With Covid the More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same

I read the Calgary Herald yesterday.  As per usual the paper was full of misleading and panic inducing stories.  There was this story praising New Zealand’s response to Covid 19.


It is true that New Zealand has had very few problems from Covid 19 but at what cost?  New Zealand has completely closed their borders turning the island in to a concentration camp.  This destroyed their tourism industry that was 8% of their economy.

Small price to pay to have outdoor festivals right?  Maybe until you consider that it is now summer in New Zealand and outdoor festivals in the summer are safe even with Covid.  A better question is what happens when New Zealand opens their borders?  New Zealanders have developed very little in the way of herd immunity and the virus is still out there.  It will always be out there.

Kiwis just have to wait for the vaccine same as us right?  They will only get their borders open and their jobs back if they consent to a medical procedure.  That is hardly consent.  This is like a rapist telling his victim he will release them if they consent to sex.  Thousands of Nazis were sentenced to death for performing medical procedures on people without their consent.  Now, in 2021 we are fine with that.

There was another full page article about 2 women in Canada who are having lingering effects from Covid.  The article was, of course, designed to keep us fearful of covid.  We can’t have people believing you can recover from covid.  People need to be panicked in to hiding forever from covid because you never really recover.  There was only one small problem.  The 2 women with these mysterious symptoms were never diagnosed with Covid.  They must have had covid though because everything bad is caused by covid right?  It would be irresponsible journalism not to link this to covid and use it to spread panic.

There was also coverage of the Prime Moron’s new travel ban.  Even though cases are falling everywhere in Canada and we are exiting the traditional flus season, we still need to panic because of the new strains of covid.  Here we go again, we need to keep the restrictions in place due to some future threat.  How do we know these new strains will be a problem?  The models say they are, that’s how.

Haven’t we been to this movie before?  Our freedoms are being removed based on computer simulation of a virus that we only just discovered.  You cannot simulate anything that you have not studied completely.  Computer models are not evidence of anything.  Haven’t we learned our lesson yet?

The strain that is mentioned most often is the UK variant so let’s take a look at it.  Here is what happened in the UK.

Yes cases and deaths did peak again in the UK.  But it is already over.  This is also confirmed by Euromomo.

The data in these plots is 10 days old.  You can see that excess deaths were already falling 10 days ago.  Of even more interest is that the new variant has not yet affected Scotland or Wales.  Scotland and Wales both border England and are not far.  The capital of Wales is less than 200 Km from London.  So this deadly new variant has not travelled 200 Km, but it is going to decimate Canada soon.  Are we really that stupid?

The real point is not that there was a new strain in England or even that it came and went quickly.  The only point that matters is this.  England was already under lockdown when this strain hit and moved rapidly through the country.  Lockdowns do not work.

Every time we see the light at the end of the tunnel we are told that it is not real.  We are told that there is some new mysterious threat on the horizon.  Then we are told the only thing that will save us is a lockdown.  At no time do we ever discuss whether lockdowns work.  We are told that we are dangerous if we question the restrictions.  If lockdowns worked this would have been over last spring and it is not.  How much more proof do you need?  When will we just say no?

The CBC Lied For Jason Kenney Then He responded With More Tepid Stupidity.

I saw this article yesterday.


These two sentences from the article caught my eye immediately. “The total of active cases in Alberta has been dropping slowly but steadily since it peaked at 21,138 on Dec. 13.  That was a day after Kenney’s UCP government introduced tighter restrictions”.  The CBC was trying to link the drop in infections to the restrictions. Of course I knew this was not true.  The % positivity peaked Dec 3rd and new cases peaked on Dec 4th.  The “pandemic” was over 4 days before the new restrictions were even announced and 10 days before they came in to effect.  How can you credit the rules for something that started before the rules were even contemplated?

I had to go back and read the sentence more carefully to notice the CBC was using active cases to distort the truth.  A case is active for 14 days so there is a 2 week lag between the peak of the active cases and the peak of the new infections.  The reporter wanted to indicate that strict compliance to government is what made it possible to reduce restrictions.  She had just a small problem.  The data did not support the story she wanted to tell.  She had a choice to make, be honest or deceptive.  She works for the CBC soooo.

