researcher concluding this.  2 years ago Anthony Watts on took a compilation of climate sensitivity papers and showed how with time the estimates of climate sensitivity are decreasing.

With every passing year the estimates get refined and the trend is clearly down.  The UN wants you to believe the lowest amount of warming we could possibly see is 2.5 degrees but real scientists say the most probable answer is less than the UNs lowest estimate.

So why is this important?  2 degrees is still warmer right?  Could it still be a problem?  Well we already know the answer to that and it is no.  2 degrees will not be a problem.  I know that because history tells me so.  The plot below is also from although some of the annotations are mine.

This plot is a historical temperature reconstruction.  Scientists use geologic records, tree rings, Ice cores, and other climate indicators to make their best guess of what the earth’s climate was like before we had thermometers.  Their best estimates are that the medieval warm period (circled in Red) was about 1.5 degrees warmer than the present.  The Roman warm period (Blue) was 2.0 degrees warmer.  None of the catastrophes predicted by alarmists happened.  Quite the opposite in fact; humanity thrived when the earth was warmer.  History tells us a warm planet is better for humans than a cold planet.

2 degrees of warming would actually be beneficial not harmful.  Unfortunately we likely won’t even see that much warming.  The scientists using refined statistical and computer models are now predicting 2.0 degrees and their estimates continue to fall.  How far will they fall?  We can take a clue from other scientists who rely solely on observations of the natural system; you know the most pure form of science.  Those purists find climate sensitivity to CO2 to be only 1.1 degree.

Contrary to what politicians say the science is not settled.  Scientists continue to refine their understanding of climate and as they do the threat diminishes.  The more you understand about climate and history the less concerned you should be about rising CO2 levels.  There is no downside to higher CO2 levels.  Crop yields will increase and the climate will be friendlier to humans.

The Climate Crisis is akin to the COVID crisis.  They are both completely manufactured emergencies but the climate crisis is even a bigger lie than COVID because more COVID is not beneficial while more CO2 is highly beneficial.  They are however different means to the same end.  More government control and more wealth transfer.

The only reason people believe we have a climate crisis is that government keeps us ignorant of the facts.  They intentionally publish estimates that they know are based on incomplete science.  The real science says we do not have a problem but don’t hold your breath waiting to hear that on the news.  But, you might ask, what is the average person to do?  Not every person is a science nerd.  What can we do if government insists on lying?  The solution is simpler than you think.  I think this writer gives great advice for the less nerdy.

Can anyone point to a specific/provable harm they have suffered that has been caused by a fractional increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide? If they cannot, then why are we being pushed to accept onerous “solutions” to this supposed problem?

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof — especially when these claims threaten actual harm and have already caused it.

Just follow this simple rule.  Understand that government does not solve problems they cause problems.  When politicians want access to more of your money it is to address an imaginary issue or a real problem they caused by spending your money on a previous imaginary problem.



Statistical Manipulation for Profit and Ideology

Hot on the heels of the UK decision to no longer vaccinate people under 50 we get this stunning admission form the UK statistics regulator;  nothing you have been told about vaccine effectiveness is true.  The vaccine effectiveness numbers were calculated using a corrupted data base and incorrect methodology.

Every error the statistics regulator points too has already been discussed in detail on this blog.  Basically the government did not miss an opportunity to skew the numbers in favor of the jabs.  Vaccine effectiveness was all an illusion; a mathematical trick.  The math was skewed by;

  • Underestimating the number of unvaccinated people by using old population estimates.
  • Counting deaths within 14 days of a shot as unvaccinated even if it was the second or third shot.
  • Undercounting vaccinated deaths by reclassifying cause of death.
  • Timing of when deaths are recorded.

I came to my conclusion that the database was corrupted long ago without ever seeing the data base.  My conclusion was based on things that I saw that made no sense or were simply impossible.  The first clue that we were being deceived was the sudden surge in COVID deaths immediately after vaccinations started.  Every country saw this surge.  We were told this was unvaccinated people dying but this was just too much of a coincidence for me.

Why would unvaccinated people suddenly start dying just because their neighbor got jabbed?  To me it was obvious that the Jabs were causing COVID infections and deaths.  It was also obvious the government was counting these deaths as unvaccinated.  It seemed odd to me that the Jabs would cause COVID but that explanation fit the data better than the government narrative.  Later I learned that a feature of the Jab is that it suppresses innate immunity.  The jabs were in fact causing COVID.

