The Vaccines don’t work for COVID so what are they for?

Canadian governments would love to hold you down and shove a needle in your arm.  The only reason that has not happened is that it violates Canadian law.  Violating Canadian Law is not something our governments normally worry about but the stakes this time are just too high.  They do not want to take the chance a court challenge could derail the great reset.

The backdoor to a vaccine mandate is making vaccinations a condition of employment.  For weeks governments have been urging private companies to mandate vaccines and many have already complied.  I don’t think these companies have thought this through.

Forcing vaccines on your employees violates all existing health and safety rules.  A CEO can be fined or imprisoned if he knowingly exposes his workers to toxic chemicals without giving them the proper training and PPE.  What kind of PPE works to prevent blood clots?  Who can train you to deal with an enlarged heart?

For some bizarre reason company executives are exposing themselves to potential lawsuits.  When it comes to worker safety companies normally are very risk adverse.  But when it comes to COVID vaccines the old rules do not apply.  Companies imposing vaccine mandates believe that the government has their back.  They will learn the hard way not to trust government.

Unfortunately it is only a matter of time before the Vaccines harm everyone that takes them.  If the immediate side effects don’t kill you ADE eventually will.  There are a lot of smart people warning about this but the warnings are falling on deaf ears.  Dr. Brooks makes some very dramatic predictions here.  Sorry I can’t find the original to embed you need to follow the link.


Dr. Brooks thinks every vaccinated person will be dead in 3 to 5 years.  His position is in stark contrast to the Faucis of the world who declare the vaccines to be perfectly safe.  I hope that Dr. Brooks is wrong, but the data does show that the vaccines are not safe.  His position is easier to support than Fauci’s.

One of the last points Dr. Brooks leaves with is the impact the vaccines have on fertility.  Apparently miscarriages among vaccinated women have increased dramatically.  Companies may now be forcing infertility on their female employees.  The long term implications of this are staggering.

I guess we should not be surprised that the COVID vaccinations impact fertility.  After all one of the main vaccine proponents thinks we have too many people.  The clip below is a Ted talk by Bill gates on global warming.  Bill Gates is not a climate scientist.  He has no degree all.  His entire claim to fame is being wealthy.  A position he finds himself in after screwing over a business partner in a deal that was later ruled to violate US anti-trust laws.  I don’t know why anyone would listen to him about anything.

Despite his complete lack of qualifications, people paid to listen to Bill muse about saving the planet.  I found this part particularly interesting.


Bill thinks proper health care and vaccines can slow down population growth by 15%.  Don’t you find it interesting that a major investor in Moderna views vaccines as the road to lower fertility?  Moderna sells only 1 product.  A vaccine that does not work for COVID but does make women infertile.  That is just a coincidence right?

Vaccine Mandates are a Struggle we must win to Survive

Critical thinking is endemic in my family.  I have family members who send me interesting material all the time.  This video came to me from my sister in law.  The video is Dr. Christina Parks addressing some government body in Michigan.  Dr. Parks has a PHD in Microbiology and a definite distain for vaccine mandates.


Dr. Parks makes some very good points.

  1. Flu Vaccines are also prone to Antibodies Dependent Enhancement (ADE).


At first Flu Vaccines do lessen symptoms.  Over time they actually make it worse.  Does that sound Familiar?  When the COVID vaccines started initial data showed them to be effective.  With time the effectiveness waned and ADE set in.  Now they are making it worse.  Vaccinated people are now over represented in hospital admissions and deaths.


Of course this is not what you here on the nightly news.  They can always find an “expert” to claim that unvaccinated are getting sick and dying more than Vaccinated.  To bolster this claim they use a little mathematic sleight of hand.  They average case and death data from the start of vaccinations in January.  Because the Vaccines work at first, and there were more cases in the winter, averaging everything makes the vaccine appear effective.  If you look at data month by month the decline in protection and the advent of ADE is clear.


The Government wants to cover up this problem with Boosters.  Just days ago I mused that more of the chemicals that caused the problem is not a good idea.  It turns out I was 100% correct.  As Dr. Parks points out, with flu vaccines the more you take them the worse the ADE gets.  A sane society would stop using vaccines that make things worse with time.  We have not done that with Influenzas, we won’t do it with COVID either.