As the article stated Jason Kenney did relax restrictions on Friday.  We need to be clear Jason Kenney did not relax restrictions because cases were dropping; his hand was forced.  Businesses in Alberta were already starting to open.  Jason had to either order the police to break some heads or pretend that it was his idea all along.

Jason Kenney is the prototypical left wing politician.  Take credit for something you had nothing to do with.  Then elbow your way to the front of the parade so people think you are leading.  If you still don’t believe that Jason Kenney is left wing consider this; the CBC just lied for him.

Jason Kenney is not the only left wing politician being forced to do the right thing.  Gavin Newsom in California was forced to open up when over 1,000,000 Californians signed a recall petition and counties were in open rebellion.  Yesterday I discussed how Italian politicians had to hide when 50,000 restaurants opened.

Kenney as per usual is still trying to please everyone.  Restaurants are allowed to open but the rules are so silly many of them probably won’t.  The evil troll still has not figured out there is no middle ground.  The masked covidiots will not be happy with anything less than welding people in their homes.  Anyone with common sense demand no restrictions and a return to normal.  Kenney’s latest press conference is bound to make his approval ratings fall again.

Common sense is what separates the left from the right.  Covidiots are left wing lunatics.  The common sense brigade are conservative.  That is an ideological chasm you can never bridge.  People with common sense understand that allowing people to go to Walmart but not a restaurant is nonsense.  The covidiots see that rule as scientific and proof of how much the government cares.  You cannot get a covidiot to acknowledge reality or force the common sense brigade to ignore it.  There is no way out of this that makes both sides happy so why don’t we chose the one that does not destroy the economy?

The only real good news from Friday is that we have finally discovered the epicenter of the infection.  See Below.

We Have All the Power, It is Time to Use it.

A friend sent me this and asked me if I knew anything about it.

I confessed that I had not heard anything about it so I set about searching the internet for confirmation this had happened.  First I tried google and all I found were stories about Italian restaurants opening with restrictions after the spring lock down.  Then I tried Duckduckgo and I got a bunch of blogsites that all linked the same 2 videos.  I still could not be sure this was real.

I thought this was odd.  If 50,000 restaurant owners were openly defiant of a tyrannical government isn’t that big news?  Then I remembered that it was 2021.  In 2021 the media could not be bothered to cover a coup in the most powerful nation on earth.  50,000 restaurant defiant owners are small potatoes compared to that.

I was lamenting to my wife about how utterly corrupt the media have become when she told me she saw something on Breitbart.  Sure enough here it is.

Delingpole: Italian Restaurants Open in Mass Protest at Lockdown Rules (breitbart.com)

I don’t know how I missed this because James Delingpole is one of only 2 writers I read on Breitbart.  Note the date on the report; Jan 17th.  Italians started to revolt against Covid tyranny on a grand scale 2 weeks ago and I had trouble finding even one story about it.  Like I said 2021.

So what did the Italian government do about these flagrant covid rule breakers?  Absolutely nothing.  There really is strength in numbers.  If one restaurant opens the police can charge in and throw handcuffs on everyone.  When 50,000 restaurants open the police can do nothing.

This is exactly what we need to happen all over the world.  A small number of brave owners in Alberta are starting the revolution.  Below is a list of business that have opened in defiance of The Evil Troll’s nonsensical rules.

These People are truly brave and they need our support.  They don’t have the numbers so they are at risk.  So far the Police have resorted to quiet intimidation.  They are outside on the street recording the license plates of the customers.  I say it is time we put cancel culture to work for us.  Patronize these businesses.  If you see a police officer trying to intimidate customers take his/her picture.  Go inside get everyone to come out and have everyone take pictures of the police.  Then let the police know that their business is no longer welcome anywhere in town.

No doubt when the officers find out that they will be ostracized for their actions they will fall back on the “I was only following orders defense”.  That does not cut it with me.  The police do not have to enforce rules, they have proven that themselves.  For years before marijuana was legalized police turned a blind eye to it.  They could have made arrests and they chose not to.  When an officer drags someone out of a house or attacks a hockey player they have chosen to do that.  You are not righteous when you enforce tyranny.