The impossible was the ratio of deaths to infection never changed.  If the jabs really did prevent serious infection then as more people got jabbed the number of deaths per infection should have gone down and it did not.  7 out of 8 people got jabbed, infections went up and deaths went up in lockstep without any change.  If these deaths were all among the unvaccinated then the virus magically became 8 times more deadly.

What a huge coincidence that this deadly mutation happened right when we started vaccinating.  It is miracle then that the vaccines even worked.  If the virus mutated so much that it was 8 times more lethal, how did a vaccine engineered for the previous version even work?  Governments asked us to believe both the improbably and the impossible.  Remarkably most people fell for this obvious ruse.

The UK statistics regulator was careful to say that the database corruption was just carelessness.  There was no nefarious intent.  It was just again another huge coincidence that all the errors went one way and just so happened to support the government narrative.  After 3 years of this ongoing farce most rational people will not believe that.  If government is involved there is always nefarious intent.

It is not just COVID lies that Kill

The Canadian government is concerned that 36% of Canadian’s do not trust official sources.  Controlling the narrative is difficult if you can’t control the people so this is a serious problem for the Trudeau liberals.  They desperately need people to believe them so their response to this troubling poll was predictable.  They have hired consultants to figure out better ways to lie.

Justin Trudeau is using tax money he has taken from you to find more creative ways of deceiving you.  There is, of course, a very simple solution to this crisis of confidence which requires no tax dollars be spent.  Politicians could keep us off balance by telling the truth sometimes.  That would make it impossible to just assume that they are lying.  That slim possibility of truth would be a very useful weapon against us.

There is one serious flaw to my suggestion however.  My plan would require finding a Canadian politician that is capable of telling the truth even a small percentage of the time.  That would be a tall order in a country where the most successful politicians never miss an opportunity to lie.  The video below is the second most powerful politician in Canada lying again about the Ukraine.


What Chyrstia Freeland just said is an egregious lie.  The Canadian economy is almost completely untethered from the Ukraine.  Canadian trade with Ukraine is only 0.046% of Canada’s total yearly trade.  Economically it would be difficult for Ukraine to be any less important to Canada.  The outcome of the war will not change that no matter which side wins.

I have great sympathy for the ordinary Ukrainian.  They are victims in a proxy war between NATO and Russia.  But, if the Canadian government wants to use tax money to support the Ukraine they should convince Canadians without lying about the economic impact.  Chrystia Freeland is incapable of this because she is incapable of the truth.

The Truth is that this war would never have happened if NATO had not interfered with Ukraine politics.  Worse than that even; the only thing keeping the war going is more NATO interference.  NATO seems determined to fight Russia to the very last Ukrainian.  How many Ukrainians need to die before we question the morality of prolonging a war that the Ukraine cannot win?  Sending 4 poorly maintained tanks to go up against the thousands Russia possesses just gets more Ukrainians killed.

When politicians lie ordinary people suffer.  It is time to remove these habitually liars from power.

A Crime too big to Ignore, so why are we Ignoring it?


There is a new study out that one in 757 people will have a serious event from the COVID jabs.  Over 5.5 billion people have been jabbed which means 7.3 million people were intentionally injured by government.  This is a stunning admission especially when you consider what is not in these numbers.  The researchers did not include the thousands of people who die suddenly months after their vaccinations.

Only days ago I showed that, in the 18 months since vaccinations began, an unusually high number of Canadians have died.  My crude estimation indicates an additional 38 thousand deaths.  That is one death for every 898 vaccinated people and this data is incomplete.  The real number is undoubtable higher than that.  Incredibly my crude estimation is right in line with a new American study that shows 1 death per 874 vaccinated people.

2 years ago the Jabs were 100% safe and 95% effective.  No one is making those claims anymore.  Even the CDC has admitted some people have permanent debilitating injuries and at this point all they can do is monitor the situation.


The deaths and injuries are far too numerous to ignore and as I predicted months ago countries will attempt to quietly back away from the Jabs.  Britain is the latest country to no longer offer Jabs to anyone under 50.  In 2 years we have gone from mandated to jabs no longer being offered.  All it took was millions of injuries and deaths.  The sad reality is that this does not end just because governments are no longer willing to force jabs in to arms.  The damage has been done.  No one knows when this epidemic of died suddenly will be over.

