The Abject Evil of Professional Politicians

Yesterday I discussed how Israel is rushing to vaccinate everyone even though it appears they have already reached herd immunity.  Then this morning, I found this plot on Ivor Cummins twitter account.

The Wales government tightened restrictions after the peak of the infection had already passed.  Wales and Israel are not the only ones to impose restrictions after they are no longer needed.  In previous posts I showed most Canadian Premiers also increased restrictions after the peak of the infections had already passed.  Here is Alberta again.

The evil Troll in Alberta enforced the second lockdown on December 13th (the red line).  This was 10 days after the infection had already peaked and was declining all on its own.

We can see this trend almost everywhere.  Shortly after the peak of the infection politicians rush to impose more stringent restrictions.  Once again I have to ask is this just stupidity or is it evil?  Is this just an under intelligent leader spurred to action by panic?  Or is it an evil leader trying to gain a political edge from a viral outbreak?

My money is on evil.  Once the infection peaks politicians have a very short window to act.  If they want to take credit for what Mother Nature is doing on her own, they must act.  They know that any restrictions they impose can be credited for the falling infections.  In Alberta, Dominatrix Deena does not miss a chance to take credit for falling infections.

Any politician that fails to act within this window runs a terrible risk.  You cannot let the public realize that infections will fall on their own.  They might question why there were any restrictions.  So Politicians are faced with a choice.  Act and spin nature as the result of successful government policy.  Or, wait and have all previous policies exposed as unnecessary.  This is not about a virus it is about political survival.

That is how cynical and evil these people are.  If they can gain political advantage by destroying lives they will.  They are not even deterred when their policies kill.  Their only concern is if something can be spun to their advantage.

One thing that has been made clear through this manufactured crisis is that civilization is on the brink.  This is not just a Canadian problem.  Professional politicians all over the globe are sacrificing their own people and economies for personal gain.  It does not get any more evil than that.


Israel is Issuing Vaccination Passports for a Vaccine they did not Need

Israel is one of the first countries in the world to use covid vaccination passports.  You cannot go to a bar, theatre, or gym without your green pass.

Israel announces Covid-19 lockdown easing for ‘vaccine passport’ holders — RT World News

I have to say that I am shocked.  Given their history I would have thought Jews would have been far more sensitive to this.  It has been 80 years since Jews were forced to participate in medical experiments.  It did not turn out well for them last time.  Now their own government is doing this to them.  Apparently the most severe symptom of Covid 1984 is a rapid and permanent loss of IQ.

The Israelis are able to implement Vaccination passports because they have been incredibly efficient at injecting people.  Below is a plot comparing Israel to other major countries.

Israel has been far more efficient at injecting people than any other country.  The speed at which Israel was able to inject people gives us some very interesting data.  See the plot below

I took this data from the Our World website.  Cases continued to climb until 4 weeks after starting their injection program.  Then daily new cases for both age groups over 60 (blue line) and Under 60 (green line) began to plummet.  Notice the fall in cases started the same week and the decline for both age groups is identical.

This is good right?  Doesn’t this show that the Vaccine is equally effective for all ages?  No it does not.  Once again the devil is in the details.  The same plot is reproduced below with some pertinent details.

Israel Injected people over 60 eight times faster than people under 60.  When the cases peaked and started to drop the week of January 16th only 1% of people over 60 had received both injections.  Effectively no one under 60 was injected yet cases peaked and fell just as fast as cases did for people over 60.  Also notice the drop in infections for people over 60.  It is a straight line.  The drop in infections did not accelerate as more and more people were vaccinated.

So does this mean the Injections are not effective?  Maybe but I don’t think so.  The injections did prevent infections in the trials so I don’t think you can say this proves they don’t work.  I think what this tells us is that most of the people who received the injections were already immune and did not need the gene therapy they were subjected to.

Every place that has done anti-body testing has found the same thing.  Far more people test positive for anti-bodies than ever tested positive for the virus.  Only 6.5% of Swedes have tested positive for the virus but more than 50% tested positive for anti-bodies.  8.4% of Israelis have tested positive for the virus; the majority are likely already immune.

The Israelis government is forcing their citizens to participate in an experiment.  Every day we learn about more harmful side effects of the experiment.  Unfortunately there is no quantifiable benefit.  This has been all pain for no gain.  The Israelis more than anyone should have known better.

Canadian Tire has a Lot of Explaining to do.

