Deal with the small fish later

Bill Maher delivered what is being described as a scathing monolog about the COVID response; but is it really?


It seems to me that Maher is still caring water for the COVID criminals.  Maher is trying to convince his audience that the COVID response was just stupidity born from arrogance and that it still would have been way worse with Trump in the White House.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  The people who planned this crime were not stupid.  They knew exactly what they were doing.  The only thing stupid about the response is that we let them get away with it.

We need to stop making excuses for the criminals.  Not a single thing that happened was a well-intentioned mistake.  It was all carefully designed with 2 objectives in mind; get rid of Trump with phony mail in ballots and make money from the COVID jabs.  It worked perfectly.  Trump was dispatched and fortunes were made in the largest wealth transfer in history.  The sociopaths that planned this got exactly what they wanted at the cost of millions of lives.

We can’t change the past but we can stop whitewashing it.  If we don’t our future is certain.  This will happen again.  Success breeds imitation and COVID was wildly successful.  If we want to change our future we need to take that success away.  We must prosecute the criminals and confiscate their ill-gotten gains.  There are signs that this finally could be happening.  5 Italian doctors are under investigation over a vaccine death and Finland has commissioned an inquiry to determine if the jabs really were safe and effective.


This is a great start but I could save the investigators a lot of time.  The Jabs did not work and were not safe.  Any doctor that administered a COVID jab is at a minimum guilty of medical malpractice.  These people do need to be punished but that is not where our efforts should be right now.  Doctors are a small cog in the COVID machine.  The big wheels are politicians and big pharma.  This could not have happened without their collusion.  Over 20 million people died unnecessarily from their greed.  It is way past time for them to answer for this horrendous crime.

Happy Canada Day

Monday is April Fools’ Day in Canada; a day the rest of the world now recognizes as Canada Day.  Seriously I don’t know why Canadians still go through the motions of pretending July 1st is Canada day.  We may as well own it and officially change Canada day to April 1st.

The celebration would be so easy to plan.  Trudeau could pick his favorite costume from the past year and then dance around stage before lecturing us on climate change.  Then as Trudeau boards his private jet surrounded by security, Canadians would line up to pay a tax and produce a vaccine passport before being allowed to leave.  You simply could not be any more Canadian than that.

Trudeau is a fool.  He presides over a cabinet full of fools.  But, that is not why the day should be renamed.  The day needs to be renamed because Canada is a country full of fools.  Canadians have elected Justin Trudeau 3 times despite the fact Trudeau does not care about the welfare of anyone who votes for him.

This is what’s irreversibly off with the Trudeau government. Justin Trudeau counts as friends many of the world’s elite. But he has no personal experience with the hard-working people who fund his government.

To say Justin does not care about Canadians is a gross understatement.  Justin hates Canadians.  In actions and in words he treats Canadians with contempt.  He has so much contempt for Canadians that he rubs it in our faces.  On Nouveau Canada Day Justin is going to give himself a raise for making life even more unaffordable for Canadians.

On April first, as the carbon tax increases again, Canadian Politicians will become the second highest paid politicians in the world.  So, Canadians will be paying top dollar to be governed poorly.  Canadians really have taken ownership of April 1st haven’t they?  Stop fighting it.  Let’s just rename the day and while we are at it why not change our tag line. The True North Strong and Free is now, thanks to Canadian voters, as big a joke as Nouveau Canada day.  A much more appropriate slogan would be “Canada, pay more for less”.

Canadians should be ashamed of what they have let Justin Trudeau do to the country.  Most are not however; most Canadians are far too foolish to feel shame.  We may as well make it official on Monday.

The pandemic was driven by lies not a virus

The FDA settled a lawsuit last week.  Part of the settlement was that the FDA was forced to stop lying about Ivermectin.

The FDA has agreed to delete and never republish several social-media posts suggesting that ivermectin, a drug that some doctors used to treat COVID-19, is for animals and not humans.

Of course the FDA still maintains they never lied, they were simply “communicating” drug information.

It added that the “FDA has not admitted any violation of law or any wrongdoing, disagrees with the plaintiff’s allegation that the agency exceeded its authority in issuing the statements challenged in the lawsuit, and stands by its authority to communicate with the public regarding the products it regulates.”

It is true the FDA was communicating and they were using the government’s most popular form of communication, lying.

Ivermectin has long been approved for uses in both animals and humans. For the latter, a topical is used to treat issues involving lice and rosacea, while a tablet is used for parasites, intestinal strongyloidiasis and onchocerciasis.