One death per 874 vaccinated people is 6.3 million deaths worldwide.  These are holocaust type numbers and this is not over yet.  The jabs have the potential to eclipse the death total from the holocaust.  Andrew Bridgen was suspended from parliament because he said the COVID jabs are the greatest crime against humanity since the holocaust.  Andrew Bridgen is 100% correct; the data supports his statement.

I am accustomed to politicians lying.  Up until now I thought this was a personal choice made by morally deficient psychopaths.  The UK parliament just indicated that telling the truth is simply not allowed.  Now when a politician lies I can’t know if they lied because they are a terrible human being or if they were just following parliamentary procedure.  Either way I don’t like it and neither should the families of Jab victims.

It is time to stop ignoring this and seek justice for the millions governments have already killed.


Clumsy attempts to re-write History

The history you learn is highly dependent on who writes it.  We learn what the author wants us to learn.  Given the chance Satan would write himself in as the hero in the bible.  I bring this up today because many prominent COVIDiots are now desperately trying to re-write COVID history.

The tide is turning and people are waking to the reality that the entire COVID narrative was a lie.  This virus was not an existential threat and nothing we did worked, including the vaccines.  The lockdowns measures stole 3 years of everyone’s lives and the vaccines have stolen far more than that.

This gradual public awakening has gotten several prominent COVIDiots scrambling to write themselves out of the failed government narrative.  2 weeks ago Leana S. Wen Penned an article for the Washington Post admitting COVID deaths were over counted.  Leana Wen is a little late to the party; I used all-cause mortality numbers more than 2 years ago to prove government was exaggerating the COVID threat.

But Leana is not just late to the party; she is an uninvited party crasher.  Leana Wen was one of the media’s favorite fake experts.  Doctor Wen made multiple television appearances hyping the danger of COVID 19 and the importance of complete, unthinking, government compliance.  Now that truth is emerging, Leana Wen is re-writing her character arch in this COVID farce.  Leena is no longer the courageous physician saving us from COVID by depriving us of liberty.  Now she is the dispassionate scientist observing from the sidelines and cautioning us about over reacting.

Leana Wen is a horrible human being who wants to be remembered as something she was not.

Another new history scribe is cartoonist Scott Adams.  Scott Adams thinks he is a very smart man but in the end he was just another COVIDiot with a large soap box to stand on.  Adam’s went all in on the Jabs and looked down on anyone who dared question the deification of Pfizer.  Now Scott is worried he might succumb to sudden death.

Adam’s used twitter as his pulpit to push the Jabs.  Now he is trying to use twitter to absolve himself from taking responsibility for his foolish decision.  He desperately wants people to know none of this could have ben foreseen.  No one could have known the Jabs were dangerous.  He was just a victim of faulting science.  The new Musk twitterverse has not been kind to Scotts attempt to whitewash his stupidity.  I was going to reproduce some of them here but there are far too many, suffice to say Scott is not fooling anyone with his historical re-write.

Scott Adams was very publically wrong and now he is trying to blame scientists for misleading him.  He refuses to take responsibility for his personal decision to get jabbed and he is not the only one.  Yesterday my friends and I discovered this article.  Incredibly, the author is trying to blame unvaccinated for her decision to get vaccinated.  The article is so wildly over the top that at first our group could not decide if it was real.  We felt it had to be a Babylon Bee satire.  As far as we can tell though the article is real; sadly there are people in this world that are this stupid.

At first I thought I would just quote a few words from the article and go off on my usual rant.  I could not follow that plan, however, because I could not decide what to choose.  Every single sentence written in the article is so astonishingly stupid I had to rant about all of it.  Below is the entire article with my comments in italicized bullet points.  I do not know who the author is; the article is unsigned.  That is not surprising, I wouldn’t want to admit I wrote it either.


They knew: why didn’t the unvaccinated do more to warn us?

The unvaccinated knew what we didn’t. Some of them said too little. Most said nothing at all. A lot of blood is now on their hands.

As the world struggles to come to terms with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, one question that continues to surface is why the unvaccinated didn’t do more to warn us about the potential dangers of being injected.

  • Unvaccinated people marched in protests and got arrested. They drove a convoy of trucks right in to the heart of evil (Ottawa) and honked their horns for weeks.  For their trouble they had their bank accounts frozen and were beaten by foreign mercenaries.  How much more did you want them to do?  Did you want them to follow you to your appointment and tackle the nurse before you willingly and sanctimoniously accepted the injection?

