Stop pretending the planet needs saving

Today on Halloween I think we need to acknowledge that Climate Change alarmism is a demon.  It will not go away unless we exorcise it.

Climate change alarmism will not disappear on its own because politicians will do everything in their power to keep it alive.  Climate change is the perfect political issue.  People have been conditioned to accept that everything proves it even though nothing really does.  This means that Politicians have a free hand to do whatever they want and it does not matter what they do, it can always be spun as a success.  If the planet cools their policies were successful.  If the plant warms it would have been worse had they not acted.

The only way a politician can lose is if they do nothing and the planet warms.  It will not matter what caused the warming your political opponents will seize the opportunity and crucify you.  So the politically safe thing to do is to do something.  It does not matter how ridiculous or destructive it is, it can always spun as saving the planet.  A politician gets to be a superhero without doing anything as difficult as lower crime or inflation.  I am sure with every carbon tax increase Trudeau dons his leotard and bounds around his office for hours.

The reason your policies can always be spun as a win is that the earth is an incredibly dynamic system.  Nothing is ever static.  Everything changes and that is absolutely normal.  But what this means is that you can always find a hot day, storm, cold day, or quite period; whatever you need to support your current position.  In fact if you wanted you could cherry pick the data and convince people the earth was in danger of cooling.

So, in spite of the warnings of planetary overheating from Mr. Guterres and the climate alarmists, it seems that this year record cold temperatures have been recorded on every continent. 

So why don’t politicians take a global cooling stance?  Is it just that Global warming allows them to pretend to work while they ignore real issues?  That is certainly part of it but that is not the main attraction of climate change.  The main political benefit is control.

The climate narrative involves demonizing CO2, a gas all life on earth depends on.  They picked CO2 deliberately because you cannot use fossil fuels without producing CO2.  Fossil fuels are the primary energy source for the world.  Regulating CO2 gives politicians control over Fossil fuels consumption.  By controlling fossil fuels they essentially control the world.  Control has always been the objective and since CO2 does not respect borders it allows unelected global organizations to claim jurisdiction.

There will never be another political issue as useful to politicians as climate change.  It is not a real issue so it requires no real solution.  It can, however, be used to impoverish you and usher in the great reset. For that reason politicians will not let go of it unless we pry it out of their hands.  It won’t really take a priest.  We just have to say no.  We better learn that fast before we all freeze to death when our heat pumps stop working.

On the Prairies and in northern Ontario and northern Quebec, for instance, that won’t apply because most insurers will not insure homes that have only heat pumps where winter temperatures routinely fall below -20C. (Too much chance of the pipes freezing.)

This is not about science.  It is does not involve saving the planet or making your life better.  It is tyranny disguised as altruism.  Stop falling for the lie.


Baby steps to Justice

The British are literally shitting themselves to death.  There is a parasitic infection going around that causes such severe vomiting and diarrhea that people are dying of dehydration.  This is not a new parasite but previously it was only a deadly problem for people with compromised immune systems.

Crypto infections are generally non-life threatening for previously healthy people, they can become serious and even fatal for those with compromised immune systems. For the healthy, the infection is marked by diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dehydration, weight loss, and fever.

Right on cue the experts have declared that they are stumped.  They just can’t think of any possible reason that an entire country would suddenly become immunocompromised.

So far health officials are baffled by what’s causing the ‘unprecedented’ rise in people infected with the diarrhoea-causing parasite. There is no one clear driver of cases.

Unless of course it might be climate change; there is unanimous agreement among experts that warm weather will cause every bad thing imaginable to happen.  One thing is for certain though it absolutely cannot be the experimental treatment approved when Pfizer withheld data on how many people it was killing until after they received approval.

One case involved a 63-year-old woman who died 41 days after receiving the shot, but whose death only entered the data pool 37 days later.

Another was a 58-year-old woman whose death 72 days after vaccination went unreported for 26 days.

I think sane people know by now that this opportunistic parasitic infection is just the latest and most disgusting COVID vaccine injury to be discovered.  The Jabs should have never been approved in the first place.  Almost no one needed them because COVID was affecting a very specific demographic; ill seniors.  If you were below 70 and in good health the Jabs offered no benefit so why would government force it on everyone?

