Liberals are always right, just ask them

There is a definite disconnect in the world that I don’t think will ever be solved.  At this point in our history there is no way to reach consensus on anything because the left will concede no ground.  According to the left even when they are wrong they are still right so presented with the same situation in the future they would repeat all of the same mistakes of the past.


According to that lunatic critical thinkers are only ever right by accident.  There is simply no way to analyze the data and come to a different conclusion than the experts even when the experts were horribly wrong.  We must never think for ourselves we must always trust the experts.

This guy is supposed to be a scientist himself yet somehow he is completely unaware of all of the times the scientific consensus was wrong.  At one time there was scientific consensus that

  • The sun revolved around the earth
  • Hysterectomies could be used to control emotional women
  • Lobotomies could cure mental illness

Consensus is not part of the scientific method and even if we choose to follow the experts, which experts do we follow?  There were plenty of experts warning against what we were doing.  Why didn’t we follow them?  According to Sam Harris we could not follow those experts because they had jumped to all the right conclusions for all the right reasons.  Instead according to Sam Harris the experts that we should follow are experts like Neil Ferguson who have an unblemished track record of being wrong every single time.

Neil Ferguson has never been right about anything in his life.  It is not just that he has been wrong it is that he has been spectacularly wrong.  No one should ever listen to Neil Ferguson about anything, yet the press continues to trot him out and present him as an expert.  We have discussed this before; the media loves fake experts like Neil Ferguson.  To the media an expert is someone who they can count on to make fantastic claims that fit their narrative.

We followed the consensus that politicians bought from dishonest and incompetent scientists like Neil Ferguson.  Government paid for these conclusions because they all led to the vaccines.  Or rather they all led to vaccine profits that were spread liberally among the government decision makers.

Unfortunately following the experts did not lead to just a confiscation of our wealth, we lost something far more valuable than wealth.  We lost our health.  The COVID vaccines are in fact the greatest crime in human history.  Since the advent of the jabs deaths and injuries have sky rocketed.  The numbers are simply getting to big to ignore and once we stop ignoring the problems anger will set in.


That “ridiculous” prediction of millions of deaths is absolutely correct.  Millions have died but the lunatic left like Sam Harris will never admit that they were wrong.  How can people co-exist when the left will not accept millions of deaths as proof that they were wrong?  The left is incapable of introspection or learning.  That means the next virus Fauci releases will provoke exactly the same response.  Millions of people will once again die unnecessarily.  And the left, once again won’t learn a damn thing.

Russia and China both know the West is all hat and no cattle

Volodymyr Zelensky made a brief stop in Canada this week and left with his usual bag of Canadian Taxpayer money.  The Canadian Media declines to say whether Trudeau took his usual cut before the money went in to the bag or if Zelensky wires him his share later.

It is a good thing for Zelensky that he can still count on Canada because the rest of the world is starting to change their position on unlimited handouts for the Ukraine.  Poland has just announced that the well is now dry.  There will be no more money for the Ukraine.

“Poland will no longer arm Ukraine to focus on its own defense,” Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced just hours after Warsaw summoned Ukraine’s ambassador related to a fresh war of words and spat over blocked grain, according to the AFP. Warsaw has throughout more than a year-and-a-half of the Ukraine-Russia war been Kiev’s staunchest and most outspoken supporter.

Reality always intrudes.  Poland has finally realized that they cannot produce weapons as fast as the Ukraine is using them.  NATO is a paper tiger.  High tech weapons are an advantage in short wars against poorly supplied enemies.  They are useless in a protracted conflict because they take too much time and money to replace.  Protracted conflicts are won by the side that is able to build the most stuff. The west used to be very good at building things until corrupt, under-intelligent politicians signed agreements to offshore the production of everything.

In 1942, Admiral Chester Nimitz fought on the Midway Islands with only three aircraft carriers at his disposal. Less than three years later, he commenced operations against the Marianas with 15 new, larger, and faster carriers to feed into the fight. China has built a defense industry capable of such rapid production—but today, the United States couldn’t pull it off.