Until this morning I had a very favorable impression of Canadian Tire.  I have spent thousands if not 10s of thousands in Canadian Tire over the years.  I made another substantial purchase less than 1 week ago.  I was a very happy customer and then I saw this video.

When I first saw the video my response was very visceral.  I was seething with anger and I was going to demand that Canadian tire fire these employees.  Then I went outside to chop wood.  While I was chopping wood I realized I did not know the context around this video.  Many people have had their reputations smeared over things taken out of context and posted on the internet.

The person who posted this video says this was over a mask.  Unfortunately we do not see what preceded the confrontation so I can’t be certain this was over a mask.  I was, however, shocked to see that a Canadian Tire employee brings his own handcuffs to work.  Really what kind of neighborhood is this store in?  One thing that is certain is that Canadian tire has a lot of explaining to do.

If this really was over a mask then I will not spend another cent in Canadian tire until they do the following.

  1. Publicly apologize to this man.
  2. Fire everyone involved and their direct supervisors.
  3. Make a substantial donation to an organization paying the legal fees for people fighting Covid fines.

This shit really has to stop.  The government has ramped fear up to the point of irrationality.  If this maskless man really could spread covid why is it safe to wrestle with him?  Why did these employees feel that they had no other option other than assault this man?  Our governments are intentionally demonizing political opponents and turning neighbor against neighbor.

To distract from their own malfeasance governments have opened Pandora’s Box.  There is absolutely no way this can end well.  Unfortunately we have been to this movie before and the ending was horrifying.  2 weeks ago Gina Carano was fired for tweeting this.

All Gina did was point out that the Nazis did not start out marching Jews into the gas chambers and ovens.  They started by demonizing them.  They created an atmosphere in which attacking Jews on the street was acceptable.  4 Days ago the ultimate Soy Boy Jason Kenney went on national TV to tell us people who disagree with his covid policies are Nazis and racists.  Jason made it OK to attack maskless people.  Now we have people being attacked for shopping in Canadian Tire.  How long before we start rounding up dissenters and sending them to the showers?

Tyrants never Relinquish power.

On Saturday there was a lockdown protest in Edmonton.  The next morning every news channel was carrying stories of the terrible racists who dominated the protest.  Eventually even the evil Troll Jason Kenney chimed in.

After criticism, Premier Jason Kenney condemns racist elements at Edmonton torch rally | CBC News

I knew this story was likely a lie.  After all real racists are a very rare breed, any protest that they could dominate must have been small.  Also why were racists concerned about covid regulations?  Did they want the government to legislate that minorities must get covid?

Given how unlikely it was that the protest was full of racists I wondered what proof they had.  A charge of racism is very serious.  A serious accusation should come with serious evidence.  The media was very consistent on this point.  The protestors were obviously racist because some of them carried tiki torches.

I wish I could tell you I am joking but I cannot.  In Canada the media itself is the joke.  I no longer expect any serious analysis or honesty from the media or politicians.  Still I was curious why the media and government were so quick to pull the racism card.  This is a card usually played to distract from something the government does not want to talk about.  What the government wants to cover up is apparent after watching this video.


The government sent in the Edmonton brown shirts Police to disrupt a peaceful protest.  The police waded into the crowd to arrest one of the people scheduled to speak.  Could you imagine the shit storm we would see if they had arrested one of the speakers at a BLM rally?  The man they arrested broke no laws.  The only people breaking the law Saturday in Edmonton were members of the Edmonton police service.

Service is an odd word to use when describing these thugs.  Who exactly, were they serving?  Could it be Rachel Notley? Rachel wrote a letter urging the police to break heads.  Instead of telling her that they would not comply with an unlawful request, they showed up and busted heads.  Using the police to intimidate and assault protestors is the hallmark of left wing tyranny.  Jason Kenney let this happen.  Is there anyone who still wants to argue that Jason Kenney is not a left wing lunatic?  That he is not an ideological soulmate to Rachel Notley?

The evil troll desperately wants you to believe the protesters were racists.  No one gets upset when racists get treated roughly by police.  There is also no reason to listen to a racist who is upset that the government is violating rights for no good reason.  What happened Saturday was not motivated by racism.  It was just a tantrum from a soy boy drunk on his own power.  Tyrants like Jason always jealously protect and preserve their power.  Listen to this woman who explains it well.


Jason Kenney like most professional politicians has no marketable skills.  If he was in private enterprise he would bounce from one dead end job to the next and get ignored by everyone along the way.  I have no doubt Jason was picked last for every game in gym class.  Those scars are with him today and now covid enables him to exact revenge.  There is no way he will give that up.  On Saturday Jason crossed a line.  There is no way to back up from this.  It is not enough just to vote a tyrant out of office.  He has to face justice for his crimes.  But he would rather you chalk it all up to racism.

