This Adoration of Serial Killers Must End

My wife accidentally left Pinterest and found this video.

As of November 15th 98.5% of Canada’s 10,947 covid related deaths have been in nursing homes.  There are 143,000 people living in Nursing homes in Canada, 7.5% have died with Covid.  37,599,000 Canadians do not live in nursing homes, 99.9996% of them have not died with covid.

If you do not live in a nursing home you are 80 times more likely to die of an accident then you are to die of covid.  Maybe that is why people are afraid to leave their house, they are not afraid of covid, they are afraid of accidents.  Funny how that was not a concern last year.  28,000 Canadians die every year of medical mistakes.  Your doctor is 170 times more likely to kill you than Covid.   Think about that next time you line up at the doctor’s office to get tested to make sure your runny nose is not covid.

Covid 1984 is a nursing home disease.  That should make it very easy to deal with.  Nursing homes in Canada are taxpayer subsidized.  The government has a list of names and addresses that they can say with 98.5% certainty contains every potential Covid victim.  How much more advance warning do you need?

Armed with the knowledge that nursing homes should be the only focus, Governments all over Canada built their response plans.  They spent enormous amounts of money closing the following

  • fitness centers
  • schools
  • restaurants
  • playgrounds
  • churches
  • any business not owned by a billionaire.

Apparently our government thinks these are the kinds of places that nursing home residents visit daily.

Nursing homes get mentioned by politicians very frequently.  Odd because none of their response plans seemed to involve nursing homes.  The only money they spent in nursing homes was for people to count the bodies.

The government and our health bureaucrats had a very simple task in front of them.  They had to control access to a relatively small number of places.  None of these places were high traffic in the first place.  Money could have been spent to add staff; to pay staff to live with the residents in shifts.  Receiving rooms with UV light could have been built for supplies.  Staff could have been trained to administer vitamin d and hydroxychloroquine.  These are all things that would have saved lives.  We were much too busy wrapping yellow caution tape around playground equipment to do any of it.

Instead of concentrating their efforts on people who are at risk the government spent time and money to foist unemployment and masks on people who have a 0.0004% risk of dying from Covid 1984.  The stress and poverty they caused took lives.  We have already seen non covid deaths increase during the lockdowns.  The poverty and hardship caused by the lockdowns have elevated deaths even after the restrictions have been removed.  The Policies of our governments have killed young people without saving a single nursing home resident.  As per usual the government blundered in and made things worse, much worse.

Western politicians and health bureaucrats have become the most prolific serial killers in history.  They have easily eclipsed Bundy, Gacy, and Dahmer.  I read once that serial killers get fan mail in prison.  I wondered how people could be that sick.  We are witnessing that strange phenomenon again.  Politicians with blood on their hands have seen surging popularity.  Some have ridden the wave to easy election victories.  Bureaucrats like Deena Hinshaw and Theresa Tam have done nothing but spread misery and death; yet somehow they have become folk heroes.  If these people are our heroes, our society is doomed.

Defund The Covid Police, The Covid Courts, and The Covid Politicians

Yesterday I discussed Adam Skelly the owner of Adamson BBQ.  He has been arrested for the crime of barbeque in the time of covid.  His arrest has become Canada’s first flash point; Canadians are finally waking up and smelling the tyranny.  About 100 people showed up in front of Doug Ford’s house to show support for Mr. Skelly.  People are also showing up to protest in front of his restaurant.

This is the first but not the last (I hope) pushback against covid 1984 tyranny.  I am not sure if the average Canadian understands how important this is yet but the government surely does.  The Covid tyrants dispatched the police in a show of force to nip this in the bud.  See the video below.


Did you notice how many police officers are in the video?  How many cops does it take to secure a boarded up building?  Apparently there is no real crime in Toronto if the city can dedicate this many men to an empty building.  This is obviously an intimidation tactic.  Seriously what is wrong with these police officers?  If I was a cop and I was told that my only job for the day was to deprive law abiding citizens of barbequed food, I would have called in sick.

