The truth still arrives by snail mail

“Falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it.”

Jonathan Swift wrote in The Examiner, Nov. 9, 1710

In 1710 Jonathan Swift noted how easy it was for a lie to spread.  That was before radio, TV, or the internet.  Now with those technologies lies spread instantly.  Before the first needle went in to the first arm everyone on earth knew that the jabs were safe and effective.  Except of course that they were neither.  For some reason the truth has not been able to take advantage of the information age.  It is stuck in the past only able to move as quickly as people will allow it.

3.5 years and millions of deaths later people still are reluctant to accept what a horribly bad Idea the jabs were.  For someone capable of critical thought this is quite frankly mystifying.  It was obvious from the beginning the jabs were unlikely to help and carried a substantial risk.  But obvious truths don’t seem to move any faster than any other truth.  People like lies.  They have a very hard time with the truth.

COVID was a prime example of this principle, but it is hardly the only one.  The Ukraine war is another.  In the first day of the invasion the whole world knew that Vladimir Putin was a madman bent on world domination.  Shortly after Russia invaded my brother-in-law was over for a beer.  He was quite concerned about nuclear war.  He asked me if I thought Putin would start a nuclear war and was startled by my answer.  I said no I was not concerned.  He asked why and my second answer startled him even more than the first.  I said because Putin is not insane.

My answer was not at all consistent with the lie my brother-in-law had already accepted.  The lie that was transmitted to him instantly as if on cue by the media.  He of course challenged me.  Lies are never challenged, just ask anyone trying to convince a climate alarmist they have been lied to.  But the truth is constantly challenged.  Thankfully the truth is always up to the task.

I gave my brother-in-law a short history lesson about how NATO has been interfering in the Ukraine trying to provoke conflict with Russia.  I ended my history lesson by stating that given the circumstances what Putin did was completely rational.  He is not a madman.  You may not agree with his decision, but it was rational, and he is therefore unlikely to start a nuclear war.

It has been 2.5 years since the invasion and that conversation, yet the truth really has not made any inroads.  When Nigel Farage dared to discuss how NATO orchestrated this conflict he was met with condemnation.  How dare he tell the truth in the face of a lie that has been accepted for 2.5 years.  There is a consensus that Putin is evil.  That makes it a scientific fact.  Right after the media told the world Putin was evil there was a show of hands and what do you know, Putin is evil.  It is just science.

Eventually people will come to the truth.  It is inevitable.  Lies are quick but have no stamina.  Our grandchildren will know that the government manipulated us about COVID and about the Ukraine war.  Unfortunately, when they finally accept this, I am sure the government will already be deceiving them with a whole different set of lies.  Some day with luck people will come to understand that the problem is not a virus, or a war.  The problem is politicians and government.  That might be the slowest moving truth of all.