Most NATO nations are slowly coming to the same realization as Poland.  If they continue to support Ukraine soon everyone will understand how incredibly weak we are all thanks to greedy and short sighted politicians.  There is not a politician in the world that wants to forgo the lucrative kickbacks but laundering money through the Ukraine is becoming too dangerous.  Many have decided it is time to take the money and run.

You did not need to be a genius to predict how this would end.  I warned in April that we cannot defeat Russia.

To win a protracted war you need 2 things, a strong manufacturing base and a strong military.  The west has neither.  The US did not win World War 2 because they had the best military.  They won because they were able to produce more bullets, bombs, planes, and tanks than the Nazis.  For every one that was destroyed they built 2 more.  Germany’s superior military had no chance.

And then I repeated those warnings again in July.

The west cannot win a war against Russia because China will not allow it.  Large conflicts are won by the side that can produce the most weapons and China can produce a staggering number of weapons.

We wasted billions on a lost cause and Politicians are bailing before the public finds out.  If the public finally realizes how vulnerable these greedy idiots have made us it won’t end well for the politicians.  God I hope to live to see that day.

COVID and Climate Tyranny go hand and hand

British politicians have passed legislation that criminalizes non-adherence to net zero policies.

In fact, under this new legislation, those who fail to adhere to energy consumption regulations could face imprisonment for up to a year and fines of up to £15,000.

However, there are very real concerns that these amendments could lead to the criminalisation of individuals who do not comply with the new energy rules.

To comply with net zero policies you must do expensive renovations to your home.  If you refuse you will be fined.  If you simply cannot afford the renovations you will be imprisoned.  There is progress for you.  Britain is bringing back debtors prison.  I suppose you could sell your house to pay the fine.  I am sure the government would gladly buy your home so that they can give it to an illegal migrant.  Why have illegal migrants sleeping on the streets when it could be citizens, right?

This has nothing to do with climate and everything to do with making you poor.  They really do want you living in a mud hut and growing your own vegetables.  But, they are prepared to be magnanimous about it.  You can choose poverty or prison.  They don’t care.  Either way you will be completely under their control.

Why, you might ask, is Britain doing this to homeowners?  The simple answer is because they can.  British citizens let their government run over them during COVID.  No one had the balls to stand up and say no and now the government thinks they can do anything.

It’s this pandemic-style shift in power dynamics – this time using the Climate rather than Covid – which is the source of worry for many.

Complying with Tyranny always gets you more tyranny.  It is just a mask until it because home confiscation.  When you give these leftist tyrants an inch you will find that inch moved you far closer to mass graves than you could ever have imagined.

My posts could be sparse for the next 3 weeks.  I am quite tied up with work and travel.  Thank you all for showing up and reading.


Words not said

I have done multiple posts on the fraudulent nature of main stream climate science.  Climate scientists fold, spindle, and mutilate data in ways that make politicians envious.  But their deceitful nature does not always come from torturing lies out of data.  Sometime what they don’t say is just as big a lie as what they do say.  Sins of omission are still sins after all.

What climate scientists never do is present a full balanced picture.  They rail on about climate change making wildfires worse without ever mentioning 80% of fires are caused by humans.

In an article for The Free Press, Brown likened the approach to the way ‘the press focus so intently on climate change as the root cause’ of wildfires, including the recent devastating fires in Hawaii. He pointed out research that said 80 percent of wildfires are ignited by humans.

Taxing Carbon to lessen the impact of wildfires is a very inefficient.  You would get far better bang for your buck by educating stupid people and imprisoning evil ones.  But even if you could stop people from lighting fires a carbon tax is still not your next best option.  Better forest management practices would have far more impact than taxes.

This leads to a second unspoken rule in writing a successful climate paper: The authors should ignore — or at least downplay — practical actions that can counter the impact of climate change.

Climate will always change.  Adaptation is always a cheaper option than grand polices designed to affect the weather.  But, adaptation is never discussed is it?  Neither are the enormous benefits of fossil fuels.  Our modern society was only made possible by fossil fuels.  It is childish to think that we can eliminate fossil fuels and still maintain our current standard of living.

