Enjoy your summer road trip

One week ago, I posted about the phony climate change consensus.  It is true that most scientists agree that increasing greenhouse gases will cause warming.  It is not true that they agree about how much warming.  The “science” is far from settled.  The estimates of future warming range from negligible to extreme.  Our governments only every discuss the extreme warming scenarios even though the extreme warming scenarios are completely unsupported by the data.

Dr.  Willie Soon recently published a paper showing that green house gas warming since 1850 is negligible.  It can’t even be seen in the data.  This is exactly what we should have expected if the overall impact of greenhouse gas warming is far smaller than we think or if there is strong negative feedback.  Nobel laureate John Clauser believes the feed backs are negative and by his calculation green house gases have warmed the planet very little since the end of the little ice age.

An analysis of negative feedbacks implies that the 50% increase in CO2 from pre-industrial times (280 ppm) to the current level (420 ppm) is plausibly the cause of only about 0.15°C of global warming.

His calculations are consistent with the actual results that Dr. Soon found in the unadulterated data.  There has been less than ¼ of the warming predicted by Schwarzschild.  That indicates future warming will also be very small and largely beneficial.

A warm planet is better for humans than a cold planet and warming the planet is not the only benefit we will receive.  CO2 is plant food.  Increasing concentrations will dramatically increase crop yields.  Anyone who says we must reduce CO2 to save farming is either a liar or an idiot.  Higher CO2 concentrations will be a boon for farming.  There is simply no downside to higher CO2 concentrations.

Increased CO₂ emissions, similarly, are beneficial rather than harmful. As some of the world’s greatest physicists, including Princeton’s William Happer and MIT’s Richard Lindzen, wrote in February 2017, the CO₂ that each of us exhales with every breath “is not a pollutant.” In a March 2023 statement, Nobel Prize–winning physicist John Clauser put it more emphatically: “Increasing CO₂ concentrations will benefit the world.”

Science, I mean the real science not the lies governments dress up as science, is clear.  We have no climate emergency.  We will have no climate emergency.  The earth is currently in a CO2 famine and more will be highly beneficial.  Go ahead and take your summer road trip.  Despite the moronic outbreak by Mark Holland, rest assured you will be helping, not hurting.


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