Liberals are always right, just ask them

There is a definite disconnect in the world that I don’t think will ever be solved.  At this point in our history there is no way to reach consensus on anything because the left will concede no ground.  According to the left even when they are wrong they are still right so presented with the same situation in the future they would repeat all of the same mistakes of the past.


According to that lunatic critical thinkers are only ever right by accident.  There is simply no way to analyze the data and come to a different conclusion than the experts even when the experts were horribly wrong.  We must never think for ourselves we must always trust the experts.

This guy is supposed to be a scientist himself yet somehow he is completely unaware of all of the times the scientific consensus was wrong.  At one time there was scientific consensus that

  • The sun revolved around the earth
  • Hysterectomies could be used to control emotional women
  • Lobotomies could cure mental illness

Consensus is not part of the scientific method and even if we choose to follow the experts, which experts do we follow?  There were plenty of experts warning against what we were doing.  Why didn’t we follow them?  According to Sam Harris we could not follow those experts because they had jumped to all the right conclusions for all the right reasons.  Instead according to Sam Harris the experts that we should follow are experts like Neil Ferguson who have an unblemished track record of being wrong every single time.

Neil Ferguson has never been right about anything in his life.  It is not just that he has been wrong it is that he has been spectacularly wrong.  No one should ever listen to Neil Ferguson about anything, yet the press continues to trot him out and present him as an expert.  We have discussed this before; the media loves fake experts like Neil Ferguson.  To the media an expert is someone who they can count on to make fantastic claims that fit their narrative.

We followed the consensus that politicians bought from dishonest and incompetent scientists like Neil Ferguson.  Government paid for these conclusions because they all led to the vaccines.  Or rather they all led to vaccine profits that were spread liberally among the government decision makers.

Unfortunately following the experts did not lead to just a confiscation of our wealth, we lost something far more valuable than wealth.  We lost our health.  The COVID vaccines are in fact the greatest crime in human history.  Since the advent of the jabs deaths and injuries have sky rocketed.  The numbers are simply getting to big to ignore and once we stop ignoring the problems anger will set in.


That “ridiculous” prediction of millions of deaths is absolutely correct.  Millions have died but the lunatic left like Sam Harris will never admit that they were wrong.  How can people co-exist when the left will not accept millions of deaths as proof that they were wrong?  The left is incapable of introspection or learning.  That means the next virus Fauci releases will provoke exactly the same response.  Millions of people will once again die unnecessarily.  And the left, once again won’t learn a damn thing.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Sam Harris styles himself as one of the smartest intellectuals on the planet. He is the quintessential leftist in that he pedals in fantastical ideas and not facts or reality.

  2. Erica
    Erica says:

    This is so frustrating because there was grounds for believing ivermectin could save lives, because REAL DOCTORS were doing so! Not wanting the vaccine is such a reasonable, intelligent position and this guy paints it as intellectually flawed, meanwhile his reasoning is bonkers ! I met a guy at a campsite who was in his 70s and clearly an old hippie, aka a REAL liberal, and his younger wife made him move out for awhile because he wouldn’t take the shot….another older hippie type I met recently said, follow the money, question authority…maybe we need the current definition of liberal to mean “illogical, obedient follower of government and corporations”

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