Can we please stop pretending?

This week Joe Biden stopped his speech to search for a dead woman.


Then later that day he got lost in a room full of people.


Can we finally stop pretending that he is in charge?  Even when he was young Joe Biden never had the cognitive ability to be president.  In his prime he rivaled Trudeau for sheer stupidity.  Joe is no longer in his prime.  Let’s be honest Joe is senile.  He has no idea where he is most of the time.  He is obviously not the one running the country.

While we are being honest can we finally dispense with the fiction that Joe Biden got more votes than any president in history?  Joe Biden did not get 80 million votes.  If you were asked by the UN to be an election observer in a third world country and you witnessed or found;

  • Thousands of dead people had voted.
  • Thousands of cognitively impaired seniors had voted
  • Boxes full of ballots trucked across borders from an unknown location
  • Boxes of ballots hidden under tables and not counted until after most people were sent home
  • Poll watchers from one party banned from watching the count
  • Election workers dragging heavy suitcases in to work
  • Election workers scanning the same ballot multiple times
  • Windows covered so no one could see the ballots being counted
  • Vote tallies changing all for one candidate in the middle of the night while no one was counting
  • Ballot counters told to go home while a select skeleton crew was allowed to remain
  • Thousands of people driving to multiple drop boxes and inserting multiple ballots each time.

Would you report back that the election was fair?  Of course not, you would report that the election cannot be trusted and the “winner” should not be recognized as legitimate.

Every one of these things was documented in the 2020 US presidential election.  The election was a sham, everyone knows that and no one says anything about it.  This was a coordinated effort and it amounted to a coup.

We live in a bizarre times.  A group of unidentified people engineered a coup on the most powerful nation the earth has ever seen.  They did not even try to hide what they did and we all accepted it.  This group, whoever they are, installed a senile puppet and everyone acts like this is the most normal thing in the world.  How far are we willing to take this fiction?  Will we go to war with Russia, a nation Joe Biden can’t even find on a map?

Justin Trudeau is extraordinary, but not in a Good Way

Several posts ago I linked an article about an Ottawa police officer who is could face dismissal for the crime of donating money to the Freedom Convoy.  Today I found an article that gives some details on this officer’s background.

Const. Kristina Neilson started her career in the Canadian Navy she was deployed to both the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan.  She must have been a good sailor because she was chosen as an honor guard at the national war memorial in recognition of her exemplary service.  As a member of the Ottawa Police, Constable Neilson received a commendation for helping rescue a girl from frigid water.

By all accounts Kristina Neilson is a dedicated public servant and exactly the kind of person this country needs as a police officer.  Unfortunately in Trudeau’s Canada this behavior is unacceptable.  If you are not willing to trample seniors with your horse or bludgeon protesters with your baton you cannot be a cop in Canada.

I don’t think any country in history has fallen as far and as fast as Canada.  That shows your how precarious our system is.  It only took one idiot.  Granted he is no ordinary idiot but he is still just one idiot.

It will take more than Poilievre to fix Canada

I saw this article a month ago.  The city of Vancouver is going to sue oil companies over climate change.  The first thought that entered my mind is that the only country where this might work is Canada.  Climate change has not impacted Canada more than other countries in fact under even the most Ridiculous warming scenarios northern countries like Canada benefit from climate change.  If you believe the global warming zealots Canada should not do anything to prevent climate change.  It is in our national self-interest to encourage global warming.

Unfortunately Canadians are not smart enough to act in their own self-interest.  That is why this lawsuit could fly in Canada.  Canadians are uniformly miss-educated, unintelligent and uninterested.  There are plenty of reasons to doubt the global warming narrative without even looking at the data.  The Intergovernmental panel on climate Change (IPCC) is the primary driver behind the narrative.  The IPCC is a not a science organization.  They are a political organization founded by a larger political agency (the UN) that has a perfect track record of being both wrong and useless.

If you choose to believe these charlatans then you must believe their forecasts that predict climate change benefits Canada.  So whether you are a believer or not this lawsuit is ridiculous.  In essence the city of Vancouver is suing oil companies for either;

  • Something that is not their fault


  • Doing something that has benefited the nation.

As I said only in Canada; a nation where 1 in 3 still supports Justin Trudeau.  Justin has never had more than 33% support so that means not a single one of his supporters is upset that he has turned the country’s economy in to a basket case.  Or that he allows Chinese police to operate openly and unsupervised in Canada.

