The Soy Boys are being pushed aside by Strong Women, and not a moment too soon

Currently in the depth of the dumb ages we are told that men can be women and women can be men.  This is as ridiculous as every other popular notion of the dumb ages.  Men cannot be women and women cannot be men.  Only in the dumb ages would that statement be controversial.  It is true, however, that men can act like women and women can act like men.  Nowhere is that more evident than in modern western politics.

I doubt I am the only one to have noticed how many male politicians are nutless, effeminate, soy boys.

Or that now the only politicians with big brass balls are women?

When men refuse to be men women have no choice but to step up and fill the void.  Thank god for these strong women.  They are all that stand between us and a death by 1000 soy lattes.


The left is playing a Dangerous Game

From the very beginning of COVID there was a distinct right/left split.  The further left the politician the more ridiculous the regulations were.  Science was never a significant factor it was, and is still, all about politics.  Right wing politicians are just not as anxious to weaponized cold and flu season as left wing politicians are.  Some of them even get uncomfortable killing thousands of people with useless mandates.

Initially the left wing politicians ruled.  The fear they induced through the media kept people under control.  Fear is the most powerful tool in politicians’ tool boxes but there is one downside to fear; it is exhausting.  Voters are finally exhausted and are turning to politicians less interested in destroying society and the economy.

The province of Alberta just swore in Daniel Smith while Italy elected Giorgia Meloni.  Both women have dropped vaccine mandates for government workers and have invited people persecuted under these illegal mandates to return to work.

Smith and Meloni are further right than other politicians in their jurisdictions.  That does not make them hard right or even right for that matter; it just makes them less insane than the alternatives.  It is odd that we live in a time where politicians who don’t want to persecute their own citizens are considered hard right.  Thankfully, voters are starting to turn to less left options.  Where this has happened COVID vaccines are no longer pushed.  Where it has not happened like the European parliament or Canadian federal government, vaccines are still all the rage.

The hard left is playing a dangerous political game.  Their push for total vaccine compliance will come back to haunt them.  The data on the vaccines is not good.  They don’t work and are not safe.  So far the hard left has been able to hide the truth because not everyone who takes the vaccine gets injured.  They always have useful idiots who will swear the jabs are safe because they took it without problems.

Any safety professional will tell you that just because you got away with something does not mean it was safe.  It might mean you were just lucky.  In this short video Dr. Ryan Cole explains how incredibly lucky most people were.  Poor quality control is what has saved most people from injury.  If Moderna and Pfizer ever improve their quality control we will have a vaccine apocalypse on our hands.  The incompetence of Left wing politicians has put us in a very precarious position.  It is only the incompetence of big Pharma that has kept us safe until now.


The Dumb ages encapsulated in one Photo

We are living in what I am certain will become known as the dumb ages.  An age where logic and reason were eschewed for ignorance and empty virtue signaling.

100 years from now when historians try to explain why Canada so completely succumbed to the dumb ages every one of them will use this picture.

This is a picture of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet ministers.  The brain trust of Canada so to speak.  The evidence is clear; Justin Trudeau is a moron who should not be running a country.  Dimwitted leaders have only one avenue to success.  They can surround themselves with smarter people, as George Bush did.  Justin did not do that.  Instead he chose this group.

Not a single person in Justin’s cabinet was chosen for competence.  Every one either ticked a diversity box or was so stupid Justin would not look out of place in their company.  The stupidity in Canada starts from the top and it shows.  Canada cannot solve problems and has ceded control to a foreign adversary.

According to the Trudeau liberals every domestic problem is solved by doing more of what caused the problem in the first place.  Inflation from budget deficits and printing money is tackled with more deficits and more money.  High taxes causing high fuel costs are fixed by increasing carbon taxes on fuel.  Vaccines that don’t work and injure people are easily solved by forcing more people to take them.

International problems are even easy for this group of simpletons.  All they to do is deny a solution exists.  This was the tactic Justin used to address global energy shortage.  Justin told Germany there was no business case for Canada to increase energy supply during a global energy supply crisis.  Justin used his non-existent business experience to immediately determine 80 million German customers willing to sign long term contracts is a poor business model.

I suppose all of this really is moot.  Under this unimpressive group, Canadians don’t really control Canada anyway.  That responsibility falls to Communist China.  Communist china can now do anything they want within Canada’s borders.  They train their military and pilots on Canadian soil using Canadian resources and even open police stations.  Canadians could try to stop this Chinese incursion but it is more difficult than you think because China also controls who gets elected in Canada.