To all of the police officers in this video, you should be ashamed of yourselves.  The people that you were sent to intimidate are taxpayers who pay your god damn salary.  To the politicians and bureaucrats who think this naked show of force is appropriate, you better hope you win this fight.  If you lose and sanity ever prevails you will all be facing jail time for what you have done.

Canadians were once warriors.  Canadians are proud that we invented peace keeping but they forget that we also invented modern warfare.  Now we are just sheep.  Thankfully there are still warriors in the world.  In the UK Van Morrison and Eric Clapton are releasing anti-lockdown songs to support musicians who are no longer allowed to earn a living.  There are even politicians speaking out.

In the US the courts have stepped in to slap down some of the petty tyrants calling themselves governors.  Here is a recent decision from the US Supreme Court slapping down a left wing tyrant.

“At the same time, the Governor has chosen to impose no capacity restrictions on certain businesses he considers ‘essential.’ And it turns out the businesses the Governor considers essential include hardware stores, acupuncturists, and liquor stores. Bicycle repair shops, certain signage companies, accountants, lawyers, and insurance agents are all essential too. So, at least according to the Governor, it may be unsafe to go to church, but it is always fine to pick up another bottle of wine, shop for a new bike, or spend the afternoon exploring your distal points and meridians. Who knew public health would so perfectly align with secular convenience?”

“Indeed, the Governor is remarkably frank about this: In his judgment laundry and liquor, travel and tools, are all “essential” while traditional religious exercises are not. That is exactly the kind of discrimination the First Amendment forbids. “

Unfortunately this could never happen in Canada for 2 reasons.

  1. Canada’s legal system is horribly politicized. Canada’s courts are stocked with judges who are left wing lunatics.  They were chosen for their allegiance to the liberal party of Canada and not their skill as barristers.  Canada has 1000s of police officers, like the ones in the video, who should not be cops.  We also have thousands of black robed tyrants who should not be judges.  That is how we get pipelines cancelled due to the time honored legal principal of “enough”.
  2. Canadian’s don’t actually have rights. In the US their constitution outlines several inalienable rights.  These are rights politicians cannot take away.  The charter of rights in Canada starts with these weasel words.  The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.  The translation from legalese is that Canadian politicians can take away our rights at any time for any damn reason they want.  Therefor they are not rights they are temporarily granted privileges.

Canadians are in trouble; we do not have rights we have privileges that right now the politicians have seen fit to remove.  We cannot count on politicians, police, or the courts to help us.  If we want to ever get back to normal we need to push back.  I am not talking about the new normal, I mean normal.  I am tired of being locked down for cold and flu season, how about you?

What Ever Happened with To Serve and Protect? Why is that not a thing anymore?

My phone just squealed with an emergency alert.  Jason Kenney desperately wanted me to know that it is now his responsibility to determine who I can have in my home.  I find it really odd because I don’t remember putting Jason’s name on my title yet somehow he now owns my house.  Without making a single payment or paying his share of the taxes and operating costs, Jason somehow acquired a controlling interest in my house.  This Pandemic has been very profitable for him; I suspect he now has controlling interest in a lot of real estate.

Jason found it necessary to intrude on my property rights in order to stop the spread of Covid 1984.  Coivd 1984 is the deadliest virus in history that somehow has yet to produce a single excess death in Alberta.  See the plot below updated with the latest data.

Just think how hard Jason would have to trample my rights if an Albertan actually died from covid.  I would have to pay him to take my house from me.  Although I admit I am still a little hazy on how eliminating property rights discourages a virus from infecting people.

The pandemic has not just been profitable for Jason; it has been very good for very rich people.  It turns out when the government closes your competitors your company does quite well.  That was no doubt surprising to the 44 richest people in Canada.

