Trillions of dollars later it is 1906 again

A new paper on climate change has been published that concludes doubling atmospheric CO2 from 400 to 800 ppm will result in far less warming than has been previously predicted.

In plain terms, the work investigates the rise in temperature at three levels in the atmosphere as the Earth adjusts its thermal balance from heat trapped by so-called ‘greenhouse’ gases. Using a watts per square metre formulation (3.7 W/m2), it is commonly held by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that a doubling of CO2 will lead to a rise in temperature at the TOA of 1.2°C. The scientists have reduced this number to 2.26 W/m2, a 39% reduction down to a temperature rise of 0.72°C.

So after 40 years of fear mongering and flushing trillions of dollars down the climate change toilet the latest estimate is 0.72 degrees C of warming which is almost exactly what the Schwarzschild equation predicted in 1906.

If atmospheric concentrations of CO2 double form the current 400ppm to 800ppm we can expect to see less than 1 degree of warming.  This much warming will be beneficial.

The science really is settled.  It was settled back in 1906 but we have been denying the science since the 1980s.  The nature of science has changed.  In 1906 science was done in pursuit of knowledge.  In 2023 science is done in pursuit of profits.  There was money to be made if you were willing to conclude that CO2 would destroy the planet.  Far too many “scientists” were willing to do so by imagining positive feedbacks that would amplify the warming from CO2.  These positive feedbacks do not exist.  There is no climate crisis.

This is not science it is politics and propaganda and it is not limited to climate science.  Climate science is by far the most egregious example of how money has corrupted science but it is not the only example.  Governments and corporations routinely pay scientists to arrive at a pre-determined conclusion.  That is why so much science now is found to be fraudulent.

Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of the Lancet, stated that perhaps as much as 50% of all published research is fraudulent

A good rule to follow is if the news article starts with “scientists say” or “experts say” what you are about to hear is likely a lie.  Someone paid for this lie and stands to profit somehow from this lie.  If the story starts with “climate scientists warn”, it is a guaranteed lie.

Matters of the Heart

I saw this article a couple weeks ago.  It seems ERs in the US are filling up with patients displaying symptoms of a new disease.

Miami Hospital Rooms Are Seeing New Disease That Affects All Ages, Displays “All flu symptoms & swelling in their legs, water in their lungs, fluid in their heart, etc”

Unlike COVID it seems doctors and politicians are very reluctant to discuss this new disease.  The whole thing has been kept quiet with no multimillion dollar marketing campaign like the one that accompanied COVID.  That is a little odd don’t you think?  It is an election year in the US.  4 years ago a new disease was a great excuse for mail in ballots.  Why isn’t this new disease a reason for expanding mail in ballots again?

I suspect that the answer is that this new disease is not at all new.  When I read this article the list of symptoms was more than vaguely familiar.  My mother died of congestive heart Failure and she displayed almost every symptom on this list.  Below is how Yale University describes congestive heart failure.

If you’ve been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, the feeling of your chest constricting can be scary. With congestive heart failure, the heart’s capacity to pump blood cannot keep up with the body’s need. As the heart weakens, blood begins to back up and force liquid through the capillary walls. The term “congestive” refers to the resulting buildup of fluid in the ankles and feet, arms, lungs, and/or other organs.

Politicians have not jumped on this new mystery illness to enforce lockdowns and election fraud because they really don’t want to talk about what is causing it.  This is not from an engineered virus that can be blamed on bat soup for 3 years.  This is from an engineered vaccine that is known to cause heart damage.  Sometime it kills quickly and other times it kills slowly.

A 39-year-old mother-of-three has dropped dead in front of her family in the middle of giving a eulogy at her father-in-law’s funeral.

Heart Damage from the COVID jabs is far more prevalent than anyone wants to admit.  Mandating the Jabs has already erased 6 decades of progress in heart disease in the UK.

Early heart deaths had tumbled since the 60s thanks to plummeting smoking rates, advanced surgical techniques, and breakthroughs such as stents and statins.

But six decades of progress have been reversed in recent years.

And now, ERs are filling up with people displaying all the symptoms of congestive heart failure.  Predictable these obvious symptoms of heart damage have doctors baffled.  There is nothing baffling about this.  In fact we could have predicted it as I did one year ago.