This is not moot if Jason Kenney does start to lift restrictions.  There should be no restrictions and anything short of that is still tyranny.  If a restaurant choses to open at full capacity, support them.  No business or individual should be constrained by these ridiculous and arbitrary restrictions.  It is time politicians in the country get reminded who really has the power.

Stupidity is a Luxury Only the West can Afford

A few days ago I showed this plot from Sweden.

Sweden is naturally heading towards herd immunity.  This was their strategy all along and they were mocked for it.

Sweden was not the only country pursuing this strategy.  A friend sent me this article.

Sero survey: Delhi past 50%, near herd immunity against Covid-19 | India News,The Indian Express

I had not been tracking India, so I decided to take a closer look today.  You can see from the plots below that cases peaked in September and deaths peaks shortly after that.

At the peak more than 1000 people per day were dying in India.  That seems like a lot but remember India is now the most populous country in the world.  1.4 billion people live in India so 1000 covid deaths per day would be the same as 37 deaths per day in Canada.  Canada’s worst day was almost 5 times higher than that.

On a per capita basis India has one of the lowest covid death rates in the world (111/million vs Canada 515/million).  How did India reach herd immunity without a lot of deaths?  There are a few potential explanations.

  1. India is a very young country.

India’s population is growing so fast the average age is 29.  Covid disproportionately effects older people and India has very few old people.  Only 0.83% of the population is over 80.  The plot below is data only to Dec 8th, you can see there is a correlation with age, but the correlation is not strong.

India is at the low end of the plot with less than 1% over 80.  Some countries in that group had up to 400 deaths per million so India did well even when compared to other young countries.  Age can not be the only reason.

  1. Malaria drugs are commonly used in India.

India’s malaria problem is so large the government hands out malaria drugs for free.  Hydroxychloroquine is a malaria drug.  Malaria is caused by a parasite.  Anti-parasite drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin have proven to also be strong anti-viral drugs.  In stark contrast to the western world, no one in India was stupid enough to ban these drugs.

  1. India did not have to skew the death totals to justify their lockdown.

In Canada and many other western nations every death is a covid death.  The death totals must be kept high or people will figure out none of this was necessary.  Some western nations are showing tens of thousands of covid deaths, yet they have little to no excess death.  India did not have this political problem because they did not have a lockdown to justify.  India like the rest of the world panicked last March and instituted a lockdown.  After a few weeks India realized that lockdowns were a kneejerk reaction not a long-term solution.  The following news article is from May 4th.

India eases coronavirus restrictions even as cases surge – CBS News

This is my favorite quote from the article. But despite the grim statistics, the country allowed most businesses and services to reopen Monday, entering a third phase in the national lockdown strategy as Indians were warned it was time to learn to “live with the virus.”   Apparently the third phase of the lockdown strategy was to not have a lockdown.

Back in May India knew that, despite the cost, they would have to learn to live with the virus.  The Indian government was mature enough to acknowledge that the virus would not go away, and you cannot hide from it.  India lifted their lockdown and just got on with life.  Think of the misery that could have been avoided if Canada had even a single politician with that level of maturity.

India may have been forced to face reality just because they are not wealthy.  The sad fact is that prolonged lockdowns are something only wealthy nations can do.  Wealth brings with it the luxury of stupidity.  The stupidity made possible by wealth will eventually destroy that wealth.  That is where we are today in the western world.  Irredeemable stupid and rapidly losing the ability to afford it.

If We are Going to Close the Border, Can’t We Wait Until Trudeau is Out of the Country?

Yesterday the Prime Moron announced that we would soon see new travel restrictions for international and inter provincial travel.


Trudeau wants to put restrictions on people who come here legally when he has no problem with people who come here illegally.  This is not surprising since you cannot be a Trudeau without disdain for law abiding citizens.

I am not bothered by restrictions for non-citizens.  Citizens of other countries do not have a right to enter Canada without our permission.  However, the restrictions for interprovincial travel should bother every Canadian.  Even the ones named Trudeau.  Below are my top five reasons to oppose inter provincial travel restrictions.