While well intending citizens lined up, did the right thing, and received their COVID19 vaccinations — now seeming to do more harm than good — their unvaccinated friends stood by and let them do it. Some of them said too little. Some said nothing at all.

  • If they were doing the right thing why would their unvaccinated friends stop them?

Even though they knew what we didn’t.

  • They only knew what you had arrogantly dismissed as conspiracy theories without one moment of critical analysis.

Our blood is now on their hands.

  • Failing to prevent a murder is not the same thing as committing a murder. Only someone stupid enough to take an experimental treatment to prevent a bad flu would not be able to make this distinction.

Those are strong words. But the unvaccinated had access to important information about the potential side effects of vaccines. They knew about the risks of severe allergic reactions, blood clots, and other serious health complications. They knew that vaccines did not immunize us. They knew it wasn’t effective, and that they can cause more harm than good.

  • Unvaccinated people were not hoarding information. You had access to the same information that they did.  You were just too lazy, too stupid, and too convinced of your own moral superiority to look.

They knew all of that, but instead of warning us, the unvaccinated chose to remain silent. They chose to look the other way and not speak out about the potential dangers of vaccines. They let millions of good folks who did the right thing (at the time) fall to death and disease, and many antivaxxers even gloated online about how their coin flip had been the right bet. The more diabolical even urged folks they disagree with to “get boosted.”

  • The unvaccinated were silent only because they were silenced. Had they not been silenced it is doubtful they could have been heard over the noise emanating from useful idiots such as yourself.  The gloating was loud and decidedly one way.  Vaccinated people gloated about the rights that had been taken away from unvaccinated people.  Unvaccinated were not allowed to travel, enter public spaces, or even work.  Not a single vaccinated person raised their voice to declare that this was unjust.  Many took to social media to sneer that unvaccinated people were just getting what they deserved.

It has become all too clear. The silence of the unvaccinated was a dangerous, sociopathic, and irresponsible decision that has had serious consequences for those of us who received the vaccinations.

  • For 2 years unvaccinated people were told not being jabbed was irresponsible. Now not preventing others from being jabbed is irresponsible?  Make up your mind.

And silence is, after all, consent.

  • Unvaccinated people did not consent to any of this. They were the only people speaking out about the tyrannical behavior of government.  For their efforts people like you ostracized them.

It is time for the unvaccinated to take responsibility for their actions and to work with the rest of us to find a solution to this crisis. We cannot afford to let their selfishness and lack of action continue to harm our communities. It is time for the unvaccinated to step up and do the right thing.

  • What actions did unvaccinated people take that they need to be responsible for? Your whole diatribe to this point is a long irrational complaint that unvaccinated people did not do anything.  Now they need to be responsible for their actions?  How can inaction be action?  Apparently you were one of the unfortunate ones who had the vaccine cross the blood brain barrier.

The unvaccinated should by any moral measuring stick have done more to warn about the potential risks — to help us make informed decisions about our health. And they must now ask us for our forgiveness.

And, hand to heart, we may just give it to them.

  • I do not want or need your forgiveness. I did not do anything to you.  You did it to yourself.  It was never in my power to make you smart enough not to do something incredibly stupid.  That was your parent’s responsibility and they failed miserably.  Perhaps you should consider forgiving them.

Because we are good people.

  • How are you a good person? You are demonizing a whole group of people who did not do anything to you.

We took those injections because it was the right thing to do — until it wasn’t.

  • There you go again, struggling with logic. If taking the jab was the right thing to do why am I a demon for not stopping you?  Should my life goal be to prevent anyone from “doing the right thing”?  If I had stood and your doorway and restrained you would you have listened to my arguments or would you have called the police?
  • Taking the Jab was never the right thing to do and I doubt your motives were altruistic.  You took the Jab so that you could travel, go to restaurants, and above all else feel superior to unvaccinated.  You made a life altering mistake because you are stupid and would not listen to those who are not as stupid as you.  Now you want to blame people you did not consult for a decision that you made. 
  • This might be difficult for you to understand but your life is not my responsibility.  I am not your parent.  Had I been your parent you would have turned out far different.  You would not need to self-identify as a good person.  You would actually be a good person.

One more important Question

With his latest article Sean Boynton of global news just nominated himself as COVIDIOT of the week.  Sean thought it would be a good idea to remind us how dangerous COVID is now that the death toll has hit 50,000 Canadians.  To be fair to Sean 50,000 is the official number of COVID deaths in Canada but believing this number makes Sean gullible or stupid.  The official total comes from the government and as always the government is lying.