Justin and his cabinet of Keystone cops are unconcerned by the damage they have done because it does not affect them.  High taxes and prices don’t affect them because they can vote themselves raises and taxpayer pay their expenses.  COVID vaccines are also not a problem since they are the ones who issue vaccine certificates.  The things that impact average Canadians just do not affect Justin or the diversity bunch.  With communist china counting the votes Justin did not have a care in the world until now.

The rampant stupidity and arrogance of the Trudeau liberals is giving rise to anger everywhere in Canada.  It is no longer safe for Justin’s Cabinet to travel around Canada without security and we don’t have enough security to cover all of them.  The RCMP are desperately trying to recruit more officers for security details with no success.  They simply can’t find Canadians who think protecting this disgusting bunch is a good idea or career choice.

The Dumb ages was initiated and is perpetuated by woke left wing politicians.  Canada is infested with woke left wing politicians.  Canadian politicians were woke long before the term was even coined.  The rot in Canada is old and well established.  This will make our climb out of the dumb ages very difficult.  There are times when I think it might even be impossible but there is reason to hope.  The fact that our gun grabbing Prime Minister can’t hire enough men with guns to protect his merry band or morons is very encouraging indeed.

Ignoring the Bodies, hiding the Cause

It really is getting difficult to hide the bodies.  Excess deaths in 2022 are outpacing excess deaths in 2020 which was the peak of the pandemic.  The main stream media that breathlessly reported every COVID death can’t find a problem right now but thankfully, unlike the main stream media, independent journalists don’t take their marching orders from the government.  I found 2 articles today discussing excess deaths in Europe and in New Zealand.

The graphic below is from the first linked article.

This is not normal.  2020 was the pandemic year.  Normally after a bad winter season the next year tends to have fewer excess deaths.  The year after a pandemic there is no one left to die since all the old ill people have already died.  This did not happen in 2021 and 2022 is on track to be even worse.  Europe is seeing a high number of deaths because it is no longer just old ill people who are dying.  The plot below is also from Euromomo.

The difference is even more dramatic in New Zealand where 2022 excess deaths are 250% higher than they were during the peak of the pandemic.

When main stream journalists are not ignoring the bodies they are trying to blame young people dying on long COVID or some other nonsensical cause.  According to them young people who rarely saw doctors prior to COVID are now dropping dead because they rarely see doctors post COVID.  It is not easy to ignore the elephant in the room.  You can only do it if you identify as a journalist.

The elephant in the room is of course the COVID vaccinations.  Main stream journalists searching for a cause somehow always ignore the single largest public health event in human history.  Never before have we injected billions of people with an experimental technology that was subject to only limited clinical tests.

The decision to do this would have been bizarre even if the clinical tests were overwhelmingly positive.  It was downright insane when you consider how bad the clinical tests were.  In the clinical tests the vaccines did not save a single life and had over 2000 recorded possible side effects.  There was absolutely no reason to use them yet we did.  Then, after using them, we saw no change in the infection fatality rate while excess deaths increased.  There is absolutely no reason to continue using them yet we are.

At this point it is hard to think this was just a tragic mistake.  It has gone on way too long to believe that.  It is time to admit that the government is getting exactly what they want from the vaccine programs; lucrative kickbacks and dead people.  The Malthusian de-populationists that infest western liberal governments did not just allow this to happen they forced it to happen.  How much longer will we let them continue?

COVID policies only ever benefit Government

The European Parliament just held hearings where Pfizer admitted the vaccine was never tested to ensure that it would prevent transmission.  There is good reason why Pfizer did not investigate the effect on transmission.  It is impossible for these treatments to prevent infection or transmission and Pfizer damn well knows that.  There is no reason for Pfizer to prove their expensive treatments do not work.  All Pfizer needed to do was present the bare minimum of testing, then sit back and watch as governments over sold their products for them.

So the cat is out of the transparent bag.  The Jabs cannot do things that they were never designed to do.  That is not the only cat that should be visible now.  It should be clear to anyone able to think that none of this was every about the SARs COV-2 virus in the first place.  If this was about a virus then the EU vaccination policies would have changed once it was revealed the vaccines are not an effective public health tool.  This most definitely did not happened.  The EU has not changed their vaccination policy one bit.