  1. Every province in Canada has declining case counts.

This is not surprising.  Seasonal viruses normally peak somewhere between the 1st and 3rd week in January.  We are now in the 4th week and the peak of the infection is over.  The government and media want you to believe that infections are out of control everywhere but that is just a lie.  First there is no way to control an infection from airborne viruses, by definition, they are always out of control.  More importantly what we are seeing is completely normal.  We should have expected to see infections rise from September to December just as we should now expect infections to continue to fall.  If you do not work for government, none of this is at all confusing or cause for worry.  Below are the plots for every province.

  1. There are no hot spots in Canada.

Moving between spots where the infections are similar changes nothing.  Even if you are deluded enough to think that you can” control” a virus, you should still be able to understand that.  The plots below show that except for the Maritimes every province is the same.  How is crossing a provincial border any different from crossing a county line?

  1. This will drive the final nail in the coffin of tourism.

Many places in Canada rely completely on out of province tourism.  I was in a neighboring province 2 weeks ago.  The community relies on Alberta tourists.  My wife and I went for dinner.  As we left, we checked license plates in the parking lot.  Every single person dinning that night was from Alberta.  If you prevent cross border travel this restaurant will be forced to close and lay off all their workers.

The reason we are always given for any of these restrictions is that it is to protect others.  How am I protecting anyone by making them unemployed?  Why is someone else’s protection now my responsibility?  Who is responsible for my protection?  If I knew I would tell them to stop.  I do not want or need anyone to protect me.  I certainly do not want anyone to lose their job for my protection.  I cannot think of anything more selfish than demanding someone’s life destroyed for my protection.

  1. It violates the equality provisions in the charter of rights.

I have owned a property in British Columbia for 14 years.  Our Prime Moron and John Horgan want to deny me access to my property.  You would think this violates my property rights, but Canadian’s do not have property rights.  That probably surprises most Canadians.  The truth is that property rights are conspicuously absent from the Canadian Charter.  Property rights were purposefully left out.  Our Charter was written by a communist, Pierre Elliot Trudeau.  Communism and property rights can not co-exist.

I do not have property rights to violate but a ban on interprovincial travel does violate my rights to equal treatment under the law.  Some property owners would be denied access to their properties while others would not.  If the government can single out specific groups and deny them access to their property, then they can make their opposition homeless.

  1. It violates Charter mobility rights.

This is word for word out of our charter.

(2) Every citizen of Canada and every person who has the status of a permanent resident of Canada has the right

  • (a) to move to and take up residence in any province; and
  • (b) to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province.

I would say that is very self-explanatory.

The University of Alberta Proves Itself to be a Disreputable Source of Vaccine Information

On Sunday this I read this article in the Calgary sun.


Dr. Ilan Schwartz is lamenting that 35% of Albertan say they do not plan to get vaccinated.  He attributes this to Albertans being horribly misinformed.  He cautions us by saying “Albertans must be critical of where they’re getting information on COVID-19 vaccines and seek out reputable sources”.  The woke translation is of course “If you disagree with me you are wrong”.

Dr. Schwartz goes on to say, “the only way for Canadians to beat COVID-19 is by achieving herd immunity through vaccinations, rather than natural infections”.  I wonder then how Dr. Schwartz can explain this?

This is from antibody testing in Sweden.  It looks to me that Sweden has managed to reach herd immunity without a Vaccine.  From this plot I am forced to conclude that Dr. Schwartz is one of the disreputable sources of information that he cautioned us about.

Dr. Schwartz is a researcher from the university of Alberta.  The University of Albert is a government (taxpayer) funded institution.  That means Jason Kenney, the man who has shut the province down, signs Dr. Schwartz’s paycheck.  That would not cloud Dr. Schwartz’s judgment now would it?

I could give you an explanation of how 40% causes herd immunity, but all I would be doing is paraphrasing the article this plot is found in.  Instead of that, I have reproduced the article in its entirety below.  Thanks to Trevor for sourcing this.  Enjoy.


Here’s a graph they don’t want you to see

by Sebastian Rushworth, M.D.

