Politicians are Terrified of Black Swans

Governments are starting to coerce people in to taking the COVID Vaccines.  In Greece Unvaccinated people must wear masks and stores must declare it they will even serve unvaccinated people.


The UAE has opted for a more heavy handed policy.  Unvaccinated people are not allowed in any public space.


What does this say about these governments?  How can so many anti-vaxxers be in charge?

At this point you might be asking yourself what the hell I am talking about.  Why do I call these law makers anti-vaxxers when they are forcing people to be vaccinated?  Well, to me they are anti-vaxxers because they obviously do not believe in vaccines.  If you believed the vaccines worked you would never institute these laws.

Think about it for a minute.  If the Vaccines work unvaccinated people are no threat to vaccinated people.  Vaccinated people do not accept any risk by allowing the unvaccinated among them.  The only people at risk are other unvaccinated people.  Vaccines are now readily available in every wealthy country.  Anyone who has not been vaccinated obviously does not want to be vaccinated.  It is just as obvious they have consciously accepted infection risk.

Neither vaccinated nor unvaccinated benefit from these laws.  Even health care systems do not benefit.  If we did not overwhelm our hospitals when no one was vaccinated, how will we overwhelm our hospitals when almost everyone is vaccinated?

These laws do not protect anyone so why institute them?  Who benefits?  2 small groups are the beneficiaries, politicians and vaccine manufacturers.  The benefit to Vaccine manufacturers is clearly financial, they get to sell more drugs.  The benefit to Politicians is more esoteric.

For 17 months politicians have justified extinction of our rights by the existential threat of the virus.  To avoid rebellion they desperately need the public to believe it is not possible to survive without being vaccinated.  Nothing kills a great narrative more completely than physical proof.  Unvaccinated people are black swans.

Swans in Europe and Asia are white.  Prevailing belief among biologists was that all swans are white.  That story was disrupted when Europeans discovered black swans in Australia.  The Current prevailing belief is that the pandemic cannot be survived unvaccinated.  The last thing a politician wants right now is for unvaccinated people to exist.

If politicians allow people to remain unvaccinated the myth is at risk.  Vaccinated people will realize that vaccines were not necessary, then they will question everything.  Lockdowns, social distancing, and masks will all come under scrutiny.  None of these things will survive that scrutiny.  If the public realizes none of this was necessary it will not be safe for politicians.

Political survival is ensured by eliminating all black swans before they are discovered.  Vaccinating a black swan turns it white and preserves the narrative.  Unvaccinated are an existential threat but only to politicians.  The consequences of a mass public awakening could be deadly for them.

Government Will Never Let COVID End.

COVID is the most political disease in history.  There is no correlation between the severity of COVID mitigation measures and reduced mortality.  There is an almost perfect correlation between politics and Lockdown severity.  The further left the government the greater the loss in human rights.  The COVID political divide exists even in attitudes about when this is over.

Poll: 57% Of Republicans Think The Pandemic Is Over — But Only 4% Of Democrats Agree | The Daily Caller

The left simply will not let go of COVID.  It fits their world view.  The left firmly believes that government must save us from ourselves.  Everything must be subject to government control, even cold and flu season.  That is the fundamental problem with left wing ideology.  No matter how many people government kill; people on the left still trust them.  They will not believe the pandemic is over until the government tells them it is over.

I have bad news for these poor deluded lefties. Governments have no intention of ever letting this end.  The Australian government is still building COVID concentration camps.


As far as the Australian government is concerned this is not over.  How can that be?  Every government in the world is telling their citizens that vaccines work, and you must be vaccinated.  Doesn’t this mean that the pandemic is over?  If the Vaccine is not the end point what is?

Readily available vaccines should have heralded the end of the Pandemic.  Yet they did not.  Let us have an electronic show of hands.  Who thinks any of this was about a virus?

Evil on Public Display in Nova Scotia

They are not even hiding it anymore.  Large gatherings are banned to prevent people from sharing information the government finds inconvenient.

