Prime Minister Trudeau is Concerned about Rights, Just not our Rights

Prime Minister Trudeau is very concerned about women’s rights under Taliban rule.  So concerned he called Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton holds no government office, elected or otherwise.  There is nothing officially she can do.  I must assume then that the Trudeau was calling to see if Hillary could help unofficially.  Trudeau apparently hopes Hillary can arrange the suicides of multiple Taliban leaders.


After watching this I cannot help but wonder why this moronic man-child is concerned about women’s rights in another country.  It is true that under the Taliban women will not have many rights.  The restrictions they will live under are quite onerous.  They Cannot

  • Be seen in public without a veil
  • Leave the house or travel without a guardians permission.
  • Work
  • Go to bars or restaurants

If they break any of these rules they can be beaten or arrested.  In other words women in Afghanistan will now have to live under the same COVID restrictions as everyone else.  At this point what difference does the Taliban make?

Aussies have always been Crazy but it used to be a Fun Crazy

At any time prior to 2019 if you predicted the government would someday round up children for medical experiments you would have been called insane.  How times have changed.  Australia is now started rounding up children to administer experimental injections.  Their parents are not allowed to attend.

24,000 children were removed from their parents care and vaccinated at a separate location.  2 of them have already died.


As of yesterday only 971 people in all of Australia have died of COVID.  I could not find age demographics but, based on demographics in other jurisdictions, I doubt that any children died.  I can all but guarantee no healthy person under 20 has died.  Now 2 out of 24,000 healthy children have died within the first day of vaccinations.  With adults mysterious deaths continue to happen for weeks after inoculation.  Most of the deaths have happened after the second jab.  That means far more children will die.

Vaccine proponents will maintain that the treatments will save far more than they kill.  This is definitely not true for young people.  As I pointed out using Israeli numbers the vaccine is far more deadly to young people than the virus.  The numbers are clear, there is no good reason to vaccinate healthy young people.

Increasingly the numbers are showing that there is no good reason to vaccinate anyone.  We only need to look at Australia’s numbers again.  As of Aug 18th 40% of Australians have received at least one dose.  420 vaccine deaths have been reported.  That is one death per 24,276 people.  971 COVID deaths is 1 death per 26,454 people.  Per capita vaccine deaths are 9% higher than COVID deaths.

These numbers should concern everyone but even they do not tell the whole truth.  To get the whole truth you must consider these 2 points.

  1. Vaccine deaths are almost certainly under reported.

The government has incentive to lie about the numbers.  Governments lie just as a matter of course.  When they have reason to lie what do you think the odds of truth are?  I have seen multiple articles recently of young athletes dropping dead during practice.  Most of these athletes would not have been able to participate unless they were vaccinated.  The reporter was very careful not to connect the dots between vaccination and the mysterious abrupt death.

  1. The Virus kills ill elderly people while the vaccines kill young healthy people.

Previously I have posted data out of Canada showing that the 2019/20 winter was not quite as bad as the 2017/18 winter.  Despite being in the middle of the great plague of the 21st century total deaths were completely normal.  The people who die from COVID are already on deaths doorstep.  If COVID does not kill them influenza or pneumonia will.

Obviously the Australian government was unhappy with the number of COVID deaths.  They were apparently far too low.  The government is now taking a more active role and killing people directly with chemicals.  They are also using this bizarre ritual to divide us.  Now parents are offering their children as tribute.  Isn’t this the plot from the Hunger Games?

First we had New Math, Now with COVID we have New Science

If lockdowns and masks work then why didn’t they?  How come no one in power, other than Ron DeSantis has asked that question?

Ron DeSantis has been branded by the media as anti-science.  Originally DeSantis was part of the lockdown crowd.  He followed the advice of the “experts” and locked Florida down.  Then 2 weeks to flatten the curve did not flatten the curve.  DeSantis was not getting the results he was promised so he invited real experts to give him an opinion.  This resulted in Florida significantly reducing their restrictions.