There was no need for the jabs.  There was certainly no need to approve a medication after a 2 month trial that was obviously fraudulent.

Of the eight subjects in the vaccine group that should have been reported by December 10, 2020, the EUA application cutoff, the average reporting delay was 17.5 days for subjects in the vaccine group, but just 5.9 days for deaths among subjects in the placebo group.

The fact that it took so long to report deaths in the vaccine group proves that the study was un-blinded from the start.  The researchers knew who was in each group and they skewed the data in favor of the vaccine group.  This fraud resulted in millions of deaths and injuries.  This is criminal and should be prosecuted but instead we are giving awards to the co-conspirators.

Former top U.S. federal health official Dr. Anthony Fauci is to be honored with a prestigious award for “ethics.”

Anthony Fauci is the most decorated serial killer of all time.  When will we put a stop to this?  When will someone be punished?  People are reluctant to believe their own government would deliberately harm everyone, so this might take some time.  I do have a suggestion though.  During this interim period while vaccinated people are slowly realizing the size of this crime, why don’t we take baby steps?  Can we at least stop giving awards to murderers?

It was nice knowing Canada

Question:            When is a suspicious death not treated as a possible homicide?

Answer:               When the government and big Pharma are co-conspirators involved in the death.


There is a court case going on in Canada that is receiving very little media attention.  Ottawa detective Hellen Grus has been charged with “Discreditable Conduct”.  As I understand it this is not a criminal proceeding.  The trial is open to the public but it is an internal police matter conducted by an internal trials officer.  Because it is not a criminal trail the rules are a little different, which is a good thing for the prosecution because she is in trouble for doing her Job.

Detective Grus was once assigned to a team that investigated child deaths under 5.  She no longer works in that group but when she noticed her old team ignoring a suspicious increase in infant deaths she opened her own investigation.  The first thing she did was gather information.  That is what really set off alarm bells because she was inquiring about the vaccine status of the mothers.  That is a big Faux Pas.  In Trudeau’s Canada you can force people to disclose private medical information to enter a restaurant but you can’t do it for something as insignificant as dead babies.

“These two cases struck a bell suddenly that day because both those babies were sent home healthy. Both those mothers picked them up to feed them, and both of those babies collapsed and went limp in the mother’s arms.

“I don’t want more babies to die. Whether it’s vaccine-related or not, I want to try to find out why these little babies died… I’m not okay with babies dying and not getting any answers.”

This crime is way worse than you think.  Detective Grus is also guilty of doing the work that other Canadians won’t do.  As a nation we simply cannot let that stand.  If we start letting a Canadian citizen do distasteful work like policing we won’t have a soothing sound bite to justify unrestricted immigration.  Canadian policing is obviously better suited to un-vetted migrants from countries rife with police corruption.

The rules for this tribunal stray so far from actual justice that it is laughable (though I doubt detective Grus is laughing).  The prosecutor actually put her own family on the stand to testify without disclosing the relationship.

Then on the last day of the hearings, Friday, August 18, 2023, the public gallery and journalists were shocked to learn that Prosecutor Stewart and Detective Stewart are close family members – sisters-in-law.

This truly is kangaroo court stuff on par with the Tamara Lich trial where the government put paid government employees on the stand to testify on behalf of the government.  It is time to call it.  Canada is officially a failed state.  Politicians and bureaucrats are robbing us blind but the only people in trouble are citizens who complain about it and police who investigate it.


Government corruption is the norm not the exception

Yesterday I was feeling like a smart ass and I mocked Justin Trudeau and his “investing in Canadians” slogan.  The sad truth is that this really is not a laughing matter.  Justin Trudeau is destroying the country and stealing my children’s future.

The bank’s latest financial well-being survey of 1,001 people found that younger Canadians, in particular members of generation X (aged 43-58), millennials (aged 27-42) and generation Z (aged 18-26), are having more money problems than the national average.

Deteriorating mental health is a direct result of all that financial stress and just under half, or 48 per cent, of all generations say their well-being is taking a hit. But that number jumps to 63 per cent among millennials and gen Z-ers, and 54 per cent for gen X-ers.