Here’s a graph that doesn’t get shown in the mass media, and that I’m sure all those who want you to stay fearful of covid don’t want you to see. It shows the share of the tested population with antibodies to covid in Sweden week by week, beginning in the 28th week of 2020 (the first week for which the Swedish Public Health Authority provides data on the share of tests coming back positive).

There is so much that is interesting about this graph. Like I said, it begins in week 28, in other words in early July, which is around the time the first Swedish covid wave was bottoming out. At the time, I personally thought this was due to enough of the population having developed immunity to covid, but we now know that was wrong. Rather, it was due to seasonality – in other words, summer caused covid to disappear.

The proportion testing positive for antibodies was 15% in early July. It remained stable for a few weeks, and then started to drop, as we would expect, given that the rate of new infections was very low at the time. Your body generally doesn’t keep producing antibodies forever after an infection, rather they wane. Of course, this doesn’t mean immunity is waning, as I discussed on this blog a while back. Although the actively antibody producing cells disappear, memory cells remain, ready to be activated at short notice if you get re-exposed to the pathogen.

After an initial reduction, the proportion with antibodies stabilized at around 10% in August, and stayed that way until October, when it started to rise, in line with the beginning of the second wave. And it’s literally kept rising by a percentage point or two, every week, all autumn and winter, so far. In the second week of January 2021, 40% of those tested in Sweden had antibodies to covid.

Funnily enough, mainstream media has so far shown relatively little interest in publicizing this astounding fact. I’ve been getting most of my statistics from SVT, the Swedish public broadcaster. They had been providing data on the share with antibodies in Stockholm up to a month or two back, when that information discretely disappeared from their website. I wonder why.

I know some of you will respond that 40% doesn’t mean anything, because the data isn’t taken from a random sample. If all we had was one number, then that would be a valid point. But we don’t just have one number. We have the number for every week stretching back six months. Any bias due to people preferentially getting tested after a respiratory infection that applies now, when 40% are testing positive, also applied three months ago, when 10% were testing positive. The trend is real and cannot be denied.

Apart from that, there is another form of bias that will tend to make the proportion with antibodies seem lower than it really is. This is the fact that people who already know they’ve had covid generally don’t keep re-testing themselves to confirm it. This group gets bigger and bigger as more and more people get covid, and this will make the proportion with antibodies seem lower than it really is. So, at some point, there is an inflection point. In the early pandemic, a larger share of those being tested will have antibodies than you would get from a random sample. In the late stages of the pandemic, a smaller share of those being tested will have antibodies than you would see in a random sample.

In the last few weeks, the number of people being treated for covid in hospitals in Sweden has been dropping rapidly, as has the share of PCR-tests that are coming back positive. There is much discussion in the media about what the cause might be. Everyone seems to be very surprised. Is it because people are better at working from home? Or because people aren’t traveling as much? Or because more people are wearing face masks?

No-one is discussing the obvious explanation – that so many people have now had covid, and have developed immunity, that the virus is having difficulty finding new hosts. In other words, Sweden’s oddly controversial “herd immunity” strategy worked.

So, 40% of those tested have antibodies. And that likely underestimates the proportion of the population that is immune to covid, because antibody production wanes much faster than immunity wanes, and because not everyone produces antibodies after infection, and because not everyone is susceptible to the virus in the first place.

At the end of the second week of January, 10,323 people had died of/with covid in Sweden. In fact, the real number is probably much lower. A recent study carried out here in Stockholm found that only 17% of those who supposedly died of covid in care homes actually had covid as the primary cause of death.

But let’s assume 10,323 is correct, for the sake of argument. If 40% of Swedes have had covid, that gives an infection fatality rate of 0,25%. It’s a little higher than the global infection fatality rate determined by professor John Ioannidis, which is likely due to the fact that Sweden’s population is older than the global average. But it’s not much higher, and certainly not high enough to motivate the large-scale harm imposed on us by the powers that be. That’s why they don’t want you to see that graph. And that’s why I hope you will help me spread it far and wide.

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Sebastian Rushworth, M.D. | 25 January, 2021 at 19:43 | Tags: Antibodies, Covid 19, Sweden | Categories: Covid 19 | URL: https://wp.me/pcdgfy-IO

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Lockdowns are Designed to Kill, What about mRNA Vaccines?