Intuitively I believe if people stop taking boosters things could get better, at least they will stop getting worse.  Unfortunately while things could improve I think the COVID Jabs will continue to kill people long after we stop taking them.  Some of the vaccine injuries are permanent and will ultimately shorten lives.

It really is time to stop denying the obvious.

Trudeau’s final card is to eliminate legitimate elections

Justin Trudeau is a horrible human being.  When he is not doing things that are morally and ethically wrong, he is breaking laws outright.  He broke the law by illegally invoking the emergencies measures act.  I did not need a judge to tell me that but now one has done it anyway.  Now that a judge has ruled the invocation of that act and everything that happened in its wake was illegal there are calls for Justin Trudeau to resign.

The people who think Justin will do the honorable thing really have not been paying attention.  When has Justin Trudeau ever done the honorable thing?  It is simply not in his DNA.  I knew Justin would never resign but I did think the party would force him out.  There is simply no way Justin can win an honest election at this point.  But Justin is not leaving.  He has other plans that do not include honest elections.

Justin and his bed/soulmate Jagmeet are planning to eliminate free and fair elections in Canada by reforming our election laws.  The excuse is that they are making elections more accessible but of course that is a lie.  Canadian elections have never suffered from inaccessibility for the most part they run smoothly.  Justin is simply changing the laws to make it easier to cheat.  His cheating blueprint has 3 crucial steps.

  • Allowing an “expanded” three-day voting period during general elections;

  •  Allowing voters to cast their ballots at any polling place within their riding; and

  •  Improving the mail-in ballot process with both accessibility and maintaining integrity in mind.

Steps 1 and 3 go hand in hand.  Mail in ballots opens the door for thousands if not millions of fake ballots.  Once it hits the mailbox it is impossible to prove who filled it out.  This step alone is probably enough to guarantee a win for Justin, but he is taking no chances.  That is where the extra 2 days comes in.  In the past Canada has never needed more than 1 day to complete an election and we don’t need more now.  The purpose of the last 2 days is to give Justin time to figure out and then create the right number of fake mail-in ballots to win targeted ridings.

Step 2 is to create chaos and opportunities for liberal supporters to vote more than once.  Currently in Canada you are assigned a polling station based on what neighborhood you live in.  The reason for this is the people at the polls have a list with your name on it.  When you show up to vote and produce ID your name is struck off the list so that you can not vote again.  If you can go to any polling station you could go to all of them and vote multiple times unless the list is kept electronically.  Once it is electronic it can be tampered with, or the communications can be shut down to create chaos.

Canadians need to pull their heads out of the moist dark place it normally resides in.  This is a recipe for a permanent liberal dictatorship.  Justin Trudeau won’t resign.  He will be Prime Minister until he dies of old age, at which time his son will take over.  We cannot let this stand.  COVID should have taught you that governments will never do anything for your benefit.  If they want to change a process that already works you can be sure it is to their benefit.

The more the government has the less you have

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely

Lord Acton.

A new paper has been published by some prominent vaccine critics.  The paper examined adverse events.  I confess I did not read the paper just the conclusions and I found this statement to be of particular interest.

Many key trial findings were either misreported or omitted entirely from published reports. The usual safety testing protocols and toxicology requirements were bypassed by the FDA and vaccine manufacturers

The regulating agencies ignored key trial findings and bypassed normal safety protocols.  Why did this happen?  How come the agencies that purportedly protect the public abandoned public safety?  Before I answer those questions, we need to also consider that this was not an isolated event.  Every regulator in the world is guilty of ignoring inconvenient trial data and they all continued to ignore adverse events for 3 years.  They even went so far as to downplay rather serious problems.

Officials became aware that the injections were causing potentially deadly myocarditis but CDC officials chose not to alert the public.

The regulating agencies abandoned their responsibility of protecting the public for 2 reasons; we let them, and they are corrupt.  The regulating agencies have absolute power over which medical treatments are approved and which are not.  Is it any wonder that this absolute power led to corruption?  Corrupt bureaucrats failed us.  They continue to fail us because the governments they work for are also corrupt.

