Theresa Tam is a Liar, Part 3

In my last 2 posts I have discussed Theresa Tam’s ridiculous claim that the Trudeau Liberals prevented almost 800,000 COVID deaths.  In both of my posts I pointed out that computer simulations comparing COVID deaths are useless for 2 reasons;

  • COVID deaths are a fictional number. They do not reflect actual excess deaths.
  • There is no empirical evidence that either lockdowns or vaccines have worked so ascribing any net positive effect to either is difficult. Claiming 800,000 reduced deaths in a country the size of Canada is ridiculous.

Usually I find I am a voice in the wilderness pointing out the obvious that no one wants to hear but this morning that is not the case.  I am not the only one who knows that Theresa Tam is a bold face liar.  This report rebutting Tam’s claims came out yesterday.

Remarkably they made the same 2 points I did.  Over the study period (up to May 14th 2022) Canada reported 40,684 COVID deaths but experienced only 22,500 excess deaths.  Somehow COVID killed nearly twice as many people than the number who actually died.  COVID truly is a fictional killer; much worse on paper than in reality.

They also found the claim of 800,000 deaths without vaccines and lockdowns to be ridiculous.  The authors point out that this paper was written by people who had previously claimed that the number could be as high as 1,000,000.  To show how ridiculous this claim is the authors produced a plot to show what deaths in Canada would look like if COVID really did claim 1,000,000 lives.

Does this scenario look realistic to anyone who did not vote for Justin Trudeau?  800,000 Canadian deaths would mean that COVID was 3 times more deadly to Canadians than the Spanish flu.  This paper written by our government is the most ridiculous piece of trash ever published in a scientific journal.  The claims are so outrageous that only Canadian media could believe them.

There is only one Solution

Yesterday I discussed the incredibly fraudulent study produced by Theresa Tam and therefore the Canadian government.  Tam claimed that the combinations of lockdowns and vaccines saved almost 800 thousand Canadians from certain COVID death.  Lockdowns did not change the shape of the infection curve anywhere including Canada.  Crediting them with saving nearly 400,000 lives is ridiculous.  The same can be said for the vaccines.  In the clinical trials more people died in the vaccine group than in the placebo group.  How can a vaccine that failed to save a single life in the clinical trials save nearly 400,000 Canadians?  Does the vaccine worked differently inside our Borders?

Theresa Tam and the Trudeau government are lying and it is a bold lie.  These ridiculous figures have no grounding in reality.  So why are they lying?  Justin Trudeau cannot tell the truth, his first and only reaction is to lie, but why react at all?  Why would you tell a lie this big?  Either Justin is laying the grounds for his criminal defense or he is getting ready to do everything again.

The first reason is plausible but unlikely.  With good reason Justin believes he is Teflon.  He has broken the law several times already with no consequences; why would it be any different this time?  The second explanation is more likely and it is the first thing my wife said when I told her about the fraudulent study.

It is true that anything theses sociopaths get away with they will do again.  I said that with the first lockdown.  I warned everyone that if we let them do this they will do it again.  No one listened and the government repeatedly shuttered businesses and instituted stay at home orders.  Stay at home orders are effectively voluntary house arrest.  Our government imprisoned the entire population with our consent.

Winter is approaching and the Trudeau government is signaling that lockdowns and vaccine mandates will return.  Victimization of ordinary people is now the norm.  We caused this because we allowed it.  This will not stop until the people responsible for it are punished.  Until then they have no reason to change their behavior.  Justin Trudeau’s criminality increases every time we turn and look away.

The same can be said of Anthony Fauci and the executives at Pfizer.  Fauci is still doing weapons research with corona viruses and Pfizer is busy weaponing the flu vaccine.  These people will not stop until we stop them, and make no mistake their success will spawn imitators.  Forgive and forget is not an option.  We need to send a message that we are done with this and that we will not tolerate it again.  The only way to end this is to put these sociopaths in prison.  If we don’t do that it will only get worse.

The National Post and Theresa Tam are Lying through their Teeth

Canada’s Chief Medical Officer Theresa Tam just co-authored a paper “proving” that without lockdowns and vaccines Canada would have suffered 800,000 COVID deaths.  According to the paper about ½ were saved by lockdowns and the other ½ were saved by the vaccines.  So how exactly do you “prove” what would have happened if some other event did not happen?  How could you prove what the GDP in Germany would be right now if Adolph Hitler was never born?  To prove this unprovable negative Dr. Tam and her crack team of propagandists turned to the scourge of 21st century science; computer modelling.

