It is Almost Like the Whole Thing was Fake

Within one hour of Joe Biden getting sworn in The WHO has released new guidance on how to use the PCR test.

Andy Swan on Twitter: “literally one hour after Biden takes the oath, the WHO admits that PCR testing at high amplification rates alters the predictive value of the tests and results in a huge number of false positives” / Twitter

It seems that after 10 months the WHO has noticed that the PCR test produces a lot of false positives and we really should be careful with the cycle threshold.  Really who could have known?

Then on the heels of this startling discovery Arizona had a sudden revelation.

One Hour After Biden is Sworn In, Arizona Senate President Releases Evidence of Voter Fraud (

While they were out search for a cure to covid they stumbled across evidence of voter fraud in the presidential election.

If I were a cynic I would say that it looks like some dishonest people used a faulty PCR test to fake a pandemic.  Then they used this fake pandemic as an excuse to use mail in ballots.  The recently discovered election fraud would have been way more difficult without the mail in ballots.  The whole thing fit together nicely.

Of course I am not that cynical.  I can’t believe all of this without believing that my government and the media lied to me.  Really, why would they do that?  It would be so out of character for them.  Of course, as an astute consumer of modern media, I would spot a lie like that.  I believe the media completely when they tell me 80 million Americans desperately wanted this senile pedophile for their president.


All that touching, kissing, and sniffing is way more American than the last guy.  He had dangerous ideas about free speech, freedom, and prosperity for everyone.  Americans really dodged a bullet with all these mail in ballots.  Fraud and the destruction of democracy was a small price to pay to get rid of a guy who often tweeted mean things.  It sucks that they also have to sacrifice a few children but hey it is worth it right?

More on the Scientific Method

Yesterday I wrote about the scientific method.  After that, a friend sent me the following video.  The Video is of a famous Physicist Dr. Richard Feynman discussing science and the scientific method.  The Video is very Good.  Dr. Feynman discusses science in a simple and humorous way.  This is something I have noticed before.  People who really understand a subject can explain it to anyone in very simple language.  It is the people who do not really understand what they are talking about that use all the jargon.  They use the Jargon to intimidate you from asking any questions.  Please take the time to watch.


Dr. Feynman makes several very good points.

  • It does not matter how much you like your theory if the data does not match it is wrong.

We discussed this yesterday.  The Theory that masks and lockdowns work does not match the data, therefore it is wrong.  It does not matter how many times that Deena Hinshaw, Theresa Tam, or Anthony Fauci tells you that we must wear masks.  Their position of authority does not make them right.

  • If your theory cannot be proven false it is not science.

This does not really apply to Covid but think about climate change.  Hot weather proves that CO2 is dangerously warming the plant, somehow, so does cold weather.  More storms, less storms, more rain, less rain, all of this is proof we need to live in mud huts and grow our own vegetables.  The people who support the anthropogenic greenhouse gas theory (and yes, it is a theory) want you to believe that everything proves their theory, and nothing disproves it.  Climate change is not science it is religion.

  • Science is knowing what you do not know.

Think about the “experts” and officials who have told you with great certainty if we do not follow their rules the virus will spread uncontrollably.  These people are too stupid to understand that they can not control the spread of a virus.  They do not know what they do not know which makes them the most dangerous type of idiot.  One who thinks he is smart.  A real scientist never speaks in such absolutes because he/she is very aware of what they do not know.

The Scientific Method, the Easiest Way to Follow the Science

A few days ago my wife said to me that she is not surprised that people are so confused about Covid.  Most people just don’t understand science well enough to make up their own mind so they defer to the authorities.  My response to my wife was that you don’t have to understand science you just have to understand the scientific method.

Everyone takes 12 years of science in public school.  I will admit that science is not one of the most popular classes although I really don’t understand why not.  I guess that shows you just how big a nerd I am.  In 12 years teachers try to impart as much knowledge as they can yet they fail when it comes to teaching the only important concept.  The scientific method.