My brother sent me this interview this morning.  I don’t know the interviewer but I have seen Dr. Madej before.  I do not know much about Dr. Madej except that she is a vaccine critic.  She is among a group of MDs who have been openly critical of the experimental mRNA vaccines.  Dr.  Madej is again critical of mRNA vaccines but the interview covers a lot of non-vaccine ground as well.  The video is below.


The first half of the interview deals with mRNA vaccines and other injectable Nano technology but I want to start with a very important non-vaccine point that she makes. Isolation kills.

It is a well-documented fact that isolation on its own causes mortality.  This is very apparent in dementia patients.  During the Lockdowns there was significant excess deaths for dementia patients that did not have covid.  Denying people human contact is stressful and can be deadly.  Basic science also says that a healthy immune system needs to be constantly challenged by encountering foreign organisms and even pathogens.  This does not happen when you isolate people.

Isolation, panic, and stress are all things that weaken immune systems.  This is well established science.  If you wanted to compromise the immune systems of millions of people you would

  • Enforce rules that denied personal conduct.
  • Encourage excessive sanitation of hands and objects.
  • Create panic by flooding media with reports of illness and death.
  • Cause stress using confusing and contradictory rules that change regularly.
  • Increase stress levels by denying people employment.

Doesn’t all of this sound ominously familiar?  Lockdowns and restrictions that keep people apart are a self-fulfilling prophesy.  If you keep it up for long enough people will die.  Then the government can say “I told you so” and use those deaths as an excuse to continue with the lockdowns.

Lockdowns kill and so can Vaccines.  Dr. Madej covers some familiar ground about mRNS vaccines.  mRNA vaccines have been under development for more than 2 decades.  They have never been approved because they have never been able to get past the animal testing phase.  It was some small detail about 100% of the subjects dying that proved to be a bit of a sticking point.

mRNA Vaccines have now been approved.  So how did they get past the animal testing phase?  Simple, they just skipped it and went straight to humans.  Even those tests were abbreviated.  AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna all conducted human trials on volunteers that they tracked for 2 months.  2 months is a very short time but they reported no deaths in that 2 month period.  On the strength of those short trials the Vaccines were approved for emergency use.

The vaccines have been rolled out for 4 weeks now and already countries are reporting significant death totals.  Including one of the most famous athletes of all time.

Baseball legend Hank Aaron dies at age 86 (fox8.com)

To be fair many of the people like Mr. Aaron were very old and may have died anyway.  Although preliminary investigations in Norway, where now 36 people have died, attribute half of the deaths to the Vaccine.  How could 3 studies show zero deaths in 2 months when we now have dozens of deaths within 1 month?  Well the devil is in the details and Dr. Madej has some disturbing details

None of the studies included significant numbers of older subjects.  Only Moderna accepted older subject who were not in good health.  But Moderna still reported no deaths right?  They report no deaths but an unusually high percentage of the older subjects “dropped out” of the study.  Translation; we only tracked the patients that did not have a problem.  Some of the elderly subjects dropped from the study may have died; we just don’t know.

Moderna has had a close relationship with the Gates foundation since the company was founded.  It would not be like old Bill to lie to us would it?

The only people who need this vaccine are elderly people in poor health.  People in that category were either absent or mysteriously dropped from the studies.  My parents have already passed.  In a way that is a good thing because I don’t have to help them make a very difficult decision about the Vaccine.

The problems with the Vaccine may not just be limited to those who truly need it.  My understanding is that the animals in the study were fine at first.  The deaths did not happen until much later.  It is not surprising then that a 2 month study did not show any problems.  The $64 question is what will happen next fall when covid returns?

The question about whether or not to take the Vaccine is a difficult one.  Remember by the established standard these Vaccines have not been tested.  They should be considered experimental.  If you decide to take the vaccine you have really decided to be part of the experiment.  I am OK with that.  I am a big believer in personal choice and responsibility, but the choice should be an informed one.