Trudeau’s insane policies have caused the cost of living in Canada to spiral.  Now young adults are depressed because all they can see is a lifetime of work barely able to stay ahead of creditors.  The only thing Trudeau offers as a solution is assisted suicide (MAID).  His callous indifference to the plight of average Canadians has earned Justin Trudeau a special place in my heart.  I hate that man with every fiber of my being.

Sadly, Trudeau is really only carrying on the well-established Canadian tradition of government corruption.  One of his predecessors, Jean Chretien, was also caught funneling tax money to his friends.  In that case his excuse was even more laughable than Justin’s “investing in Canadians”.  He said it was to save Canada.  Canada, apparently, would have splintered in to pieces if not for the Chretien Liberal’s corruption.

So when viewed through the lens of Canadian history Trudeau is not especially bad.  He is amoral and corrupt to the core but he is far from the only one.  The normality of political corruption is the fundamental problem with the world right now.  Not only does Trudeau not look much different than other Canadian Prime Ministers, he does not even look different than counterparts in other countries.  The German government just got caught funneling money to one of the richest and most disgusting people on the planet.

According to an official parliamentary inquiry, the German government sent 3.8 billion euros ($4.15 billion) to Bill Gates’ foundation to fund “population control” and other WEF schemes in Germany.

The Canadian and German governments are corrupt.  Unfortunately so is everyone else.  The plot below is a random selection of Western countries and shows Federal spending as a percent of GDP.  Canada, a country with a massively corrupt government that has been caught several times stealing tax dollars is right in the middle of the pack.  Every other western government is stealing as much as the Trudeau liberals are.

A society that has more takers than makers will eventually collapse.  Every year governments get larger and government is the biggest taker of them all.  This can’t continue and they know it.  That is the real reason for the great reset.  The great reset is not about saving the planet or making things equal.  It is about saving the asses of government and maintaining the inequality that they currently enjoy.  Western governments need to emasculate and imprison us in 15 minute cities before we figure out that they have stolen us blind.

The public treasures have been looted and are close to empty.  We cannot let this continue or let them get away with it.

Investing in Canadians is very confusing business

Justin Trudeau spends a lot of other people’s money.  It is something that he really likes to do so every year he does more of it.  Whenever anyone asks Justin what he is spending it on he says he is investing in Canadians.  I find that a little odd because I am Canadian and I don’t remember having an IPO.  He can’t really be buying my stock so he must be holding my money in escrow somewhere.

I would really like to find out where my money is because I could use it to pay my carbon tax which apparently helps me but not people with oil furnaces.

The government will exempt home heating oil from the tax for three years, double the rural supplement in the rebate program and offer new programs Trudeau said will help rural Canadians switch to electric heat pumps.

I was quite shocked to find out that the carbon tax does not really help all Canadians.  Apparently the carbon tax does not put money back in people’s pockets if they have an oil furnace.  Do you think Justin knew this when he imposed the tax?  Either way I am glad that Justin has finally corrected this terrible mistake that was affecting Liberal voters in Atlantic Canada.  I am even happier to discover that the entire country will benefit from this.

“People across the country are going to benefit from the suspension of the price on pollution on home heating oil and benefit from the programs we’re putting in place,” he said.

According to Justin my benefit from the carbon tax has increased now that some people don’t have to pay it.  The first thing I thought when I heard this was “wow, just think how much everyone would benefit if no one had to pay carbon tax”.  A helpful liberal bot on twitter was very quick to correct me though.  They let me know that I don’t really understand how the math works but Justin Trudeau does.  He is some sort of taxation idiot savant I guess.

I really must do more research in this whole investing in Canadians thing.  Maybe then I will understand how I benefit when Justin gives my money to people who advocate for genocide.

“I have a motto: Life is too short for shoes with laces, or for entertaining Jewish White Supremacists with anything but a bullet to the head,” read one of his tweets.

Maybe the value is in the lesson that ordinary Canadians can get a grant without mentioning climate change.  Just as long as they advocate violence, which is another part of this whole investing in Canadians thing I don’t get.  But, the thing I understand least about investing in Canadians is what this guy is talking about.


Somehow paying companies that do not exist, for work they did not do, helps Canadians.  The whole thing is just one big mystery to me.  Perhaps if I had studied government economics rather than engineering I would understand this.  I am so glad someone as smart as Justin Trudeau is around to handle this for me.

