What is infinitely more dangerous than the SARS COV2 virus?

A friend who is part of a texting group sent me this to the group a few days ago.

My first reaction was that COVID only caused 83 more deaths in 2020 than what Israel saw in 2019 but vaccines caused almost 6000 extra deaths in 2021 and 2022.  I commented to the group that the Vaccines were way more deadly than the virus.  Another member of the group did the math and found the vaccines were 72 times more dangerous than the virus.

I stewed about these numbers for a few days and realized that the simple numbers don’t tell the real story.  The population of most countries goes up each year so is 83 more deaths in 7 months even significant compared to the population increase?  I looked up the population of Israel and did the math to show deaths per million people.  This is what I got.

My suspicions were correct; 83 deaths were not significant.  In fact you can’t even see the pandemic in the numbers.  Deaths for the first 7 months in 2020 were lower than the previous 3 year average.  This actually is not that surprising.  The only countries that had abnormally high deaths in 2020 were countries like America and Britain where politicians went out of their way to kill seniors.

Israel like most other countries did not really have a problem.  If the media had not been so dishonest no one would have even known there was a Pandemic in 2020.  In most countries 2020 was nothing more than a bad flu year.  In Israel it was not even that.  You cannot make a case that COVID killed anyone from this data.

So let’s think about that math for a minute.  Based on Population Excess deaths due to COVID are Zero; combined 2021/2021 excess deaths due to the vaccines are 4,122.  Any number divided by zero is infinity.  Israelis data proves the vaccines are infinitely more dangerous than the virus.  Think about that this winter when the government mandates boosters.

A Chiken or Egg type Question

I can never quite make up my mind when I try to answer a very important question.  Is the lowest form of life on earth politicians or journalists?  Politicians are apt to do very disgusting things that ruin or even end lives.  That is a very powerful argument for choosing politicians as the lowest form of life on earth but then I must consider that politicians could not do this much harm without help from journalists.  So who is worse the killer or the enabler?

If the last 2.5 years have taught us anything it is that politicians love forced vaccinations and lockdowns.  We are told this is for our benefit but politicians only do things that benefit themselves.  Forced vaccinations and lockdowns are a huge benefit to politicians.

Governing is easy when you can stifle dissent and citizens willingly give up their rights.  The combination of digital IDs, Social credit scores, and forced vaccinations are perfect for eliminating dissenting voices.  When you show up for mandatory vaccinations with a perpetually low social credit score, what vial do you think your shot will come from?

But we would never give up our rights would we?  Yes of course we would, in fact we did repeatedly.  The only purpose of a lockdown is to condition us to accept there are times the government must intrude on our rights.  As far as government is concern the time to intrude on our rights is all the time.

Mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns are highly effective, modern day tools of government oppression.  Most people do not recognize them as such because the government uses their friends in the media to promote vaccinations and lockdowns.  There is no evidence COVID vaccinations have saved a single life or that lockdowns prevented a single infection.  If the media simply reported the truth government would not be able to use these 2 weapons against us; but that is not what happens, is it?

The media is in lockstep with the government so they produce propaganda to lull us in to acceptance.  The government wants forced vaccinations and lockdowns so the media’s job is to convince us to go along.  What results are “news” articles containing laughably twisted logic.  Last month CTV made the case for mandatory vaccinations.  The “journalist” admits that the most recent COVID variants are not that lethal but concludes we should still get vaccinated anyway.


But the next omicron subvariant, and the next pandemic, will inevitably come. New vaccine approaches might make us better prepared.


How can we possibly get vaccinated for a virus that does not yet exist?  Are we supposed to ask Fauci what he has the lab working on and start preparing a vaccine like we did last time?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just get rid of Fauci?

Vaccinating for a virus that does not exist is bizarre logic but it can’t top this report making the case for Monkey Pox lockdowns.  The article does not mention lockdowns of course.  We are in the preliminary stages of the Monkey Pox farce so the task right now is to convince us that Monkey Pox transmits asymptomatically.  You know like they did with COVID.  If everyone is a potential carrier then we need to lockdown everyone.