If you failed every science class that you took but at least understand the scientific method in my book your teachers should count that as a win.  The scientific method is really just a method of problem solving.  It is just a series of steps to take to prove a point or solve a problem.  The steps are

  1. observe phenomenon or problem
  2. develop a theory of what is causing or how to handle the problem
  3. collect data or design an experiment to test your theory
  4. If the data or experiment does not support the theory go back to step 2 and start over with a new or modified theory.

Leaving decisions up to the experts is easy.  You don’t have to understand the science you just need to watch them and make sure they are following the scientific method.  If they are, great go ahead and trust what they say.  If they are not, don’t listen to them they are a dangerous or deceitful lunatics.

Let’s do a couple of quick covid examples to show you how easy this is.

  1. You observe that people are testing positive for Covid
  2. The theory is that masks can prevent transmission
  3. You force everyone to wear a mask as an experiment. And here are the results.

So we are now at step 4.  We have proven that masks cannot prevent people from becoming ill so we need to abandon or modify our hypothesis.  The Hypothesis is changed to masks lowering the number of people who get ill.  To test this new hypothesis we need to perform an experiment where some people wear masks and some people don’t.  Then we can compare the 2 groups.

The state of Arizona accidentally performed that experiment for us.  In Arizona some counties had mask mandates while other counties did not.  Here are the results.

The counties that used masks had more infections although not enough more to say that masks are increasing infections.  One thing is certain.  Masks made no difference, so the hypothesis that masks make transmission less likely is false.

Anyone using the scientific method would have abandoned masks after getting this data.  Do you remember Nenshi or Kenney dropping their mask mandates?  Yeah me neither.  Anyone advocating for masks right now is not using the scientific method.  If they are not using the scientific method they are not “following the science”.  They are not scientists or experts.  The mask Nazis are dangerous lunatics that should not be followed.

We could do this same thought exercise for Lockdowns and we would arrive at the same conclusion.  There is no evidence to support that lockdowns impede the spread of the virus.  You do not have to understand science well enough to read the 23 scientific papers that concluded lockdowns don’t work.  All they did was this same simple process and explain it with very large words.

Anyone who says that masks or lockdowns work is either stupid or lying.  They might even be both.  We don’t need to listen to them and we don’t need to be scientists to follow the science.

It is Official, Jason Kenney is the Worst Premier in Alberta’s History

Last night Jason Kenney held a press conference to tell Albertans we have run out of vaccines.  We have been Vaccinating people for only 2 weeks and the program is already off the rails.  I guess they do not make keystone cop movies anymore because they cannot compete with the evening news.

But It is not the evil troll’s fault that the vaccines did not get delivered is it?  Yes, but that is not what I am talking about.  Once again, the devil is in the details.  Jason was proud to say that Alberta was set up to do 50,000 vaccinations/week.  This capacity seems to be built around the delivery schedule of the vaccine.  This is good planning, right?  No not really.

The Kenney Government like governments everywhere are talking about making vaccines mandatory.  They are all careful to say that the vaccine will not be mandatory but people who are not vaccinated will have their rights suspended indefinitely.  Just one more way the government lets us know that we do not have rights we have privileges.  Privileges that are extended to us only after we demonstrate complete submission to government.

You will not get your rights privileges back until you get vaccinated.  There are 4,500,000 people in Alberta and the province can vaccinate 50,000 people per week.  So how long to vaccinate everyone?  50,000 vaccines/week is only 25,000 people per week because it is a 2-dose vaccine.  The population of Alberta is increasing by 1570 people per weeks so if you do the math the entire province will be vaccinated in 192 weeks: 3.7 years.

Our politicians want the vaccination to be mandatory, but it will take almost 4 years to vaccinate everyone.  I wish I could tell you that this is as bad as it gets but it is not.  We have been repeatedly told that immunity from the vaccine is not permanent.  You will need booster shots on a regular basis.  Some reports have suggested that the immunity might last only months.  If I assume you need a booster shot every 12 months, then once Alberta Vaccinates 2,600,000 people, we will have to stop vaccinating new people.  We would only have enough vaccine to give boosters to those who have already been vaccinated.  Unless there is a dramatic increase in Vaccine availability 42% of Albertans will never be Vaccinated.