The person speaking in the video is Robert Strang the Chief Medical Officer for Nova Scotia.  He just laid everything bare.  The restrictions are necessary to stem the flow of information.  He proves that it is not just the politicians who are evil.  Senior Bureaucrats are just as evil.  None of this will end until we root out and get rid of all these tyrants.

We Need to Ask More Questions About COVID Vaccines

Here is another interview with Dr McCullough.  In the last interview that I posted Dr. McCullough questioned many things about the COVID narrative.  He pointed out that almost everything we have done has no basis in medical science.  In this interview he goes beyond just questioning.  He is very blunt; this is bioterrorism.


Dr. McCullough makes the incredible claim that he has whistleblowers inside the CDC.  These sources claim that Vaccine deaths are 10 time higher than what is being reported.  I don’t know if this is true but I am convinced that Vaccine deaths are underreported.

Very early in the “pandemic” doctors were given very specific guidance on what deaths should be classified as COVID deaths.  If there was even a chance of COVID exposure it was a COVID death.  Even if it was a suicide.  So, what is the guidance for when a death is a vaccine death?  It seems a person must die with the needle still in their arm for it to be a vaccine death.

This is a very interesting video showing how Vaccination programs correlate with increased deaths.  All these deaths are being classified as COVID deaths.


Correlation is not causation.  You can argue that the increased COVID deaths only coincidentally correlated to the Vaccinations.  Although you must admit there were an awful lot of coincidences.  One thing that is clear from this video is that Vaccinations failed to improve the situation in any of those countries.

If the vaccines are not making things better, why are we using them?  It is way past time for us to answer that question.


Canada, Moving the Wrong Direction at Break Neck Speed

It has begun.  Just yesterday I wrote that the government will achieve vaccinations by blaming any new variant on the unvaccinated.  Now we have this from Toronto.

The Government is conditioning people to be fearful of, and angry with, unvaccinated citizens.  They will keep up this propaganda until next cold and flu season when vaccinated people begin to get sick.

The primary plan is blame; the secondary plan is discrimination.  The Manitoba Government is about to subsidize discrimination.

Make no mistake this will result in unvaccinated people getting fired.  I know a young woman who got hired under a program like this.  The government would pay 50% of the wages if a business would hire a new grade.  The subsidy lasted for 12 months.  On her 1 year anniversary she was laid off to make room for another new subsidized new grad.

I can guarantee you that businesses will demand to know the vaccination status of their employees.  Unvaccinated will be laid off to take advantage of the subsidies.  Unvaccinated people will be relegated to unemployment until they conform.  What do you want to bet the next announcement will be of a 2 tiered unemployment insurance program?

There is something seriously wrong with Canada and Canadians.  We are headed down the road of complete government control.  The government will control your income and soon your body.  I weep for my country.

Canadians are idly watching some of the worst people our country has every produced destroy one of the best countries every created. There are virtually no public figures in Canada speaking out against this.  Most are cheering it on.  We are doomed, thankfully there is some hope left in Australia.  This is a video of an Australian politician pointing out that the vaccines are not as advertised.


Why can’t Canada produce a single “leader” with that much honesty and intelligence?


We are Approaching the End Game

I came across this article yesterday.  Some Swedish Doctors are speaking out.


Either the Swedish doctors have been reading my rants or I have been shamelessly plagiarizing them.  All of their 14 points reproduced below have been the topics of multiple posts