This article might be the most ridiculous thing a “journalist” has ever written.  I shit you not this is lifted directly from the article.


The California patient had virus in his throat, but no respiratory symptoms, and in his rectum, but without pain or pox. The case underscores other research suggesting that the virus may be spread even by people with atypical or asymptomatic infections, said Dr. Abraar Karan, who diagnosed the patient and published a recent case report.


So somehow the virus got in to a gay man’s throat and rectum.  This is obviously a case of asymptomatic transfer.  He must have been infected by brushing past someone on the street.  Although I suspect the actual encounter was somewhat longer and intimate than that.  In 2022, however, it is still possible the encounter was on the street, in plain view.

I have come to the conclusion that is a tie.  Politicians and Journalists are morally equivalent.  That is likely what so many politicians become journalists and vice versa.  Our society would be better off without either of them.

Pfizer admits that the FDA knew the vaccine trials were Fraudulent.

Apparently Moderna is suing Pfizer over patent infringement.  This is a more than a little ironic since Moderna got around Robert Malone’s mRNA patent by changing one chemical that may have made the shots more dangerous.  Pfizer’s crime (in this case) was not being as good at patent infringement as Moderna.

When I saw this article I was surprised to find out someone could sue Pfizer after the government granted them legal immunity.  I was even more surprised this morning when I discovered this is not the only lawsuit Pfizer is facing over the vax.  It turns out, in the US, you cannot sue Pfizer for causing injuries but you can sue them if they received a government contract through corruption.  The plaintiffs allege the contracts are corrupt because the Pfizer vaccine trials were fraudulent.

Have you heard about this lawsuit in the news?  I certainly haven’t.  You would think that journalists would be very interested in allegations of government corruption but as with all things COVID the media is quite blind.  The suit has been going on long enough that the plaintiffs are already addressing Pfizer’s response to the original complaint.

Pfizer’s (the respondent) defense is brazen.  Pfizer admits that the vaccine trials were fraudulent but that there was no corruption because the government knew the trials were fraudulent and signed the contracts anyway.

Respondents seek dismissal without discovery, amendment, or trial. Their fundamental premise: even if honestly reported data showed their product caused more illness than it cured, inflicted more injury than it prevented, and took more lives than it saved, America’s military would still have given them billions of dollars and mandated it be injected into America’s military. Respondents claim fraudulent certifications, false statements, doctored data, contaminated clinical trials, and firing of whistleblowers can be ignored based on the theory that they contracted their way around the fraud.

So the contracts are not corrupt if the government is aware of, and participates in the corruption.  Doesn’t this apply to just about everything government does?  Pfizer needs the Epstein lawyer turned judge who signed the Mar-a-Lago search warrant, to win with this argument.


Criminals should be punished not given Pensions

Anthony Fauci announced his retirement last week.  I have not said anything about it until now partly because I could not capture the moment any better than Tucker Carlson did.


The media and a bunch of screeching Karens made this evil little man a star and he spent 2.5 years bathing in all the admiration.  Regular readers of my blog know I am no fan of Anthony Fauci and find his deification by the media to be disgusting.  To be blunt, Anthony Fauci is a serial killer.

Anthony Fauci used two weapons to kill.  The first was the virus, the second was lies.  By now I think most people accept that the virus was manmade.  Soon people will also come to accept that the release was not accidental.  This virus was released intentionally as part of the great reset and the virus would never have existed if it was not for Anthony Fauci.  Fauci used government money disguised as research grants to pay the people who engineered and released the virus.

COVID 19 is the largest murder for hire scheme in history but Fauci was not finished.  He used his second weapon of lies to enhance the body count.  From day one I knew this evil little man was lying and that his lies would kill people.