How Much are the Rights of Law Abiding Citizens Worth?

My brother sent me this video a few days ago.  The man in the video is Chris Sky.  He has become a prominent covid lockdown protestor.


Everything that Chris says in the video is correct.  Even the police grudgingly admitted that what they were doing was not legal.  That bears repeating.  Nothing the federal government is doing at airports is legal.

I have discussed the charter of rights before.  Canadians unfortunately do not have rights.  They have privileges that the government are allowed to suspend by declaring an emergency.  The emergency declaration is where the problem lays.  Airports are under the jurisdiction of the Federal government.  The Federal government has not declared a public welfare emergency and invoked the federal emergency act.  Therefore the government cannot suspend your privileges of freedom of movement.

Every time the Federal government detains someone in one of their “covid hotels” they are violating that person’s charter rights (privileges).  Remember when we paid this guy $10.5 million for violating his charter rights?

10.5 million, the government must have done something really bad to him right?  Absolutely the government was guilty of interviewing him without a guardian or a nap.  Omar Khadr is a piece of crap who went to the Middle East to kill people.  The Americans arrested him after he killed an army medic.  The medic was tending to wounded when Kahdr killed him.  Canadians had nothing to do with his arrest, detention, or conviction.

Canadian authorities did interview Kahdr at Guantanamo bay and shared what they learned with our American allies.  Since the interview took place in an American prison it is awfully foolish to believe the Americans were not listening anyway.  At no time was Kahdr’s guilt in question.   The interview changed nothing.  It had no influence on his conviction or sentence.  Omar Kahdr got $10.5 million because no one got his moms’ permission to interview him, in a foreign country, about MURDERS he had committed in another foreign country.

With this precedent in mind how much do you think we owe law abiding Canadian citizens illegally detained by Canadian authorities on Canadian soil?  I would start with the amount in Justin Trudeau’s trust fund.  Then we can move on to the assets of the Trudeau foundation.  After that WE charity assets are fair game.

It Takes Government to Make Windmills and Hospitals Deadly

I saw this article a few days ago.  Scientists have developed synthetic anti-bodies for covid 19.

The treatment was so promising in trials that the FDA has approved it for emergency use.  Add this to the rather long list of treatments for covid 19.  Covid 19 is proving to be the most treatable illness in history so why have so many died?  Government that’s why.  Governments love experimental so getting approval for synthetic antibodies is easy.  Getting approval for cheap solutions is quite hard.

Last spring the Canadian government threatened doctors who might be inclined to help people with inexpensive drugs.

Doctors face sanctions for prescribing unproven COVID-19 drugs to friends and family, regulators warn | CBC News

Just 3 weeks ago the CBC did their part to support their federal paymasters.  They published this article explaining how Ivermectin needs more study before doctors be allowed to use it.

Treatments for COVID-19: What works, doesn’t work, and is still being tested | CBC News

That will come as a surprise to these doctors.  They have compiled a comprehensive review of all the available Ivermectin studies.

The bottom line is that Ivermectin is highly effective at preventing high risk people from being infected.  After infection Ivermectin results in dramatically quicker recoveries and lower mortality.  Like any drug the earlier it is used the better but Ivermectin even improved outcomes in severely ill people.

Aside from the dramatic results there were 2 other things of interest in the paper.  Many of the studies were published in the summer; before the second season of Covid.  These studies are months old so why does the CBC and the Canadian government think it needs more study?  Why is Ivermectin still illegal for use against viral infections in The USA?  The second interesting point might answer those questions.

One of the case studies came from Peru where a local governor distributed Ivermectin.  Deaths in his district dropped dramatically compared to neighboring districts that were not using Ivermectin.  Why did the neighboring districts not follow his success?  Because it was illegal to use Ivermectin to treat Covid 19 in Peru.  The governor disguised his intentions by claiming the Ivermectin was to help deal with worms.  He had to lie or he would have been prosecuted for not killing people.

Governments do not mind killing people.  Death is often just collateral damage of their agenda.  As of Thursday, 34 people had died in Texas because of windmills.  No Engineer worth his salt would ever put a windmill on an electrical grid.  Windmills exist because governments force electrical system operators to accept them.  The pursuit of leftist objectives are often deadly.  Governments never face repercussions because their friends in the media provide cover for them.  The bodies in Texas had not even been buried before the first articles appeared explaining why you can’t blame windmills.  These articles are complete bullshit.  If the grid in Texas was 100% coal, gas, and nuclear this would not have happened.

