Moving on should be easier than this

People who cooperated with COVID tyranny want everyone to move on.  No one wants to discuss how they made it possible for the government to destroy the economy and lives with their compliance.  They want us to forgive and forget but we can’t because it is not over.

An Australian teenager has tragically passed away after a long fight with leukemia. The 17-year-old girl had been rejected for a potentially life-saving lung transplant because she had not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

With everything we know about the COVID jabs how can this keep happening?  This was murder and the only explanation given was that she had to die to protect other patients.

Her father claimed that a doctor had told them that by refusing to get vaccinated, she would be a “major threat to everyone [who was currently hospitalized] who had done the right thing” if she contracted COVID-19. 

COVID will never be over until all of the COVID tyrants are in prison and all of the COVIDiots are purged from our health care system.  How the hell can you complete medical school and believe that someone can spread a disease they do not have?  At what point in medical school do doctors learn that vaccines work only up until you encounter someone who is not vaccinated?

COVID ushered in the dumb ages.  In the dumb ages people are controlled by fear and fake science.  Anyone who did not succumb to fear was aware of that from day one.  Everything we were told to do was ridiculously unscientific.  Not a single thing we were forced to do could have possibly worked.  It was all designed to make things worse.

When governments began to implement restrictive measures because of the pandemic, they did so following WHO mandates. As we later learned, most of them were stupid, bogus, or counterproductive. Governments embraced them, severely curtailing the freedom of their citizens, and all we could do was ask, “When the hell did I vote for Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and Dr. Fauci to have so much power over my own life, over what I do in my neighborhood, over what my children do in school, or whether they go to school!”

This could never have happened without the support of the useful idiots.  The same useful idiots who now want us to move on while still enabling murder.  If you want us to move on the formula is easy.  Stop helping the government kill people and demand justice for the victims.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Great points Richard.
    The people who gave that girl a death sentence by denying a transplant deserve the gallows. And any doctor or nurse or administrator who was remotely involved in perpetuating the idiotic absurdities of jab mandates needs to be in prison and never be allowed to work in healthcare again. i would add the politicians, police, CEOs, and teachers. The trades will be busy for decades building prisons.

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