Over the decades we have allowed governments to assume more and more power.  This led inevitably to more and more corruption.  Modern politicians become very wealthy. The leaders of the 2 largest parties in Canada have seen their net worth balloon yet neither man has ever done an honest day’s work in their life.  One has always been a politician, the other bounced from one part time job to another living off his inheritance and name until entering politics where his name was far more valuable.

No government leads to anarchy.  Any level of government leads to corruption.  The only way to limit corruption is to limit the government size and scope to only what is necessary to avoid anarchy.  Then, change it frequently.  Government is not your friend.  COVID should have taught you that.  We failed to keep the government on a short enough leash, and we lost freedom we need to claim back.  This won’t be easy.  It might not even be possible, and it was our fault.

Everything is broken, even the important things

I read the news each morning looking for things that I can use in my blog posts or as I like to call them, my rants.  Usually, I look for ways to link several articles into a common theme.  Sometimes, however, I find a single article that strikes me so profoundly that it needs no back up from other sources.  Yesterday was just such a day.  Yesterday I found this article about the death of a 60-year-old man and his infant son.

Kenneth Battersby was a 60-year-old welfare recipient.  He was also a single parent to a 2-year-old son.  That was tragic, but I don’t want to speculate on the succession of bad decisions that must have led to a 60-year-old welfare recipient becoming a single father.  I just want to ask the question of why they were so alone.  Kenneth may have died of a heart attack but is son Bronson died from societal decay.  Bronson stayed with the dead body of his father until he succumbed to dehydration and starvation.  It was an agonizingly slow and lonely death.

The authorities now think that Kenneth died sometime around the New Year. And it is believed that Bronson may have been without food or water for up to 11 days. 

A 2-year-old boy died because his father apparently had no family or friends.  A social worker had been assigned to check in on them weekly.  It was the social worker who eventually persuaded the police to enter the apartment and find the bodies.

How did it get to this?  Why did we let the government become a substitute for friends and family?   What happened to community?  Humans are a social animal but in our modern society we have become so isolated that a 2-year-old boy can starve to death without anyone noticing.  It is not just our institutions that are broken.  Our society is broken.

This is how COVID tyranny was allowed to happen.  Too few people care about anyone other than themselves.  The laptop class experienced only minor inconveniences during the lockdowns.  Some even saw the quality of their life improve without commutes and a boss chiding them about their low productivity.  Almost none of the laptop class stopped to consider what was happening to others less fortunate than them.  The government got away with victimizing some because the vast majority just did not care.  We need to fix more than just our corrupt governments.


Crushing the Freedom Convoy was illegal

The big COVID news out of Canada yesterday was that a Federal court has ruled that Justin Trudeau illegally invoked the Emergencies Measures act to crush the Freedom Convoy on February 14th 2022.  The suit had been brought forward by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the Canadian Constitution Foundation.

“I conclude that there was no national emergency justifying the invocation of the Emergencies Act and the decision to do so was therefore unreasonable and ultra vires,” he wrote in a lengthy decision released Tuesday. “Ultra vires” is a Latin term used by courts to refer to actions beyond the scope of the law.

The Judge did, however, leave the door open for appeal with this statement.

“Reasonable and informed people could reach a different conclusion than the one I have arrived at.”

Sorry but that last statement is categorically false.  There is no way that a reasonable and informed person could have interpreted this differently.  The act is very clear.  It can only be invoked in very exceptional circumstances none of which were created by the freedom convoy.

The act is very clear.  It cannot be used to violate the charter rights of Canadians yet everything the people in police uniforms did violate those rights.  This is Trudeau’s Canada.  The emergency measures act was illegally invoked and then illegally applied.  We now live in a country where any time the Prime Minister is angry or embarrassed he can declare an emergency and throw people in prison.

Unfortunately that isn’t even the most shameful part of this whole fiasco.  The most shameful part is that most Canadian’s don’t see a problem with what the Prime Minister has done.  They think allowing the government to destroy people in the name of “public safety” is perfectly OK.  Their attitudes will, no doubt, change dramatically the first day the government determines that they are now the problem.  Useful idiots cease to be useful after the dissidents are dealt with.