Fauci lied about asymptomatic transmission and about the virus being a close contact virus.  Politicians used these two lies to implement lockdowns that most certainly killed people.  But lies about how the virus spreads were not the most deadly lies he told.  Anthony lied, and continues to lie about the best way to treat the virus.  Fauci promoted Remdesivir, an expensive drug that has not worked for anything and causes organ failure.  Fauci did not miss a chance to down play Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.  Doctors that ignored Fauci’s advice used both of those drugs to lower COVID deaths by 85%.

6.5 million died from a virus that Anthony Fauci released and 85% of them would be alive today if he had not lied about Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.  Anthony Fauci is not a saint.  He should not be able to ride off in to the sunset with a pension.  Chucking him across the Potomac is not a fitting punishment for his crimes.  Even prison is too good for him.

The Great Reset is just one more thing that is our Fault

Do you find it curious that every western government now does the same thing at the same time?  I certainly do but the media is very quick to tell me that it is all just one big coincidence.  The CBC, Canada’s version of Pravda, just wrote this article to make sure Canadian’s understand that Justin Trudeau’s Fertilizer ban has nothing to do with the Netherland’s fertilizer ban.

The Netherlands banned fertilizer as part of their climate change commitments made to an unelected group of bureaucrats.  That is completely different from the situation in Canada where Canada is banning fertilizer to meet their climate change commitments made to the same unelected group of bureaucrats.  Obviously these are unrelated independent decisions.

The policy coordination between nations is part of the great reset.  The great reset is not a conspiracy theory it a very real.  How do I know that?  I could look at all the data and draw the only logical conclusion, or I can just listen to what our political “elite” proudly boast about.


She isn’t really trying to hide anything is she?  She is obviously too busy developing rules for everything to bother trying to convince us the great reset is a conspiracy theory.  No explanation of why we need all these new rules is offered but I can hazard a guess.  The new rules are needed to deprive us of any material comforts or rights.  As Emanuel Macron explains we just need to accept that we will have less of everything.


So we must sacrifice freedom to defend freedom.  Notice how definitive his statement is.  This is the end of era of abundance.  As far as Macron is concerned you will never get back what you have lost.  Politicians are ushering in an era of permanent scarcity.

COVID, Climate change, the war in the Ukraine; none of these are separate events.  They are all tools for bringing about the great reset.  Politicians are preparing to reboot the earth.  They are going to shut everything down and then only restart the pieces that benefit them.  This is all being done to cover up the fact that the system they control is collapsing.  Most people don’t realize that this is not a new problem.  This fire was lit in 1971.  The plot below is Total Canadian government debt with time.

Canada was founded in 1867 for the first 50 years the government found a way to pave roads and run post offices without running deficits; our debt was essentially zero.  Even after 2 world wars Public debt was manageably low.  Then in 1971 that all changed.  Our debt has been ballooning out of control ever since.  It is tempting to blame this all on our first Trudeau mistake, who was prime minister at the time, except that this did not just happen in Canada.  The entire western world lost all fiscal sanity in 1971.

So what is so special about 1971?  1971 is the first year baby boomers became old enough to vote.  Baby boomers are the most self-centered generation the world may have ever seen.  They wanted everything, they wanted it now, and they wanted the government to pay for it without raising taxes.  This was a game that the sociopaths in government were only too happy to play.  Every election candidates promised to spend even more and every election the boomers voted for the person promising to spend the most.

Governments can get away with this level of spending for a very long time but not indefinitely.  Sooner or later they either need to pay the debt or cancel it.  Governments have chosen to cancel the debt but they know the optics of that are terrible.  The best way to cancel the debt without being seen cancelling the debt is to crash the entire system.  A great way to crash the system is to shut down all business and print money until it is worthless.

The economic destruction from the COVID lockdowns was not an unintended consequence, it was the desired end result.  COVID lockdowns were meant to push the economy to the brink of collapse.  Then when digital currency arrives to replace the now worthless paper currency no one will object.

Digital currency is necessary for government to exert tighter control over the new economy that rises from the ashes of the old one.  Macron was quite clear the economy after the reset will be much smaller than the one we have now.  All of the money will be concentrated in the hands of very few people.  The rest of us will own nothing and be happy.  Well maybe not happy, but certainly unable to speak out about it.

