Of course they knew

One theme that re-occurs regularly on my blog is that they knew.  The people who dictated our pandemic response knew what they were doing was wrong and they did it anyway.  I came to this conclusion long ago based on one simple premise; it is simply not possible for everyone in government to be that stupid.

Governments do stupid things all the time.  So much stupidity emanates from government that it is obvious intelligence is not a hiring pre-requisite.  Still not everyone in government is stupid.  There are some smart people.  Statistically speaking there must be.  It is simply not possible for everyone involved in government in every western nation to be as stupid as Justin Trudeau.

Granted my conclusion is based on a statistical improbability that could still be possible but I don’t think I am wrong.  Over the last 4 years I have found a lot of evidence that many people did know this was wrong.  The problem was they all had financial motivation to continue.

The COVID jabs are a perfect example.  All the vax advocates knew that the safe part of the safe and effective mantra could not possibly be true.  As Jessica Rose points out the dangers of lipid nanoparticles are well documented.


But still this is still in the “should have known” category so is there any evidence they did Know?  Well yes there is.  The first 10 minutes of this clip is an admission from people at Pfizer that they knew mRNA injections were dangerous and were also unlikely to work.


From Day one everyone understood the risk reward for the COVID jabs would be negative.  What we have learned after jabbing 5.5 billion people is that the jabs were all risk for no reward.  They knew.  They did it anyway.  This was a crime; a horrendous crime.