To summarize, DeSantis started with the hypothesis that a harsh lockdown would significantly reduce viral spread.  He conducted an experiment, Florida locked down.  He gathered data for several weeks and found the data did not support his hypothesis.  At this point DeSantis abandoned his harsh lockdown hypothesis.  This used to be known as the scientific method.  Prior to COVID it was widely practiced by scientists.

In our post COVID world belief in the scientific method proves you are not a scientist.  Ron DeSantis is anti-science because he is still using old evidence based science. We now have ”New Science”.  You can only follow the science” if you ignore scientific method.  Makes sense right?  The experiment cannot disprove the hypothesis.  The only thing that disproves a hypothesis is if the person proposing it falls out of political favor.

By our new definition of science the current crop of western “leaders” are all performing complex COVID quantum physics.  They have politically correct hypotheses that are immune to falsification by data.  That is why New Zealand is locking down again.

Last year New Zealand showed that you can lock down an island nation harshly enough to stem transmission.  But to what end?  The virus did not go away.  It came back at the first opportunity.  The cycle of recurring lockdowns has not changed anything.  New Zealand has already gone down this road.  They have the data proving that even when lockdowns work, they don’t work.  Why do they need to repeat the same failed experiment?

Repeating failed experiments is the new norm in New Science.  This just came out of Israel.

100% of the seniors who died of COVID last week in Israel were fully vaccinated.  One person had also received a booster.  In the old science this would have been treated as evidence the vaccines and boosters are not working.  In the new science this is ironclad proof that we need to inject people more often.

Also out of Europe we get this

It seems the more vaccines you use the more infections you get.  With old science this would be very problematic data.  The obvious action is to suspend vaccinations while we study if the vaccines are somehow facilitating infection.  We might even give the phenomena a fancy name like, maybe, Antibody Dependent Enhancement.

Using new science we draw a completely different conclusion.  We cannot use this data without also considering.

  1. Anthony Fauci says the vaccines work.
  2. Politicians would not mandate vaccines if they were not for our protection.

Using the proper political filter and analyzing with accepted new science methodology the conclusion is obvious.  The high infections in highly vaccinated nations is being caused by low vaccination rates in countries with low infections.

New science says the vaccines don’t work therefore we need a lot more of them.  Alberta Einstein once said.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”

Einstein is so yesterday.

Even Pfizer VPs read my Blog.

I have a small group of friends and relatives that help me with this blog.  When they find interesting information they send it to me.  My brother just sent me this.  Dr. Yeadeon is retired from the pharmaceutical industry.  He retired from Pfizer as a vice president.  In 20 minutes the video covers most of what I have been ranting about for the last year.  Please take the time to watch.

At the beginning of the video Dr. Yeadeon recounts a conversation with his daughter.  His daughter has no scientific training but in her words you don’t need that.  You just need common sense.  I agree completely.  I am an engineer so I do have some scientific training.  Engineers are, after all, applied or practical scientists.  We take basic scientific principles and apply them to real life situations.  None of my scientific training has anything to do with biology but I like to think I have common sense.  Common sense tells me there is no emergency and we are being lied to.

People need to wake up.  These Vaccines DO NOT HELP.  They are a fake solution to a very fake emergency.

If Governments really did Care They would stop the COVID Vaccines

We have to stop the vaccine campaign”.

Those are not my words.  That is the answer Dr. Robert Malone gave when an interviewer asked what should be done to address a recently confirmed COVID Vaccine problem.  I have posted about Dr. Malone before.  He is currently the biggest threat to the COVID vaccine narrative.  Dr. Malone has spent his entire career developing vaccines.  He is the inventor of mRNA vaccines.  In short no one on earth is more qualified to speak about Vaccines than Dr. Malone and he does not think we should be using this one.

This has made Dr. Malone very much in demand with independent journalists.  If you want a junk science, narrative supporting lie, you interview Anthony Fauci.  If, instead, you seek the Truth Dr.  Malone is your man.  That is why you only see him on independent podcasts and not the nightly news.

Independent truth seekers have kept Dr. Malone very busy lately.  I don’t know when the man has time to sleep.  A Friend sent me a panel discussion he just participated in.  I have not gotten to it because I am only ½ way through another interview I have found.  This morning I found this 10 minute easy to digest interview.  The Problem discussed is one I have mentioned a lot lately, Antibody Dependent Enhancement.  He also takes time to remind you that Anthony Fauci is a liar.