The FDA wants it on record that insinuating that Ivermectin is only used for animals is not a lie because they never said it could not be used for humans.  Splitting hairs about whether you are lying because people read in between the lines on your highly misleading statements is not likely going to fly with ordinary people.  Ordinary people recognize these misleading statements as blatant lies.

The FDA lied and they were forced to retract their lies.  Unfortunately for the general public the FDA was not the only government agency that lied.  For 4 years not a single government health agency told the truth.  The list of lies is long.  The truth is the exact opposite from what we were told;

  • Masks do not work
  • Social distancing has no effect
  • Ivermectin works and Remdesivir does not
  • Asymptomatic people do not transmit the virus
  • Closing small stores and funneling everyone in to Costco did not reduce viral transmission
  • mRNA injections are not vaccines and did not prevent a single COVID death
  • mRNA injections have a long list of dangerous side effects and have injured millions

By now any sane person knows politicians and all the public health agencies lied.  We need to move the conversation form whether they lied to why did they lie?  These were not small lies and they were not harmless lies.  Lives were ruined and even taken.  It is time for Nuremberg 2.0.  It is time for people to answer for their crimes.

Don’t worry be happy?

There is a new survey that shows Canadians and Americans are growing increasingly unhappy.

“What’s happened in Canada and the United States is that over the past few years, those under 30 have become much less happy than they were 10 or a dozen years ago,”

In Canada the RCMP are worried that unhappiness from a stolen future could drive people to violence.

A secret RCMP report is warning the federal government that Canada may descend into civil unrest once citizens realize the hopelessness of their economic situation.

That statement was a rare moment of truth from a Canadian Federal organization.  The root of the problem is Economic but the public was never supposed to hear that.  The official position of Canadian governments and academia is that people are unhappy because they just don’t try hard enough to be happy.

‘The good news is everybody out there is much more generous than you think they are,” Helliwell said. “So act as though you believe that. Act as though the stranger you meet in the street isn’t a stranger, but simply a friend you haven’t met yet. Smile at them. Talk to them. Make connections. And that’s the first step along the route to a happier community.”

If you want to be happy all you need to do is smile and choose a path of blissful willful blindness.  Canadians should just ignore that government has now grown so large they assign people to programs that don’t even exist just to keep them busy.

In a response to an order paper question filed by Sen. Don Plett in September, Public Safety Canada revealed that $41,904,556 has been spent so far on the government’s “firearms buyback program,” and that 60 department employees are working on the project. 

And, while you are ignoring 42 million wasted on a non-existent program please don’t dare think about what that money could have been used for.  For instance why would we get bothered by police abandoning us to car thieves?

With car thefts at an all-time high in Toronto, some people are resorting to installing retractable bollards in their driveways — vertical posts to physically prevent their vehicles from being stolen.

We just need to smile and trust in the government’s plan.  They liberals have a solid 2 step plan to tackle car theft that won’t require any of the money they gave to their friends who own shell companies.  Step one is to get a bunch of people who live in gated communities together for a meeting.

Police are calling on the federal government to create a “national action plan” to combat auto theft as it becomes increasingly violent, raising concerns at the Annual Auto Theft Summit in Peel Region.

Admittedly this part of the plan is not without some cost but it certainly won’t exceed the 42 million on a nonexistent gun buyback program.  We can probably fly all the participants to a luxury resort to compose this national action plan for no more than 30 million.  Why sweat the small stuff?  That money is not worth worrying about because It is the second part of the plan that is most impactful.  The government plans to curtail car theft by making cars too expensive to own and electricity too scarce to charge them anyway.

“Requiring all new vehicle sales in Canada to be electric in just 11 years means the provinces need to substantially increase their power generation capabilities, and adding the equivalent of 10 new mega-dams or 13 new gas plants in such a short timeline isn’t realistic or feasible,” said G. Cornelis van Kooten, a Fraser Institute senior fellow and author of “Failure to Charge: A Critical Look at Canada’s EV Policy.”

You see, problem solved.  No need for expensive bollards.  You can’t steal a car that doesn’t exist or can’t move.  Car owners should be deliriously happy about that.  The key to Canadian happiness then is quite easy.  Ignore the government waste, government theft, and government policy that make car ownership unaffordable.  In short all you must do to be happy is ignore absolutely everything government does and says.  For instance don’t let yourself be upset when our deputy prime Minister lets you know your house is not an investment it is for Canadians to use.


And, above all else, ignore how gleeful she is while letting you know she intends to destroy your home equity.  Bliss through willful blindness.  You will own nothing and be happy; just as long as you don’t think about how you got there and who now owns everything you used to own.

