Deena Hinshaw Redefining Incompetence One Press Conference at a Time

On Wednesday Deena Hinshaw did her now too familiar routine of stepping to the podium and desperately wringing her well sanitized hands.  Deena told everyone that Tuesday January 12th was the deadliest day for Albertans so far in this apocalyptic pandemic.  Deena brushed back a tear as she reported 38 people had died.  This was very important news and was widely reported just as you can see in the article below.

Alberta’s COVID-19 cases dropping, but restrictions could stay longer if rules ignored | Edmonton Journal

I have just a small problem with this.  Below is a plot of deaths per day in Alberta since January 1.

The data is taken right off the Alberta Government’s own website.  As you can clearly see 38 people did not die on the 12th.  21 people died on the 12th so the 12th is not the deadliest day of the Pandemic.  It isn’t even the deadliest day of January.

Over the last Year Deena has displayed that she has no common sense or understanding of science.  Now we find out she can’t even count.  Deena takes more than $300,000/year from Alberta Taxpayers and ability to count isn’t even a job prerequisite.  How the hell do I find a job like that?