Nearly 3 years in to the scamdemic why is it important to make unvaccinated take the “primary series”?  The first 2 jabs were designed for a virus strain that is no longer circulating and did not work even when it was circulating.  An even better question is why the push to give booster shots to pregnant women when there is a mountain of evidence the primary series harmed pregnant and nursing mothers?


For 2 years on this blog I have maintained this was never about a virus or public health.  If it was lockdowns, masks, and forced medical treatments would never have happened.  COVID was always a weapon used to strip liberty and transfer wealth.  That is exactly why governments are forging ahead; COVID might be over but the government’s desire to subjugate and steal will never end.

COVID policies have been the most effective weapon governments have ever used.  Not only did they accomplish their primary objective of wealth and liberty confiscation they also had important secondary benefits.  Reserving power and wealth for a self-appointed elite is much easier when you can identify citizens who might be problematic.

Masks and vaccine passports were a great way to identify and isolate anyone inclined to think for themselves but that was not their only use.  Our political “elite” also used them to purge the bureaucracy and medical establishment of anyone who could not be counted on to support the government.  In Canada doctors who put the health of their patients over government policy were suspended and slandered by the government controlled media.  In the US, FDA doctors who would not agree to boosters without testing resigned.  How much “encouragement” to resign do you think was applied?

Governments are purging the bureaucracy and public life of all the sheep dogs.  Soon all that will be left are sheep and the wolves in government.  That is when things get really bad really fast.

More stage managed “Democracy” in Canada.

Yesterday I posted about the long history of controlled public participation in Canada.  Politicians get caught breaking the law and an inquiry is held.  The inquiry carefully avoids the question of illegality and instead just allows witnesses to come in and describe how they feel.  The media plays their part in the whole charade by reporting breathlessly at the dressing down some politician got from the inquiry head.  Like getting scolded is the proper punishment for stealing tax money or trampling seniors with horses.

The whole thing would be laughable if it not for the fact that it works.  The average Canadian somehow believes justice was done even though no one ever gets punished.  These spectacles are not just used by the federal government.  The Ottawa city police are busy planning their own theatrical production.

In previous posts I have discussed Ottawa police officer Kristina Neilson.  Constable Neilson committed the heinous crime of donating $55 to a perfectly legal but politically incorrect protest.  Her actual crime was discreditable conduct.  How come this applies to police officers but not politicians?

Constable Neilson understands that she can’t fight city hall so she plead guilty which leaves the Ottawa police chief with a very prickly problem.  If the chief comes down hard on Constable Neilson the public will be upset and the issue might not fade away.  The chief has chosen to use a light touch but even that is problematic.

Constable Neilson must publicly apologize, but it is very dangerous to have the public at her public apology.  What if the public do not think she is the one who should be apologizing?  What if they think she did nothing wrong?  The chief’s solution is so typically Canadian.  The people allowed at the public apology will be handpicked.  Essentially they will be actors and this will just be another piece of theatre designed to convince Canadians that we live in a democracy.

It is hard to feel sorry for my fellow Canadians.  We lost our democracy because we accepted this level of dishonesty from our public officials.  The things that are broke in Canada cannot be fixed.

Truth won’t stay hidden forever

The FDA is withholding autopsy results of people suspected of dying from the COVID vaccines.  This is science in 2022.  Science for centuries involved collecting, analyzing, and preserving data.  Theories were developed and test against the data.  In 2022 theories are just adopted as fact and then data is hidden, obscured, changed, or simply manufactured to support the theory.  The effort put in to controlling the data is proportional to the profit generated from the theory.

COVID vaccines are very profitable so the FDA is expending great effort to protect the “safe and effective” narrative.  There must be very damning information in these autopsy reports for the CDC to try and bury them.  Jennifer Brown got a glimpse of what might be in the autopsy reports when she received 2 reports directly from the victim’s families.

One victim was 76 while the other was 30.  The elderly patient died after his third shot the younger after his 4th.  Both men had organ damage from spike proteins in their brain and heart.  The spike proteins found were from the jab not an infection.  The autopsy was able to determine this because only the spike protein was found.  No other part of the virus was found in the damaged organs.  It was impossible for the damage to have been done by the virus in the older victim as he had never been infected.

The younger man did have a previous COVID infection and took all of the jabs after his infection on the advice of his doctor.  With each jab his health deteriorated.  He kept going on his doctor’s advice.  How is this not medical malpractice?  His doctor advised him to take a medication he did not need.  Then as his health deteriorated the doctor’s advice was to use more of the medication that was harming him.

