Why did it take so long to acknowledge the obvious?

I doubt Anthony Fauci’s testimony before congress will result in prosecutions.  In the US as in Canada laws are applied selectively.  People with left leaning politics or friends in high places do not get prosecuted.  Fauci will never pay for the deaths he caused, and neither will his political masters.

The only good thing that has happened because of Fauci’s tearful testimony is that we are finally talking about things we should have been discussing years ago like the origin of the virus.

“Not a single infected animal has ever been confirmed at the market or in its supply chain,” she adds. “Without good evidence that the pandemic started at the Huanan Seafood Market, the fact that the virus emerged in Wuhan points squarely at its unique SARS-like virus laboratory.”

Anthony Fauci was not following science with any of his ridiculous mitigation measures.  COVID was one of the most ridiculously unscientific periods in our history.  A time I like to call the dumb ages.  Leading up to the dumb ages the only science anyone used was the science employed to build the virus in the first place.  That science was denied repeatedly by Fauci even though the evidence has always indicated a lab origin.  That is why I wrote this 3 years ago.

Why I believe the virus is man-made.

The prevailing narrative was the virus jumped from bats to humans in the wet market.  There was just too much evidence that did not fit.

  • Not all of the original cases could be traced to the wet market.
  • Researchers found this virus had features not found in other coronaviruses.
  • There was a lab that experimented with Viruses only blocks away from the outbreak.
  • The virus is oddly selective. It affects almost no one other than seniors.  I will discuss this more later.
  • The bats that carry this virus are not native to the area. People tend to eat locally.  There is a reason why Albertans eat more beef than fish.  We have lots of beef and no fish.  Even though Sea food can be flown in, culturally we are accustomed to beef.  This is common most places I suspect.  In Uzbekistan they eat lamb, in Kazakhstan they eat horse.

Getting rid of Trump was fabulously good fortune for the Chinese.  Replacing Trump with Biden and Harris is impossibly good luck.  So impossible that it is hard to believe it happened by chance.

We need to accept then that an intentional release makes as much sense as an accident.  How do we tell which it was?   In my mind these are the things that point to this being intentional.

3 years ago, it was also clear to me that the virus was not natural, and this was no accident.  This virus was released on purpose at least twice.  The first time was in the fall of 2019.  This release was necessary to allow the virus time to spread so that, after the second release, testing would find it everywhere.  It would look like it was spreading like wildfire.  The second release late December was used to kick off the plan.  It was COVID’s coming out party so to speak.

People may not be ready to accept that releasing the virus was part of a larger plan but, In time, they will.  I just hope that acceptance comes before they do this all again.

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