The points in the open letter – Covid Facts

  1. There is no significant increase of total deaths during 2020 compared with the last 20 years.
  2. In 2009 the WHO (World Health Organization) changed the definition of a pandemic from being based on deaths to being based on cases.
  3. During the winter season 2020/2021 the Public Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten) reported almost zero cases of influenza.
  4. PCR-tests done at 35 or more cycles give 97% false positives. In Sweden, 45-50 cycles are used in the lab.
  5. Facemasks do not prevent the spread of respiratory viruses. Facemasks increase the risk of bacterial airway infections.
  6. There is a clear connection between vitamin D deficiency and the risk for hospitalization and death from covid-19.
  7. Ivermectin works as prevention and treatment of covid-19, however, Swedish doctors are not able to prescribe this medication.
  8. Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azithromycin is an effective combination treatment of covid-19.
  9. Lockdowns have no scientific evidence showing any decrease in the spread of covid-19. On the contrary, lockdowns cause financial harm, mental illness, and even delayed diagnosis of cancer and heart disease.
  10. Healthy children do not die of covid-19. There is no need for children to receive the experimental injection.
  11. The covid injection is not a vaccine in the traditional sense, rather a form of gene therapy where the individual can still be infected.
  12. Normally vaccine development takes 5-15 years. Since February 2021 there has been an increase of covid deaths parallel with people taking the injection.
  13. We are now in a combined phase 3 + 4 experimental trial without informed consent, which is against the Nuremberg Code.
  14. Vaccine passports will lead to an apartheid system and further loss of individual freedom.

I am neither Swedish nor a doctor.  Frankly, you did not need to be a doctor to see through this Farce.  All you need is a little common sense.  This “pandemic” has reeked from the start.  No one around me was getting sick let alone dying.  What the media spewed was so far away from my own experience that I could not help but doubt.  When I looked at the governments own data and put it in context, I found government’s actions were not justified.

It has been apparent for a long time that this has nothing to do with a virus.  The Virus is just the curtain the wizard is hiding behind.  Evil politicians have been positioning us to accept a dramatic “reset” of society.  Their plans have been going so well that politicians are already looking beyond the reset.  They are now concerned with how to maintain control after the reset.  That brings us to Point 14.

In my post with the Dr. Peter McCullough interview, I agreed that all roads lead to the vaccine.  This perplexed me for a long time.  Politicians desperately want everyone to be vaccinated.  What is in it for them?  At first, I could not see how politicians benefited from this.  Politicians never do anything that does not benefit them personally.  There had to be something that I was missing.

I have finally realized what I was missing.  All roads do not lead to the vaccine they lead to the vaccine passports.  Or more specifically a smart phone vaccine app.  The smart phone app is the evolution of the Chinese social credit system.  The government will mandate that you cannot enter any public building without scanning your phone.  If you step out of line your vaccination records will disappear.  You will be denied entry everywhere.

The only way to rejoin society will be to get vaccinated again.  Each time you get re-vaccinated your vaccine complications will get worse.  Like any Pavlovian dog you will eventually learn the correct behavior.  The great reset will be enforced without gulags and guns.  This time it will be smart phones and needles.

The domino not yet fallen is mandatory vaccinations.  I believe that they are on the horizon and that the public will demand them.  The public will also demand proof of vaccination and a convenient smart phone app.  Governments will be only too happy to oblige.  The first round of vaccinations have already set the stage for this.

Despite what you have been told, the numbers are clear.  COVID did not produce significant excess deaths.  The main reason is the high level of pre-existing natural immunity.  In the absence of politicians COVID would have been very rare next winter.  The politicians and their vaccines have swung the odds back in COVIDs favor.

COVID vaccines provide only temporary benefits while destroying natural immunity.  By the fall vaccinated people will have no protection or natural immunity.  Next winter could be very bad indeed.  Millions of people will fall ill and the media will ignore that all had been vaccinated.  The “4th wave” will not be blamed on the vaccines they will be blamed on variants.  Variants will be blamed on the unvaccinated.

Useful idiots will demand mandatory vaccinations and proof of vaccination.  Our descent in to Tyranny will be complete.  I hope I am wrong.  I really do, but at this point I can’t see it happening any other way.  It is not a large step from demanding others be unemployed for your protection to demanding others be injected for you protection.

Last year when Karen demanded that others must sacrifice for Karen’s protection we should have said no.  We should have told Karen to take her paranoid fears and F%&k off.  We did not.  Governments will re-trigger the Karen army this winter and we will lose our rights permanently.