Canada’s Richest 44 People Got $53 Billion Wealthier Since The Pandemic: Report | HuffPost Canada (

It might just be the cynic in me but I can’t help but wonder just how much those 44 people “contributed” to have the government shut down their competitors.

If you are not one of the 44 richest people in Canada the government is a lot less benevolent.  I know small businesses that have been threatened with fines up to $100,000 if they dare to make a living.  If the threat of fines is not enough the government will send the stasi police to intimidate you as they did with this Toronto restaurant owner.

With the number of officers they sent I guess they thought this guy was selling meth not Barbeque.  The owner of the restaurant was undeterred and when he opened the police came back in force to arrest him and tackle a few of his supporters.

When I was a kid policing was a noble profession.  Those police officers would have been embarrassed by what the officers in the video did.  Serving Barbeque should not be a crime.  Policing in this country is just another thing ruined by politicians.  The politicians got involved and started choosing police chiefs based on their political beliefs and not on their qualifications as a police officer.  Now we see the result.  We have thousands of people who should have never been given a badge and a gun.

This is the country we live in now.  Illegally blocking highways and rail ways will attract zero police attention.  Serve barbeque and the cops will spill out of the donut shops to beat you with their night sticks.  Try to open your gym and lose $100,000.  Fly to a foreign country and kill people and we pay you $10,000,000.  Canada is fundamentally and possibly irreparably broken.  People like Jason Kenney, Justin Trudeau, Deena Hinshaw, and Theresa Tam have broken Canada.  In a just world they would face prison time.  Instead they will sit on beaches sipping cocktails with the 44 people they made even richer while breaking what was once a great country.

At least there is a glimmer of hope south of the border.  When the 21st century’s most prolific serial killer decided to throw his weight around the police pushed back.

Sophie’s Choice, The Covid 1984 Remake

Yesterday Jason Kenney explained in great detail all the damage lockdowns cause right before he announced a new lockdown.  Don’t worry it is only for 3 weeks just like the one in March was only 2 weeks.  Jason has trouble telling time or using a calendar.  He is blissfully unaware that fall and winter is cold and flu season and he does not know how many days are in a week.  Since the restrictions from the first lockdown have not been completely lifted it is obvious that Jason thinks there are at least 126 days in a week.  That means the restrictions announced yesterday will not be lifted before December 7th 2021.  Coincidentally that is when Edmonton’s mask mandate also expires.

Jason also made masks mandatory in private offices.  Jason does not grasp the concept of property rights.  He likes masks because “there is more and more evidence that masks reduce the spread”.  That would be great if it was true but it is not.  The only evidence around masks show that they don’t work.  They don’t even work in a clinical setting if they are worn for more than 2 hours.  Do you think Jason even knows when he is lying?  I think he is taking his mask advice from this woman.

Once again Alberta is going to Quarantine healthy people.  It is hard to understand how quarantining health people stops sick people from spreading a virus.  Not surprisingly that is exactly what this study found 3 days ago.

This is one of their findings.

 In the present study, virus culture was carried out on samples from asymptomatic positive cases, and found no viable SARS-CoV-2 virus. All close contacts of the asymptomatic positive cases tested negative, indicating that the asymptomatic positive cases detected in this study were unlikely to be infectious.

That is a lot of words to say that lockdowns are something only a politician can love.  It is the only thing more useless and destructive than they are personally.

Jason said that he did not like lockdowns but that we cannot ignore that Alberta has more active cases than any other province.  My answer to that is why not?  Alberta has more cases simply because we do more testing.  The plots below show total testing and positive tests as a percent of population for the 10 provinces

Ontario is the only province that has done more testing than Alberta.  Both plots show the same thing the more testing you do the more cases you find.  Ontario and Quebec are a bit anomalous Ontario has fewer cases than you would expect for the volume of testing and Quebec has more.  This is likely because there is no standard for number of cycles to the PCR test.  Quebec likely has a higher cut off than Ontario.  I cannot know that for sure because that information is not available.  In fact Alberta stopped publishing any testing information on the provincial website 2 weeks ago.  Curious that they want to deprive you of your income based on testing but they don’t want you to know how much testing they are doing.