I have discussed computer modeling in previous climate change posts.  Computer models are not proof of anything.  The only way to “model” what would happen by removing restrictions is to prove the effectiveness of restrictions and vaccines before using them in the model and I can guarantee you they did not do that.

The news article did point out a couple of countries that had more COVID deaths than Canada but that means nothing.  These countries also used lockdowns and COVID deaths are a completely fictional number.  COVID deaths were always manipulated by governments.  When they wanted to scare people the COVID deaths went up.  When they wanted to show restrictions were working, COVID deaths went down.

You can print anything you want on a death certificate.  Gunshot victims were even counted as COVID deaths.  The real number is excess deaths; did more people die than you normally expect or not?  When the excess deaths for 2020 were published I tried to correlate excess deaths to COVID deaths and found no correlation.  Sweden reported far higher COVID deaths than Canada but on a % basis Canada had 4 times as many excess deaths as Sweden.

So to prove effectiveness of lockdowns we must use excess deaths not COVID deaths and since most countries, including Sweden, instituted restrictions we must also somehow rank the severity of and duration of restrictions.  Thankfully this was done for me so I was able to plot 2020 lockdown severity with 2020 excess deaths for 31 countries I could find data for.  The plot below is the result.

Clearly as restrictions went up deaths went up.  If Lockdowns worked that line should have sloped the opposite direction.  Canada was also not anomalous.  They fall right on the trend with every other country.  It is pretty clear from the data that lockdowns increased rather than decreased the number of people who died.  Theresa Tam wants me to believe that lockdowns saved nearly 400,000 people from dying of COVID.  The only way that can be true is if they also killed more than 400,000 people.

So there is no evidence that lockdowns saved a single life; what about vaccines?  Canada was slow to start vaccinating.  Some people were vaccinated in January 2021 but the program really did not kick in gear until March 2021.  20% of the COVID cases occurred in the 12 months prior to vaccine rollout.  80% have happened in the 19 months since.  The virus spread 2.5 times faster after the vaccines.  Vaccines facilitated infection without changing the infection fatality ratio.  More people getting infected with the same number of people dying per infection means vaccines increased the number of deaths.

Theresa Tam’s model says both lockdowns and vaccines saved lives.  The empirical data says lockdowns and vaccines both increased the death toll.  Will you believe a career Bureaucrat, part of the most incompetent and dishonest administration in Canadian history?  Or, will you believe your own lying eyes?

The Un-jabbed are the Heroes of this Tale

A Friend sent me an article yesterday.  This video is embedded in the article.

The last data is from June because that is when government stopped tracking hospitalization, illness and deaths by vaccine status.  As I pointed out on this blog, government did this because the data was getting embarrassing.  In Dr. Hoffe’s words this is a pandemic of the vaccinated.

The COVID vaccines have not just made the situation worse in Canada.  The chart below is data from New South Wales in Australia.

Dr. Hoffe pointed out that the boosters make the situation worse which is also clear from the Australian data.  Each time you get Jabbed your health deteriorates. This data is very problematic for government.  Pfizer’s kickbacks are contingent on continued use of boosters.  How do you get people to take boosters when the data shows you are far better off not being vaccinated?  The solution of course was to cover up the truth.

This truth has come to light thanks to the unvaccinated.  If everyone had complied and taken all their shots on schedule we would never know the damage the jabs have done.  This was an enormous experiment.  The only way to judge the success of an experiment is to compare to a control group.  In this case unvaccinated were the control group.

Without the unvaccinated the government could claim the vaccines still worked.  They could say things would have been worse without vaccines and it would be impossible to prove them wrong.  That was the point of vaccine mandates and passports.  Governments desperately wanted to remove the control group.  Their game plan was clear to me in August of 2021 when I said this about the real purpose of the mandates.

Instead of calling a halt to this grotesque experiment, government is trying to cover up the failure.  They are trying to eliminate the control group with Vaccine mandates and coercion.  If the control group can be eliminated their guilt cannot be proven.  Right now governments are behaving like mob bosses.  Eliminating witnesses before the trial can start.