Just yesterday I showed again that 2020 was not an unusual year.  When adjusted for the rising baseline only 3,000 more Canadians died in the 2019/2020 season than died in the last highest flu season of 2017/18.  That is 3 thousand people out of a population of 38.4 million or 0.008%.  When no more people died than what can be considered normal, did COVID really kill anyone?

Abnormally high numbers of Canadians did not start dying until after the vaccine rollouts.  This is even true of COVID.  70% of COVID deaths happened after we deployed a treatment that suppresses immune function increasing the likelihood of infection.  Sadly, these people still did not need to die.  Months before the vaccines arrived early treatment options for COVID already existed.  There were 3 different protocols boasting 85-100% effectiveness.  Unfortunately Justin Trudeau banned early treatment options because he valued personal financial gain over Canadian lives.  So even those who died of COVID did not die of COVID; they died of medical neglect.

It is true that a large number of Canadians are dying right now.  This phenomenon is also not unique to Canada.  Every country that enacted draconian vaccination policies is experiencing high mortality.  This is a conundrum for Canadian Journalists like Sean Boynton who gets paid to carry water for the government.  How do you distract people from the mound of dead bodies?  Like many Journalists Sean is not very bright or imaginative so he chose to continue beating the COVID drum.  His only wrinkle is to blame all the obviously not COVID deaths on indirect pandemic results.

The World Health Organization said in May that, while the official worldwide death toll from COVID-19 at the time was about 6.2 million, an estimated 14.9 million deaths were “directly or indirectly” related to the pandemic.

 The estimate, based on excess mortality compared to pre-pandemic years, included indirect deaths caused by impacts the pandemic had on the overall health-care systems and social services around the world.

The choice of wording is a lie.  All the extra deaths are not an indirect result of the pandemic.  You can draw a very straight line between the scamdemic and the vaccines.  The only thing in the middle is the government.

Medical historians will look back at this period of rampant stupidity and conclude very few people died of COVID.  The vast majority died from medical neglect and the vaccines.  Put more succinctly most people were murdered by their government.  Yesterday I asked what should be the proper punishment for politicians who kill thousands.  That brings me to today’s question.  What is the proper punishment for a journalist who helps conceal the crimes?

If only the Government would stop Helping

What killed more Canadians, the SARS COV-2 virus or the government?

Before you answer that question I have a few graphs for you to consider.  This morning I revisited the StatsCan website and updated my file for deaths by all causes in Canada.  The Canadian government is not good at anything and the Trudeau liberals are the least competent government in history so the numbers are only up to date for June of last year.  Even without the most current data what I found was eye opening to say the least.  The plot below is the raw data showing weekly deaths for nearly 13 years.

You can see that the weekly deaths oscillate up and down every year.  Contrary to what the climate zealots tell you cold weather is more deadly than warm weather.  The peaks occur in the winter and the troughs in the summer.  The winter is extremely variable depending on how bad influenzas might be that year but the summers are very consistent.  It is very easy to draw a base line across the summers until the summer of 2020.

The rising baseline indicates that more Canadians die each year.  There are 3 reasons for that

  1. We have more people every year.
  2. The population is aging, every year a greater percentage of the population is older than 65.
  3. Our health care system has been slowly failing for more than a decade.

Point number 3 might seem harsh but there are other countries like Sweden were the population is also aging but in Sweden total deaths per population are declining not increasing as in Canada.

The nice consistent summer baseline makes it easy to flatten the curve so we can compare the winter peaks more easily.  When I flatten the curve this is what I get.

When you flatten the curve the COVID peak doesn’t really look that bad does it?  There was nothing unusual about the winter of 2019/20 it was a bad flu year but the deaths were not abnormally high.  I can’t say that about last winter.  The 2021/22 winter was abnormally high.  What happened?  I thought vaccines saved everyone and no vaccinated person would ever die again.

So back to the central question; which killed more the virus or the politicians?  I think from the plot above you can see where I am going with this but if you are still not sure I have one more plot to show you.  Because winter is the real wild card the proper way to look at deaths is not to look at January to December when you get ½ of 2 potentially very different winters.  The proper way is to look at July to June.  When I do that and just consider total number of deaths above the summer base line this is what I get.