The math shows anyone under 70 in good health really has no compelling reason to take the vaccine.  People over 70 in poor health do have a compelling reason to be vaccinated.  Unfortunately the Vaccines could be more deadly to that group than the virus.  I think if I was in that group I would opt for daily vitamin D and Ivermectin before I took part in an experiment.

Deena Hinshaw Missed the Memo and the Data, But Not Her Paycheck

Dominatrix Deena took to the airways a couple of days ago to let us know that the abuse would continue until we learn to like it.  You can see a video of her press briefing here.

Alberta has now lost 1,500 people to COVID-19 since pandemic began | CBC News

The source is the CBC which is your first clue that no truth will be allowed to sully the story.  The CBC is the largest purveyor of lies in the country outside of the confines of parliament and they do not disappoint.

Deena first starts with a small lie.  She tells us that we can’t feel safe because we still have the same number of people in hospital on the Jan 21st as we had the day the restrictions started on Dec 13th.  This is not technically true.  On Dec 13th there were 618 people in hospital with covid 19.  On January 21st there were 576.  We have already established that Deena can’t count so frankly I am surprised the numbers are this close.

The issue is not that Deena can’t count the issue is that Deena is just plain stupid.  I mean really, why is it important that we now have the same number of people in hospital that we had 5 weeks ago?  What if that number was zero?  Would Deena have sauntered up to the mike to tell us that we are in grave danger because no one was sick before and no one is now?  574 is essentially zero.  It means 99.987% of Albertans are not in the hospital with Covid.

Deena then goes on to tell a whopper.  She says that our numbers have been trending in the right direction because the restrictions are working.  The CBC will never get let the truth get in the way of a good narrative but that is simply not in my nature so let’s look at the numbers.  The plot below is the testing % positivity.  % positivity is the best indicator of when the epidemic has peaked.  You can see the peak in late April lined up perfectly when new infections started to fall.  We hit our peak % positivity on Dec 3rd, 10 days before the restrictions took place.

The season re-occurrence of Covid had already peaked on its own without closing a single restaurant.

The one weakness in using percent positivity is that if you dramatically change the number of tests it can skew the % positivity.  That is why we saw the bump up after Christmas.  I have heard morons on TV say that this was because people were ignoring the rules.  No it was not.  It was because over Christmas we tested only 1/3 as many people which skewed the numbers.  That is how important testing is; we only do it when it is convenient.

The plot below is just this season.

You can see from this plot that there has been absolutely no change in the trend since barbers and waitresses were forced in to unemployment again.  There is absolutely no evidence that any of these ridiculous restrictions have done anything other than make the problem worse.  When Deena Hinshaw claims that the restrictions are working she is loudly declaring that she is either stupid or dishonest.  Either way it galls me that taxpayers are forced to give this evil woman over $300,000/ year.

The Alberta government intends to drag this farce out for longer.  The CBC is only too happy to help them out with that.  Media in the US are on a different path.  See the NPR headlines below.

The outlook for Covid Restrictions in the US took a dramatic turn sometime between Jan 19th and 21st.  If I have done the math correctly the turning point was likely on the 20th, probably at about 12 PM EST.  It is rare that you can calculate the exact time an epidemic ended.  Covid truly is a virus like no other.  The crisis is over.  How did Deena miss the memo, or the data for that matter.

Rules For Thee, Not For Me

One of my friendly helpers sent me this.


Did you get that?  It bears repeating.  The rules do not apply to government.  I think we all knew that.  I am just shocked that they now admit it on camera.  These leftist tyrants are so firmly in control that they can throw their hypocrisy in our faces with impunity.

Notice the reason given for why the rules do not apply to government.  Government does not need rules imposed on them because they are able to regulate themselves.  This implies a couple of things.

  1. Citizens are unable to regulate or control themselves.
  2. That people in government have some sort of innate superiority that makes them capable of regulating themselves.

Seriously have you ever met anyone who works for government?  Did you think they were clearly a superior human being to the rest of us?  I have met people in government who truly believed they were superior to me, but I have never met any that were superior to anyone.

If people in government are so superior how do you explain that

  • Deena Hinshaw cannot count.
  • Jason Kenney is incapable of telling the Truth.
  • Justin Trudeau cannot compose a 12-word sentence without 6 of the words being “UGH”.