  1. Non Sterilizing Vaccines cause variants and increasing infections.


That’s why everyone is getting vaccinated to increase infections right?  The new whooping cough vaccines function like the COVID vaccines.  They do not prevent infection just lessen symptoms.  This has resulted in asymptomatic transmission.  That should make Anthony Fauci very happy indeed.  For 18 months he has been searching for the asymptomatic transmission unicorn.  I guess he got tired of searching so he went into the lab and created millions.


In the absence of these treatments asymptomatic transfer is nonexistent.  Asymptomatic people had viral loads way too low to be a problem.  Now with the COVID vaccines asymptomatic people can have very high viral loads.  High enough to make them dangerous to other people.  The vaccinated are a danger to the unvaccinated, not the other way around.


Clearly the Vaccines are making things worse not better.  There is no way that governments did not know that this would happen.  As Dr. Park points out this science is well established and has been known for years.  Governments are actively damaging the health of ordinary people with COVID vaccines.

Dr. Park is both Black and a PHD.  The two groups least likely to take the vaccine.  PHD’s understand the nature of the vaccine and Blacks understand the nature of government.  American Blacks have a well-earned distrust of government.  As a result they have been way ahead of the curve when it comes to all things COVID.  After all, this is not about a virus and Black people know that.

In Canada the situation is very different.  The Majority is lily white and blissfully unaware that the government is their enemy.  Canadians are in the middle of a federal election campaign.  Every major political party is advocating for vaccine mandates.  Vaccine mandates clearly violate Canadian law but Canadian politicians and courts have been ignoring the law for decades now.

The video below is the current Prime minister describing how his vaccine mandate will work.


The moronic Man-child plans to bribe provincial Premiers to do the dirty work.  At least his handlers are not stupid.  Why pull the trigger when you can contract it out.  The other party leaders are no better.  They are all flying around the country to explain how the details of their mandate are somehow better than the others guys.

It all comes down to splitting hairs but the end result is the same.  There is only so much Nuance possible when it comes to government sanctioned mass murder.

How many People Need to Die Before COVID vaccines are Stopped?

Visitors to this blog have seen this plot before.

You can see the typical seasonality of deaths.  Deaths in the winter are high, deaths in the summer are low.  Not only are Deaths in the winter much higher they are also very unpredictable.  Many more people die in bad flu seasons than in low flu seasons.  The summer is a different story.  Deaths are very predictable.  They don’t vary more than 2% from the baseline.

The stability and predictability of summer mortality is precisely what makes these numbers out of the UK so troubling.  For the period of July 1st to August 13th total deaths are 16% higher in 2021 than they were in 2020.  This phenomenon has not gone unnoticed on the front line health care workers.



In the UK summer mortality is up dramatically.  Far more than what would have been expected to have occurred naturally.  So what is different about 2021 I wonder?  What could possibly be causing this unnaturally high level of mortality?  I will give you 4 guesses.

This has got to stop.  Governments with the cooperation of the vaccine companies are now killing by the thousands.  Who needs gas chambers and ovens?

Post COVID Canada May Or May not be Democratic

The western world has gone insane.  Nowhere is that insanity more evident than in Australia as this woman points out.


The latest manifestations of that insanity are vaccine mandates and passports.  Thankfully, as this lawyer points out, Vaccine mandates are illegal in Canada.  Sorry I can’t embed the video you can see it here.

The good news is that Canadian law is clear.  Vaccine passports and mandates are illegal.  The bad news is that that provincial governments will impose them anyway.  Nothing that our Prime Minister or any Premier has done in the last 18 months has been legal.  The criminality of their actions has not received even passing consideration by the courts or the public.

The chance to save Canada at this point is slim.  Our only hope is a court challenge in front of a judge that respects the law.  The law will be on our side, the odds of a Canadian judge respecting that law is very low.  Like I said slim, very slim.

Slim or not a court challenge is the necessary next step.  If that does not work we are left with only one option and it is not the Ballot box.  Last year Joe Biden and the Democrats proved you don’t need to win the hearts and minds of voters only the cooperation of the people counting the votes.  That lesson has not been lost on the Trudeau Liberals.  They have already dispatched one of their lackeys to start conditioning us to accept the inevitable fraud.

Stéphane Perrault is Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer and this is what he had to say during an August 18th press conference.

“I know that Canadians are used to getting complete results on election night, but it will be different for this election.  The count of mail-in ballots will start after the election date, once all the mail-in ballots that electors have dropped off at polling stations have been returned, and integrity checks have been performed.”