Unexpected revelations from government tyranny

I have featured Jessica Rose many times on this blog.  Jessica is a medical researcher who found herself trapped due to the COVID travel bans.  To occupy her curious mind she started to research this brand new disease that disrupted her plans.  Like everyone else that bothered to look Jessica found that the media and government were lying.  The only difference between Jessica and the average sceptic was just how closely she looked.  Jessica delved into everything including the vaccines.  Here she is in a short clip discussing where her research journey led her.

I do not have Jessica’s medical background and I certainly did not look as closely as she did but I wound up in the very same place.  I don’t just question the COVID jabs, I now question all vaccines.

Like Dr. Rose I have been vaccinated for some less common things.  Several years ago I travelled to Peru for work.  To get into the country I had to be vaccinated for yellow fever and a couple other things I don’t even remember.  I did not think twice about it.  It was not so much that I was a big vaccine believer it was that I did not really think about it.  Up until this point I accepted that vaccines are safe and effective.  That was then this is now.

When my government tried to force injects me, I researched the COVID jabs.  In the process I found a lot of information on other vaccines that caused me to question not just the COVID jabs, which are not even vaccines anyway, but to question all vaccines.  Below is a list of things I discovered.

  • Better hygiene and nutrition caused a dramatic drop in viral infections long before the development of vaccines. Introduction of the vaccines can hardly be seen in the data.  These diseases were rapidly disappearing and vaccines may have had little or even nothing to do with it.
  • One of the most celebrated vaccines of all time is the polio vaccine but there are researchers who dispute that polio was caused by a virus. They make a compelling case that polio was due to chemical exposure.  It may have been better environmental controls that actually eradicated polio.
  • Not all vaccines are created equal. Some “dead” virus vaccines have been shown to have overall net negative health impacts yet we still use them.
  • Vaccines are not subject to the same long term testing required of other new drugs and treatments.
  • Vaccines are not just attenuated viruses as I learned in school. They also contain chemicals to enhance their effectiveness.  Many of these chemicals are known toxins.
  • The increase in asthma, autism, and autoimmune diseases correlate far more closely to the increasing usage of vaccines than they do to all the other factors they have been blamed on.
  • Communities like the Amish, that do not follow the early childhood vaccination guide have not seen the rapid rise in asthma, autism, and autoimmune diseases.
  • COVID vaccines are not vaccines. They cannot by their design produce immunity, prevent infection, or prevent transmission.  There is absolutely no public health benefit.  Your Jab does not protect anyone else.
  • And, the number one thing I have recently learned, although had always suspected, is that the Government knew the Jabs were likely dangerous and would likely not work.

Silly me I thought diplomatic immunity was for diplomats

Pascal Najadi is a prominent Swiss citizen who was injured by the COVID vaccine.  He has released this short video calling for the prosecution of the people behind this obvious crime.  We are starting to see more of this and it is hardly surprising to me because I have been calling for criminal prosecution for a very long time.  What I found more interesting in his statement was the very special status the Swiss government has given the WEF and the WHO.


WTF the WEF has diplomatic immunity?  That is something that a country normally only grants diplomats working in foreign embassies.  What country does Klaus Schwab and the rest of the WEF minions represent?  I have the same question about the WHO.  Why do they merit diplomatic immunity?  The WHO is an arm of the UN and UN diplomates do get diplomatic immunity but the WHO performs no diplomatic duties and receive funding from billionaires that have their own agenda.

When Trump pulled US funding from the WHO the gates foundation became the highest donor.  So you had a private citizen controlling an agency with diplomatic immunity.  This same private citizen also has his tentacles in national regulatory agencies that approve products recommended by the WHO.

Experts are concerned the Gates Foundation could have undue influence over the FDA’s regulatory decisions of these countermeasures, according to a report from the Brownstone Institute.

This is just more evidence that the conspiracy theorists got it right again.  There really are a small group of psychopaths trying to control the world and they have help from governments that they have successfully planted their people in.  If you want proof of that you can just look to Canada.  Klaus Schwab told everyone on camera that he controls Justin Trudeau and Trudeau has not done anything to make anyone doubt that.  For 8 years Trudeau has systematically adopted every WEF policy.  These destructive policies have Trudeau’s approval rating plummeting yet he continues.  The latest is Universal Basic income, UBI.