If people were given the complete picture no one would vote to do what our governments are doing.  Fossil fuels provide far more benefit than harm and there are solid strategies to mitigate any downside.  Eliminating fossil fuels is a remarkably stupid policy that only survives because too many incomes depend on a one-sided analysis.

To put it bluntly, climate science has become less about understanding the complexities of the world and more about serving as a kind of Cassandra, urgently warning the public about the dangers of climate change. However understandable this instinct may be, it distorts a great deal of climate science research, misinforms the public, and most importantly, makes practical solutions more difficult to achieve.

Climate scientists know they are lying by omission.  They only publish climate porn because real science won’t get published and will torpedo careers.  It is easy to produce a scientific consensus on anything.  Pay people to say what you want and punish anyone who steps out of line.  Can you spell “safe and effective”?

Quarantining healthy people was stupid and dishonest

In the spring of 2020 the western world in unison locked down.  The excuse we were given was that hospitals must be protected.  If we did not slow down the transmission of the virus hospitals would be overrun.  A few less trusting souls like me asked the obvious question.  How does quarantining healthy people have any effect on viral transmission?  There were 2 answers to that question.  The first was shut up and obey you racist misogynist.  When we did not accept that answer the next answer we got was asymptomatic transmission.  Everyone must wear a mask and isolate at home because anyone could be Typhoid Mary.

This was of course a lie and they knew it.  Asymptomatic transmission has never been a problem with any other virus and contact tracing proved that COVID asymptomatic transmission is a myth.

The authors combined the data from 54 different studies which included almost 78,000 people.  The studies determined how often an infected person infected someone else in their household.  They found that.

  • Your spouse is 2.25 times as dangerous as your child.

  • Symptomatic people infect someone else in the house 18% of the time.

  • Asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people only infected someone else 0.7% of the time.

A similar study of pre-symptomatic transmission has recently been released.  This study did not trace to see if a pre-symptomatic person infected anyone else.  Instead they just compared the levels of viral shedding between pre-symptomatic and symptomatic people.  They found that pre-symptomatic people shed so little virus that pre-symptomatic transmission was unlikely.

The paper, published in the August issue of the journal The Lancet Microbe, found that infected people presymptomatically—that is before they developed symptoms—very rarely had the ability to infect others.

Taken together these 2 studies prove without a shadow of a doubt that it was all a lie.  Lockdowns, masks, and social distancing had little to no effect on viral transmission.  Placing restrictions on healthy people does nothing because healthy people do not spread the virus.  The only thing that needed to be done was to tell sick people to stay home, just as we have done in every cold and flu season prior to 2020.

None of this was about a virus.  It was all about eliminating rights and transferring wealth.  The people who did this are planning to do it again.  Do not succumb to fear again.  Do not let them place any restrictions on healthy people.

Climate fraud whack a mole

Dr. Willie Soon just published his paper showing how data homogenization was hiding the true cause of warming.  In a previous post I linked a video of Dr. Soon discussing his yet to be released paper.  Dr. Soon clearly points out in his presentation that data homogenization produces a warming trend that cannot be explained by sun activity. But, when homogenization is removed the warming is clearly caused by the sun and not greenhouse gases.  Essentially data homogenization is just a mathematical trick to justify using corrupted temperature data.

The release of the paper has caused quite a debate on twitter (or X if you prefer).  I weighed in on the debate pointing out that they know 90% of all temperature readings are corrupted by the Urban Heat Island effect.  The data should not be used but it is used because without it global warming is not that scary.  I made the comment that if only uncorrupted rural stations are used it shows little to no warming.  Within minutes an alarmist replied with this plot.

So it appears that I am wrong.  Don’t the rural stations show a lot of warming?  Actually, no they don’t, and I will tell you why.  Immediately I noticed a couple really odd things about this plot.  Below are the satellite temperatures from 1979.  According to satellites since 1979 the earth has warmed by about 0.6 degrees and the spike in 1998 due to a strong El Niño is roughly equivalent to the temperatures we see now.