”If the volume of mail-in ballots is high, as we’ve seen in other jurisdictions during the pandemic, it will take longer for returning officers to count those ballots.”

Let me translate that for you.  This is what he said.  “We will not count mail in ballots until we know how many Justin Trudeau needs to win a majority.  It may take several days to manufacture that many fraudulent Ballots.”

The future of our country hangs on finding one honest judge.

COVID Vaccines, Colossal Mistake, or Unpredictable Bioweapon?

A couple people have sent me this video now.  Dr. Ryan Cole is speaking at a conference.  His topic is autopsy results of people who die from the vaccine.  Anyone considering taking the clot shot should watch this 17 minute video first.  Sorry I can’t embed this video.  You need to follow the link.


The autopsies show that the spike proteins cause damage and inflammation in every major organ in the body.

When the vaccines were first developed the designers were operating under 2 assumptions.

  1. The spike protein without the rest of the virus was harmless.
  2. The spike proteins would not leave the injection site (the shoulder)

We now know that both of those assumptions are wrong.  The spike protein is not safe.  On its own it is a toxin that produces all of the disease symptoms.  It also does not stay in your shoulder.  The organ damage in these autopsy photos prove that conclusively.

If we lived in a sane world these vaccines would have already been banned yet the opposite is true.  Pfizer just received FDA approval without any long term data and governments are now talking about vaccine mandates.

I know many people who have taken the vaccine.  Most of them have had no problems so they have no issues with vaccine mandates.  It is true many people, the majority even, had no immediate issues with the vaccine.  The problem is that this vaccine is a game of Russian roulette.  5 people never have a problem.  The 6th person, not so much.

The reason for the wide range of vaccine complications was explained by Dr. Yeadon in the video I posted previously.  There is no way to control how many spike proteins any individual produces.  With a traditional vaccine a finite amount of dead or weaken virus is injected.  Everyone gets the same amount.  With the mRNA treatments everybody will react differently.  Some people will produce very few spike proteins while others will produce a lot.

So some get a little and some get a lot.  There is no way to predict what will happen.  You simply take your chances.  That is what makes these treatments the deadliest vaccines in history.

Unfortunately while the short term complications are unpredictable the long term are far more certain.  There are clear signals that ADE will be a problem for everyone.  As the vaccine wanes the recipient becomes more rather than less susceptible to the virus.  The Government is trying to cover up this enormous problem by rolling out boosters.

There is also a serious problem with the boosters.  No one knows whether boosters will help or make the problem worse.  There is no data.  The first 2 shots were poorly tested.  Boosters have never been tested.  When ADE appeared in the animal trials they did not try boosters, they just euthanized the animals.  Imagine that, there actually was a time when vaccine manufacturers were concerned about causing undue suffering.

Unfortunately, Governments have never cared about causing suffering.  I am certain their preferred option is still euthanasia.  The sheer numbers of vaccinated people simply preclude that.  Boosters provide a plausible deniability.

While boosters are beneficial for government, logic dictates they will just cause more problems.  I don’t see how taking a 3rd, 4th, or 5th dose of the same thing that caused the problem could possibly help.  Every additional dose just releases more spike proteins to attack all of your organs.

I guess I am wrong.  Government has chosen euthanasia after all.

With the Pfizer Approval, Vaccine Mandates are Inevitable

The Province of British Columbia has become the second province in Canada to announce Vaccine passports.  Effective September 13th vaccine passports will be required for restaurants, bars, fitness centers, or any indoor gathering.  If you are not vaccinated you will not be allowed to attend weddings or funerals.  Ironic isn’t it.  If you have a relative that dies from the vaccine you would not be able to attend the funeral if you are not vaccinated.

Grocery and retail stores are exempt for now.  Apparently the invisible barrier that makes restaurants safe until September 13th will remain in place a little longer for retail and grocery stores.  Of course this is not about a virus or even a vaccine.  If vaccines work then only unvaccinated are at risk.  They chose to accept that risk.  How is this any different than a person accepting the risk of skydiving?

Even the tired argument about saving the health care system does not work.  We did not overwhelm the hospitals when no one was vaccinated.  How could hospitals be overwhelmed when almost everyone is vaccinated?  Either they are lying about how many people are vaccinated or the vaccines don’t work.  I know at least one of those things to be true.

Here is data on COVID deaths in Israel.