We have been told for a year now that vaccinations are the end game.  They are the only way out.  We need to hide in our basement wearing masks until everyone is vaccinated.  Now we know that unless there is a dramatic increase in supply that will never happen.

I have said from the beginning building your plan around a vaccine is a bad idea.  There has never been a successful corona virus vaccine.  An experimental technology (mRNA Vaccines), that has never been used before, was rushed through approvals with only 2 months of testing.  The tests were promising but we still do not know if it works and we cannot get enough anyway.

By focusing on vaccines, we have chosen to treat 4.5 million people.  The overwhelming majority were not sick and did not require any attention.  Only 5,005 Albertans have been hospitalized.  801 required critical care.  If we had focused on treatment options and research this would have been a very manageable problem.  Instead, we chose lockdowns and vaccines impacting the lives of millions of people who were at very little risk.  If you are under 70 this virus is less risk than normal influenza.  The government once again took a small problem, made it big, and bungled it horribly.

It is now the 3rd week in January.  Normally seasonal viruses start to wane in January and guess what?

The virus is going away just as I predicted 7 weeks ago.  We peaked out at 153 people in the ICU.  If a wealthy first world country can not handle 153 people in the ICU during cold and flus season the problem is not the virus.  Unless that virus is named the United Conservative Party.

The only thing they seem intent on conserving is the level of incompetence our government has displayed since Ed Stelmach.

Vaccination Mathematics

In a previous post I mentioned that I had a group of likeminded friends have been helping me uncover pertinent data.  The video below is from one of them.  It is very good but very long.  If you want to skip ahead to the good parts Jason (my likeminded friend) has provided a guide to the good parts.

Here is his guide;

3:20 COVID-19 naming origin, Hydroxychloroquine unsafe? = Lies

9:15 White Coat Summit, Big Tech Censorship/Fired for speaking the truth, pushback against tyranny

13:30 Myths, Lies and Cold Hard Facts (vaccine = return to normal?)

23:00 Experimental agent problems, vaccine studies/attempts

27:40 Vaccine unknowns

31:20 Vaccine effectiveness (won’t stop transmission?)

36:00 Racial minority vaccine prioritization (are they unfairly targeted?), vaccine PSA = we are the experiment

47:30 Vaccine Recommendations

51:00 AFLDS fight against urge to mandate vaccine (petition)


And here is the video;

The last time Simone Gold posted a video it went viral and Youtube took it down so please share this.

Dr. Gold spends a lot of time discussing Vaccines and Vaccine risk.  As it so often happens, when my friends send me information it ties in to what I am looking at from a different perspective.  About a week ago my daughter got in to a debate with someone who said “why would I take a vaccine that is 95% effective for a virus that has a 99% survival rate”?

My daughter pointed out that one has nothing to do with the other.  She was correct but that statement got me thinking.  What do the numbers really say?  I checked the Alberta Government website and I looked at deaths per case.  The data I am quoting is current to January 13th.  The UCP, like many governments, has been playing fast and loose with the Covid data.  I know not all those people had or died of covid but it is the only data I have so let’s go with it.

My daughter’s debate partner was close to correct.  In Alberta 1.2% of Covid cases resulted in deaths.  That does not tell the whole story though.  Your risk of dying from Covid is very age dependent.  Here is what the age breakdown looks like.

My daughter and her debate partner are in their 20s so their chance of surviving Covid is not 99% it is 99.98%.  I am in the 50 to 59 age group so my chance of surviving Covid is 99.71%.  I am no longer young and I don’t even have a 1% chance of dying from covid, but even this number is misleadingly high.

These are the chances of dying once you already have covid.  One missing and very important number is the chance of getting covid.  In previous posts I discussed cross T cell immunity.  Because coronaviruses are so similar many people already have some immunity.  The best example comes from the Diamond Princess Cruise ship.  Those people were quarantined on the ship with covid positive patients.  This was a perfect Petri dish for cultivating illness yet 83% of the people did not get infected.