Joe Biden was half right.  Fighting governments with guns is difficult but not because the government has F18s and nuclear weapons.  The government’s most effective weapons against insurrection are Karen and the media.  In my Utopia neither one exists. Engineers are not supposed to be dreamers, but I can’t let go of that one.

The WHO Accidentally gets close to the Truth

Yesterday the WHO announced that COVID Vaccines need to be studied more before they are given to children.


Their statement was reported in the news, but I cannot find it on their website.  They have buried it deep enough for deniability in case China tells them to reverse it.  I am surprised that the WHO might skirt so close to the truth, but not surprised that people are starting to question COVID Vaccinations for children.  Afterall, the country with the most Vaccine experience was warning about this In April.


The WHO downplayed the significance of their new guidance by pointing out children are low risk.


The WHO is the cop standing in front of an accident waving people by with a “nothing to see here folks”.  They want us to know this is not a big deal because Children are low risk and can be vaccinated later.  I do not agree; this is a very a big deal.  We are staring to question why a child needs to die for the remote chance of saving a senior.  This is the first crack in the “no one is safe until everyone is safe narrative”.

For 16 months governments have been forcing people to do things detrimental to their own health to improve “public health”.  Think about that for a minute.  How does the public get healthier when everyone gets less healthy?  We increased stress through unemployment and isolation.  Mandatory masks restricted breathing and trapped toxins to be inhaled.  Physical fitness was degraded by banning sports and exercise classes.  None of this was good for anyone’s health.

The last indignity was forcing medical treatments on people who did not need it.  Very few people need to be vaccinated and we are finally starting to admit that.  The truth has a way of finding the light.  It just does not always happen in time to save people for government malfeasance.  Historians will look back at this period and wonder why we let any of this happen.

Government Excels at Ignoring COVID Science and Data

The plot below shows COVID cases per day for 2 different countries.  The Plot begins in September for and ends June 20th for both countries.  Country 2 has been time shifted by 10 days to line up the 2 infection peaks.  During the first season of COVID (the 2019/20 winter) both countries utilized lockdowns.  During the second season of COVID (the period the plot covers) one country used an even harsher lockdown while the other chose not to lockdown.  Can you tell me Which country locked down and which one did not?

If lockdowns work, it is very difficult to explain this plot.  Both countries rose and fell in unison.  The obvious question is which country was smart enough not to use a lockdown?  Country 1 is Canada.  Country 2 is Japan.  After the first Lockdown Japan realized it did not help.  Japan did not lockdown a second time.  Canadians were not that smart.  Despite no evidence that lockdowns work we love them.  I have already marked my calendar with the day in October that I think our third lockdown will begin.

Notice both countries had a similar number of cases.  Japan was lower than Canada.  You might find this odd because Japan has 3.3 times as many people as Canada.  Lockdown lovers would say that Japan did not lockdown because they did not need to.  Of course, as always, the lockdown lovers would be wrong.

The virus was already in Japan.  If it took a lockdown to stop it in Canada, why did it not take a lockdown to stop it in Japan?  The real answer is that Japan had far more cases than this.  Japan did less than ½ as many tests as Canada.  Per capita Canada was 650% higher.  Japan understood that the only purpose for massive testing is to scare the public in to accepting a lockdown.  If you are not going to lockdown, you do not need to waste billions on testing.

Japan was smart enough not to destroy their economy and waste money on tests, Canada, not so much.  Maybe the Japanese are so much smarter than Canadians because the Japanese value science.  Canadians trusted the inane ramblings from Theresa Tam, Deena Hishaw, and Anthony Fauci.  The Japanese trusted Science.  Here is some work they did trying to understand how the virus spreads.


Japanese researchers followed a group of people testing them periodically for COVID antibodies. The group all tested negative for both antibodies and COVID at the start of the experiment and had no symptoms or contact with COVID positive cases for the duration of the study.  They were asked to go about their lives normally which was not difficult since they were not locked down.  This is what they found.

The bottom line is the confirmed new cases in the country each day.  The top line is the % of the people in the study testing positive for COVID antibodies.  As new cases were rising people in the study started to show antibodies even though they had no known exposure.  By the end of the study about 50% of the participants had COVID antibodies even though they had not been exposed to anyone who had COVID.