Trudeau himself (or at least his puppet masters) knew the declaration was illegal.  That is why he dropped it before the senate vote he was likely to lose.  It did not matter to him; he had already trampled the protesters with horses and frozen bank accounts by that time.  He cynically invoked the act illegally, used it to violently attack political opponents, and then dropped it before the vote.  This cannot stand.

Yesterday was a big win but it is not over.  The courts in Canada are hopelessly corrupt.  The most corrupt court is the Supreme Court where this case heads to next.  The is a high likelihood the supreme court will once again ignore the law in favor of liberal politics.  Even in the unlikely event that the Supreme Court sets aside politics for the law it is still not over.  If the declaration was illegal, which it most certainly was, then everything done under its umbrella was also illegal.  Serious crimes were committed including assault and theft.  People need to end up in prison and every one of them is either a politician or government employee.

What is best for Government is rarely what is best for you

The COVID jabs are the deadliest “vaccine” in history.  They have already killed a shockingly high number of people and in some ways those people were the lucky ones.  Other people were maimed and have had their whole lives ruined.


This has been known for a long time.  Within weeks The VAERS system already showed more adverse reactions than all other vaccines combined.  We should have stopped long ago yet we did not.  In fact left wing governments are ramping up efforts to force them upon us.  Brazil has introduced a law that will make refusing a vaccination a criminal offence with harsh penalties including imprisonment.


This is of course insane.  You can go to prison for refusing a deadly treatment that makes you more likely to get COVID multiple times.

The study showed that people who took at least three Covid mRNA injections were up to three times more likely to have recurrent COVID-19 infections than unvaccinated individuals.

There is only one possible explanation as to why these deadly treatments are being forced on people; money must be changing hands.  You will be imprisoned if you interfere with politicians financial interests.

When the lockdowns were announced I told anyone who would listen that if we let them do it they will do it again.  Sadly very few people wanted to listen and I was treated as somewhat of a pariah.  We went through multiple ineffective lockdowns and now we are faced with prison over toxic treatments that only make the problem worse.  With government everything goes to the worst place that we allow.  So the question is, are we going to roll over again and allow this?

Elections can have lasting consequences

Canada is an economic basket case.  Our economic malaise is due to the unprecedented incompetence of Justin Trudeau and his merry band of morons otherwise known as his cabinet.  In this article Conrad Black goes into great detail just how bad our situation is.  I started cutting out important points to quote but the article is so good I would have simply reproduced the entire thing in quotes so it is better if you read the original.  There is one quote however that needs special attention.

Canada will be the worst-performing advanced economy in the world from 2020 all the way to 2060.

The damage is done and the die is cast for the next 40 years.  Even after Canadians come to their senses and get rid of our Prime Moron it will take decades to clean up the mess he made.  This is exactly what happened after the disastrous reign of his step father Pierre.  Justin has done almost irreparable harm and he is not done yet.

The liberals are holding a retreat and Justin is bringing “experts” to help.

A senior government source told The Hill Times cabinet would be hearing on experts in housing, the middle class, and Canada-U.S. relations.

Two experts scheduled to share their views with top government officials on housing include Tim Richter, president and CEO of Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness, and Mike Moffatt, associate professor in business, economics, and public policy at Ivey Business School at Western University.

Presenting on the middle class will be: Kevin Milligan, a professor of economics at the University of British Columbia; Frances Donald, chief economist at Manulife Financial; and Armine Yalnizyan, an economist and Atkinson Fellow on the Future of Workers will speak to the cabinet. 

Don’t you feel better now?  Our silver spoon prime minister, who could not even define middle class when questioned by a reporter, is going to learn about the middle class by consulting 5 other wealthy people; only one of whom actually works in the private sector.  This is how so much damage was done.  Justin Trudeau is an idiot who thinks he is a genius.  On the rare occasions when he does ask for help he consults people who are just as disconnected from reality as he is.

Justin could learn about the middle class by simply meeting and talking to ordinary middle class Canadians.  Unfortunately at this point in his reign of error that is simply not possible.  Justin Trudeau has harmed so many people it is not safe for him to travel inside Canada without a security entourage that makes Kim Jong Un green with envy.  Canada truly is broken.  Trudeau broke it so don’t expect him to fix it.  At this point we can’t even expect the next guy or the guy (or gal) after them to fix it.