Everything that these superior beings touch turns to stone.  Can you name a single thing that government does efficiently other than waste money?  Did shutting down our economy and foisting misery on millions result in a single life being saved?  Remember these superior beings in government are proud of their “effective” pandemic responses.  They are proud of the way they exploded what should have been a small manageable problem.

In my lifetime, every time I have seen the government ride to the rescue it was to solve a problem that they caused themselves.  Every elected official in this country has bragged about their part in getting Covid relief checks quickly into the hands of the unemployed.  These people are not unemployed for some mysterious reason.  They are unemployed because of the incompetent actions of government.

How does showering people with tax dollars help solve the problem when the problem is the government that collected those taxes in the first place?  The Government does not have an income.  All the money that they have handed out will have to be recovered in the future through increased taxation.  The government has not helped anyone.  They have just given people a portion of their future income to cover up government incompetence and malfeasance.

In ancient times there was the divine right of kings.  Royalty was given the authority and ability to govern by god.  They were superior Human beings; some even claimed to be gods.  This lasted for millennia but eventually people realized just how ordinary royalty really was.  Some royals, like the house of Windsor, were smart enough to steal what they could and get out of the way.  Others tried to hold on and lost their lives.  Violence and blood ushered in democracy.

Democracy was a grand experiment.  It never managed to take hold everywhere and lasted for about 300 years.  It is now gone.  We have entered the era of the divine right of government.  Most countries, including Canada, never fully embraced democracy.  I say that because most countries have constitutions that spell out the rules for citizens.  They are rules handed down by government for the citizens to follow.  How is that not feudalism?

One country had a constitution that spelled out the rules for government.  These were the conditions under which the citizens would allow themselves to be governed.  That country was the United States.  It disappeared yesterday.  They coronated a king that was chosen by the other royals and not by the people.

Covid 19 was not much of a health crisis.  So far it has amounted to nothing other than a couple heavy flu seasons.  In one year due to the threat of cold and flu season we have lost rights that it took thousands of years to attain.  We are not in the middle of a health crisis we are in the middle of a civilizational crisis.

Which One is the Weapon, The Virus or the Vaccine?

A friend sent me this video.  It is a very good interview with Dr. Lee Merrit.  She covers a lot of the same ground as Dr. Gold.  It is still worth hearing the same thing from a different source.  Please take the time to watch.


Note: It only took YouTube 24 hours to take this video down.  Dr. Merrit was in the military.  In the military they have a saying “you know you are over the target when you are taking flack”.  What do you think that says about YouTube trying to keep you from hearing what Dr. Merrit has to say?  The Video is still available on Instagram in 2 parts.  you can find them here.

Just Nicky on Instagram: “#drleemerritt exposes the truth behind #covid19 #phizer #moderna #antivax Everyone needs to hear and understand this, she lays it all out…”

Just Nicky on Instagram: “Part 2 (see part 1 in next post first) #drleemerritt exposes the truth behind #covid19 #phizer #moderna #antivax Everyone needs to hear and…”

Dr. Merrit does make a couple of new very important points.  The first is that there is a lot of literature on the strong antiviral effects of a class of drugs originally developed to fight parasites.  Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are 2 examples.  The most startling thing is that they do not teach this in medical school.  Medical schools still stress that the only defense from viruses are vaccines.

The last point she makes is quite disturbing.  There has been a lot of speculation that the Sars Cov-2 virus is a genetically engineered bio weapon.  I have discussed this in the past and always dismissed it for one simple reason.  A virus that does not kill military age people is not much of a weapon.  I might be missing the point.

Dr Lee points out that the Vaccine is a far better weapon than the virus.  You don’t need the virus to produce a lot of deaths you just need it to produce fear.  The fear allows you unleash the far more lethal weapon.  People will line up to be exposed to the real weapon.

This might sound a little tin foil hattish but that is so 2020.  Already in 2021 we have witnessed a coup in the most powerful nation the earth has ever seen.  Not only that we watched people cheer about losing their democracy.  2021 really has re-defined what requires a tin foil hat.