Now let’s revisit the first plot.

According to this plot there has been a 0.5 degree increase since the 1998 El Nino and a 1.5 degree increase since 1979.  How can that be?  How does 0 become 0.5 and 0.6 become 1.5?  Well folks that is the magic of climate science.  If you don’t like the answer you get just adjust the data until you do.

I have shown this plot before.  The raw data shows no trend but the adjusted data shows a strong warming trend.  The plot my twitter friend was using for his gotcha moment is built from adjusted data.  To prove to me that I am wrong about corrupted data he sent me a plot composed completely of adjusted, corrupted, manufactured data.

That is the problem with trying to refute the climate lies.  Fraud is so widespread in climate science that there is always another completely fraudulent plot to fact check a different completely fraudulent plot.  It really is like playing whack a mole except that the number of fraudulent moles is almost infinite.

But why should it be a game of whack a mole at all?  Why is the burden of proof on the people who do not want to change anything?  Shouldn’t the burden of proof be on the people who want to destroy entire economies and make you poor?  And, when their proof turns out to be fraudulent, shouldn’t we stop listening to them?

Fraud is the underpinning of climate science.  We do not have an emergency.  We just have a few dishonest people making money and an army of useful idiots.  It is never a good idea to listen to con men or idiots.  Stop playing their stupid game.  Let’s move on from this fake government manufactured emergency and prepare for the next fake government manufactured emergency.

It is impossible to overestimate the evil that government is capable of

Officially 7 million people have died from COVID.  This number like everything else from government is a lie.  We know that many of these people died with COVID rather than from COVID.  Many more died of something far more deadly than COVID; government.

I was reminded of this again this morning when I found this article discussing a recently released study from Peru.  At the beginning of the pandemic, before the government blundered in and starting making medical decisions, Peruvian doctors were free to treat patients as they saw fit.  Some doctors were using Ivermectin while others were not.  Regions with high Ivermectin use had dramatically lower excess deaths than regions with low Ivermectin use.  Then when the government banned Ivermectin excess deaths soared.

Reductions in excess deaths over a period of 30 days after peak deaths averaged 74% in the 10 states with the most intensive IVM use. As determined across all 25 states, these reductions in excess deaths correlated closely with the extent of IVM use (p<0.002). During four months of IVM use in 2020, before a new president of Peru restricted its use, there was a 14-fold reduction in nationwide excess deaths and then a 13-fold increase in the two months following the restriction of IVM use. 

Multiple studies have shown this now.  Ivermectin is an effective treatment for COVID.  This should not have surprised anyone.  Studies were available that showed Ivermectin was effective against the first SARS virus.  The opening assumption should have been that Ivermectin would work for any future SARS virus.  Ivermectin should have been distributed immediately to every doctor in the country but the opposite happened.  Ivermectin was banned and even destroyed.

Doctors using Ivermectin report up to 100% success when Ivermectin is started early enough.  7 million people died of a disease that should not have killed anyone.  So what killed them then; COVID or the government?  Without government interference COVID would have been a serious but treatable seasonal flu.  No one would have noticed that we had an emergency because we would not have had an emergency.  Government caused the whole damn thing.

When COVID first started many people around me were quite alarmed.  I told them that I expected it would be a non-event.  After all, doctors and nurses are not stupid.  They will quickly figure out the best way to treat COVID and they did.  What I did not anticipate was that the government would intervene and force them to watch their patients die.

Anyone who reads this blog will understand I am no fan of government.  When government gets involved I tend to expect the worst but even I did not expect this.  If in 2019 you told me that over the next 4 years governments would collude to kill millions of people I would not have believed yet that is exactly what happened.  Governments forced doctors to kill millions with ventilators and Remdesivir.  Then they killed millions more with vaccine mandates and the worst part is they are getting away with it.  Our current crop of politicians are mass murderers and not a single one of them has gone to prison.

COVID was a completely manufactured emergency that resulted in millions of unnecessary deaths.  The people who created the COVID disaster are busy creating another by restricting farming and making energy unaffordable.  When will we finally say enough?  How many more people must die before we put these tyrants where they belong?

