In Canada No Fly Lists are not for Terrorists, they are only for the Unvaccinated

Omar Khadr is a convicted terrorist and murderer.  He travelled to Afghanistan to learn how to make bombs.   Omar planted bombs and killed people in Afghanistan.  After he returned to Canada Justin Trudeau rewarded him with $10,000,000 of tax payer money.

In a sane country being a bomb making murderer would be frowned upon.  If you were ever released from prison you would surely find yourself on a no fly list.  Canada is not sane country.  Omar is free to fly anywhere he likes and Justin has made sure he has the resources to do just that.

I have never made a bomb or killed anyone.  The government has never given me $10,000,000.  The cash flow has always gone from me to the government.  Financially speaking I have been a very good deal for every level of Canadian Government.  I guess I have been doing it all wrong because after October I will be on a no fly list.

Federal government to require vaccinations for all federal public servants, air and train passengers

Below is the excerpt from the Canadian Charter of rights.

I have the right to be treated equally under the law.  I guess they need to change this to say “until October 31st, 2021”.  After that I will have fewer rights than convicted murderers who consent to vaccination.

Historians will argue over the exact date Canada became a failed state.  Many will pick Friday, August 13th, 2021.  I think they can easily pick a much earlier date.