This study had similar results to other studies in Europe.  The difference was that the European studies were a point in time while the Japanese study tracked people over time.  The Japanese study clearly demonstrated that as the virus becomes more prevalent so does the presence of antibodies in the public.

Only 0.6% of Japanese tested positive for COVID yet in this study 50% of the participants must have been exposed.  The Japanese researchers surmised that their study group must have been exposed to asymptomatic carriers.  They concluded that asymptomatic transfer is far more prevalent than previously thought.  This is where I must disagree with the Japanese.  They did some great science and got to the wrong conclusion.

The problem with asymptomatic transfer is that it is impossible to know if you contacted an asymptomatic carrier unless they subsequently got testing.  With the sensible amount of testing in Japan there was no way to prove contact.  Their conclusions are based on something they cannot prove.  Also to believe the Japanese researchers I must not believe previous science on asymptomatic transfer.  A symptomatic transfer has never been found to be a major factor in previous outbreaks.  What makes the SARs CoV-2 virus so different from every other virus we have studied before?  If asymptomatic transfer is so prevalent how come the contact tracers cannot find it?  Even in countries that did insane amounts of testing like Canada.

There is another explanation that fits the data just as well and does not require you to abandon previous knowledge.  The Japanese came to the wrong conclusion because they were still operating under the assumption that you had to contact a person with the virus to get the virus.  This is not true for airborne viruses.  To contact the virus, you only need to share the same air and not even at the same time.  The infected person could have been in the same building days before.

This is just one more study demonstrating the folly of lockdowns.  During an outbreak, the virus is everywhere.  You cannot hide from it.  It also demonstrates how ridiculous our vaccination policies are.  Most of the people getting vaccinated have already been exposed and do not need a vaccine.  There should have been some sort of antibody testing done before administering a vaccine.  It took Alberta about 3 months to give 70% their first dose.  If we targeted only unexposed, they would have all had their second dose within weeks.

There is a lot of good science we could have followed.  The only science we chose to follow was political science.  There is no such thing as good political science.

More COVID Pieces Fitting Together

I need to apologize up front for the length of this post.  Sometimes the rants take on a life of their own.  There are a lot of puzzle pieces to put together on this one so bear with me.  I do get to a point and it is all starting to make sense.

For the last few days a story about a Chinese defector has been going around the internet.  The rumor is that this high level defector has information about The SARS CoV-2 virus.  Specifically that it was man made and released intentionally.  You can see one of the stories here.


At first I was very hopeful that the truth would finally come out and that we can hold people accountable.  Unfortunately, the more I think about it the less I believe the story.  I do believe the virus is manmade and released intentionally.  I just don’t believe that they are holding a defector.  Let me explain.


Why I believe the virus is man-made.

The prevailing narrative was the virus jumped from bats to humans in the wet market.  There was just too much evidence that did not fit.

  • Not all of the original cases could be traced to the wet market.
  • Researchers found this virus had features not found in other coronaviruses.
  • There was a lab that experimented with Viruses only blocks away from the outbreak.
  • The virus is oddly selective. It affects almost no one other than seniors.  I will discuss this more later.
  • The bats that carry this virus are not native to the area. People tend to eat locally.  There is a reason why Albertans eat more beef than fish.  We have lots of beef and no fish.  Even though Sea food can be flown in, culturally we are accustomed to beef.  This is common most places I suspect.  In Uzbekistan they eat lamb, in Kazakhstan they eat horse.


If Chinese people in Wuhan eat bats they are likely to be local bats.  Why would you truck bats 1200 miles away when the people are accustomed to eating the local variety?  I sincerely doubt there were any of the right bats in the market.  If there were, why have they not identified the problem animal?  In similar animal to human outbreaks they have always been able to identify the animal.

Individually none of these things prove the virus is man-made.  Taken together the balance of probability strongly suggests this virus is not natural.


Why I believe this was not an accident.