This doctor has been brainwashed by the medical establishment that prioritizes pharmaceutical profits of patient safety.  There are far too many doctors like this practicing medicine and there are far too many gatekeepers at the FDA protecting Pfizer.

Politicians, the most deadly of all Toxins

In the 1500s Paracelsus said;

“What is there that is not poison? All things are poison and nothing is without poison. Solely the dose determines that a thing is not a poison.” 

Even water can kill if you drink too much while very toxic chemicals can be survived at very low doses.  So what does this have to do with COVID?  For that explanation let’s start with this video a friend sent me.


The spike protein is a strong toxin that attacks the body in a multitude of ways.  We likely still do not understand all the possible detrimental effects.  Like any toxin though it can be survived at low concentrations but not at high concentrations.  Unfortunately this is the fundamental problem with the mRNA vaccines; there is no way to control the concentration.

For more than a year Dr. Michael Yeadon has been warning about concentration problems with the COVID jabs.  There is no way to control how much spike protein any person might produce or for how long.  Every person will be different.  Some people will produce none while others may produce very large amounts.  There is also no way of controlling where the spike proteins are produced in the body.  The initial assumption was that it would only be at the shoulder near the injection site.  We know now that is not true.

So taking the COVID jab is playing Russian roulette.  You may produce little to no toxin and be perfectly fine.  Or you might be one of the unlucky ones who produce a lot of toxin for a long time.  Your body will poison itself with dangerous concentrations of the toxic spike protein.

Choosing to vaccinate with the most toxic part of the virus is risky.  Applying gene therapy that teaches your body to produce an indeterminate amount of spike proteins is lunacy; even criminal.  The only way to guarantee your body will not produce toxic levels of spike proteins is to not take the jab.  The best way to ensure your body does produce toxic levels of spike proteins is to keep taking boosters.  Taking the boosters is like playing Russian roulette where each time you add another bullet.  Eventually your chance of survival depends on a misfire.

Many Vaccine critics like Dr. Byram Bridle have opined that the vaccine programs should have been suspended the moment we discovered the spike protein was toxic.  I agree completely but I suspect the vaccine developers knew the spike protein was toxic before they injected the first victim.  It is hard not to see this as a grand conspiracy.  Fear was intentionally ramped up and liberty curtailed.  The only solution ever offered was the vax.  Then when it was apparent the vax did not work the solution was to take more of it.  There was no medical or moral justification for any of it so why did governments force it to happen?

We can speculate about the motives of psychopaths like Trudeau or Fauci all we want but we will never understand them because thankfully we are not also psychopaths.  A better thing for us to understand is why did so many people allow this to happen?  The medical community stood mutely on the sidelines while the political elite attacked ordinary people.  Very few of them had the courage to speak out but thankfully that is changing.  19 Canadian researchers have sent a letter to Theresa Tam accusing her of jabbing people without informed consent.

Canadian Academics are hard left; when you lose them you really have lost control of the narrative.  The COVID farce is unravelling just in the nick of time.  Winter is approaching.  Winter used to be cold and flu season but for 3 years it has transformed in to Government tyranny season.  Finally there are signs that our Pandemic of irrational COVID fear has ended.  Now if we could just lower our toxic concentration of politicians, we might just survive.

Rule of Law slowly returns everywhere but Canada

Almost everything western Governments have done for the last 31 months has been illegal.  Western Voters found out the hard way that laws are for the little people.  Our current crop of politicians and government Bureaucrats do not believe that their actions should ever be constrained by law.  Their deluded sense of moral superiority makes everything they do not just legal but also virtuous.  It does not matter how many people you harm or even kill when your goal is noble.

Unfortunately for citizens of western nations our courts have consistently failed us.  They have either sided with unlawful governments or avoided the issue out of cowardice.  Some judges even participated in their own illegal behavior arbitrarily imposing their own COVID restrictions.  Absolute power does corrupt absolutely.

Thankfully that seems to be changing.  I don’t know what woke them up but some courts are actually doing their jobs.  Last week a Spanish court found lockdown restrictions were illegal and yesterday a New York court over ruled the state’s vaccine mandate.  In its ruling the New York court stated;

“States of emergency are meant to be temporary,”

This simple statement is obvious to most but no doubt Canadian politicians will be confused by it.  To Canadian politicians states of emergencies are just another tool used to bypass inconvenient laws.  This is not that surprising from a country where the prime minister uses a “charitable” foundation to bypass corruption and bribery laws.