It wasn’t Stupidity, it was a crime

When the lockdowns were first announced I knew it was stupid but I was not immediately alarmed.  I thought that it was just stupid people doing stupid things out of fear.  Even with my already low opinion of government, I was confident that in a short time cooler heads would prevail.  My confidence was statistically based.  The only way entire governments could continue to believe standing 6 feet apart would stymy an airborne virus is if everyone involved was as stupid as Justin Trudeau.  But, as we all know now the lockdowns persisted and only started to lift when the trucks arrived in Ottawa.

So was I wrong?  Is everyone in every western government as stupid as Justin Trudeau?  I still don’t think so.  Trudeau is an uncommon moron.  It is a statistical improbability that all government employees sink to his level.  There had to be people in government that knew what they were doing was wrong.  Now thanks to a freedom of information request in Germany I can confirm that to be true.  German bureaucrats warned that lockdowns would do more harm than good but the politicians went ahead anyway.

Germany’s public health agency said that lockdowns can cause more harm than good in documents released after a long legal battle…

Documents released after various information requests are slowly verifying what I have been saying since 2020.  This was never about a virus.  It was always about personal political and financial gain.  A relatively small number of individuals victimized earth’s entire population for their own personal advancement.  COVID, starting from the intentional release of the virus and extending through to the end point of the vaccines, was a crime.  So far the largest crime in history has gone unpunished.  Are you happy with that status quo?

It is a shame we are governed by fools

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

Alexander Pope wrote that or some derivation of it in 1711.  He must have been some sort of Psychic because he managed to sum up COVID mitigation measures 308 years before the virus was even released from the lab.  Our foolish governments dove headlong into COVID, doing things rational people would never had done.  Wise people like the scientists who composed the great Barrington declaration spelled out a complete action plant that every western leader ignored in favor of their own stupidity.

The results were horrible.  Millions of people died unnecessarily.  Every single thing our leaders did was wrong and added to the death toll.  Every single decision made was stupid but the most foolish of all was the vaccines.  MRNA is an untested technology and should have only been offered to high risk groups.  Instead our foolish governments rushed in and forced it on everyone.  They did not just throw caution to the wind they persecuted anyone who advised caution.

Canadian doctor Kulvinder Kaur Gill was one of the people persecuted for telling the truth.

In 2021, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario cautioned the Brampton, Ont.-based pediatrics specialist over her tweets, including one saying vaccination for COVID-19 was unnecessary.

She was absolutely correct.  The vaccines were not necessary.  But fools get very angry when anyone tries to stop them from doing anything stupid so she had to be silenced.  Her persecution is ongoing and thankfully Elon Musk has stepped in to help financially.

Fools like Justin Trudeau and the 13 COVID era premiers charged ahead while wiser people, a group I must admit includes almost everyone else on the planet, advised caution.  People were jabbed then people got sick and many died.  Now after it is too late we are finally discussing all the reasons why it was a bad idea to rush in to the vaccines.


Once you have been jabbed you become not just a danger to yourself but a danger to others.  Researchers now are not certain that vaccinated people should be allowed to donate blood or organs.

It should also be stressed that the issues discussed here are matters that pertain to all organ transplants, including bone marrow transplants, and not just blood products. The impact of these genetic vaccines on blood products and the actual damage caused by them are unknown at present

We had no reason to rush in to mRNA injections.  We should have exercised caution but there is no profit in caution.  The fools that inflicted this damage did so with dollar signs in their eyes.  Idiots can be dangerous.  Idiots with power can be deadly especially when money is involved.


Say no to stupidity

Anyone who took the time to watch the documentary I linked yesterday, The Cold Truth, is probably asking themselves similar questions.  How did we allow a fringe theory that has never matched the data dominate government policy?  Why have we accepted tax increases and higher energy bills in a futile effort to alter the weather?  The answer to both those questions won’t give you much hope for the future of humanity.  This was allowed to happen because society is full of people like this.  Ladies and gentlemen I give you Greta Thunberg 2.0.


This part time cross country skier and full time stoner did not get the welcome he expected.  I have no doubt he thought he would be fawned over just as Greta was but he failed to understand the situation.  He was not a little girl in pigtails and this was not the WEF.  He was in front of one of the few politicians not inclined to make money from the climate alarmism scam.

Senator Kennedy treated this young man as the village idiot that he is.  Why did this take so long?  When the world’s richest village idiot, Al Gore, decided to champion this ridiculous theory we should not have listen.  We should have just laughed at him.  Instead we gave Gore far more attention than he deserved.  Ultimately, because we placated Gore, the stupidity escalated until an uneducated child with mental health issues somehow became a climate expert.