Justin wants to bring diversity to you

Justin Trudeau is in trouble politically.  He is losing ground to his main political rival, Pierre Poilievre.  Poilievre has been exploiting 2 of Trudeau’s manufactured crises with Great success; cost of living and the housing crisis.  Poilievre’s message is simple he will reduce cost of living by eliminating the carbon tax and get houses built by incentivizing municipalities to streamline approvals.

These simple promises resonate with Canadians so Trudeau needs to show movement to win people back.  There is no way anyone named Trudeau will ever lower taxes so that leaves only housing.  Trudeau must pretend to do something to solve this problem he caused by unrestricted immigration.  Prime Minister Dress-up is very good at pretending so he took his new cabinet on a retreat so that they could all pretend to solve the housing crisis over expensive wine and food.

The retreat is now over and Canadian’s do not need to worry.  The Trudeau liberals have the solution.  Apparently the only way to provide more housing in one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world is to increase housing density.

“We see densification, we see proper partnerships with municipalities across provinces as being essential to do that (build more housing). And we don’t think that the only solution is to build on protected lands,” he said on Wednesday.

What a novel solution.  They are going to do exactly what I said they would do 8 weeks ago.

The goal of the housing crisis is high density housing inside existing residential neighborhoods.

High Density housing will be the only solution offered because it moves Canada closer to the WEF New world order.  It destroys home equity (you will own nothing remember) and it forces diversification whether you want it or not.  The Trudeau liberals even admitted as much.  High density housing inside existing residential neighborhoods is not really about housing.  It is about diversification and equity.

Whitzman said this has kept large groups, such as communities of colour, immigrants and non-traditional families, from being homeowners, since many of them can’t afford single-family homes within those zones, or at all.

According to the Trudeau liberals densification is the only solution because using all of the vacant land in this large vacant country would require cars and cars are icky.

And when it comes to designing cities around cars, he was blunt: “We have got to get the car out (of urban planning).”

Plus with all the car thefts in your newly diversified neighborhood you won’t want to own a car anyway.  Which is good because the liberals plan to make them unaffordable anyway.

Liberal policies have priced a lot of Canadians out of the housing market and now Liberal policies seem poised to price them out of the vehicle market, too.

What do you think?  Are you willing to sacrifice your home equity on the diversity alter?  Justin is staking his political future on his assumption that you do.

A cure worse than the disease

2 more studies of vaccine side effects were recently published.  Both studies are bad news for the vaccines and the vaccinated.  The first study tried to determine how long spike proteins are produced.  It turns out that the spike protein produced from vaccination is not identical to the spike protein on the virus.  This means you can tell the difference between spike proteins hanging around after a natural infection and the vax spike.

Researchers used this knowledge to determine how long your body will produce spike proteins after vaccination.  The results were very concerning.

It turns out that only the people in the vaccinated subgroup were found to carry vaccine-derived spike protein. What is worse, vaccine spike protein was found as late as six months after the last dose.

Sadly, Covid vaccines do not come with an ‘off’ switch, and there is no way to stop this persistent spike protein production.

It looks like some people may produce spike proteins indefinitely.  This is incredibly bad because the spike protein is a toxin and your immune system might learn to ignore it.  People who continually produce spike may develop chronic lifelong health issues.

While worrisome these finding are really not all that surprising.  mRNA jabs are ridiculously complex solutions to what should have been a simple problem.  The way they work there is no way to control what happens.

Complex solutions have too many moving parts and therefore too many things that can go wrong.  As Dr. Yeadon points out, with these treatments there is no way to control which cells produce spike proteins, how much they will produce, or how long they will produce for. 

The COVID vaccines were an incredibly bad idea.  Injecting everyone with a substance when you have absolutely no control what happens after the needle pierces skin is criminal.  The odds that things would go wrong were just way too high.  No one should have taken the jab but billions did and now millions have been injured.  Sadly some of the injured have been children and that brings us to the second study.