The bill is actually being pushed by the senate, a highly unusual occurrence in Canada but this is just a smoke screen.  Everyone knows where this is coming from.  Trudeau has been conditioning Canadians to accept UBI for a very long time.

Trudeau is using the media to get Canadian’s accustomed to the idea of UBI before he announces it.  Canadians are about to get UBI not because it works or because we can afford it.  UBI is coming because a struggling corrupt politician is running out of options.

The remarkable thing is not that Trudeau is about to do something stupid.  He does that all the time.  What is remarkable is that Trudeau is implementing another destructive WEF policy at a time when the Liberal party support is in freefall.  Polls indicate that if an election were held today the Liberals would be wiped out by the Conservatives.  Trudeau has lost what little support he had and it is damaging the party.  Canadians and his own party want him gone yet he refuses to step down or reverse any policies.

Trudeau is obviously not taking direction from Canadians.  Nor is he taking direction from his party.  So who is he taking direction from?  I know that is a rhetorical question.  Everyone knows Trudeau is taking his direction from a man who represents no country or government yet sits in Geneva with diplomatic immunity.  People should be alarmed by this.

Fearing normal, ignoring abnormal

In the spring of 2020 western governments decided the whole world needed to change because ill seniors were dying of respiratory disease.  For some strange reason the majority agreed.  We needed to turn the economy off and force people in to unemployment because we were suddenly afraid of a completely normal event.  I don’t mean to sound callous about the deaths of seniors but it is normal for the frail and elderly to die during cold and flu season.  We may have had a new virus but we did not have a new situation.  We were only afraid because government through their media minions told us to be afraid.

Seriously, that is all it took.  Government told us to be fearful of our neighbors and we were.  We were willing to go to great lengths to protect ourselves from cold and flu season.  No one stopped to consider how many cold and flu seasons they have already endured without insisting their neighbors are masked, injected, and unemployed.

Fast forward to 2023 and the situation is now completely inverted.  The abnormal is now normal and everyone is cool with the “new normal”.  Previously rare cancers are no longer rare.

Oct.4, 2023 – Sheffield, UK – 29 year old PhD scientist Kirsty Smitten was diagnosed with 6cm tumor on her heart – an extremely rare cardiac angiosarcoma, a few months ago. She died on Oct.4, 2023. The cancer was so rare that her surgeon had never seen one.

And the fittest people on the planet are now at high risk of heart attacks.  I am old enough to remember when being fit helped avoid heart attacks.

The study looked at data from over 11 million runners who participated in marathons in the United States between 2000 and 2009. The researchers found that the incidence of sudden cardiac death was 0.54 per 100,000 runners. This means it is extremely rare.

Excerise induced heart attacks are supposed to be rare. So rare that the Journal of the American College of Cardiology published a study in 2014 where the researchers found that runners, regardless of how often or infrequently they trained or raced, were about 45 percent less likely to die from heart disease or stroke than non-runners.

Heart attacks are becoming so common among young people that the Canadian government wants you to know that we should expect some children to die this hockey season.

How did we come to accept that children will die playing hockey and there is simply nothing we can do about it?

In some respects it is true.  We can’t do anything about it.  The damage has been done.  Many people are walking around with heart damage and will not know it until they push their hearts hard the way high performance athletes or young hockey players do.  We cannot change the past but we can stop accepting that this is normal.  It all needs to stop.  No more boosters and no more mandates.  The people responsible for this crime must be punished.

We also need to stop denying vaccine injures.  Money needs to be allocated to finding ways of helping people who were injured.


3 years chasing a ghost

I found this video on Twitter/X yesterday.  I don’t know if it is recent.  The video puts forward the argument that the SARS COV 2 virus was never properly isolated and identified.  I have heard this argument since 2020 and never really discussed it before because I did not know what to make of it.  Please take the time to watch.


I never paid much attention to this because the argument was always used to say that there was no virus.  I think that is false.  To me there was obviously a new virus.  Most of the time I believe COVID was just influenzas intentionally misdiagnosed to advance a political/financial objective.  But, I don’t think that was true of the most severe cases.  People were dying in ways not typical of influenzas.  So I discounted arguments that COVID did not exist.  It just was not nearly as prevalent as our government wanted us to believe.