Sorry, I can’t find the original video to embed so you must go here to see it.

As predicted in this space for over a year: “The vaccine causes the virus to be more dangerous”

This was completely predictable.  All previous attempts at coronavirus vaccines failed because of ADE.  There is now proof that ADE is happening with the COVID vaccines.  Blood samples show vaccinated people have higher viral loads than unvaccinated people.  The problem starts when the treatment starts to wear off.  That is why it showed up first with Pfizer.  Their vaccine uses a smaller dose and therefor wears off more quickly.

This will happen with all of the COVID vaccines because as I have been pointing out for months they are all temporary.  Protection those vaccinated in Q1 is waning and they are in the danger zone for ADE.  In time every vaccinated person will get there.  That is why we are seeing the desperate push to get a needle in every arm and start a program of booster shots.  They know they have caused a huge problem and they are trying to cover it up.

Of course we will never be told that the boosters are needed to prevent a vaccine problem the government should have anticipated.  Instead we will be told the boosters are for added protection against the variant du jour.  Governments will make boosters mandatory because they “care” about our safety.  Unfortunately what Governments say they care about and what they actually care about are never the same thing.

Canadians have just entered the season of government caring.  An election has been called so over the next 6 weeks Canadians will learn just how much government cares.  Canadians will learn that every political party cares deeply about;

  • The environment
  • Aboriginals
  • Seniors
  • Children
  • Women
  • Minorities
  • Health care
  • Education

They care and care and care and care.  You name it they care about it, deeply.

These are, of course, lies.  The government does care, just not about any of the above.  The list of things government cares about is quite short.  Governments care about

  • Achieving and maintain power
  • Having unfettered access to taxpayer’s money.

Notice that you are not on that rather short list.  Government does not care about you or your safety.  They never have, they never will.  Think about that next time some politician tells you the COVID vaccines, boosters, and regulations are for your safety.

I am so Happy to be Wrong this Time.

My track record during this full frontal assault on our freedoms has been quite good.  My analysis and predictions have proven to be right more often than wrong.  I certainly have a better track record than any chief medical officer in this country.  When I have been wrong often it was because I underestimated the level of depravity our politicians would stoop to.  That is an incredible statement.  Few people have a lower opinion of politicians than me yet they still manage to surprise me.  When I think they can go no lower they always find a way to do just that.

Just 2 days ago I expressed doubt that vaccinated Canadians would stand up for the rights of unvaccinated Canadians.  I am so happy to say that I was wrong.  There was a large protest against vaccine passports in Montreal yesterday.


Once again the French are leading the way.  For those of you not familiar with Canada, Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec.  Quebecois are of French descent.  French rather than English is the predominant language in the province.

This must be deeply troubling for Justin Trudeau and the ruling liberals.  The liberals enjoy broad support in Quebec.  They have more Quebec MPs (members of parliament) than any other party.  Quebec is also Trudeau’s home province.  Justin called an election and immediately announced vaccine passports. The timing was not an accident.  He obviously had polls telling him that vaccine passports would be popular.  Now he is watching his own province reject them.

In Canada the French have always been more willing to stand up to government than the English.  Thankfully they have decided to pick up this banner.  Now it is up to English Canada.  What do you want freedom or tyranny?  Our French siblings choose freedom.

COVID Vaccination Programs Lack Informed Consent

Weeks ago I posted that COVID vaccines violate almost every aspect of the Nuremberg code.  The most egregious violation is informed consent.  People were first coerced and are now mandated to receive a vaccine they are told little about.  Even without coercion consent must be informed or it is not consent.  That is not happening.

I am not the only person who holds this opinion.  A group of researchers tried to determine how well the vaccine risks are being presented to vaccine recipients.  You can find the paper abstract here.