Governments believe they know more than Engineers when it comes to power infrastructure.  They also believe they can treat patients better than doctors.  People in government believe they possess divine insight that makes them more capable than ordinary mortals.  Unfortunately the only thing governments are good at is killing.  How many covid patients would be alive today if government had just stayed the hell out of the way?

The Only Thing That is Certain About Covid is That We are not All In This Together

I read an article in the paper yesterday that should have every taxpayer upset.  When the federal and provincial governments issued stay at home orders only essential government workers were allowed to come to work.  Non-essential workers were expected to telecommute.  The government found that 39% of all employees were both non-essential and unable to work from home.  So 39% of government workers have been paid to stay at home and not work.

39% of government has not worked for months.  Did you notice?  This does not represent 100% of the non-essential workers just the ones who can’t work from home.  How can such a large percentage of government be non-essential?  If their activities are no essential why do those jobs exist?  Don’t elected representatives have a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers?  Obviously not.

To make things worse our governments have very strange ideas of who is and is not essential.  The health inspector in this story is somehow essential.

Why is it essential to rap on someone’s window and beg them to open so that they can be fined for opening?  People who lie to us in order to fine us are essential.  In government Lying is a very valuable skill set.  Taxpayers have paid the salaries of people who have lied about how

  • infectious the virus is
  • deadly the virus is
  • herd immunity is not possible
  • effective masks and lock downs are
  • Vaccines are the only option
  • experimental gene therapy is somehow a Vaccine

In the last 11 months the list of lies the government has told is virtually endless but there is one lie that is more egregious and divisive than all the others.

No one in government has lost a paycheck.  Many in government have enjoyed extended taxpayer funded vacations.  Politicians have illegally assumed powers they were never intended to have.  Billionaires have become wealthier.  The Pandemic has been highly beneficial to everyone in this group.  The Pandemic has been catastrophic for small business owners and service industry workers.

Generally service industry jobs are not high wage jobs.  These workers are at the bottom of the economic ladder.  The government forced unemployment on people who could least afford it.  They did this with the support of wealthier Canadians.  Wealthy Canadians could have taken responsibility for their own health.  Instead they demanded government force unemployment on people less fortunate than them.  The people at the top decided the people at the bottom are expendable.

Canadians like to think that they are compassionate.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Asking others to pay the price for your safety is incredibly selfish.  Do you think the unemployed feel solidarity with Canadians that forced it on them?  The biggest lie that the government may have ever told is that we are all in this together.

New Variants do not Change The Equation.

11 days ago I went out on a limb and called it over.  The data told me that we must be reaching herd immunity.  We are also exiting winter when seasonal viruses normally start to wane.  Now even the main stream media is starting to notice.

It is obvious from the new modeling released yesterday that Theresa Tam Does not read the Wall St. Journal.  I don’t find that surprising.  After seeing her perform for 11 months now, I sincerely doubt that she can read.  The most important thing I have learned from Theresa Tam and Deena Hinshaw is that you don’t have to be smart to be a doctor.  That really scares the shit out of me.

Yesterday the government of Canada published their new modelling.  The plot below is the model output.

Theresa Tam and her cohort of Idiots at health Canada simply will not let this go.  Notice how they believe that within days infections in Canada will skyrocket to levels unseen in any country due to the new variants.

Any competent Heath department would not release information that they did not understand and could not defend.  This is Canada though, history tells us that you cannot expect competence.  Canadians have an unblemished record of paying for far more then they receive.  Yesterday did nothing to change that sad fact.  The very first question Health Canada got from Michelle Rempel they could not answer.


Seriously this wasn’t even a difficult question.  It is like no one at health Canada has ever considered that vaccinating people might have an effect on how the virus spreads.

I don’t need to know the model inputs to know that this model is garbage.  My reasons are below.

  1. It comes from the Trudeau government.

Anything from this group that is not both idiotic and evil was released by accident.  They were all aware that the model results had been released so this level of stupidity was not accidental.  It had been worked on.

  1. We have been to this movie before.

The Models that health Canada release in the spring also showed run away infections.  Not only did that not happen, the models were wrong on the day they were released.

  1. Infections would be climbing right through the summer.

Coronaviruses are seasonal.  When summer arrives the level of infections will drop.  Any model that shows infections from a seasonal virus climbing in the summer is wrong.  I don’t need to run the numbers to know that.