If 80% of us are already immune then my chance of getting and then dying from Covid is

20% x 0.29% = 0.058%

Or put another way my chance of surviving this world ending apocalyptic pandemic is 99.942%.  I like those odds, but even this is somewhat misleading.  Nowhere in the world has reached 3% infection yet.  Alberta is at 2.6 % and will probably hit 3% by spring.  It took 2 full seasons of Covid to reach 3% so to infect the 20% who are susceptible will take another 11 years.  That means I have a 0.058% chance of dying from Covid sometime in the next 11 years.  This hardly makes me want to line up for a vaccine.

If you don’t agree with the cross T cell immunity argument the numbers don’t really get any better.  If we are all susceptible to covid it will take another 64 years for all of us to get infected.  In this case I have a 0.29% chance of Dying from covid sometime in the next 64 years.  I can guarantee you, with or without covid, I have a 100% chance of dying in the next 64 years.

There are some disturbing reports out now about adverse side effects and deaths from the Vaccines.  Norway has suspended their program after 23 people died.  They have only been Vaccinating people for 20 days.  I don’t know how safe or unsafe the vaccine is.  I do know I have no compelling reason to take it.

It is Time to Grow Up and Acknowledge Reality

I linked this article yesterday while discussing the absolute incompetence of one of the highest government bureaucrats in Alberta.

Alberta’s COVID-19 cases dropping, but restrictions could stay longer if rules ignored | Edmonton Journal

I want to go back to this article because there is more to discuss than Deena’s inability to count and the media’s willingness to accept false information.

To me the headline explains why we are in such a mess.  A Government bureaucrat who cannot count is threatening more punishment if we don’t behave.  On its own that is bad enough but the real problem is our acceptance.  The public school system, media, and government have conditioned us to believe that everything the government says is true.

I am not talking about the threats because we have seen more than once how willing the government is to follow through on threats to destroy our lives.  The threats are most definitely true.  I am talking about our willingness to believe the rules made any difference.  Despite the contradictions and illogic of the rules the vast majority of the population believes the rules are keeping them safe.  If you don’t believe me pick up any newspaper and check the letters to the editor.  The section is full of angry letters imploring the government to punish anyone questioning the rules.

These useful idiots are the product of a system that specializes in producing useful idiots.  This army of useful idiots emboldens governments to change rules on a whim and punish those who question.  A member of the Edmonton Police Service just lost her job for thought crimes.  She was deemed a dangerous right wing conspiracy theorist.  One of her crimes was questioning the covid rules.

In March a group of “experts” came forward with 2 incredible claims.  Covid-19 was a great plague that would decimate the planet and the only way to stop it was to destroy the world’s economy.  In a sane world anyone making incredible claims would have to come forward with incredible evidence.  In our society that does not happen anymore.  We could not wait to shut down our economies and destroy lives to show how caring we were.

It is really unfortunate that we did not ask a few simple questions of the Charlatans making these incredible claims.  The following simple question and answer session would have saved us a lot of misery.

  • Viral events are common. Viral events on the scale that you are alleging are quite rare.  How do we know that this is one of those rare events rather than just a common one?
  • Our computer models tell us it is.
  • How did you model the behavior of a virus that we have only just discovered?
  • We didn’t really, we modified a model that we used for hoof and Mouth disease.
  • How well did the model work for hoof and mouth?
  • Not well it way over predicted the number of cases and deaths.
  • Lockdowns have never been used before to stem a viral outbreak. Where did you get the idea for lockdowns from?
  • A high School science project.
  • Seriously?
  • She was a very bright student.
  • Does anyone other than this very bright high school student like the idea of lockdowns?
  • It is very popular with the communist party of China.

Why was there not a single person working in government, elected or otherwise, that was willing to ask these questions?  Could it be they had other reasons for implementing the rules?

The default position since March has been that the rules work.  Not once has anyone demanded that the government show evidence that they worked.  Now in Alberta we are told the restrictions can be eased because infections are falling.  Is it impolite to point out that infections were already falling 10 days before the rules came in to affect?