I have copied their findings below and bolded the important part for emphasis.

vaccines designed empirically using the traditional approach (consisting of the unmodified or minimally modified coronavirus viral spike to elicit neutralising antibodies), be they composed of protein, viral vector, DNA or RNA and irrespective of delivery method, may worsen COVID-19 disease via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). This risk is sufficiently obscured in clinical trial protocols and consent forms for ongoing COVID-19 vaccine trials that adequate patient comprehension of this risk is unlikely to occur, obviating truly informed consent by subjects in these trials.

The risk of ADE was deliberately obscured in the clinical trials and on the consent forms.  In other words they are lying to people who take the treatments.  This is a criminal offense.  COVID will not be over for years.  Once the hysteria subsides the court cases will begin.  Thousands need to be punished over this.  Let’s just hope the defendants live to testify.

Even COVID Cultists are starting to question the Vaccines

2 things are happening.  The vaccine protection is waning and ADE is appearing.  We are seeing this in the numbers.  Breakthrough cases that are supposed to be rare are not.  Don’t worry though “experts” tell us that this means the vaccines are working.  After all serious illness and deaths are low.  This, like everything else we are told about COVID, is a lie.  The vaccines are not preventing serious illness.  The only reason we do not have more people getting sick and dying is that it is summer.

That is the scary part, thanks to the vaccines, we have way more serious cases right now than we should.  Yet to COVID cult members this too is proof that the vaccines are working.  The COVID Cult has a belief system identical to the Global Warming cult.  Hot, cold, dry, wet, stormy, calm weather are all proof of dangerous global warming.  Whatever weather you are having right now is proof your SUV is destroying the planet.  That is just like the Vaccines.  If people are not getting sick and dying it is proof vaccines are working.  When people do get sick and die, that is also proof that the vaccines are working.

There is one difference between the 2 cults.  The global warming lies have survived for decades simply because most people pay no attention to global warming.  Right now everyone is laser focused on COVID.  Lies and viruses don’t last long in the sunlight.  People are starting to notice.  People like David Livermore, professor of medical microbiology at the University of East Anglia.  Professor Livermore just wrote this essay in which he admits vaccines will not banish the virus.

What I found interesting in this article was how reluctant even educated people are to leave the cult.  Professor Livermore still wants to believe that the vaccines have done some good.  Below is an excerpt from his essay.

“Overall, vaccines have blunted Covid but won’t eradicate it. And nor will a return of life-sapping restrictions. It is time to recognise the world as it is, not as we’d like it to be. Let’s declare a limited victory and learn to live with the residual virus. The alternative would only lead to overreach and hubris.”

He is prepared to admit vaccines are not the solution we had hoped for but he is not willing to say that they have failed.  In time only the most ardent COVID cultists will cling to that belief.  The evidence is mounting.  Not only have the vaccines failed they have made things worse.  This is a great concern for the cult leaders.  They have dispatched their most dependable liar to somehow salvage the narrative.


Anderson Cooper just gave Fauci 10 minutes to make excuses for the vaccine.  Notice how Fauci held out false hope that a single booster could provide permanent protection?  Mister 2 weeks to flatten the curve is now 1 shot to eradicate the virus.  Somehow Fauci forgot to tell you that the booster works exactly the same way as the original shots.  If you survive the side effects the protection will still only be temporary.  One booster will lead to another.  You will need to be vaccinated every year until you die.  Thanks to ADE that might come sooner than you think.

The biggest most easily disproved lie Fauci told was that the vaccines are working.  They still protect against serious disease.  If that were true then why are people showing up at hospitals?  Is he trying to say that hospitals are admitting people with only mild illness?  This is madness.  Seriously ill vaccinated people are showing up at hospitals but the COVID cultist want us to believe the vaccines prevent serious illness.  These people require serious de-programming.

In Canada No Fly Lists are not for Terrorists, they are only for the Unvaccinated

Omar Khadr is a convicted terrorist and murderer.  He travelled to Afghanistan to learn how to make bombs.   Omar planted bombs and killed people in Afghanistan.  After he returned to Canada Justin Trudeau rewarded him with $10,000,000 of tax payer money.

In a sane country being a bomb making murderer would be frowned upon.  If you were ever released from prison you would surely find yourself on a no fly list.  Canada is not sane country.  Omar is free to fly anywhere he likes and Justin has made sure he has the resources to do just that.

