Pouring cold water on the Cult of Climate Change

Climate change is very popular with Champaign socialists because it is a great excuse to jet off to luxury locations and plot how to spend other people’s money.  This year they chose Dubai as the location for their meeting.  That is how completely disconnected from reality these lunatics are.  All of the luxury hotels in Dubai exist because of oil and gas revenue.

So theses deluded morons rented oil financed conference rooms to discuss phasing out oil and gas.  Then they even invited their host to speak and he immediately served up some cold hard reality.

The president of Cop28, Sultan Al Jaber, has claimed there is “no science” indicating that a phase-out of fossil fuels is needed to restrict global heating to 1.5C

Al Jaber also said a phase-out of fossil fuels would not allow sustainable development “unless you want to take the world back into caves”.

Now that is how you open a climate summit; with the truth.  There is no science that says we need to eliminate fossil fuels.  And, if we are stupid enough to try to eliminate fossil fuels we will effectively be back living in caves.  You cannot run a modern society without the energy source that made it possible in the first place.

The whole climate change narrative is built on fraud.  There is no climate emergency.  Yes it has warmed but that warming has had very little to do with CO2 and we should be happy about it because a warm earth is very favorable to humans.

“Currently, we are in a favorable period, but we will inevitably transition to an unfavorable [cold] one … around 2030-2035.”

Yes warm periods are favorable periods.  When the cycle turns we will not like it because warm is better for humans than cold.

People have been convinced there is an emergency because a handful of dishonest scientist/activists have been fabricating data for years.  There is no dangerous trend in the data until after the data is adjusted.

If the trend only appears after the data is adjusted it is fraud not science.

Climate alarmists would be surprised to know that the science of greenhouse gas warming is quite well defined and does not say that we have a problem.  The warming has already happened and we should be happy that it has.  Without greenhouse gases the planet would be too cold to support life.

CO2 is not the most important greenhouse gas and is responsible for only a small amount of warming.  Adding more CO2 at this point won’t change much because there simply is not much energy left available to CO2.  This is also quite well defined.  The more CO2 you add the smaller the impact of each extra molecule.

This diminishing effect of increasing CO2 has been known for a long time.  A scientist by the name of Schwarschild published his equation describing it in 1906.  The equation can also be used to calculate how much additional energy will be captured by increasing CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere.

The plot is a little complicated but you can see that the 400 ppm line and the 800 ppm line plot almost on top of each other.  If atmospheric concentrations of CO2 double form the current 400ppm to 800ppm we can expect to see less than 1 degree of warming.  This much warming will be beneficial.  Growing seasons will be extended and the higher CO2 concentrations will cause plants to grow much faster with less water.  Adding CO2 to the atmosphere will dramatically increase crop yields and will not cause any climate calamities.  Everyone involved with this farce knows that.


Newt Gingrich is absolutely correct.  Historians will look back at this period and wonder how we could be this stupid for this long.  How could we have not noticed the dual agendas at work?  We have the Champaign socialists using the fraudulent science to disguise theft and the die-hard idealists using it to usher in communism.

Much of the climate change movement is more concerned with advancing socialist economics than protecting the planet.

The science is clear and has been for decades.  CO2 is not a problem.  In fact we don’t have enough of it.  The charlatans know the science as well as anyone that is why they abandoned the science long ago and turned climate change in to an apocalyptic cult.

Untied from the shackles of scientific research, Climatology was free to make dramatic, apocalyptic declarations. The world was divided into true believers and the heretics, the dreaded climate skeptics.

This truly was a stroke of genius.  Once they have programmed their cult members no amount of actual evidence will cause them to change their beliefs.


There is no climate emergency but we do have a mental health crisis that we may not be able to solve.  How much more money and freedom are you willing to sacrifice to appease the mentally deranged cultists of the climate movement?  You better decide that soon because if you leave it up the cult the answer will be all of your money and all of your freedom.