Remember this is not total deaths just deaths above the summer baseline.  Viewed this way COVID (2019/20) was worse than any of the previous years but not by much.  Had we not vaccinated anyone we really would not have had much of a problem.  But we did vaccinate everyone and the results were disastrous.  By the end of the 2020/21 winter about 14% of Canadians were vaccinated.  Nearly 5 thousand more people died than in 2019/20 when no one was vaccinated.  By the end of the 2021/22 winter 85% were vaccinated and we had 14 thousand more deaths than the peak of the pandemic.

So do you have an answer now?  Which killed more the virus or the government?  Wait, don’t answer yet I have one more way for you to look at this.  The average number of deaths over the baseline for the 9 winters prior to COVID is 25,444 deaths per year.  During the peak of the pandemic 35,580 died (above summer baseline) so we can say COVID killed an additional 10,136 people.  In the 2 years since the government blundered in to save us with an untested treatment, 38,632 additional Canadians died.

I think by now everyone has an answer to the question.  Government is the clear winner.  Once again we find there is nothing on earth more dangerous than a politician; especially a liberal one with a university education.  By the math above our Prime Minister and the 13 premiers managed to kill nearly 4 Canadians for every Canadian who succumbed to the virus.  That is an astonishing 2,760 murders each and they are not done yet.

I hope things are not as bad this winter but I doubt it.  Right now Europe is experiencing an unprecedented peak.  There is no reason to believe that is not also happening in Canada.  The odds are very good that the 2022/23 peak will be even higher.  With that in mind, I have one last question for today.  What is the proper punishment for continuing to kill even after committing 2,760 murders?

The Coercion Continues

It does not matter how many people die from the COVID jabs, governments are still conspiring to get you to take them.  The latest attempt by the US government is by financing a study “proving” yearly boosters will reduce COVID infections by 75%.  Of course the media has already picked up the ball and is running with it.

I guess I would make a terrible “journalist” because my first question would be how do boosters prevent 75% of all infections when the original jabs failed to prevent a single infection?  Or my follow-up might be to ask if hospitals are now full of COVID patients who have taken boosters how will annual boosters be better than what we are seeing now?

Like all fake science this papers conclusions were based on modelling.  Antibody levels after the Jab spike and then fall quickly.  According to the researchers regular boosters will keep antibody levels high enough to prevent 75% of all infections.  I have a couple serious problems with their conclusions.  Research has already shown the type is more important than the quantity of antibodies.  I also want to know where they got their correlation of antibody level to infection from.

Most people now admit that the jab does not prevent infection even though it stimulates an antibody response.  So how will antibodies from boosters prevent infections when antibodies from the original jabs did not?  The focus on antibody levels is just a smoke screen to cover vaccine failure.  This is like the mask debate.  N95 respirators will filter out 40% of the virus; does that mean that N95 respirators will prevent 40% of all infections.  No it does not.  When tested they don’t prevent a single infection.

On the surface this paper appears to be just another harmless piece of Junk science but it is not.  Big Pharma is pushing government to change how vaccines are tested and this paper will be used as evidence.  The argument is that viruses mutate so quickly we cannot test for years because virus will mutate and the treatment will no longer work.  Instead Big Pharma only wants to prove the treatment stimulates an antibody response in order to get approval.

Big pharma wants to avoid the expense of lengthy trials and completely ignore possible vaccine injuries and long term health implications.  They want approvals based on antibody levels even though we know the mere presence of antibodies does not guarantee a reduction in infections. I can understand why big pharma wants this I just can’t understand why we would allow it.  The process now is already corrupted and woefully inadequate.  The COVID jabs were given emergency use authorization even though the abbreviated trials failed to demonstrate any benefit and had clear safety signals.

People were outraged when they learned that Pfizer did not test to determine if the jabs would prevent transmission.  That is not the worst of it.  Pfizer also did not test to see if the Jabs would prevent infection either.  Pfizer used the trials to claim 95% effectiveness but you cannot make that claim from their trial.  The Pfizer researchers did not do standardized testing.  Instead they only tested when a researcher suspected infection; and then they did not even do that.  85% of suspected infections were not followed up with testing.

This was, of course, deliberate.  Pfizer knew that it they did standardized testing it would show the virus circulating just as freely among the jabbed group as the placebo group.  Pfizer completely faked this trial and now they want to do away with trials completely.  The existing system did not work and now they want to make approval even easier.  People need to wake up and call out this fake science and the media that run with it.  It is being used to enhance big pharma profits and endanger your life.