The amount of effort governments put in to removing the control group is an indication they knew the jabs were likely harmful.  We cannot let them get away with this criminal conspiracy.


They will keep moving the Goal Posts until we stop them

A few days ago one of the most disgusting people on the planet gave a speech clearly explaining why Government needs to censor the flow of information.


Each time we capitulate to these sociopaths they get bolder.  They used to pretend that censorship was necessary to combat online violence.  Somehow now words you don’t want to hear are violence.  Many snowflakes fell for this.  The propaganda was working and I have no doubt it would have continued if it were not for COVID.

COVID worked out better than any politician had hoped.  The majority cooperated without complaint.  Tyrants like Jacinda have been emboldened by how easy it was.  She no longer feels then need to hide her motivation.  She was pretty clear in this short clip.  The free flow of information makes it difficult for government to do what they want; therefore the flow of information will be stopped.

This will continue to get worse until we learn to say no.  Had we said no in the spring of 2020 none of this would have happened.  I have asked this question many times on this blog.  Have you had enough yet?  Are you finally willing to say no?

The 3 Horsemen of the COVID apocalypse

COVID should be over right now but it isn’t.  The same three things that drove the insanity in spring 2020 are still with us; profit, fear, and stupidity.  Let’s start with the most dangerous one; profit.


COVID is like communism.  It does not work for anyone except the leaders and it works exceptionally well for the leaders.  Fidel Castro was a billionaire when he died.  Nicolás Maduro is a billionaire.  Every communist dictator dies fabulously wealthy and so will the COVID conspirators.  Anthony Fauci consistently dodges questions about his royalty income.  He has good reason to do this.  By some estimates COVID increased his net worth by 5 million dollars.

It is ridiculously easy to get a new drug approved.  The drug does not need to work but the marketing campaign is essential.  Big Pharma knows step one when marketing a new drug is to give the decision makers a piece of the action.  The COVID vaccine campaign is the most successful marketing campaign in history because a lot of money found its way into the bank accounts of all the right people.

The decision makers, Senior Politicians and bureaucrats, have significant financial incentive to keep COVID alive so to speak.  But, much like communism, the average person has no incentive to continue.  It is not surprising then that western leaders have adopted the communist tactic of instilling fear.  From the beginning of this farce fear has been essential to the narrative.  You would think after nearly 3 years the fear would have worn off, but it has not.


Fear has not disappeared because the primary reason for the fear has not disappeared.  The primary reason is not the virus or the disease.  What people are afraid of most is their own government.


This woman has suffered what could be a career ending vaccine injury yet she states at the end she would do it again.  Not because she fears the virus, but she fears the government will force her in to isolation if she refuses her next shot.  I know many people who chose to be vaccinated.  Very few took the shot because they were concerned about the threat from the virus.  They were not afraid of the virus they were afraid of their own government.  They feared losing their right to travel or operate their business.

Fear has been the prevailing emotion of the last 30 months.  You were either afraid of the virus or more likely afraid of the government.  Both fit the government objectives well because fear spawns something very useful to government, stupidity.


Fear provokes a primal fight or flight response.  When you are afraid you do not think you just react.  You simply cannot think straight when you are frightened or stressed.  When the herd is frightened they follow the leader, even if it is over a cliff.  Take this Editorial by a Canadian doctor.  He has a medical degree so clearly he can think but right now thinking is not in the cards for him.  He took 4 jabs in less than 2 years and still got COVID.  If he was thinking straight he would not take another.  But that is not where his head is at.  He is upset that the 5th jab that he wants might not be available.

The point of his editorial is to urge the government to use another untested treatment like the previous untested treatment he took 4 times before getting COVID.  In his present state the good doctor is unable to use logic.  He is as cognitively impaired as Joe Biden.  Joe is senile the doctor is just afraid.  He is either irrationally afraid of the virus or rationally afraid of the government.  Either way the government gets what they want; compliance.


The obscene profit COVID provides ensures government will never let go of it.  They will continue to stoke fear and count on the stupidity the fear generates.  This will end when the fear ends.  If you want COVID to end, step back, take a deep breath, and tell the government to F$%k off.  Seriously that’s all it takes.  It should be step one of any pandemic response plan.