Again I have no smoking gun but many things taken together makes this the most likely explanation.  Even things that point to it being accidental still make sense if it was intentional.  Like the outbreak starting in China.  The logical argument is that the Chinese would not release the virus inside China.  The reality is that if China wanted to disguise their intentions, it had to be released in China.  If a virus common to Chinese Bats first appears in The US people will smell a rat (or in this case a bat).

We need to accept then that an intentional release makes as much sense as an accident.  How do we tell which it was?   In my mind these are the things that point to this being intentional.

The Chinese have a strong motive to do this.

As TV detectives always say, follow the money.  I have discussed this in previous posts.  No country benefited more from this pandemic than China.  Donald Trump was extremely problematic for China.  No President ever caused them more trouble and he was going nowhere.  Trump was cruising to a second term on the strength of the booming American economy.  China needed to put a stop to that.  Normally they would just bribe the problematic politician.  That would not work with a patriotic Billionaire like Trump.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

During the Democrat primaries the 2 least impressive people were Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Joe is not smart and the onset of dementia has not improved that.  Kamala is an airhead who has never had an original thought.  Both had strong financial ties to China.  Individually they were poor candidates, together the sum is less than the parts.

Despite that, democrats threw Kamala on Joe’s lap and pushed that old pervert’s wheelchair across the goal line.  Why did they do that?  It is a question of perspective and who was really making the decisions.  If I was Chinese president Xi and I looked at that stable of candidates, I would pick Joe and the Ho.  They are the communist party dream team.  They check all the boxes.  Both are stupid, corrupt, and pre-purchased.

Getting rid of Trump was fabulously good fortune for the Chinese.  Replacing Trump with Biden and Harris is impossibly good luck.  So impossible that it is hard to believe it happened by chance.

How perfect the SARS CoV-2 virus is for the job.

There is only one reason to do gain of function research.  Gain of function sounds benign until you ask what functions the virus is gaining.  They are not modifying the virus so that it can play the piano.  The new function will always be as a weapon.  Even knowing that, I did not believe this virus was a weapon.  I could not see why anyone manufacture a weapon that did not kill military age men.

I was slow to accept that this virus is a weapon.  Now I can’t think of it as anything else.  I will pause briefly to give my brother time to call and say I told you so.

I did not accept that this virus was a weapon because I did not understand the purpose of the virus.  The purpose of this virus was not biological warfare.  This virus was to facilitate regime change in the United States.  The virus did not need to kill soldiers it just needed to stoke fear.  All China needed was a good reason for mail in ballots.

In order to keep their motives secret the Chinese had to release the virus inside their country and make it look natural or an accident.  If they released a virus that killed military age men they weaken themselves.  Sacrificing thousands of seniors would not be a problem for the Chinese.  It isn’t even in the top 10 of atrocities they have committed.  To communists seniors are a problem.  They cost more than they contribute.  Family ties also need to be broken.  For socialism to work the only support system a person can have is the government.

This is common to all left leaning governments.  Socialist governments in Europe and Canada have been waging a silent war on seniors for a long time.  Why do you think they all insist on assisted suicide and socialized medicine?  Seniors they can convince to die will quickly get a needle.  Seniors that don’t want to die require a different solution.  It is common practice to withhold food to a seriously ill seniors in government hospitals.  A friend of mine knows of a case happening now in Canada.

The SARS CoV-2 virus is not a military weapon it is a terror weapon.  The purpose of terror is fear.  Any virus that kills can instill fear.  A good viral weapon will only kill the right people.  In this case the right people are seniors.  To prevent the virus from killing the wrong people you need a failsafe.  Once again the SARS CoV-2 virus is perfect.  Cheap effective Treatments already exist; Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.  This information just needs to be hidden until after the election.

The Chinese reaction to the outbreak

Immediately the Communists prevented internal travel but they never stopped international travel.  They knew they had a problem and they knowingly exported it to the rest of the world.  That could be seen as careless, rather than sinister, until you consider this.  Most people in communist countries are not allowed to travel internationally.