This video was interesting for me because it made me think that both arguments could be true.  We never did prove that the SARS COV 2 was causing COVID or even really existed but there was a new virus causing a new disease that we have yet to identify.  My slight shift in thinking helped me connect another dot.  Why didn’t the jabs help?

The COVID jabs have been a disaster for 2 reasons;

  1. The rather common and extremely serious side effects
  2. They completely failed to help with COVID

I did not find the first reason all that surprising.  Messenger RNA has had a terrible lab safety record.  It was asinine to think that we could give it to everyone without problems when it always caused problems in the lab.  Using it for any reason was criminal.  It is the second reason that I did not expect.

Shortly after the Jabs were rolled out I took the time to research how they worked.  Not surprisingly I discovered that the government was not telling the truth.  It was impossible for the jabs to produce immunity.  But, at least theoretically, the jabs should have helped prevent serious disease.

When cells in your body produce the spike protein they look like the virus so they provoke an antibody response.  But since there are no infected cells you get no T cell response.  You are not fully immune until you get a T cell response.  All the treatments do is give you a head start.  You will never be fully immune until you actually get infected.  That is why we are told the “Vaccines” only ensure that you get a mild infection and reduce the chance of death.

Unfortunately 2 years of data has shown that not to be the case.  The infection/fatality ratio did not change.  There is no evidence that the jabs saved a single person from COVID.

If the vaccines don’t prevent infection but do prevent serious infection then infections may not go down but deaths should.  The ratio of deaths per infection should go down dramatically after vaccination programs start.  So did that happen?  No it did not 

This was always a bit of a mystery to me because while I think it was an enormously bad idea to risk long term complications for partial protection, the jabs still should have helped with COVID.  Then after watching this video a light went on.  Maybe the jabs did not work because they were designed for the wrong virus?

This brought me to an even more troubling thought.  We should not have had to guess what this virus looked like.  Anthony Fauci and the NIH already knew exactly what it looked like.  They paid to have it built.  This means that when Pfizer and Moderna were building their clot shots Fauci knew it was for the wrong virus.  We spent 3 years chasing a ghost virus that may never have existed while people died from the virus Fauci released.

We wasted time, money, and lives on a wild goose chase.  The people who released this virus have always known that none of this would work.  It is way past time for prosecutions.

Running and hiding only works for so long

Just yesterday I posted about how governments are trying to deal with the mountain of bad COVID Jab data.  Canada is trying to spin jab injuries as unfortunately quality control accidents while Germany is relying on kidnapping COVID dissidents.  The United States meanwhile is going to stick with information suppression for now.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received results from two studies of subclinical heart inflammation following Moderna COVID-19 vaccination, but is refusing to release them to the public

The fact that the FDA will not release safety details about a product they approved pretty much tells you what is in this report.  If it could be used to justify the emergency use authorization every detail in the report would have been released.  Incredibly these reports were done by the guilty parties.  Pfizer and Moderna had their opportunity to spin the data and apparently even they could not lie enough to make their products look good.

Eventually these reports will be released.  I have no doubt that the release will be timed to coincide with a terrorist attack or bombing so that it will be lost in the noise.  The implication is of course that the FDA is now working with other agencies to plan such an attack.  If you can’t ignore it bury it as deeply as possible.

Ignoring all the Jab victims has worked up until now and there are countries still taking that approach.  Yesterday in London Andrew Bridgen gave another speech on excess deaths to an empty house.

Bridgen has been trying to get the British parliament to acknowledge and investigate excess deaths from the Jabs for months.  Almost every British MP finds something else more pressing than dead constituents every time Bridgen speaks.  This tactic is bound to fail.  What the camera does not show is that while the party benches were empty the public gallery was full.  British politicians may continue to ignore jab injuries but the public is no longer willing to.

In many countries politicians are starting to feel the heat.  They do not want to face questions about why they mandated a product that killed people.  Or why the people with financial interests were part of the decision making process.


The dirty little secret about COVID was that all of this was done for profit.  Don’t let them keep that secret any longer.  And, for goodness sake don’t let them keep the money or their freedom.  Let’s turn back the clocks to the pre-COVID era when we jailed mass murderers.