Worse yet is the carrot and stick approach governments have been using.  Government is quick to point out we can only get our rights back if we display strict adherence to the rules.  When they say rules they really mean government.  So we can have our rights back except the right to disagree with government.

Nowhere in the world have lockdowns or restriction had any measurable effect.  Even the media is starting to notice.

That is the most important point of this whole mess.  Let’s pretend for a minute that covid 19 is the great plague the government says it is.  I know the number don’t support that but indulge me for a minute.  The evidence says that you cannot stem the tide of this great plague by hiding in your basement.  That might be an effective strategy to become the president of the United States but it is completely ineffectual against an airborne virus.  We are not saving anyone from the virus but we are destroying lives in other ways, so why do we persist?

The point is not how virulent or deadly the virus might be.  The point is we cannot do anything about it.  I know this will be difficult for all of the snow flakes and virtue signalers, but we need to grow up.  Our Covid response is making this worse not better.  We need to start behaving like rational adults and just get on with life.

Deena Hinshaw Redefining Incompetence One Press Conference at a Time

On Wednesday Deena Hinshaw did her now too familiar routine of stepping to the podium and desperately wringing her well sanitized hands.  Deena told everyone that Tuesday January 12th was the deadliest day for Albertans so far in this apocalyptic pandemic.  Deena brushed back a tear as she reported 38 people had died.  This was very important news and was widely reported just as you can see in the article below.

Alberta’s COVID-19 cases dropping, but restrictions could stay longer if rules ignored | Edmonton Journal

I have just a small problem with this.  Below is a plot of deaths per day in Alberta since January 1.

The data is taken right off the Alberta Government’s own website.  As you can clearly see 38 people did not die on the 12th.  21 people died on the 12th so the 12th is not the deadliest day of the Pandemic.  It isn’t even the deadliest day of January.

Over the last Year Deena has displayed that she has no common sense or understanding of science.  Now we find out she can’t even count.  Deena takes more than $300,000/year from Alberta Taxpayers and ability to count isn’t even a job prerequisite.  How the hell do I find a job like that?

Modern Journalism. The Non Essential, Essential Service

My wife brought my attention to this article

I don’t have to even read the article to get triggered.  The headline does that on its own.  If the media coverage is failing how can that not be the fault of the media?  That’s like saying the firemen who stood around smoking are not at fault for the fire spreading.  Seriously what kind of editor would even print this headline?

Reading the article does not improve my impression either.  Just when you thought journalists could not be any more useless along comes Vitor Marciano.  The entire article is Vitor complaining that the government does not give him enough information.  He openly admits that the information he does get is useless but he hungers for more.

Not once does Vitor talk about finding other sources of information.  He is OK with the Government as the sole arbiter of truth.  Vitor is not upset that he is being fed government propaganda; he is upset he does not have enough to fill his paper.  Vitor is lazy and stupid.  That combination makes him the gold standard of useless.

This will come as quite a surprise to Vitor and most other journalists in the world but there is a lot of information available about Covid.  The government does not provide it because it does not support their policy decisions.  Vitor could find it himself but that would mean actively seeking the truth.  Obviously Vitor spent enough years in government to know how dangerous it is to give people the truth.

The Truth really is out there and it is not that hard to find.  With the help of a few like-minded friends I have been able to find a lot of information about Covid.  For Vitor’s benefit here are the 4 most important things I have learned about Covid.

  1. The government is lying when they say this is a close contact virus.

This is an airborne virus.  There is no way for millions of people to get infected otherwise.  Close contact viruses like the first SARs virus infect thousands and don’t spread quickly from one country to the next.  Airborne viruses like influenza infect millions and rapidly spread from country to country.  There is simply no way 90 million people can get infected by a close contact virus.

This is the single largest lie told by government during this farce.   The implications of this simple fact are enormous.  Indoors the virus remains active and airborne indefinitely.  The safest place to be is outdoors yet the government locked us indoors.  Once the virus is in a building staying 6 feet apart does nothing.  You do not have to go to the virus.  The building HVAC system will bring the virus to you.  Shopping at Walmart is no safer than wrestling with someone.