In the press conference Jason discussed cases of people who died because of the first lockdown.  He then announced a second lockdown that he hoped would saves lives.  In the movie Sophie’s choice a sadistic Nazis guard forced a mother to choose one child to die in return for a guarantee the other could live.  Jason does not even need a guarantee; he is happy to kill some people in the mere hope of saving someone else.  The Nazis guard would have no fun with Jason he is either to evil to care or too stupid to understand.

Meet the New Pandemic Response Plan, Same as the Old Pandemic Response Plan

Yesterday Deena Hinshaw repeated her hand wringing performance for the cameras.  After Deena was done expressing her deep concern about the number of cases and hospitalizations the media went to Rachel Notley for comment.  Rachal thinks “we have lost control of the virus”.  Good Lord Rachel is stupid.  No one has control over a virus.  This virus likely escaped from a lab in Wuhan China.  Even with safety protocols and trained staff they could not “control” this virus.

It is not that shocking that Rachel thinks she can control a virus.  An old school communist like her believes the government can, and should, control everything.  It is also not shocking that Deena Hinshaw has done nothing useful since March.  Top level Bureaucrats and politicians can be measured on 2 scales: uselessness and destructiveness.  Deena Hinshaw is the gold standard they use to calibrate both of those scales.

Corona viruses are seasonal.  There was no way that we would not see increasing cases through the fall and winter.  Anyone with an average IQ and some common sense knew that.  These increasing cases did, however, come as a surprise to every politician and chief medical officer in Canada.  I think you can read in between the lines and understand what that says about their intellect and common sense.

We have had 9 months to prepare for the predictable increases in cases and what have we done?  The answer is not much.  We are worried again about stretching our medical resources too thin.  Why do we not have more medical resources at our disposal now than we had in March?  Don’t you think we should hire someone to coordinate this; we could call them our chief medical officer.  Wait a minute, I see a flaw in my plan already.  For 9 months Denna appeared on TV to wring her hands and relay information like a parrot that was taught to repeat medical jargon rather than swear.  What good did that do any of us?

In May a paper was published that showed one of the key factors in lowering deaths was the number of nurses a country had.  See the plot below.

If we had a competent chief medical officer, she would have taken this information and tried to find a way to get more nurses.  We had 9 months to accelerate the programs of as many RNs as possible.  We could have trained an army of LPNs in that time.  Deena was to busy performing for the camera to do any of that.

ICU space is also a concern so why do we have the same number of ICU beds now that we had in March?  Wasn’t there some way of converting more hospital space into ICU space?  Manitoba managed to build a covid concentration camp in less than 9 months.

Shouldn’t we have been able to convert a few dozen hospital rooms in the same amount of time?

We spent billions of dollars on senseless things and did not spend any time or money on anything that might have helped.  If Deena Hinshaw worked for the private sector she would have been fired long ago for incompetence.  Instead she continues to have the power of life and death over the economy.

The only thing Deena has done with her time is to plan another lockdown that is rumored to start tomorrow.  Denna loves her lockdowns because they we so successful the first time.  The plot below compares Canada to Sweden.

Canada locked down and Sweden did not.  Do you see a difference in the shape of those 2 plots?  Canada does have 3.6 times as many people as Sweden so in April Sweden’s deaths per capita were higher than Canada’s.  Now in November the situation is reversed.  Canada’s deaths per capita are higher than Sweden’s.  Deaths in Canada are rising while deaths in Sweden have been falling for 2 weeks.  Currently 2% of covid cases in Canada result in death; in Sweden it is 5 times better at only 0.4%.  Tell me again how we are better off than Sweden.  If I stripped the names off the plot and asked you which country locked down could you tell?  Yeah, that is how well the lockdowns worked the first time.