Centuries from now historians will debate how people with no relevant knowledge came to be heralded as experts.  An even more flummoxing question will be how these knowledge adverse people found themselves leading whole nations.  Just listen to this vacuous idiot and then if you can leave a comment to explain to me what the hell he is talking about.


Does anyone know what transnational repression is?   Is that when countries sign a bunch of nonsensical UN treaties that lowers everyone’s standard of living?  I doubt that is what Trudeau means but I guess that is the point.  No one knows what Trudeau means when he speaks because it never makes any sense.  Trudeau thinks he is a genius because no one understands the deep thoughts he gets while playing video games.  The reality is no one understands him because he is an idiot who has never had a coherent thought.

Taken together those videos are a sad commentary about the state of western democracy.  If you closed your eyes would you be able to tell the difference between the leader of a G8 country and a stoner brought in to give expert testimony about something he knows nothing about?  Life is difficult and expensive because we insist on listening to and voting for morons.  It is time to start treating the village idiot as the village idiot.  Just say no to stupid people and stupid politicians.

The only thing certain is that government is evil

There is an excellent climate change documentary that is being re-posted everywhere.  I would encourage everyone to watch it.  The people who made it have done a better job of explaining climate change uncertainty than anything I have seen before.  The explanations are clear and even though their experts are renowned scientists you don’t need a PHD to understand their message.  Their message is clear; the data does not support the idea that we have a climate crisis.  It does not even support the idea that greenhouse gases warm the planet.

If you have not seen it yet you can find it here.


Climate alarmists want us to believe that it has been proven beyond doubt that human activities are warming the planet.  But that is a lie.  No one has every proven this.  The reality is that when you only consider data that is not heat contaminated all of the warming seems to be due to the sun.

So how can this be?  We know that greenhouse gases absorb energy radiated from the earth’s surface that should have went straight back out in to space.  How could interrupting this outward flow of energy not warm the planet?  The real answer is that we do not know.

I bet you never heard that on the news or from government before right?  The truth is that we know that greenhouse gasses should warm the earth but we don’t know by how much.  Many scientists believe that greenhouse gases warm the planet by 33 degrees Celsius.  The estimate is based on how much energy we know is captured by the greenhouse gases and returned back to earth.   The problem is that this estimate may not be correct.

The earth is warmer than it should be but greenhouse gases can’t explain all of it.  Some scientists claim you can explain all of the warming by ignoring greenhouse gases and only consider atmospheric pressure.  Every planet or moon in our solar system with an atmosphere is warmer than it should be and they all have dramatically different compositions and pressures.  The temperatures can all be correlated by considering only distance from the sun and atmospheric pressure.  If these scientists are correct then greenhouse gases have little to no influence on the temperature of the earth.

So which theory is correct?  Do greenhouse gases have a large impact or no impact?  The truth is that we do not know and anyone who says they do know is deluded or lying.  All of this is highly uncertain and the problem is made more difficult because the warming we are trying to explain is smaller than the error in the measurements.


Jordan Petersen is not a physicist but he is absolutely correct.  Climate science is not certain.  The only reason that people believe the narrative is that they are never exposed to opposing theories.  They are also never told just how badly corrupted the data or the “science” is.  We believe climate change is a problem because we are never told that it is not.

The public’s collective ignorance about climate science is by design.  Climate change has been possibly the most useful tool invented by government.  As long as they keep us fearful and in the dark they can do anything they want.  They can raise taxes and funnel money to their friends with fake or unnecessary contracts.

There is thankfully light at the end of the tunnel.  Governments overplayed their hand with COVID.  COVID and climate change are close cousins.  They were both designed to instill fear and compliance to facilitate theft.  But COVID was so egregiously stupid that it woke people up.  More people understand that the government lies.  They lied about COVID and they lie about almost everything else.  Our governments cannot be trusted.  People now realize truth can’t be found in government or press releases and as a result they are looking elsewhere.  A video like The Cold Truth would have been ignored in 2019 but not in 2024.

We should have questioned the “certainty” of climate science years ago.  Thankfully we are doing it now and this gradual awakening could not have come too soon.  Acceptance of the “science is settled” mantra is not just wrong it is dangerous.  As Petersen points out when governments talk about saving future generations it usually ends with them killing the current generations in very large numbers.

It is not over because it was never about a virus

I recently told friends I have noticed something interesting about social media.  Comments about celebrities get a lot of engagement; comments about COVID get relatively little engagement.  Either people care little about what happened during COVID or they just want to put it behind them.  Either of these explanations is very troubling to me.