Corruption in Canada starts in the Prime Minister’s office and seeps down in to every institution including the courts.  The whole thing is carefully stage managed to maintain a façade of accountability for a thoroughly corrupt system.  Currently there is a public inquiry in Canada over Justin Trudeau’s emergency declaration.  This was the declaration Justin used to justify trampling elderly Freedom Convoy protesters with horses.

As always in Canada this inquiry is just theatre designed to convince Canadians that law and order exists when it really does not.  The inquiry has gone on for weeks now and mostly consists of people testifying about whether they were inconvenienced or upset by the most peaceful protest in Canadian history.  The stage is being set to declare that an illegal emergency declaration was justified because of inconvenience.

That is what makes this inquiry such a farce.  The central question of the illegality of the emergency declaration is being ignored.  The Emergencies act is very clear as to when it can be used.

National emergency

3 For the purposes of this Act, a national emergency is an urgent and critical situation of a temporary nature that

  • (a) seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians and is of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it, or

  • (b) seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada

So the legal bar to invoke the act is potential for mass casualties or a threat to Canadian sovereignty.  There is no way in hell the freedom Convoy cleared that very high bar.  It does not matter how many people were inconvenienced or upset.  There was no violence at all and no invading army.  Justin Trudeau’s cozy relationship with communist China is way more of a threat to national sovereignty than the freedom convoy ever was.

This inquiry is the same scripted theatre that the Gomery inquiry was.  For those young or non-Canadians the Gomery inquiry happened when Prime Minister Chretien got caught funneling millions of dollars to Liberal friendly business for non-existent work.  He even funneled some of the money in to his own bank account.  He gave money to a business associate who gave it back to Chretien through a golf course purchase.  When the dust settled no one was punished for stealing tax money.  The inquiry was all sound and fury signifying nothing.

I expect the same result from this current inquiry.  It will conclude that the prime minister did nothing wrong even though he clearly broke the law.  A country does not have rule of law just because they have laws.  If those laws are not applied equally, rule of law does not exist.  It does not matter how many inquiries you hold.

Canadian Media will do anything to defend the Status Quo

Daniel Smith has the media in full tizzy mode.  Since becoming Alberta Premier only a few days ago Smith has definitely been swimming against the COVID narrative current.  Smith has apologized to unvaccinated, denounced lockdowns, and called out health bureaucrats behind the destructive lockdown and vaccine policies.  All of this has Canadian media very upset.  No one hates the dissemination of truth more than the Canadian media.

Not only is Smith saying things the media does not like she is preparing to do things the media really does not like.  Dean Bennett of CTV news is very upset that Daniel Smith is going to cancel an agreement that Alberta Health Services (AHS) signed with the World Economic Forum (WEF).  The agreement was for Harvard and Mayo clinic researchers to share information with AHS.  On the surface this sounds like a good thing until you ask the obvious question.  Why is the WEF even involved in this?  What kind of information will be shared when it is funneled through an organization that openly advocates for population reduction?

Dean Bennet does not want you to consider the strange nature of this agreement.  Apparently the only possible way medical researchers will share data is if Klaus Schwab is allowed to edit it first.  This is just the natural order of things and we need not worry because Klaus Schwab is a benevolent billionaire who only has your best interests at heart.  According to Dean Bennet anyone who questions the saintly nature of Klaus Schaub is a crazy conspiracy theorist who has already been debunked.

That started online conspiracy accusations, unproven and debunked, that the forum is fronting a global cabal of string-pullers exploiting the pandemic to dismantle capitalism and introduce damaging socialist systems and social control measures.


I must have been sick the day that Dean Bennett debunked the video of Klaus Schwab bragging about being the defacto leader of Canada.  He gleefully discusses penetrating the Trudeau cabinet like a rapist penetrating their victim.  The victims of this rape are not just the Trudeau liberals but every Canadian and apparently Dean is OK with that.

The Canadian media is disgusting.  They accept direct cash payments and preferential tax treatment from the Trudeau Liberals.  In return all they must do is lie which they have absolutely no reservations about.  The last 2.5 years of destruction was no possible without the cooperation of the media.  They have as much blood on their hands as the government.