The only thing lockdowns are good for is improving political fortunes.  The Prime Moron and every premier except Jason Kenney saw their popularity soar after the first lockdown.  Canadians really are an odd bunch.  We just cannot get enough abuse from people, who on paper at least, work for us.  The first lockdown did not work for Jason, but it seems he is willing to give it another go in hopes of a better result.

Below is a re-enactment of the lockdown discussion Jason and Deena had yesterday.  To protect children, we decided that the actor playing Jason would not wear the dog collar Deena forces on him for every meeting.  We also did not portray Deena’s leash or whip.  I hope you can forgive the historical inaccuracies.

Covidiot of the Week, Mark Bonokoski

I was reading the paper yesterday.  The entire paper was dedicated to covid 1984 pornography.  There was one full page article dedicated to a husband and wife who both had covid.  They have both fully recovered but they were concerned that people were downplaying the virus.  The Newspaper thought that it was vitally important that we hear their story.  To might utter astonishment I found out that being sick is no fun.  For several days they felt horrible and had lingering effects for weeks after.  I am glad the paper took the time to point this out.  Up until now I always thought of getting ill as a pleasant experience.  I am sure glad the Sun cleared up that misconception for me.

I would love to tell you that this was the least intelligent story in the paper, but I would be lying if I did.  The award for the least intelligent story of the week must go to Mark Bonokoski.  You can read his editorial here.

The intent of his editorial is to chastise people who question the effectiveness of the covid 1984 restrictions.  Mr. Bonokoski takes aim at people who do not agree with the mask mandates.  There are people that point out masks restrict oxygen intake which can cause problems.  These people have raised the ire of Mr. Bonokoski.  Mr. Bonokoski believes that masks do not cause problems and to bolster his argument he enlists the help of Dr. Iris Gorfinkel.

Dr Gorfinkel puts forward these 2 arguments to “debunk” the idea that masks inhibit oxygen intake.

“These are loose-fitting masks. The air in front of them, and the air within the mask, is no different in terms of oxygen or carbon dioxide levels.  Doctors wear masks that are much heavier, N95s, and I’m included in that group. When I’m seeing patients, I’ve worn them for hours on end with absolutely no change.”

So her argument is that loose fitting non N95 masks allow air in from the sides and N95 masks don’t restrict oxygen because she wears one and has not had problems.  I really think someone needs to check and make sure this woman has a medical degree.

If a mask allows air in (and therefor out) from the side, then she is correct it does not impair breathing much.  It also means it is doing nothing, it is not protecting the wearer or anyone around them.  The thing that makes a loose-fitting mask harmless is that it is useless.

Dr. Gorfinkel does acknowledge that better quality masks are more restrictive.  Her evidence that they are not harmful is that she wears one and she has not had a problem.  If someone survives being bitten by a snake is that proof that snake venom is not harmful?  Somehow Dr. Gorfinkel got through medical school without understanding how masks work or the difference between anecdotal evidence and scientific proof.  I pity her patients.

Mark Bonokoski is a mask wearing covidiot with a national soap box to preach from.  He asked a doctor to help him prove that mask wearing is harmless.  She gave him a couple of soundbites that he believes prove masks work.  He is too stupid to understand that proving something is harmless is not the same as proving something is helpful.  The best available science says that masks make no difference.

I will admit while there is reason to believe prolonged mask wearing could cause problems, I have found only anecdotal evidence to substantiate that.  At this point the evidence is that masks do not harm or help.  Mandating that the entire population wear something that has no potential benefit is no different than mandating that we all wear burkas.  Masks are demonstration of fealty; are you starting to get the point?

Covid 1984, Incompetence and Tyranny

I was working on another post that I set aside after hearing 2 stories that I just have to relay.  The first story came to me from a friend whose daughter competes on a college sports team.  The team was getting ready for their first tournament of the year when they had to cancel.  My Friends daughter tested positive and now the whole team has to self-isolate even though the rest of the team tested negative.