Trudeau acolytes will support that Moron no matter how much damage he does.  Thankfully many Rational Canadians are heartened by the rise of Pierre Poilievre.  They take it as a sign Canada might actually emerge from our national Trudeau nightmare.  I hope they are right but I think they underestimate how long this road will be.  Just this week Poilievre’s own shadow cabinet health critic mused that there might still be reasons for mandatory COVID vaccinations in the Canadian military.

“So if there’s a specific operational requirement, that’s one thing. But I think that just as a condition of their employment, like anyone who works for the federal government, that that needs to be eliminated.”

What kind of operational requirement could there be to vaccinate a young healthy soldier against a disease that does not kill young health people?  A disease that rarely even inconveniences young healthy adults.  How does our military readiness improve by giving soldiers a treatment that could cause them to have a heart attack on the battle field?

Pierre Poilievre has an uphill battle on his hands.  He can’t even find enough intelligent people in the conservative party to fill a shadow cabinet.  Stupid is to the bone, and by that standard Canada has really good bones.

The US pushes Europe to War

Unfortunately for Europeans most European leaders are not any smarter than Trudeau and Biden.  They idiotically hobbled their own energy production in a futile attempt to go green.  None of them achieved anything other than becoming dependent on Russia for energy.

Intentionally becoming dependent on a political rival for energy is stupid.  Believing you can then threaten and sanction them is beyond stupid yet that is exactly what these morons did.  Western Europe meddled in the Ukraine war by supplying arms to the Ukraine and then threatened Russia with Economic sanctions.  Putin retaliated by curtailing energy exports to Europe.

The net result was skyrocketing energy costs as winter approaches.  Countries like Germany had a choice to make.  Cut a deal with Putin or watch their people freeze to death this winter.  For weeks I was predicting that they would choose the former.  Western Europe would agree to drop sanctions and stop supplying arms to the Ukraine.  In Return Russia would turn the gas back on.  But as of yesterday that is no longer an option.  The Nordstrom 2 pipeline is no longer operational.

A deal with Russia now is unworkable.  Russia cannot supply Western Europe the gas that they need this winter.  The people behind Joe Biden want a war with Russia.  They were concerned that Europe would capitulate to Russia and the War would end.  Without weapons from Europe the Ukraine would have no choice but to pursue peace.  The failure of this line neatly fits US objectives so there is no way this was not sabotage.


The US is positioning Europe so that their best option for securing energy is to invade Russia and depose Putin.  The US navy strike on this line was an act of war by the US.  The media will work overtime to convince you that this was a strike against Putin, but is it really?  This hurts western Europe more than it hurts Russia and puts western Europe in a box where they no longer control their own foreign policy decisions.   From where I am standing this looks like the US just declared war on their own western European allies.  Henry Kissinger once said;

“To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal.”

Europe just re-learned that lesson yesterday.

I hope the Swamp in Italy is not as Deep as it is in Canada or the US

Yesterday the Federal Liberals announced that remaining COVID travel Restrictions will be removed on Friday.  As I mentioned in a previous post Trudeau was asked about this only 3 days ago.  On Friday Trudeau would not say what restrictions would be removed or when it would happen.  He also did not say that there would be an announcement on Monday or that the cabinet was working all weekend on this issue.  From this I can only conclude one thing; Justin Trudeau had nothing at all to do with this decision.

On Friday the Prime Moron would not give any details because he could not give any details.  He had no idea if, or when, any of the rules would change.  He found out what was happening at the time of the press release the same as everyone else.

We live in a bizarre time.  It seems every day there is a news article about how some nominally right wing politician is a threat to democracy.  I really would like one of the talking heads on TV to take the time to explain how a populist politician threatens Democracy.  By definition a populist politician is following the wishes of the people.  That is democracy.  Of even more interest to me is an explanation of how they threaten democracy when we no longer appear to have democracy anyway.

Increasingly we see that elected officials are not the people in charge.  Joe Biden has admitted on camera, multiple times, that he is told what to do and say.  Joe doesn’t even try to hide that he is not in charge.  If Joe is not in charge who is and why doesn’t anyone want to know who is?

It is not that surprising to discover that neither Justin nor Joe is in charge.  Neither man is very bright.  Their value to the process is that they are smart enough to read the teleprompter, too stupid to understand the words, and too narcissistic to care.  Some other person or group is in charge and they have been for a long time, which is why nothing ever improves.  The general direction is always down.  They are dismantling western society one brick at a time.