I have never made a bomb or killed anyone.  The government has never given me $10,000,000.  The cash flow has always gone from me to the government.  Financially speaking I have been a very good deal for every level of Canadian Government.  I guess I have been doing it all wrong because after October I will be on a no fly list.

Federal government to require vaccinations for all federal public servants, air and train passengers

Below is the excerpt from the Canadian Charter of rights.

I have the right to be treated equally under the law.  I guess they need to change this to say “until October 31st, 2021”.  After that I will have fewer rights than convicted murderers who consent to vaccination.

Historians will argue over the exact date Canada became a failed state.  Many will pick Friday, August 13th, 2021.  I think they can easily pick a much earlier date.

Vaccine Passports Only Benefit Tyrants

Vaccine passports have been instituted in several countries.  It is only a matter of time before our Prime Moron tries to institute them here.  In some places, most notably France, the people are pushing back.  The French are boycotting restaurants and Cafes as you can see in these videos.



To drive home the point makeshift Cafes are popping up everywhere.

I feel sorry for the Café owners.  They have suffered through 18 months of shut downs and profit killing restrictions.  Now they must deal with a boycott.  It is not their fault that any of this happened but there is a point to be made and the French are intent on making it.

France is proof that there are still people in the world that value freedom.  Unfortunately this kind of solidarity would never happen in Canada.    When vaccine passport finally arrive here I will be shocked if a single vaccinated Canadian stands up for the rights of the unvaccinated.  Canadians pretend to care about others but they really don’t.  We continuously vote for politicians that openly pledge to punish those guilty of improper thinking.  The only proper thoughts in Canada are those pre-approved by our government.

Canada was into identity politics before identity politics was cool.  It has always been divide and conquer.  Every election is about identifying the group that somehow has too much and pledging to punish them in the name of national unity.  Of course by punish I mean tax them in to submission.  Canada’s destructive politics, largely due to the first Trudeau sociopath, leaves us ripe for vaccine passports.

Vaccine passports will be lovingly embraced by most Canadians.  They will do this without even a passing thought as to why.  Thinking was conditioned out of Canadians generations ago.  Very few Canadians will ask what the purpose of vaccine passports is or how they protect anyone.  Vaccinated people still get infected, transmit the virus, and die.  With time we will find they are actually more likely to do all of those things.  Vaccinated people are also mutation generators.  They give us an unending supply of Variants prolong this ridiculous charade.

Governments want us to believe that unvaccinated people are dangerous to vaccinated people.  The reality is the opposite.  So who do the vaccine passports protect?  Are they to protect the unvaccinated from the vaccinated?  If so shouldn’t you need to prove your unvaccinated status to enter a restaurant?

If Vaccines work there would be no need for vaccines passports.  Vaccine passports are an admission that not only don’t vaccines work but they make things worse.  We do not separate the unvaccinated from each other.  We just keep them away from the vaccinated.  The government must believe the unvaccinated are a greater danger to vaccinate than other unvaccinated.

So are vaccine passports to prevent people harmed by the government, through vaccination, from suffering any more harm?  Of course not.  When has the government ever been concerned with causing harm?  Vaccine passports serve 2 non medicinal purposes.

  1. They demonstrate even more fealty to government than masks. Faking obedience by wearing a mask occasionally is relatively easy.  Proving your total obedience by receiving a toxic injection is on a whole other level.  There can be no doubt government can rely on your complete subservience.
  2. Scanning a vaccine passport multiple times a day for ordinary things is Pavlovian conditioning. The Government is conditioning you to accept that you have no rights.  You are learning that rights are really privileges granted to you in return for your blind obedience.

Once again this is not about a virus.  Vaccine passports do not protect anyone.  The French get this.  I doubt Canadians ever will.  There is a petition circulating in Canada on demanding the Canadian government institute vaccine passports. It already has over 20,000 signatures.

This is really not that difficult to understand.  None of this is for our benefit.  You cannot put it any simpler than this.


It is senseless to search the universe for intelligent life when you can’t even find it in Canada.