This is a return to feudalism where royalty owned everything including the serf.  One thing students of history will understand is that under feudalism there is no democracy.  Our new reset society will not be democratic.  We will lose the power to abuse the public purse which is what got us here in the first place.  In our new downsized economy the royalty will allow us only enough to survive and serve them.

We did this to ourselves.  Lazy greed got us here and it was completely predictable.  In fact Alexander Fraser Tytler did predict it more than 200 years ago.

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.”
― Alexander Fraser Tytler 1747-1813

Of course this does not need to happen.  We can stand up and say no.  We can throw out the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, cancel the debt, and start over.  This is entirely possible but would require voters to exhibit discipline that we have not had since the dawn of the boomers.

We have a choice to make.  We can start acting like adults and take control of our lives or we can continue to act like children suckling at the teat of government.



Intelligence only matters if you are willing to use it

A friend sent me this video a couple days ago.


I have discussed this phenomena of willful blindness many times before.  People, even smart people, often refuse to acknowledge what is right in front of them.  In a recent newsletter Steve Kirsch relates his own experience with willful blindness.  He has a friend that he describes as super smart.  His super smart friend does not want to consider any information about vaccine injuries even though he has been losing his eyesight since his first injection.  He has now had 6 injections.  This might be the only documented case of willful blindness becoming actual blindness.

I have had my own experiences in my own family.  I have a family member who is an engineer but also a card carrying member of the COVIDians.  He didn’t just refuse to look at data that I gave him, he got angry at me for questioning the narrative.  He like many other people believes that the vaccines are safe because he took it and did not have a problem.  Any safety professional will tell you just because you get away with it does not mean it is safe.  It might mean you were just lucky.

Willful blindness did not start with COVID, it seems to be a defense mechanism intrinsic to humans.  My own observation is that most people do not like to think.  If they ignore data that challenges their assumptions then they do not need to think.  This applies to all people regardless of IQ.

I am an Engineer.  It is not easy to get an engineering degree.  Everyone in my class was a top student in high school.  They all were highly intelligent.  At one time my job was to supervise 22 other engineers.  Of my 22 engineers I had only 4 who would think.  The other 18 steadfastly refuse to think.  They would propose solutions without any analysis and get angry when I would force them to do the analysis before spending money.  Just because you are smart does not mean you think.

You can train high IQ people to perform complicated tasks like the ones needed for engineering but if an engineer performs these tasks without thinking they are really nothing more than a high functioning Chimp.  The same can be said of all the medical professionals that never challenged the narrative.  These people are all intelligent.  If they were not they would never have finished their degrees.  Unfortunately you can lead a PHD to knowledge but you can’t make him think.

What saves humanity and allows society to function is that you do not need a high IQ to think.  Anyone can do it.  Superior thinking abilities is called common sense.  I have a lot of friends and colleagues that overflow with common sense.  People who may not do calculous but know immediately when something does not add up.  These are the people that make the world go around not the over educated, high functioning Chimps.


How many Child deaths is Enough?

I found this study last week.  Researchers in Thailand took 301 child volunteers.  They established a baseline heart health using multiple tests before the child received the Pfizer COVID vaccine.  The tests were then repeated 3, 7 and 14 days after the child received their second dose.  The results are shocking; 30% suffered some cardiac event after vaccination and 2.3% suffered permanent heart damage.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  After only 14 days 2.3% had permanent heart damage.  There is no reason to believe that this number will not increase with time.  Doctor Yeadon pointed out months ago no one knows how long your body produces spike proteins or how much will be produced.  It will be different for everyone so the problems can develop much later in some people.  The latest data out of England shows this.  Adolescent girls continue to die in higher than normal rates more than 6 weeks after vaccination.

The data gets worse every week.  We can no longer deny that vaccines are disabling and killing children.  So far the numbers are not large but any number above zero is unacceptable.