  1. The model assumes that infections can be decreased with mitigation measures.

Of course that is the whole reason for running the model.  To convince us we must remain locked down or we are all going to die.  The problem is that there is no basis for this.  There is no evidence that any of the mitigation measures have worked.  The model is using a false assumption when it comes to mitigation measures so how accurately does it handle infections without mitigation measures?  If the assumptions about mitigation measures are not correct it means you do not understand how the virus transmits.  If you do not understand how the virus transmits you cannot model it.


So what is my evidence that mitigation measures don’t work?  Below is a comparison of South Dakota to Alberta.

Even though Jason Kenney denies it Alberta locked down again this winter.  Public gatherings were restricted on Nov 24th and businesses were closed on December 13th.  Prior to the closures, businesses and people were subject to a myriad of conflicting and ridiculous regulations.  South Dakota did nothing.  If I took the labels off the plot could you tell which was which?  Could you point out when every new rule was enacted?  It seems no rules gets the same results as stringent rules.

You could argue that on a per capita basis Alberta had fewer infections so their rules must have worked, but you would be wrong.  An infection does not travel from one population to another it travels from one person to another.  The key to the total number of infections is the number of active cases you have and the number of new infections that are caused by those active infections.

Lockdown proponents will tell you reducing interactions is key.  Each infected person will pass the virus on to fewer people.  If that is true then every new infection in South Dakota should lead to more future infections then in Alberta.  So did it?  No it did not.  See the plot below.

This plot starts July 1st for Alberta and June 4th for South Dakota.  I have done this to line up the peaks of each infection.  There is no difference between Alberta and South Dakota during any period.  The only real difference is that South Dakota did not kill anyone with lockdowns.

In the summer (the red line) both places averaged 1 new infection for every active infection.  Then as winter approached (the purple line) infections went up to 1.13 for South Dakota and 1.16 for Alberta.  So the rapid rise in infections in both jurisdictions was caused by only a small change in how many people an infected person subsequently infected.  After the infections peaked the number fell to 0.8 in both places.

An infected South Dakota resident went on to infect the same number of people as an infected Albertan.  The only thing that changed that number was the season not any ridiculous government regulation.  This only stands to reason.  Contrary to what the government tells you asymptomatic transmission is exceptionally rare.  Pre symptomatic transmission is also rare but possible.  People are pre-symptomatic for only a few days so not much transmission can be expected from pre-symptomatic people.  Once someone has symptoms they are very contagious.  Thankfully symptomatic people tend to stay at home without a government order.

No one with even an average IQ is shocked that restricting healthy people has no effect on a viral outbreak.  Average IQs must be very rare in government.  But what our government lacks in intelligence they make up for with cunning and dishonesty.  There is not much our government understands but they do know that frightened people don’t think straight.  The Canadian government is using the threat of new variants to scare the public in to accepting the permanent loss of their rights.

Right now some Canadians are too frightened to understand the ineffectiveness of the lockdowns makes the new variant discussion moot.  It does not matter how many new variants are out there or how deadly they might be.  We cannot prevent them from spreading.  The only thing we can do is develop treatments.  Doctors have already applied many effective treatments to the original virus.  There is nothing to indicate that these treatments won’t also work on the variants.  As long as the government stays out of the way we will be fine.  I realize that is a very, very big if.

Florida is Winning and Alberta is Losing

In March Florida Governor DeSantis followed the herd and locked down his state.  In the first few days of the lockdown Governor DeSantis suspected the people screaming the sky is falling were all lunatics and liars.  Governor DeSantis did something radical by the standards of modern politics; he sought out real experts.  These real experts confirmed that the people shouting loudest were truly lunatics and liars.  The real experts told Governor DeSantis that the lockdowns should be lifted.  In the face of staunch opposition, the Governor lifted the lockdown.

For 11 months governor DeSantis has been vilified by the press and the lunatic left.  Now something remarkable is happening.  People are starting to notice that he was right.  See the article below.

If you do not want to read about it, Ivor Cummins explained it on twitter.



These results are not at all surprising for anyone with common sense.  It is impossible to completely lock down a modern society without starving people.  If you let them go to wall mart you may as well let them go to work.  You cannot hide from an airborne virus.

Unfortunately, not many people in the media or government have any common sense.  Believe it or not this moron is an advisor to Joe Biden.