The second study concerned itself with how the jabs affected immune response in children.  You can find the study here, but it is very difficult to read.  An easy explanation can be found here.  Basically the researchers drew blood from vaccinated volunteers and then introduced various pathogens to see how the blood would react.  Blood from vaccinated children displayed a suppressed immune response.  No one knows how long this suppressed immune response will persist.  This could be a permanent condition.  Vaccinated children may suffer with a poor immune system for the rest of their vax shortened lives.

Crimes against children are the most heinous of all crimes and the Jabs are a crime.  Not a single healthy child died of COVID therefore the jabs offered zero benefit to children yet they still carried significant risk.  The risk reward balance for children and young people in general is highly negative.  This was apparent to anyone who was not an imbecile long before the first child was jabbed.

Would it be ethical to sacrifice 50 young men to prolong the lives of seniors?  You might think it is heartless to say we are trading one life for another but that is exactly what we are doing.  Worse we are doing it without any guarantee it will save anyone.  What we are doing is no different than throwing people into the volcano to appease the COVID gods.

The COVID jabs have failed completely.  They failed to prevent a single COVID death while causing immense damage.  People have died and may continue to die for years from excessive spike proteins and damaged immunity.  It is hard to imagine a way we could have made things any worse than we have.

CTV throws a life preserver to Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau’s popularity is falling.  I would like to say that his popularity is in free fall but this is Canada and Canadians are just not that smart.  A politician as obviously unintelligent as Justin who praises Chinese communists would poll at less to 10% in any sane country.  In Canada however Justin always managed to get around 30% which under the right conditions is enough to win in a parliamentary system.  Justin has now fallen to mid-20% so he really has not lost much support.  Justin’s real problem is that his main opponent Pierre Poilievre has been rising.

Recently Justin tried to turn this around by capturing the sympathy vote.  He announced his separation from his wife which really was a nonevent.  Anyone paying attention would note they appear to have separated about 4 years ago.  His wife, Sophie, agreed to continue periodic appearances in return for still living in luxury on the taxpayer’s dime. Their separation was announced now because Justin thought it could be used to his advantage.   Justin tried to milk the sympathy vote by presenting himself as a single parent and using his children as political props.

None of this worked and the party is quickly losing patience with Justin.  He must turn this around quick so he needs something before the party jettisons him.  It appears that Justin has decided to pin his hopes on Universal Basic income (UBI).  I know this because CTV told me.

In Canada the media and in particular CTV serve the liberal party.  When the Liberals want to sell something stupid they turn to media who then often turn to another liberal ally, Canadian academics.  That brings us to this morning and this CTV article.  CTV was highlighting a new Canadian study “proving” that homelessness can be solved by simply giving people money.  Normal people understand what an enormously bad idea this is but according to CTV and academia we are all wrong.  Homeless people will not waste the money they did not earn.

“They did not spend more money on alcohol or drugs, contrary to what people believe, and instead they spent the money on rent, food, housing, transit, furniture, a used car, clothes. It’s entirely the opposite of what people think they’re going to do with the money.”

In fact, according to CTV and academia, this small application of UBI was so successful the program needs to be expanded even beyond Canada’s borders.

Now that the study is complete, the plan is to replicate it and expand it to other cities in Canada and the U.S.

I know you must be a shocked as me to find out that when you give drug addicts money they don’t spend it on drugs.  That is certainly what CTV wants you to believe but there is a slight problem with that conclusion.  The study did not include drug addicts or the mentally ill who make up most of the homeless population.

The study did not include people who are street-entrenched or who have serious addictions or mental health issues, Zhao noted, adding people who fit that criteria do not make up the majority of homeless people.

The gas lighting by Canadian academia continues.  They carefully selected their subjects to get the answer the liberals paid for.  I bet the researchers were just happy that for once they did not need to prostitute themselves for climate change.  The net result is however the same.  This is fraudulent research done solely to support a political candidate and ideology.

Trudeau is using the media to get Canadian’s accustomed to the idea of UBI before he announces it.  Canadians are about to get UBI not because it works or because we can afford it.  UBI is coming because a struggling corrupt politician is running out of options.