I have a question for all of the screeching COVIDiot vaccine Nazis.  How many children must die before you feel sufficiently saved by your government?  I have an even more important question for the go along to get along crowd.  Are you willing to go with the flow until it is your child or grandchild who dies?

What kind of society would allow this to continue?  We are killing children with a treatment designed to protect them from a disease that does not kill them.  We may as well have a lottery to select which children will be sacrificed each week to the COVID gods.  It would not eradicate COVID but maybe people would final realize the government is killing children.  This has to stop and the guilty must be punished.

Trying to placate the left always ends Poorly

COVID Tyranny is not over.  COVID has been such a good weapon for governments to use against us that we cannot expect them to give it up willingly.  Joe Biden is likely to extend the COVID public Health Emergency declaration while is younger Canadian Doppelganger is one upping him.  While Canadians have been enjoying summer Justin Trudeau has been busy building COVID isolation camps.  There is no word on whether these camps will have air tight shower rooms but I would not bet against it.

Governments do not intent to ever let go of COVID restrictions but they do realize they cannot keep this farce going forever.  Thanks to the vaccines almost everyone has already had COVID.  Even idiots will eventually object to being “protected” from a disease they have already had.  Not to worry though, governments have planned for this contingency by pivoting back hard to climate change.

Canada’s wannabe dictator, the man the Chinese have nicknamed Little Potato because his intellect compares well to root vegetables, is hiring armed climate change enforcers.

He is planning to hire so many of them that he is building places for them to hang out and store their weapons.

In Canada you can vandalize public property, destroy construction sites, and burn down churches without fear of ever being confronted by an armed government agent.  These activities are illegal but permitted.  What gets you shot in Canada will now be using fertilizer or idling your car in the Tim Horton’s drive through.

This is what happens when you try to placate the left.  Everything starts small and then balloons to ridiculous extremes.  If you give the left an inch they will take the rest of your life.  Two weeks to flatten the curve was never going to be 2 weeks.  We could have stopped it in its tracks in March of 2020 by simply saying no.

The same is true with destructive climate change regulations.  In the 80s when climate change started to pick up steam we could have stopped it with laughter.  Frankly it is ridiculous to think that CO2, a compound that supports all life on the planet, is dangerous.  We would die without it so I am certain we can find a way to live with it.  The science has never supported this absurd theory and the “scientists” expounding it should have been mocked.  The global warming prophets of doom truly have no clothes.

Instead we did what we always do; we tried to placate the left.  No one dared mention how incredibly unscientific the statement “the science is settled” is.  Everyone agreed to the mantra and morons like Al Gore and Justin Trudeau were not mocked publicly.  We thought this would keep the left happy and that we could get on with our lives.  As always we underestimated the destructive nature of the left; now we have armed climate enforcers to set our home thermostats.

We can stop this at any time.  Just as with COVID all we must do is say no.  There is a bit of a time crunch, however.  It will be way easier if we do this before Trudeau gives guns to his climate thugs.

American needs an uncontested Divorce

I saw this clip on fox news last week.  Pete Hegseth was interviewing Victor Davis Hanson about the growing ideological divide in America.  The left and the right in the US are deeply entrenched and the left is openly calling for separation.


Google provides me with statistics of where my readers live, or at least where google thinks their computer is.  I have a number of American readers that I would like to give some unsolicited advice too.  Give the left the divorce that they want.  If you don’t in one generation you will have Canada and the world already has way too much Canada.

Canada was once a conservative nation full of tough independent people.  In both world wars Canada punched way above their weight class.  On D day Canada took one beach, England took another, and the US took 2.  Canada is ½ the size of Great Britain and 1/9 the size of the US.  When you consider the numbers Canada should not even have been there on D day yet the only troops to meet their objectives that day were the Canadians.  It turns out tough independent people make great warriors.  If D day were to happen today the Canadians would not even make it off the boats.