Ignoring Tyranny never makes it go away and you cannot put tyranny behind you until the people responsible are dead or in prison.  Neither of those conditions exists.  The COVID tyrants are unfortunately very much alive and not just free but in most cases still wield power or influence.   This is incredibly dangerous since while you make think COVID is over as far as the criminals are concerned COVID will never be over.

The COVID establishment is still persecuting dissidents.  Protesters in Canada are still in court and this week other prominent dissidents have faced penalties for disobedience.   Martin Kulldorff was fired by Harvard and Brazil’s ex-president Bolsonaro was arrested.


World-renowned infectious-disease epidemiologist and biostatistician Martin Kulldorff is no longer a professor at Harvard Medical School after refusing the COVID vaccine because he had infection-acquired immunity.

Kulldorff told The Wall Street Journal on Thursday that after Mass General Brigham fired him, he was put on leave from his faculty position, and the university recently ended that limbo with an official termination. He said Harvard and Harvard-affiliated hospitals do not support infection-acquired immunity and would not approve his exemption requests.


Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was formally accused Tuesday of falsifying his COVID-19 vaccination data


Kulldorff was a tenured professor who found that tenure means nothing if you value truth and science over the profits of pharmaceutical companies and politicians.  Bolsonaro was a COVID and vaccine skeptic who faked his vaccination status in order to travel to the US.  As far as I can tell Brazil never had a vaccine mandate so Bolsonaro never broke any Brazilian law.  Brazil has now either become the 51st state or Bolsonaro’s arrest has nothing to do with Public safety.

People think COVID is over because the pandemic is over.  Not many people are dying of COVID anymore.  What people really need to understand is this was never about a virus.  It was also never about their safety either.  There was no pandemic.  Most deaths attributed to COVID were really people murdered by their government.  And, those governments are not done killing.  They just no longer blame it on COVID.

The political elite who have been stealing from us for years concocted COVID as an excuse to accelerate the theft.  It worked brilliantly.  COVID was the most intense period of wealth transfer in history.  Do not kid yourself.  Their greed has not been satiated.  They still want everything you have and they have no reason not to do this again.  Putting COVID behind us before we punish the guilty will guarantee that it happens again.

They don’t think it is over and you should not either.

Legal illegality

I came across this excellent article a few days ago.  The article is a great summary of how public health authorities got absolutely everything wrong during the pandemic.  Everything they discuss in the document can be found on this blog including this very important point.

Granting public health agencies these extraordinary powers was a major error. It, in effect, granted these agencies a license to deceive the public. Contrary to popular belief, Bjornskov and Voigt found that “the more advantages emergency constitutions confer to the executive, the higher the number of people killed as a consequence of a natural disaster, controlling for its severity.”104

COVID was never a story about a pandemic.  It is a story about how western governments used emergency regulations to circumvent law while they assaulted their own citizens.  Emergency management legislation is inherently authoritarian.  A politician can do whatever they want simply by declaring an emergency.  Below is the relevant language from the emergency management act of Alberta.


Declaration of state of emergency 18

  • The Lieutenant Governor in Council may, at any time when the Lieutenant Governor in Council is satisfied that an emergency exists or may exist, make an order for a declaration of a state of emergency relating to all or any part of Alberta.


4) Unless continued by a resolution of the Legislative Assembly, an order under subsection (1) expires at the earlier of the following:

(a) at the end of 28 days, but if the order is in respect of a pandemic, at the end of 90 days;

(b) when the order is terminated by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.


An emergency can be declared at any time for any reason.  If the emergency is a pandemic the order is in effect for 3 months but can be extended indefinitely with a vote.  This means that if the government holds a majority as Jason Kenny (AKA the evil dwarf) did the emergency can be made perpetual.  Even without a successful vote the emergency can be extended by simply declaring another emergency.  There is nothing in the legislation to prevent successive declarations.

The great thing about fake emergencies is that during the emergency politicians do not need to obey any laws.  They can do anything to you that they want.

during the time that the order is in effect, this Act and the regulations made under this Act shall prevail in Alberta or that part of Alberta in respect of which the order was made.

Western Politicians did not declare an emergency to control a virus, something they can’t do anyway.  They declared an emergency to control their citizens while they transferred money to their wealthy friends.  COVID was the most successful wealth transfer in history and it happened while everyone was under house arrest for the crime of not being sick.

This will happen again.  Why wouldn’t it?  No one was punished and I am certain money found its way back to influential politicians and bureaucrats.  Most of those people still hold power and the tools they used still exist.  The people who planned this need to go to prison and all of these emergency regulations need to be scrapped.  If we don’t do that it is only a matter of time until the next fake emergency.