All of the women on the team are tested multiple times per week and this was the first positive test.  I don’t know how many women are on the team but by the sport I would say there is at least a dozen.  If you take a dozen people and test them multiple times per week eventually someone will test positive.  The PCR test produces far too many false positives for that not to happen.

I also competed on a University sports team.  Competing at that level is all consuming.  You spend all your time in the Gym and when you are not in the Gym you tend to hang out with your team mates.  Your social bubble does not go much further than your team.  If someone is tested multiple times per week and spends all of their time with a group that have all tested negative why would you not suspect a false positive?  Before you imprison a dozen young women why would you not re-test?

The college has a special dorm set up for students that have tested positive to self-isolate.  They are placed in these rooms and not allowed to leave.  In 2 days no one has checked in on my friend’s daughter.  If this disease is so deadly that you can violate the rights of a dozen women who did not test positive why aren’t they concerned about the health of the one woman who did test positive?

The first story can be chalked up to simple incompetence.  Just a bunch of college administrators trying to follow the rules and doing it poorly.  The second story is much more sinister.

I have mentioned before that I have friends that run martial arts studios.  Most of their schools have been closed because of the restrictions on group fitness training.  One thing the government has steadfastly refused to understand is that when you prevent a person from working it causes hardship.  You would think that is self-evident but very few of our elected officials or top level bureaucrats understand this.  Government is a bubble, it does not matter what happens you still get paid and get a raise at the end of the year.  People inside that bubble are oblivious to the fact that the rest of the world does not work that way.

In the real world if you don’t work, you and your family don’t eat.  Last I checked even someone as incompetent as Deena Hinshaw understands starvation is a serious public health issue.  My friends, like any good businessmen, went through the new rules to see if there was any way they could ply their trade and make a living.  The new rules allow for personal training.  They even took the time to phone AHS to confirm they had interpreted the rules correctly.  After receiving confirmation, they set up private one on one training with clients that were willing to pay the extra costs.  During their first session they got an unwelcome visit from health inspectors accompanied by police.

Let’s step back for a minute and think about that.  I don’t know the details of the conversation with Alberta Health Services but I am sure that they did not discuss the time of their first session.  Even if they had, I have never seen the government to be organized or efficient enough to pass that date and time on to another agency.  Someone had to have seen them and reported them to the police.  One of their neighbors turned them in.

Neighbors and family reporting on each other is what used to happen in the Soviet Union.  The government encouraged people to spy and report on each other.  When the Soviet Union fell their economies were in shambles for decades because a market economy relies on trust and the government had succeeded in destroying trust.  It took a full generation to restore that trust.  Covid 1984 has turned us in to the Soviet Union.  How long do you think it will take to restore the trust we have lost?  What will be the long term economic impacts of that shattered trust?

The similarities with the Soviet Union don’t end there.  The visit was far from friendly.  3 health inspectors and 3 police officers showed up to threaten fines over a perfectly legal business transaction.  The Police did not have a copy of, or even understand the new rules.  My fiends showed them that the rules allowed them to do private sessions.  The Police were undeterred.  In their minds it was their authority and not the rules that mattered.  The only reason they did not issue a fine was that one of my friends had saved the voice mail from AHS confirming that personal training was allowed.

Apparently you need confirmation from a Bureaucrat now to avoid being fined for legal activities.  Does anyone know the number I need to call to get confirmation that I am allowed to drive the speed limit?

I have a message for any police officer who might stumble across my site.  If you think it is a good idea to hop in a car with a few of your buddies to go intimidate law abiding businessmen, you are in the wrong occupation.  Seriously, you should not be a cop, you don’t have the aptitude for it.  You should find a line of work that better suits your skill set.  I would suggest loan sharking and extortion.