He is mystified that everyone in Florida is not dead.  He does admit that there is a lot he does not know about the virus.  You must hand it to him though, he does not let his ignorance hold him back.  He may not know anything about the virus, but he knows lockdowns are working.  I think the most important thing this man does not know is that he is an idiot.  That little nugget of ignorance makes him the most dangerous kind of idiot, one who thinks he is smart.  We have one of those running our country and it really has not worked out well.

We also have one of those deluded idiots running our province and his lack of intelligence is killing people.  Here are the weekly deaths in Alberta.

Up until week 40 (mid-October) everything was normal in Alberta.  We did not have any excess deaths in the first season of Covid.  Since then, things have not been normal.  We are now seeing excess deaths.  That is just covid though, right?  Well not really.  If I take the official Covid death tally and add it to the average I cannot account for all the deaths.  See the green line in the plot below.

Almost 40% of our excess deaths are not due to Covid.  We have discussed this before.  The covid restrictions are very detrimental to overall public health.  The longer the restrictions are in place the more deaths we will see.  It will not be long before the restrictions claim more lives than the virus.  At some point Jason and Deena must face criminal prosecution for what they have done.




Vaccine Passports are not Really Passports, Which is Fitting Because the Vaccines are not Really Vaccines Either

A few days ago, I discussed the SARS COV2 “vaccinations” again.  I pointed out that it is a lie to call these injections vaccinations.  They are not vaccinations they are experimental gene therapy.  In fact, these injections have only been approved for emergency experimental use.  Anyone who agrees to be injected needs to know that they are now part of the largest gene therapy experiment in history.

I am not willing to be part of this experiment because when it was performed on animals it went horribly wrong.  Unfortunately, there are empty headed Tyrants like Boris Johnson who want to force the vaccine on people like me.

First, I need to say as an Albertan I am very sympathetic to Britons right now.  Both of us rejoiced when we replaced an incompetent, destructive politician (Rachel Notley and Theresa May) with someone we believed to be a champion of freedom (Jason Kenney and Boris Johnson).  To our dismay both Albertans and Britons discovered the new guy was even more destructive than the old gal.

So, Boris wants proof of vaccination before you enter Britain.  Funny how these globalists have finally found a use for a border isn’t it?  I am not a member of the lunatic left, so I have no issue with border controls.  About a decade ago I travelled to Peru for work.  I had to bring records proving I had been Vaccinated for yellow fever.  I got my Vaccination without complaint.  I am not an antivaxxer.  I recognized that there was a very good reason to be vaccinated against yellow fever.  Here is what the Mayo clinic says about yellow fever.


Yellow fever results in death for 20% to 50% of those who develop severe disease. Complications during the toxic phase of a yellow fever infection include kidney and liver failure, jaundice, delirium, and coma.

People who survive the infection recover gradually over a period of several weeks to months, usually without significant organ damage. During this time a person may experience fatigue and jaundice. Other complications include secondary bacterial infections, such as pneumonia or blood infections.

50% of people who get yellow fever do not recover and the ones who do go through hell.  Compare that with Covid.  I am not young but even in my age group 99.7% recover and most do it without ever having symptoms.  We are comparing a very deadly apple to a harmless orange.

Still, it is Boris’s right to impose any border restrictions he wants right?  Yes, that is true.  If Boris says I cannot enter Britain without submitting to experimental Gene therapy, then I will not enter Britain.  That is still my choice.  The Problem is Boris is using deceptive language again.  A passport is a document you use to cross an international border.  These are not passports.

Boris has spoken openly about restricting rights of anyone who has not consented to be a lab rat.  You will not be able to work, go to the store, or travel around within the country.  Boris will do anything in his power to force this medical procedure on everyone.  Boris is doing an end run around consent.  The beatings will stop once you sign the paper in front of you.  Remind me again.  How many Nazis did we hang for experimenting on people without their consent?

The media tells us Canadians are clamoring for the vaccine and are very disappointed that the Prime Moron dropped the ball.  The more often the media repeats something the more likely it is to be a lie.  We get told this one daily, so I am going to put it in the lie column.  First, I doubt that in 2021 any Canadian still expects competence from our Prime Moron.  The monkeys they sent to space were more capable than Justin Trudeau.  All the monkeys had to do was sit still for the ride; Justin cannot even do that.  Second, we are starting to see diminishing demand for the injections elsewhere in the world.

There are a lot of people who still think these injections are simple vaccines so why all the pushbacks?  Maybe they are starting to ask the questions this guy asks.


There might be hope for humanity after all.