More media hijinks, Could this all just be about US politics?

I was reading the newspaper on Sunday.  There were 5 pages dedicated to covid 19.  The lead editorial lamented that we were in a second wave because people were ignoring health regulations.  Another Column went to Neil Ferguson for comment on the increasing cases in the UK.  I don’t know why I keep hoping to pick up the paper and read an article written by an honest reporter with an IQ over 80.  I have been reading newspapers for more than 40 years now and it has not happened so my hope seems a little ridiculous.  It also seems ridiculous to continue to address the lies the media tells but I can’t let them get away with these 3 blatant lies.

The media is in love with the idea of a second wave; they talk about it a lot.  Someone should remind them in order to have a second wave you must have a first wave.  As we have already discussed the only week this year where Alberta had deaths outside the range of normal is the week when we had far fewer deaths than normal.  You cannot argue that we had a first wave and the thought that what we are seeing now is a second wave is laughable.  Alberta has had 2 covid related death in the last 15 days so 0.2% of all deaths during that period are covid related.  On Friday we had 44 people in hospital with covid so 0.001% of Albertans were hospitalized with Covid.  It is not much of a wave that does not affect 99.999% of people; it isn’t even a ripple.

As for ignoring regulations that is an easy claim to make but is it too much to ask for some hard data to back that up?  I do not have any data to show one way or another, but my own personal observations are that Albertans are cowering in Fear and going beyond the regulations.  I was In Worsley and Dawson Creek last week.  It was refreshing to see so many people not wearing masks.  I came back to Cochrane and went to the Grocery store on Saturday.  I was in the store for 10 minutes until I saw another person not wearing a mask; at least 70% of the people in the store were wearing masks.  The Cochrane city council has passed a resolution that if Cochrane gets to 10 active cases masks would be made mandatory.  There were so many people wearing masks that I thought we had passed the magical mark of 10 cases while I was away and that masks were now mandatory.  When I got home, I checked the city website.  Cochrane has 1 active covid case.  70% of people in Cochrane are wearing masks because they are deathly afraid that they might run in to that 1 person.  I have not seen any evidence that people are ignoring rules.  I have seen plenty of evidence of mass hysteria.

We have discussed Neil Ferguson before.  He was the moron with the enormously wrong computer model that started all this nonsense in the first place.  Neil Ferguson has never been right about anything in his life.  It is not just that he has been wrong it is that he has been spectacularly wrong.  No one should ever listen to Neil Ferguson about anything, yet the press continues to trot him out and present him as an expert.  We have discussed this before; the media loves fake experts like Neil Ferguson.  To the media an expert is someone who they can count on to make fantastic claims that fit their narrative.

The media is going to be dishonest, that is a given.  Governments are also dishonest, but they do have to face the voters eventually and economic conditions tend to dominate elections especially when the economy is bad.  Governments presiding over poor economies traditionally have trouble holding on to power.  So why have governments persisted in the lie for so long?  At first, I thought it was that they overreacted and could not figure out a way to back out and save face.  That explanation works for weeks but not months.  Either these governments actually believe we have a problem or there is an ulterior motive.  I don’t doubt that most of them are stupid enough to believe we have a problem.  If so, they are plainly too stupid to hold public office.  You get the government you deserve; we voted for these morons.  I hate to don the tin foil hat, but it is hard to believe that they are all as stupid as they appear.  Some of them must know this has been over since May.  That leaves us with ulterior motives.

We have discussed that many of the politicians are basking in the glow of public adoration over their tough stance and might be reluctant to declare the honeymoon over.  Still they must know that we can’t do this forever.  If they are popular now just think how popular they would be if they could claim they took harsh action to protect the public and then led them back out of lockdown to economic health.  So why are none of them doing it?  Why is Jason Kenney persisting when Albertan’s, despite their compliance, are clearly tired of his policies?  Ending this would be ridiculously easy.  All you would have to do is hold a press conference and discuss that the new tests are far too sensitive and are not providing useful data.  You could tell people you are now going to track not only total positives but also the number of positives that make the threshold of potentially contagious.  After a week or 2 the public would see how ridiculously low that number is, and you could come out and declare victory.  You could tout that all the restrictions have served their purpose and now we can move forward with removing restrictions.  Within a couple weeks we could be back to normal and you would look like a hero.  Why hasn’t anyone done this?

In the US the answer is obvious.  They need Covid to defeat Donald Trump.  But we don’t have to defeat Donald Trump, do we?  Well that depends on whether you are a globalist or not.  Globalists all over the world hate Donald Trump because Donald Trump still insists on respecting national borders.  Globalists like Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel do not believe in Borders.  They believe that every decision should reflect what is good for the global community.  Donald Trump stubbornly insists on putting the well-being of Americans first.  Contrast that with our Prime Moron who spent his first 100 days in office borrowing billions of dollars that he spent outside of Canada.  For his first 3 months in office he completely ignored Canadians.  Our Prime Moron does not believe his Job description includes considering the needs of Canadians.  He is quite content to arrest Canadians for ignoring covid regulations while laying out the welcome mat for 3,821 people who have entered Canada illegally during the lockdown.  Why weren’t those people arrested?  Weren’t they breaking the same covid rules that Canadians were arrested for?  To the Prime Moron, Canadians are just the people who must pay for all the good he wants to do in the rest of the world.  Trump is America first everyone else second.  This makes Donald Trump a real problem for the globalist leaders in the rest of the western world.  Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord and there is no way he will go along with the great global rest they have been planning.  The US is the most powerful country in the world.  None of these crack pot ideas can be implemented if The US does not participate.

Would politicians in the western world continue to destroy their own citizens lives just to help get rid of Donald Trump?  Most of these leaders have already shown great disdain for their own populations.  It is not just Canadian politicians who instruct police to body slam citizens that won’t wear masks while they spend tax money on millions of people who enter their countries illegally.  Their laws are applied harshly to their own citizens and are suspended when dealing with foreign nationals.  20 years ago, that would have been an outlandish idea but 20 years ago these globalists did not hold power.  Now this selective enforcement of laws and tyranny against your own citizenry is a daily occurrence.  Consider this, one of the rant team members told me his daughter in University got a letter from the dean explaining that the covid restrictions are only for the next 2 months.  In March we were told restrictions were needed for 2 weeks and somehow, they became permanent so how is the Dean so confident that it will be over in 2 months?  Quite a coincidence that it lines up with the US election, right?  I am beginning to believe this whole thing is about nothing other than the left’s irrational hatred of Donald Trump.  If we had not surrendered completely to the left in Canada, we would not be wearing veils masks right now.