Voters in some places have tried to push back.  The US elected Donald Trump and the permanent bureaucracy impeded him at every turn and then rigged an election to get rid of him.  Now Italians have turned to a populist that has pledged to defend Italy and the Italian people.


I wish Giorgia Meloni all the luck in the world.  She is going to need it.

Another Doctor discovers the Jabs do more Harm than Good.

I found a link to this paper on Joanne Nova’s blog.  The Paper was written by Dr. Aseem Malhorta.  Dr. Malhorta is a cardiac specialist from Britain.  The good doctor started as a firm believer in the COVID mRNA vaccinations.  He and his entire family were vaccinated the minute the jabs became available, and then his father died from a heart attack.  Dr. Malhorta could not explain his father’s unusual heart attack and as a cardiac specialist this bothered him.  The only plausible explanation was the vaccine.

This sad event led to Dr. Malhorta researching vaccine injuries and effectiveness.  The paper is the culmination of his efforts.  In short Dr. Malhorta is no longer a believer in the jabs.

Results: In the non-elderly population the “number needed to treat” to prevent a single death runs into the thousands. Re-analysis of randomized controlled trials using the messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) technology suggests a greater risk of serious adverse events from the vaccines than being hospitalized from COVID-19. Pharmacovigilance systems and real-world safety data, coupled with plausible mechanisms of harm, are deeply concerning, especially in relation to cardiovascular safety. Mirroring a potential signal from the Pfizer Phase 3 trial, a significant rise in cardiac arrest calls to ambulances in England was seen in 2021, with similar data emerging from Israel in the 16–39-year-old age group.

Conclusion: It cannot be said that the consent to receive these agents was fully informed, as is required ethically and legally. A pause and reappraisal of global vaccination policies for COVID-19 is long overdue.

Dr. Malhorta’s Results and conclusions can be summarized in one sentence.  The jabs do more harm than good and it is time to acknowledge that irrefutable fact.

The Jabs do not work.  All-cause mortality went up rather than down after vaccination programs started and the infection fatality rate remained the same.  Side effects were killing people while not a single COVID death was prevented.  Governments obscured vaccine failure for a long time by playing with the numbers.  By counting deaths within 14 days of vaccination as unvaccinated, and using time periods where almost no one was vaccinated, Governments’ math showed vaccines worked.  That game is over now because almost everyone is vaccinated and people are still dying.

That is what is so obscene about this.  To government it was a game.  If government thought the vaccines worked, they would not have played fudged the math.  The very fact that the governments were fraudulent with the data is proof they have always known the Jabs do not work.  Millions of people have been harmed or killed by the jabs and billions had their rights stripped away.  Governments knew exactly what they were doing.  This is the greatest crime in history.


Joh Ibbitson, Climate Change Disinformation Specialist

This video clip is not new but that does not matter because the truth is timeless.


This will come as quite a surprise to most Canadians but the climate change gurus have been lying to you for decades.  The theory of anthropogenic greenhouse gas warming is not supported by either data or by 97% of scientists.  The earth has been warm at low CO2 and cold at High CO2.  In hard sciences when the data does not match the theory you change the theory.  In climate science they change the data.  The purpose of Climate science is not to advance our understanding of nature it is to manipulate public opinion.  Climate science is nothing more than political science.

The reality is that the earth is a very dynamic system.  Climate always has and always will change.  We will always have severe storms like Atlantic Canada saw this weekend and buying an EV will not change that one bit.  We need to grow up and realize that we cannot control the weather but we can control how much damage it does.

Severe events in poor countries kill thousands and take decades to recover from.  These same severe events in wealthy countries kill dozens and take weeks to recover from.  Wealth is the key so we should never do anything that destroys wealth.  Climate change policies destroy wealth.  They are the exact wrong thing to do if you want to save human life.

So why don’t Canadian’s know that climate change is normal and that poverty is the real killer?  Well the answer was in the video.  We don’t know because the media refuses to tell us.  The media likes to portray themselves as fearless truth seekers.  In reality they are just another sub-genre of political science.  Reporters, especially Canadian reporters, use their pulpits to advance the interest of politicians that the support.