  1. Surgical and cloth masks do not work

Masks have not made a difference anywhere they have been tried.  This is not surprising since all of the available science shows that masks cannot curb viral transmission.  Viruses are too small to be caught by the weave of a surgical mask.  Surgical masks are designed to catch Bacteria which are 10 times larger.  Cloth masks are not designed to catch anything.

  1. Lockdowns do not work.

As with Masks, lockdowns have not made a difference anywhere.  If I gave you an unmarked plot of daily infections you would not be able to tell me when, or if, any restrictions had been applied.  The restrictions made no difference to the spread of the virus.  Places that did not lock down are completely indistinguishable from places that did.  There are now 23 scientific papers published that confirm this.

Unemployment is not an antiviral.  The idea of lockdowns came from a high school science project.  The Chinese communist party successfully promoted lockdowns as a way to curb the spread of a virus.  Their motivation was not about curbing the virus.  I have discussed their motivation in other posts and won’t do it again here.  It is enough to say they did not do this for our benefit.

Lockdowns do not work for 2 reasons.  First it is impossible to completely lockdown a modern society.  People still need groceries and many live in apartments where the air circulates freely between units.  The second reason is that Lockdowns curtail the movement of healthy people.  You cannot spread what you do not have.  Contrary to what the government tells us, healthy people don’t really spread the virus.  It is possible for a healthy person to inadvertently spread the virus on their clothing, but this is not a major source of infection.  If there is not enough on their clothing to make them sick it won’t make you sick either.

Asymptomatic viral spread has never been a major factor in any previous viral outbreak.  This is something that even the duplicitous weasel Fauci admitted on camera.  Rigorous contact tracing in the spring also confirmed this.  The risk of Asymptomatic spread is the second largest lie that the government has promoted during this “pandemic”

  1. There is no second wave

Viruses simply do not do that.  After the epidemic phase viruses become endemic.  They never go away and sadly do continue to cause deaths for centuries.  The only thing that makes Covid different is that it hit in the spring.  Some countries were hit late.  The arrival of summer curbed the spread before many people were exposed.  Any country that was hit hard in the spring is now seeing normal seasonal death totals.  Countries that got off lightly in the spring are still in the epidemic phase and are now seeing excess deaths.

The Sars Cov2 virus like all other corona viruses is seasonal, it will return each winter.  We are now in the second season of Covid and it is ridiculous that we are keeping running totals that encompass more than one season.  If we did that for influenza the total death count would likely be approaching a billion by now.

If Vitor wasn’t so damn lazy maybe he could have done what Joe Rogan did.  Seek out people with knowledge and ask them real questions.

What does it tell you when Joe Rogan is one of the few real journalists in the world right now?  I don’t think he even sees himself as a journalist.

In previous posts I have presented data to support all of my arguments.  I have not reproduced that data in this post.  If you are new to my blog sorry but you will have to read the old posts to find the data.  I dealt with each issue more than once in separate posts.  Whether you are a new or old friend thanks for reading.  Please spread this information.  Knowledge really is our only defense.

Stupid is as Stupid does. The Story of Doug Ford’s Political Career

Yesterday the province of Ontario issued a stay at home order.  This is from the province’s own web site.

“The latest modelling data shows that Ontario is in a crisis and, with the current trends, our hospital ICUs will be overwhelmed in a few short weeks with unthinkable consequences,” said Premier Ford. “That’s why we are taking urgent and decisive action, which includes declaring a provincial emergency and imposing a stay-at-home-order. We need people to only go out only for essential trips to pick up groceries or go to medical appointments. By doing the right thing and staying home, you can stay safe and save lives.”

The reasoning behind this is modelling.  They also drag out the old argument that if you leave your house people will die.  Somehow healthy people are able to infect and surely kill innocent government obeying citizens.  I would say we have seen this movie before but it seems to be the same movie without an end.  Since March computer models have been predicting the only way to avoid certain death is through strict conformance to government.

Under the new rules Ontarians are only allowed to leave their home to perform essential tasks.  That makes this rule very hard to understand.