In July 94% of fatalities were vaccinated.  So far in August it is 96%.  It won’t be long before it is 100%.  COVID deaths in Israel are already disproportionately high for vaccinated people.  If the Vaccines simply did not work the % of vaccinated fatalities would be roughly equal to the % who had been vaccinated.  The fact that it is higher is proof that the vaccines are not just ineffective.  They actually make things worse.

Despite clear evidence that the Vaccines do far more harm than good the FDA just approved the Pfizer vaccine.  This was obviously political.  No other vaccines with a track record this poor could hope for approval.  Ironically by approving Pfizer the FDA has made administering any other COVID vaccine illegal.  They are all covered by an emergency authorization.  One condition for an emergency authorization is that there are no other available treatments.  Legally (in the US) doctors must stop administering anything other than Pfizer.  Do you think that will happen?  Why the hell would any government start following the law now?

Now that Pfizer has been approved I expect governments to move quickly from vaccine passports to vaccine mandates.  They desperately need to get a needle in your arm before anyone figures out how many people they have killed.  Their media lapdogs are already beating the vaccine mandate drums.

Opinion | Pfizer’s vaccine is fully authorized. It’s time for excuses to end and mandates to start. – The Washington Post

I have a very low opinion of the media and even to me that article is stunning.  Is it even possible to be more sanctimoniously stupid than Eugene Robinson?  This is the caliber of person the Washington post gives an international audience to?  Good lord, when he is not lying he is just plain stupid.  He proudly declares he is eager to get his 3rd shot.  Do you think everyone will be so eager?  Do you think that people who took the first 2 shots realized that this is a lifetime commitment?  They are now married to Pfizer; “till death do them part”.


Yahoo News is Publishing Government Lockdown Propaganda.

And the prize for the most deceptive COVID article of 2021 goes to Aria Bendix

Lockdowns must be coming again.  The Government has sent their media lackeys like Aria Bendix out to convince people not accepting lockdowns will lead to certain death.  Once again Sweden is the whipping boy.  Aria Bendix found some “experts” to claim that fewer Swedes might have died if Sweden had locked down.  The message is don’t be Sweden.  Lockdown and save lives.

There are 2 points the “experts” rely on to draw their conclusion that Sweden might have done better.

  1. Sweden had one of the highest COVID death rates in the world.
  2. Sweden’s neighbors did better than Sweden.

Let’s take a minute to examine both of these claims and present information that was conveniently ignored by the “experts”.


Sweden’s high COVID mortality.

As of yesterday Sweden had 1,438 COVID deaths per million population.  This number is quite high but 38 countries had higher COVID fatalities.  I wonder why the interviewer did not ask about them.  Maybe it was because in those 38 countries we have Belgium (14), Italy (17), USA (21), UK (22), Spain (27), Portugal (28), and France (29).  All of these major western countries utilized harsh lockdowns and did much worse than Sweden.

Also As I have previously pointed out COVID deaths are meaningless.  What you put on a death certificate can be influenced by politics.  The one thing you can’t alter is the overall body count.  Sweden had one of the lowest excess deaths % in the world.

These 2 facts alone are enough to invalidate their arguments but there is one more damning fact to consider.  COVID is basically over in Sweden while countries that locked down still have a problem.  The plot below shows COVID deaths since the end of June.  I put 3 harsh lockdown countries on the plot to compare to Sweden.

Most countries that utilized harsh lockdowns experienced far more deaths than Sweden.  They continue to see more deaths than Sweden.  Higher death totals from harsh lockdowns does not make a very convincing argument for lockdowns.


Sweden fared worse than their Neighbors.

The Neighbors they refer to are Finland and Norway.  That is why I included and highlighted them on the previous plots.  It is true that Norway and Finland did better than Sweden in both COVID deaths and excess mortality.  There are many reasons for this, the most important of which is that both those countries did even less than Sweden.

How can you possibly argue that Sweden would have done better with a harsher lockdown?  The only countries that did better than Sweden used an even lighter touch.  This whole article is nothing other than government sponsored lockdown propaganda.  The “journalist” is conditioning you to believe that we need to return to lockdowns.

Do not be fooled by this.  The evidence is clear lockdowns do not save lives.  Lockdowns take lives.  That is why they are so popular with governments.  Resist, now more than ever.

Mask Mandates have returned to BC and no one is Angry about it

Mask Mandates are back in British Columbia tomorrow.  I am in BC today and many businesses have jumped the gun and posted signs 1 day early.  I went to enter a store and noticed the sign.  There was a woman sitting outside waiting on her friends.  She did not go it because she had no mask.  I made a comment that this was never going to end.  She disagreed, she thought we had to endure one more year until enough people are vaccinated.