John Ibbitson is a Canadian journalist.  Like most Canadian journalists he is a Trudeau fan boy.  These are uncomfortable times for Trudeau Fan Boys.  Too many people are willing to listen to Pierre Poilievre’s economic message.  Not to worry though John Ibbitson has been cultivating the climate change lie for years just such an occasion.  In the last 2 weeks this enormously dishonest man has used climate change twice to attack Pierre Poilievre.

John Ibbitson wants you to know that Pierre Poilievre is not the best choice for prime minister because he will not destroy our economy in a vain attempt to control the weather.  Humans are not gods.  We cannot control the weather by raising taxes.  We cannot control the weather but we can improve the planet.  It is not hard.  The first step is to ignore and ridicule people like John Ibbitson.

It is hard to wage war without Soldiers

Since the start of the Ukraine war Western Globalists have been itching to throw their hat in to the ring.  Up until now their involvement has been limited to sending arms to the Ukraine but make no mistake they want boots on the ground.  For months leaders in the west have been stoking hatred towards Russia to condition their citizens for a formal declaration of war.  These idiots are just itching for an excuse to send your children to die in the Ukraine.

The Ukraine is a war that should never have happened.  In 2013 the Ukraine had peace with Russia.  President Viktor Yanukovych had given Russia what they wanted; access to a naval base on the Black Sea.  In return the Ukraine would receive discounted natural gas for the duration of the lease (32 years).  Yanukovych also declined to join the EU so that the EU rules would not impinge on trading with Russia.  Russia was the Ukraine’s largest trading partner and joining the EU would have negatively impacted both economies.

All of this peace and cooperation with Russia did not sit well with western globalists.  To them Putin was the world’s boogie man.  Putin is an ardent nationalist who will not cooperate with the great reset.  You can’t have a world government in Davos when the country with the largest stock pile of nukes will not join.  The great Rest crowd wanted Putin gone and they did not care how many Ukrainians had to die for them to get what they want.  Obama’s CIA financed a Coup to get rid of Yanukovych and install a puppet that would destroy relations with Russia.

So here we are today.  The great reset crowd got the war that they wanted and this weekend we may have taken a step closer to boots on the ground.  There are rumors of a coup in China.  These Rumors have been fueled by the disappearance of president Xi.  He has not been seen since returning from a trip to Uzbekistan.  If this is true, and China gets a new leader who withdraws support for Russia, there will be Canadian troops in the Ukraine faster than you can say “Trudeau is a national embarrassment”.

There is a bit of a problem with sending troops, however.  Canada’s military is short of personnel.  Since lifting some of the COVID restrictions recruitment is way down.  Even offering signing bonuses has not been enough to fill the empty positions.  The government and the media are mystified by the sudden lack of interest in the Canadian military.  This is par for the course for both institutions.  They are always mystified about the origins of problems they cause.  To put it bluntly, Canada under Trudeau is simply not worth fighting for.

Are you surprised young people won’t fight for a country that that denied them their rights and employment opportunities for 2 years? It does not surprise me because I feel exactly the same.  I am too old for a military career but my son is not and I would not want him to join; especially if they wanted to send him to the Ukraine.

My enemies are not in the Ukraine or in Russia.  My enemies are in Davos, Ottawa, and Edmonton.  Had my enemies kept their nose out of the Ukraine’s business there would not be a war in Ukraine right now.  I have great sympathy for the people of the Ukraine.  They are suffering now because the great Reset Crowd needs them to suffer to forward their own selfish agenda.  I want no part in it and it seems young Canadians don’t either.

It is time to put Adults back in Charge

Justin Trudeau is once again toying with Canadians.  A few days ago he stated that he was in favor of dropping some travel restrictions.  He was not specific about which restrictions and he did not say when any of this might happen.  When he was pressed for an answer this is all he had to say.

“Every step of the way through the pandemic Canada has listened to science experts and taken our responsibilities extremely seriously to keep Canadians safe,”

This statement is a lie.  Without any other evidence I know this is a lie simply because Justin said it.  Justin Trudeau’s step father, Pierre, found it impossible to tell the truth, so does Justin.  But, you do not need to be a cynic to know this statement is a lie because it has already been established in Canadian court.