All non-essential retail stores, including hardware stores, alcohol retailers, and those offering curbside pickup or delivery, must open no earlier than 7 a.m. and close no later than 8 p.m. The restricted hours of operation do not apply to stores that primarily sell food, pharmacies, gas stations, convenience stores, and restaurants for takeout or delivery.

You cannot leave your home for non-essential purposes but non-essential stores can remain open.  Where the hell will they get their customers from?  Their customers can be fined for being in their stores.

Apparently the situation in Ontario is so desperate that Doug Ford’s thinking is even more convoluted and contradictory than normal.  Ontario is seeing quite a surge in cases.  See below.

That plot looks very much like the plot of testing

Ontario keeps ramping up the panic by ramping up testing.  Just because the province is being deceptive does not mean they don’t have a problem though.  I decided to compare deaths from January 1 to 10 and current ICU utilization for Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.  Ontario and Alberta have similar rules restaurants, bars, gyms, and personal services are closed.  Alberta does not have a stay at home order.  Saskatchewan has a mask mandate and some bizarre rules about who is allowed in your home but everything is open.  Below is how the Provinces compare.

The situation in Ontario is very dire indeed.  Their numbers are exactly the same as Saskatchewan where everything is open.  Doug Ford is a Jedi master of Evil Stupidity.  He is the clown prince of Canadian politics.

Integrity and Irony. Two Words the Media Can’t Even Spell

I read the Calgary Herald yesterday.  This is not something I do often since I know longer expect to find anything truthful in the paper.  I do have to light my wood stove however and the Herald newsprint is at least good for that.  Once again I got what I expected from the herald.  ½ the news was covid porn and the other ½ explained how Donald Trump is the devil incarnate.

The covid porn was run of the mill stuff that we have been seeing since March.  They take numbers out of context and group several days together to make the numbers seem scarier than they really are.  All you need to do is toss in a few quotes from sky is falling experts and you have taken care of half of the day’s news without ever leaving your office.  I think they write these stories a month in advance and just leave blanks to fill in different numbers.

The “Donald Trump is the antichrist” stories were also very uniform.  Every author relayed with great certainty that the “riot” last Wednesday was caused by Trump’s “unfounded” claims of election fraud.  I found the choice of language quite interesting.

All summer we saw peaceful protests that resulted in billions of dollars lost due to arson, vandalism, and looting.  Armed peaceful protesters attacked and killed civilians and police officers.  On Wednesday the vandalism was curbed by rioters themselves who also took the time to clean up after they were done.  None of the rioters produced any weapons even after an unarmed rioter was shot to death by police.  One police officer died but the media has been strangely quiet about the circumstances of his death.

So now peaceful protesting can be recognized by the following attributes

  • theft
  • arson
  • vandalism
  • fire arms and other improvised weapons

Rioting on the other hand includes

  • preventing theft, vandalism, and arson
  • Not carrying weapons of any description
  • Cleaning up after yourself when you leave

It has been a long time since I have been in school but the definitions of peaceful and rioting have certainly changed over the years.  The same is true of unfounded.  That used to mean there is an absence of supporting evidence.  There is a mountain of evidence of election fraud in the US.  The definition of unfounded now seems to be anything the media ignores or refuses to investigate.

I like this new definition and I look forward to the media using it with respect to Covid.  Since the media has steadfastly refused to do any actual journalism when it comes to Covid everything can be described as unfounded.  I can see the headlines now;

  • Pandemic response plans centered on the unfounded accuracy of PCR tests.
  • Jason Kenney extends lockdown measures based on unfounded claims of lockdown effectiveness.
  • Justin Trudeau exonerated by unfounded reports he never left the country during travel restrictions.

Since the days are gone when the media reports information that has been investigated, the possibilities are endless.  I expect we will see the word unfounded used quite lot in the future.

There was one article in the paper that did not fall in to either the covid porn or Trump is evil categories.  One reporter noticed that the copy write on George Orwell’s novel 1984 has now expired.  So in amongst the double speak and misinformation was an article about a novel.  That novel is the most famous warning about the evil of double speak and misinformation.  Not only are there no honest journalists in Canada there aren’t any that understand irony either.