OK I’ll bite.  Can anyone tell me what percentage of people need to be vaccinated before we can stop using masks that don’t work anyway?  That would seem to be a very hard number to determine.  At some point we need to stop being stupid but if we stop being stupid no one else will get vaccinated.

This spring we were told 70% would be enough.  If 70% of people got vaccinated we would no longer need masks and lockdown.  As of yesterday 78% of the people in BC have been vaccinated.  Tomorrow masks are back.  I guess “enough” is in the eye of the beholder.

The woman I spoke to was not at all upset with this.  She was happy to go through another year of restrictions while the government hunts down the remaining unvaccinated.  I am certain she has never spent any time wondering why vaccinating 78% of the population resulted in more infections than last August when no one was vaccinated.

I have been asking people to wake up but obviously not many have.  Every Canadian should be questioning the government and the vaccines right now but that is not happening.  Thankfully there are a few Canadians questioning the vaccines.  One of them is WhatsHerFace.  In this video she covers old ground but I always enjoy her intelligent sarcasm.  I hope you do as well.


Covid Restrictions are part of a Larger Plan

This is not about a virus.  I don’t know how many times I have said that in the last 18 months.  I must confess I did not start there.  At first I thought this was stupid people doing stupid things out of fear.  Prior to 2019 I believed governments were more stupid than evil.  There is no doubt that politics and governing attracts sociopaths but I thought the damage they caused was largely incidental rather than intentional.  I no longer believe that.

I found this rather long video a few days ago.  An ICU nurse speaks about her experience and data she has found.  There is nothing new here.  Everything she says I have discussed in this blog.  She does however, make one very thought provoking point.  During her ivermectin segment she states that with ivermectin government could end the pandemic, they just don’t want to.


She is absolutely correct governments are choosing to prolong the pandemic.  With vaccines they are actively working towards making it perpetual.  The end goal seems to be vaccine passports and the control that comes with them.  As Catherine Austin Fitts points out to control the modern world you need only 2 things.

  1. Some way to track and control peoples movements. Can you spell vaccine passport.
  2. The elimination of cash. How many stores now ask you to tap rather than pay cash?  Of course this is for employee safety.  Not to track every dollar spent.

Again this video is very lengthy but worth watching if you have the time.


Austin Fitts blames an unnamed shadowy group that has been pulling stings for decades.  This is a little out there and very conspiracy theory-ish.  Even so I think it would be wrong to dismiss this too quickly.  In a post COVID world yesterday’s conspiracy theory is today’s hard fact.  If you have trouble believing her ask yourself these 3 questions.

  1. Why have governments chosen not to stop the pandemic?
  2. In the last 18 months, when has the tin foil hat brigade been wrong?
  3. Do you really believe Joe Biden or Kamala Harris is in charge?

We are in the middle of a campaign to destroy our society.  At this point that is impossible to deny.  As Austin Fitts points out this started way before COVID.  COVID just might be the last weapon they need to complete the coup.

Recently there have been a number of non COVID events that demonstrate government willfully destroying society.  The Antifa and Black lives matter riots are clear examples.  It is easy to stop riots.  Throw rioters in prison.  They had no problem indefinitely imprisoning January 6th protesters.  Yet they arrested few BLM/Antifa arsonists and looters.  The ones they did were released immediately without bail.  Not only did Governments not stop the riots, they made sure the ringleaders were free to participate in other riots.

Western governments are also using multiculturalism to destroy our societies.  Prior to COVID multiculturalism was the most effective weapons governments wielded.  This is not about race it is about culture.  You can have a multi-racial society you just cannot have a multicultural society.  Culture is many things.  One of them is a common set of ideals and morals.  There is mutual agreement about what is right and what is wrong.

This is where the lefties always get it wrong.  Lefties firmly believe every culture has the same moral compass.  There is no evidence to substantiate this.  In western and far eastern societies violence is not acceptable.  These societies are very peaceful, orderly and prosperous.  In other societies violence is acceptable and these societies tend to be chaotic and lag economically.  Why on earth would you take someone from a violent culture, let them in to your country, and tell them to retain their culture?