Masks, Politics, and Religion

Three weeks ago I discussed a Danish mask study that could not find a publisher.  I speculated that if the Study showed that masks were effective the study would have been published easily.  Well that study has finally been published you can see it here.

Over a period of 2 months nearly 6000 people took part.  ½ the people were given surgical masks and asked to wear them every day.  Half went without masks.  After 2 months 1.8% of the people wearing masks got infected and 2.1% of the people without masks got infected.  So the mask worked a little right?  No, not really, in a study of this size 1.8% to 2.1% is not statistically significant.  From this study you have to conclude that masks make no difference.

This study has been done for weeks but no one would publish a study that concluded masks did not work before the US election.  Curious how the science is so dependent on politics.  Joe Biden did not have a platform other than a national mask mandate.  If a study came out before the election confirming that papa Joe was an idiot things would not have went so well for him.

So masks do not help and cause their own set of problems.  That pretty much makes masks equivalent to politicians.  Every scientific journal conspired to make sure that voters did not know that until after the US election.  Tell me again how Covid 19 is not all about politics.

Last week the evil troll that heads the NIAID told us masks would still be necessary even after the vaccines are available.  You can see the article here.

After we Vaccinate the at-risk population why would we need masks?  All this time we have been told that we need masks and social distancing so that we do not kill our Parents and Grandparents.  After they have been vaccinated what possible use could we have for masks?  This morning as I drove to work one news anchor stated (I am paraphrasing a little) “It doesn’t matter if masks work, they are about being polite so just wear a damn mask”.  So, we no longer need a mask to prevent becoming senior serial killers we need them to demonstrate how polite and caring we are.

The city I live in is under a mask mandate.  Veils Masks are now mandatory indoors almost everywhere.  Now that the best available science says that masks don’t make any difference do you think any politician will drop their mask mandates?  I won’t hold my breath.  Veils Masks have never been about the science or the virus.  They are about demonstrating piety towards our self-anointed Gods in government.

How long will we put up with this?  It is time for a new religion where the gods are not so evil, stupid, and petty.


PCR Tests, Backdrop to Tyranny

Covid tyranny has enveloped the globe.  Everywhere you look unelected petty Tyrants are trampling rights to protect us from cold and flu season.  Someone should tell this petty Tyrant that I do not want or need her protection.

Unfortunately our elected officials are unable or unwilling to reign in these tyrants.  In Alberta when you look at the Kenney-Hinshaw relationship it is very clear who is the dominant and who is the submissive.  Jason is wearing the dog collar and Deena is holding the leash.

Thankfully the courts are finally starting to do their jobs and uphold the law.  In Portugal the courts ruled that the government could not imprison quarantine a person based on the PCR test.  The court ruled that a person’s liberty cannot be infringed based on something as unreliable as a PCR test.  You can see the article below.

We have discussed the PCR test before.  It was never meant to be used as a diagnostic tool.  It was developed to replicate DNA samples so that they could be studied.  What the PCR does is find a specific piece of DNA and builds a double.  Every time you repeat it the sample size doubles.  Finding corona virus in a swab sample is like finding a needle in a hay stack.  The PCR keeps doubling the needles until there enough to see in all the hay.  You can think of it like a microscope if you want to see something really small you have to magnify it.

The problem is that there is no standard for “magnification”.  Most countries use between 35 and 40.  Because each “magnification” is double the last one, there is a big difference between 35 and 40 times.  35 times is a magnification of 34 billion; 40 times is a magnification of 1 trillion.  Finally researchers got around to determining how accurate the test is at increasing repeats (magnification).  You can find the paper here.

What the researchers did was take the PCR swab sample and use it to try and culture (grow) the virus.  If you can’t “grow” the virus from the sample you have a false positive; you found only a piece of an inactive (dead) virus.  You might think the more you magnify it the more accurate the test is, but it is the opposite.  The plot below comes from the report.