There is a reason why you don’t make the least intelligent person in the country the Prime Minister.  It is a pity that more Canadians don’t understand that.

Lessons from Davos

The annual WEF meeting in Davos has wrapped up and once again the self-appointed global elite have left us with some pearls of wisdom.  If it was not for the intellectual giants of the WEF I would have never known that Digital IDs make everything better;

Throughout the panel discussion, the underlying suggestion was that forcing mandatory “digital IDs” onto society is for “the greater good.”

Farmers are dangerous criminals;

“With human rights, mass murder and genocide are serious crimes, but there is no equivalent in the environmental space,” she said.

“Unlike an international crime like genocide that involves a specific intent, with ecocide, what we see is that people are trying to do is make money, is farm, is fish… and what’s missing is an awareness of the side effects and collateral damage that happens…”

Or that Trump somehow managed to be right about everything while making 30,000 false statements.

“President Trump; it’s been well written about, he had over 30,000 false or misleading claims in his four years as a president,” the moderator, Urs Gredig, asked.

I am not sure who kept the tally but thanks to the WEF I understand that allowing Trump to say things the WEF does not like is dangerous and we should not accept it even when it comes with lower taxes.

“I really hope that the World Economic Forum will take this issue on board and think harder about the role that the private sector can play in standing up against disinformation, even if they might like the fact that that politician would cut their taxes,” she said.

I don’t know about you but I am a little surprised that the world has been able to survive without digital IDs while farmers ran amok.  Even worse, while those criminal farmers were feeding everyone Trump was running around being right by saying misleading things; things like maybe feeding people is a good idea and we should appreciate those criminal farmers.  Talk about anarchy.

Not to worry though the WEF has already saved the planet by appointing themselves as trustees of the planet.  I don’t know how this works but I assume when the earth gets old enough it will be allowed to take care of itself.  This last point on who should control the world was not quite unanimous however.  While Klaus thought it was a shared responsibility among the people who paid to be part of his club, Tedros thought we should just leave it up to him.

Either way everyone agreed on this last point; Orange man bad, very bad.

Harari was asked during a new interview if he’s “concerned that Trump might be elected again.”

“I think it’s very likely,” Harari responded.

“And if it happens, it is likely to be the kind of – like – the death blow to what remains of the global order.

I guess I must also be very bad because I just don’t get it.  I don’t understand how killing the global order is a bad thing.  Maybe I am just not as smart as the people in Davos and I should be more grateful for their interference in my life.

Risking lives to save the planet from an imaginary crisis

I just got back from a vacation in Sunny Mexico.  Our timing could not have been better.  We left on the coldest day of the winter so far and got back as the cold snap was ending.  While we were away enjoying hot weather people in western Canada were dealing with potentially life threatening power shortages.

Alberta has no shortage of energy.  There is more coal, natural gas, and oil than Alberta needs for hundreds of years.  So how could a province with an abundance of energy possibly run short of electricity?  The answer is that Alberta does not just have a near inexhaustible supply of energy.  Alberta also has an overabundance of stupid politicians; really stupid, bordering on brain dead politicians.

The cold snap became serious after the power grid in the province of Alberta neared collapse due to inadequate production from renewable sources such as solar and wind. 

And, while Albertans were facing the high probability of blackouts in temperatures that dropped below -50C (-58 F) in some locations, Canada’s deputy Prime Minister was in Davos promising to put even more Canadians at risk.


Unfortunately for Canadians brain dead politicians are not exclusively an Alberta problem.  The National capital, Ottawa, is positively overflowing with them.

20 years ago Alberta had a stable grid with very low electrical costs.  Now thanks to the brain dead politicians Alberta has very expensive unreliable power.  This was the result of stupid people demonizing CO2 while believing energy was a luxury that we should only enjoy when the wind blows and sun shines.  These people believe they are saving the planet by putting human lives at risk.  This needs to stop before people start dying.  Climate change is not an emergency but power outages in winter are.  Climate science is so fraudulent it should not even be called science.