Was it just bad luck that the small percentage of Chinese allowed to travel happened to have COVID?  Even worse for us these lucky Chinese travelers sprinkled themselves across Europe and North America.  There was almost a strategic distribution of the virus.  Does anyone out there still think that this was accidental?


Why I believe there is no defector

The Chinese did not do this without help.  They had cooperation from the media and foreign governments.  Including senior member of the American bureaucracy.  It was not a coincidence that the media moved in lockstep.  They all ramped up panic with breathlessly ridiculous reporting.  Suppression of treatment information was aggressive and complete.

Governments also coordinated their activities.  They all chose to throw out their existing pandemic response plans and simply lock everything down.  Why would they pursue such destructive and unproven strategies?  I know it is hard to accept that Governments would cooperate with China to remove Trump.  It makes sense when you acknowledge that they are all hard core globalists.

Globalist is the new word for communist.  Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau and all the others deeply believe in the divine right of government.  They are all great reset acolytes.  All of them envision a world where government and a few chosen billionaires control everything.

Unfortunately the reset can’t happen as long as the US insists on remaining an independent nation. The stumbling block was Donald Trump and his America first agenda.  The globalists far prefer Justin Trudeau’s China first, Canada last agenda.  That is way easier to work with.  I doubt it was hard for China to secure the cooperation of those lunatics.  They all wanted Trump, and the prosperous future he achieved, to disappear.

Yes this was a conspiracy; a very large conspiracy.  It required cooperation from many levels of the US Bureaucracy.  That is why I don’t believe there is a defector.  Anyone high enough to have this information would be high enough to know he cannot trust anyone in the US government.  There is no safe harbor for him.  He knows wherever he goes he will just be captured and turned over to the Chinese.  The great reset is on and it is global.

Canadian Governments are now Imprisoning Christians and Political Opponents

 “It’s very satisfying to arrest the leaders, but there will be other people who step up, I understand. All we can do as individuals is to do the right thing and to do right by our neighbors and to obey the Government.”

I would be willing to bet that this has been said by every Nazis who ever lived.  So which Nazis said it this time?  Well, that would be Calgary Ward 9 Councilor Gian-Carlo Carra.  I confess I did use my poetic license to clarify the quote a little.  Below is the unedited quote.

“It’s very satisfying to arrest the leaders of these congregations, but there will be other people who step up, I understand. All we can do as individuals is to do the right thing and to do right by our neighbors and to obey the restrictions.”

What was Herr Carra so satisfied about?  Well, his Buddy Jason was up to his old tricks.  Alberta just used thousands of tax dollars to arresting a Pastor again.


This Pastor was such a hardened criminal that Jason sent a helicopter to find him.  His crime this time was holding an outdoor church service.  Even the CDC admits that the risk of outdoor transmission is low.  Their numbers say it is less than 1% but the CDC are a bunch of left wing ideologs so they can only bring themselves to say that it is less than 10%.


Anyone attending this super spreader event carelessly relied on the more than 99% certainty that they would not become infected.  Anyone under 60 who did become infected would then run a 0.09% chance of death.  When you put those numbers together you realize how frighteningly close to death theses crazed lunatics came.  Jason stepped in decisively to prevent these poor misguided souls from accepting a risk of death that was less than 1 in 100,000.

All I can say is God bless Jason Kenney for saving these people from certain death or at least their 1 in a million chance of death.  I am sure tomorrow Jason will send police to drag people out of doughnut shops to save them from their 1 in 10 chances of diabetes.  With the police occupied at doughnut shops perhaps Jason can turn to firefighters.  Afterall they are trained to rush into buildings and drag people to safety.  Jason could dispatch them to rush into fast food restaurants to save people from their 3 in 10 chances of Obesity.

This is Canada now.  When we are not arresting Christians, we are arresting opposition politicians.


Isn’t it comforting to see all these provincial premiers protecting us from dangerous Christians and politicians who value our charter of rights?  This country is way better off without the inherent peacefulness of Christianity or raucous results of free speech.