Canada was lost a generation ago.  All those tough independent people in Canada were too busy building a strong country to notice what the left was doing.  While conservatives built prosperity liberals built bureaucracy.  From 2000 to 2012 Canada’s population grew by 13% during that time government grew by 30%.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  In Canada the entire health industry are essentially government employees, public schools are controlled by government, and under Trudeau most of the media receives direct payments form taxpayers.  This is what the left does.  They grow like a fungus and infest everything.  Not only that, everything they touch they destroy.  In 80 years Canada went from the undisputed pound for pound champion to a bunch of winey brats who elected Justin Trudeau 3 times.

Joe Biden is just an older version of Justin Trudeau.  Look at the damage he has done in less than 2 years and think how much damage he could do if elected 3 times; then you have Canada.

So back to my advice.  Do a quick divorce; red states go one way blue the other.  Give up some of your country now or give it all up later.  But be aware, the work does not end with the divorce.  Build walls to keep people from the blue states out.  If anyone from a blue state pokes their head above the wall shoot them on site.  If anyone within your red state displays the symptoms of leftism deport them immediately to the other side of the wall.  They are easier to identify than you think; just ask them what there pronouns are, if they don’t tell you to F&%K off deport them.

Take it from someone who has seen what happens when you try to save this marriage; it does not end well.  You will lose everything.  Your best option is to go through the divorce, build the walls, and wait.  In one generation the blue states will destroy everything then you can go back and reclaim what you have lost.

Sooner or later Government must explain all the Dead People

It is getting very difficult to hide all the bodies but that won’t stop government from trying.  Excess deaths are running high in every highly vaccinated country but the government is turning a blind eye by not performing autopsies.  Government knows they cannot hide this forever.  Even the useful idiots will eventually notice their family members dying.  Blame needs to be deflected so governments have instructed their media allies to float out some trial balloons.  Right now we are being tested to see if we will accept that the excess deaths are due to the lockdowns.

This could work but there are some serious problems trying to blame all of these deaths on the lockdowns.  I have no doubt that some seriously ill people have died due to medical neglect during or after the lockdowns.  The problem is that most of the excess deaths are young adults without any previous medical condition.  Young healthy people do not die from missing a doctor’s appointment; they rarely even make doctors’ appointments.

The right people are not dying to believe the latent lockdown effects explanation but the real smoking gun is the timing.  The lockdowns are largely over but the vaccination programs are not and the start of every vaccine program can be correlated to a surge in deaths.  The evidence against the vaccines is damning but governments are not willing to give up on them yet.  Governments will not give up on the Jabs until they have exhausted all other excuses.

From the governments perspective all the dead people are not the problem.  The problem for government is that people have noticed all the bodies before the government has constructed a plausible lie.  Governments need to buy time and that is likely why this Australian Chief Health Officer was trotted in front of cameras for a tepid apology.

Did you notice he was not very specific about what he was apologizing for?  He just apologized for making mistakes; which mistakes?  He can’t be specific because the first trial balloons have just been launched.  The government can’t be sure which lie the public will accept so they won’t commit.

These sociopaths love the lockdowns and the vaccines. It appears that they are willing to sacrifice the lockdowns as long as they get to keep the vaccines.  As always there is a serious problem with the government’s plan.  You cannot keep the vaccines without the lockdowns.

Throwing lockdowns under the bus removes a power tool of oppression.  Vaccine hesitancy is growing.  In Canada 83% took the first 2 shots, 62% took the third, and only 13% took the fourth.  The numbers for other countries are similar.  Without the threat of a lockdown no one will take a 5th dose.  If the vaccines end, the gravy train for decision makers ends.  Why would Pfizer pay bribes to officials who are no longer able to force their products in to veins?

The most likely outcome is that lockdowns will be reserved for people who won’t take their next shot but even that comes with risk.  Those people largely won’t die.  This game is nearly over for government.  When history is written it won’t matter if the deaths are blamed on lockdowns or vaccines because both explanations have the same root cause, government.  We are witnessing government sponsored mass murder and more people are starting to notice.