This clip came out in June and I really should have commented on it earlier.  The gentleman speaking is one of the Lawyers working for Brian Peckford’s challenge of federal COVID restrictions.  Brian Peckford is a retired Canadian politician and the only surviving member of the team that drafted the Canadian Charter of Rights.  Mr. Peckford is proud of the Charter and very upset that government in Canada violated the charter egregiously for 2 years.  Some Charter violations like the travel restrictions continue today.


In June the head epidemiologist of the Public health Agency of Canada admitted under oath that the Vaccine travel mandates were a political decision.  The science did not support that mandating vaccines would be effective.  I wish the lawyer had followed this up to determine why a mandate would not be effective.  Was it because the vaccines clearly don’t prevent infection or transmission or that they simply do not work?  Either way it confirms what I have been saying all along; there is no way the government did not know the restrictions could not work.

Trudeau does not follow the science and he does not tell the truth even when court documents already refute his lies.  Justin Trudeau is an unintelligent, willfully ignorant, arrogant, narcissistic, perpetual adolescent with a penchant for lying.  He has no redeeming qualities as a human being and is underqualified to manage a mall kiosk.

The fact that Justin is Prime Minister is proof that there is something fundamentally wrong with Canadians.  Incredibly, some polls still show him leading over Pierre Poilievre.  In a country of adults, a man-child who openly admires Chinese dictators and thinks budgets will “balance themselves” would poll below a potted plant.  Unfortunately adults in Canada are extremely difficult to find.

The world has big problems right now.  We are headed in to a severe recession while our “leaders” push for war with Russia.  The root of all these problems is poor leadership.  Unfortunately, by current western standards, Trudeau is not outside the norm.  He is the worst example but he is not the only example.  Childish western Voters have elected childish leaders everywhere.  Do you see any substantial difference between Trudeau, Rutte, Biden, or Macron?  Psychologically all those men are still teenagers.

Western voters better grow up and start voting for Adults before the over grown children currently in charge do any more damage.

The Real War on Women

You can add Australia to the list of countries afflicted with Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.  According to the Sydney Herald Australia now has the highest mortality rate seen in the last 40 years.  Australia now has a higher-than-usual number of deaths from strokes, heart disease, dementia and diabetes.  Does that sound vaguely familiar to you?  It seems that we have been to this movie before.  I seem to remember this plot unravelling in every highly vaccinated country.

The striking correlation between vaccination rates and Sudden Adult Death Syndrome must just be some sort of cosmic coincidence because herald reporter Dana Daniel is certain these deaths are COVID complications.  Of course no sane person believes that but as a reporter Dana Daniel has a tenuous relationship with sanity.  Her leftist admiration of all things government will not allow her to consider that it might be the vax.  Frankly, I am surprised that she did not also list Climate Change and MAGA republican extremism as other potential causes.

The longer this goes on the worse the data gets.  Deaths are up everywhere and so are injuries.  Insurance companies are experiencing a substantial increase in disability claims.  Insurance statistics also show that the injuries are not distributed evenly.  Women have been disproportionally affected.

The same thing was noted in the leaked Canadian Liberal party study I posted a few days ago.  Do you find it odd that media is not discussing this disparity?  Every other statistic showing men out performing women is a subject of intense discussion yet this one gets stone silence.

Author and activist Naomi Wolf has been an outspoken critic of COVID policies.  She has a particular focus on vaccine injuries, particularly injuries to pregnant and nursing mothers.  Dr. Wolf has been trying to force a conversation about what the vaccines are doing to women’s reproductive health with little to no success.  She doesn’t just get ignored; she gets attacked by the media.  When governments want to hide the truth their first line of defense is the media and media “fact checkers”.  In World War 2 bombing crews knew you take the most flak when you are over the target.  Judging by the amount of “fact checking” flak”, Dr. Wolf is certain she is over the target.

Could all of this exhausting and tiresome censorship, and this un-American blowback, mean that, as we expose rigorously, with primary documentation, the reproductive damage via mRNA vaccines to women and babies, and to men— we appear to be over the biggest target of all?

Is this the real purpose of the vaccines?  Do the Malthusian lunatics in Government want to prevent women from having babies?  Is this why governments were so desperate to get a needle in every arm?

For at least the last decade activists have discussed a fictitious war on women at every opportunity.  Every piece of information or statistic that could be taken out of context was used as proof that society was waging war on 51% of the population.  Now we have a real war on women, waged by our government, and these same activists are mute.  How much longer will men allow their wives and daughters to be injured by government?  It is way past time for men to stand up and protect their families.