The solution now is to burn it all down

A friend of mine wanted to start a company in a horribly over regulated industry.  He asked me for help and I agreed even though I have grown very tired of the government stupidity I would need to deal with.  The business is started and we have recently acquired some assets which places us inside the storm of stupid government regulations.  We are bombarded daily with the stupidity so much so my friend remarked to me this week that he has not had time to do anything productive.  He spends all of his time dealing with regulations.

That is the problem with government.  The stupidity is not just time consuming.  It is expensive and destructive.

The list of stupidity is long — expensive signs forbidding homeruns in a baseball diamond, planning to dig up the Eglinton right after it has undergone years of reconstruction, allowing hate-mongers to occupy public spaces, permitting druggies to coldcock firefighters with impunity …

Canadians are over-governed beyond any level of efficiency, or good judgment, and it is costing them dearly.

Highly trained professionals are not able to spend their time productively using skills that took years of training and experience to acquire.  Instead they spend their time trying to please a government bureaucracy staffed entirely by people who have never been productive in their lifetime.  This problem has been brewing for a very long time.  Canada is blessed with so many natural resources that the government stupidity was affordable.  The problem with government stupidity however, is that it will inevitably grow until it is unaffordable.

Canada is blessed by enviable geology and geography — immense natural resources and a friendly superpower next door — which Canadians too frequently take for granted. Because our border is safe and our population well off by world and historical standards, progressive politicians feel free to obsess about issues irrelevant or actually harmful to economic growth, jobs, affordability, a sound currency, security and national unity.

Since 2015, intrusive regulations have proliferated across the economy, imposing burdensome compliance costs that are particularly harmful to small and medium- sized enterprises. 

The election of Justin Trudeau in 2015 was not a turning point but an inflection point.  Canada has been on this path for a long time.  The stupidity just accelerated under Justin Trudeau because Justin Trudeau is capable of a level of stupidity previously considered impossible.  Sadly there is no end in sight.  When faced with a problem caused by government regulations like our housing crisis government bureaucrats can only think of one solution; more regulations.

Reid said he would like to see affordable housing mandated in planning,

I was at an event recently that was attended by several MLAs.  I was not expecting to encounter any politicians but looking back I should have been.  The event was a small part of a movement that is gather steam and movements attract politicians like shit attracts flies.  They all see the potential for votes if they can pretend to be part of it.  I spoke to 3 MLAs and I admit that I was not at my best because I had not expected to have an audience with 3 people who likely regretted stopping to talk to me.

My conversation with all three was that regulations are strangling us.  Government brings in new regulations only to solve problems caused by previous regulations.  A more simple and direct solution would be just to eliminate the existing problem causing regulation but that never happens.  To their credit they all listened respectively to my rants and then went on to explain how they were making things better with the new regulations they were currently working on.

They just don’t get it and they never will.  This has gone past the point that it can be fixed without tearing the entire system down ad restarting from scratch.

Time for a rethink of our over-governed lives. Or a revolution.

I could not agree more.