Statistical Manipulation for Profit and Ideology

Hot on the heels of the UK decision to no longer vaccinate people under 50 we get this stunning admission form the UK statistics regulator;  nothing you have been told about vaccine effectiveness is true.  The vaccine effectiveness numbers were calculated using a corrupted data base and incorrect methodology.

Every error the statistics regulator points too has already been discussed in detail on this blog.  Basically the government did not miss an opportunity to skew the numbers in favor of the jabs.  Vaccine effectiveness was all an illusion; a mathematical trick.  The math was skewed by;

  • Underestimating the number of unvaccinated people by using old population estimates.
  • Counting deaths within 14 days of a shot as unvaccinated even if it was the second or third shot.
  • Undercounting vaccinated deaths by reclassifying cause of death.
  • Timing of when deaths are recorded.

I came to my conclusion that the database was corrupted long ago without ever seeing the data base.  My conclusion was based on things that I saw that made no sense or were simply impossible.  The first clue that we were being deceived was the sudden surge in COVID deaths immediately after vaccinations started.  Every country saw this surge.  We were told this was unvaccinated people dying but this was just too much of a coincidence for me.

Why would unvaccinated people suddenly start dying just because their neighbor got jabbed?  To me it was obvious that the Jabs were causing COVID infections and deaths.  It was also obvious the government was counting these deaths as unvaccinated.  It seemed odd to me that the Jabs would cause COVID but that explanation fit the data better than the government narrative.  Later I learned that a feature of the Jab is that it suppresses innate immunity.  The jabs were in fact causing COVID.

The impossible was the ratio of deaths to infection never changed.  If the jabs really did prevent serious infection then as more people got jabbed the number of deaths per infection should have gone down and it did not.  7 out of 8 people got jabbed, infections went up and deaths went up in lockstep without any change.  If these deaths were all among the unvaccinated then the virus magically became 8 times more deadly.

What a huge coincidence that this deadly mutation happened right when we started vaccinating.  It is miracle then that the vaccines even worked.  If the virus mutated so much that it was 8 times more lethal, how did a vaccine engineered for the previous version even work?  Governments asked us to believe both the improbably and the impossible.  Remarkably most people fell for this obvious ruse.

The UK statistics regulator was careful to say that the database corruption was just carelessness.  There was no nefarious intent.  It was just again another huge coincidence that all the errors went one way and just so happened to support the government narrative.  After 3 years of this ongoing farce most rational people will not believe that.  If government is involved there is always nefarious intent.