The plot is very busy but you really only need to look at the line on the top.  That line shows the percent of the time a positive test actually identified a live virus.  You can see that the test is reasonably accurate up to about 25 repeats and then the accuracy falls drastically.  25 repeats is 33 million times amplification, 1000 times less amplification than 35 repeats.  At 35 repeats only 2.7% of positives are really positive.  So if it takes 35 repeats to have enough virus to “see” there is a 97.3% chance it is a false positive.

Even the duplicitous weasel St. Fauci admitted that doing so many repeats is meaningless.  See the video below.

Notice that St. Fauci only thinks it is a problem to go beyond 35 repeats.  Rigorous scientist that the is, St. Fauci thinks shutting down the world using 97.3% false positives is a scientifically sound thing to do.  God I hope Trump wins his court challenges so he can be around to fire this useless twat.

To summarize, the best available science says that the test loses accuracy quickly after 25 repeats and is meaningless with 35 or more repeats.  If it takes more than 25 repeats to find the virus you likely do not have the virus.  It is not hard to understand now why 90% of the people who test positive do not have symptoms, it is because they do not have the virus.  Doing more than 25 repeats is suspect and more than 35 repeats is garbage.  Remember when I said most governments use 35 to 40 repeats as a cut off?  Are you starting to figure out that we are being played?

Jason and Scott Need To Grow a Pair

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe just announced drastic restrictions including a province wide mask mandate.  The chief medical officer Dr. Saqib Shahab stated “This pace is not sustainable”.  I never thought I would agree with any of Canada’s chief medical officers, but I agree completely Dr. Shahab.  The pace of our decent into stupidity is not sustainable.  At this pace, our species will be extinct from Terminal Rampant Stupidity long before we die of Covid.

It is painful to watch this happen to Saskatchewan.  When you got tired of the constant bombardment of empty-headed virtue signaling, you could always go to Saskatchewan for a healthy dose of common sense.  My son works in a small town in Saskatchewan, going to visit him was good for the soul.  Rural Saskatchewan was the only sane place left in Canada.  Is Scott Moe even from Saskatchewan?  Is he just the village idiot that rural Saskatchewan tolerates with polite bemusement?

I live in Alberta where the great Eunuch Jason Kenney insists, we won’t have another lockdown, as he closes businesses.  How many businesses do you have to close before it becomes a lock down?  I have friends that operate an affiliation of martial arts schools.  They have been following all the guidelines and have not had a single client test positive.  This week Jason closed almost all their schools.  Do you think Jason could explain to the men and women who earn their incomes from these schools how this is not a lockdown?  A better question might be, how does closing a business with no history of infections help curb an epidemic?

If I were to be charitable, I could be convinced that the Chief Medical officers in both provinces failed to explain to their respective premiers that it is cold and flu season.  If that is the case, Jason and Scott please put down what you are doing and listen.  Hospitalizations for respiratory illnesses always go up during cold and flu season.  We will see increasing infections until January and then, like magic, they will subside.  You can put masks on people and close as many businesses as you want, and it will not change anything.  Are you too stupid to understand that what you did last March did not work?

It is apparent that the Chief Medical officers in each province are incompetent.  That is hardly surprising competence can be severely career limiting in the civil service.  From what we have seen right across this country competence must disqualify you from consideration as chief medical officer.  How come after 9 months of mistakes the premiers are still listening to these people?  I can think of 3 reasons; Jason, Scott, and the other 11 premiers are either stupid, evil, or cowards.

There is not much can be done about stupid or evil, there is no cure for either of those conditions.  If there was, we would not still have to put up with Justin Trudeau.  Cowardice is another issue.  If Jason and Scott are just afraid to go against the flow, they need to grow a pair and standup.  Jason and Scott need to fire these incompetent chief medical officers and their entire staffs.  If they were to do this and apologize, they would not have to worry.  More people than they think would have their backs.  I know I would.