Politicians are not just sitting ideally by and watching as this happens.  They are forcing it to happen.  Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton lit a massive fire in the Middle East.  This generated a flood of migrants.  Western countries were coerced in to accepting millions of them.  Many from countries outside of the war zones.  The media called them refugees but they were not.

Historically Refugees are Women, Children, and old men.  Not many healthy military aged men are among them.  Those men are either dead or left behind to fight.  The migrants that Obama forced on Europe were almost entirely military age men.  We were supposed to believe that it was so dangerous that the men were forced to flee.  But it was not too dangerous to leave their families behind.  Why would you accept millions of cowards who abandoned their families?

The west is doing this again.  Joe Biden’s handlers just created Chaos in Afghanistan.  Right on que the media printed stories about how it is our obligation to accept 100s of thousands of Afghan refugees.  Below is a picture of one of the first planeloads.

As Yogi Berra would say, “it is Deja Vu all over again”.  Do you see any women or children on that plane?  Afghan culture is disgusting by western standards.  Violence against women and sexual violence against young boys is common and accepted.  The Taliban used young boys as honey pots to trap Afghan military and police.  The Afghan men from the first Obama invasion are now raping women and boys all over Europe.  In some countries Afghan men account for more than half the rapes when they are only a small percentage of the population.  That is multiculturalism in action.  Why demand that these Afghan men conform to western ideas about the abhorrence of rape?

A better question is why let them in to your country in the first place.  Again the increasing sexual violence is easy to stop.  Do not let single military age men from countries that condone rape in to your country.  It would be easy to stop but Politicians don’t.  Obviously this is what they want.

We are being played.  There can be no doubt that someone, or some group, is orchestrating this.  Politicians are encouraging and facilitating domestic terrorism.  They use tax dollars to create chaos abroad.  The chaos is used to justify importing an army of young men from hostile nations and cultures.   COVID restrictions are used to destroy families, friendships, lives, and livelihoods.

When you take all recent events in to consideration it is apparent that COVID did not just happen.  It is part of a larger plan that has been playing out for years.  It is well past time to take our countries back from whoever it is that is pulling the strings.

COVID Vaccines are not the Solution, They are just another Dangerous Government Lie.

There is a flood of information coming out now documenting how vaccine effectiveness falls off with time.  There is a new study out of Israel that you can find here.

The study followed over 1 million vaccinated people monitoring for breakthrough infections. This is what they found.

People vaccinated in January had more than twice as many breakthrough infections as people vaccinated in April.  It certainly looks like vaccine effectiveness falls quickly.

This is one more study confirming what I have been telling people for months.  The vaccines provide only temporary partial protection and will not prevent infection.  As I have stated before I am an Engineer trained in a completely unrelated discipline.  So how did I know this?  Am I some sort of Clairvoyant?  No I am not.  I am just someone who can understand high school science with enough curiosity to look.

I did not know how the immune system worked so I looked it up.  There are basically 2 types of cells involved, B cells (anti bodies) and T cells.  Antibodies attack the virus and are temporary.  T cells are the heavy hitters.  Not only are they permanent but they prevent the virus from replicating by destroying infected cells.

Next I looked up how the mRNA and Viral Vector Vaccines work.  They both do the same thing.  They reprogram some of your cells to produce the spike protein.  This provokes an antibody response to the spike protein.  One thing that struck me was that there really were no infected cells.  I wondered if that meant there was no T cell response.  I searched all of the literature I could find to see if any of them mentioned T cells.  All I found was one vaccine manufacturer stating their treatment “might” produce memory T cells.

I found this odd.  If we can find something as small as a virus why can’t we detect a much larger T cell?  Obviously they did not find T cells.  The Vaccine maker was just giving an answer the interviewer wanted to hear.  So from my own research and a little logic I was able to determine that without T cells these treatments would be temporary and would not prevent infection.  Or even disease for that matter.  The whole endeavor took about 2 hours of internet searching.

So why is any of this important?  Because it shows there is no way governments did not know they were lying.  Biden, Trudeau, Johnson, Macron, none of these men are particularly bright.  I have no doubt that they all struggled with high school science.  None of them can understand this but I am certain they have at least one person on their staffs who passed high school science.  High school science is all it takes to understand this.

Lying is a habit for politicians.  It is their go to position.  They do it so often I think they don’t always even know when they are lying.  There is no way that they did not know that in this case.  When they told you vaccines would save you and end the pandemic they knew they were lying.  It was a big, expensive, deadly lie and they told it anyway.