This Adoration of Serial Killers Must End

My wife accidentally left Pinterest and found this video.

As of November 15th 98.5% of Canada’s 10,947 covid related deaths have been in nursing homes.  There are 143,000 people living in Nursing homes in Canada, 7.5% have died with Covid.  37,599,000 Canadians do not live in nursing homes, 99.9996% of them have not died with covid.

If you do not live in a nursing home you are 80 times more likely to die of an accident then you are to die of covid.  Maybe that is why people are afraid to leave their house, they are not afraid of covid, they are afraid of accidents.  Funny how that was not a concern last year.  28,000 Canadians die every year of medical mistakes.  Your doctor is 170 times more likely to kill you than Covid.   Think about that next time you line up at the doctor’s office to get tested to make sure your runny nose is not covid.

Covid 1984 is a nursing home disease.  That should make it very easy to deal with.  Nursing homes in Canada are taxpayer subsidized.  The government has a list of names and addresses that they can say with 98.5% certainty contains every potential Covid victim.  How much more advance warning do you need?

Armed with the knowledge that nursing homes should be the only focus, Governments all over Canada built their response plans.  They spent enormous amounts of money closing the following

  • fitness centers
  • schools
  • restaurants
  • playgrounds
  • churches
  • any business not owned by a billionaire.

Apparently our government thinks these are the kinds of places that nursing home residents visit daily.

Nursing homes get mentioned by politicians very frequently.  Odd because none of their response plans seemed to involve nursing homes.  The only money they spent in nursing homes was for people to count the bodies.

The government and our health bureaucrats had a very simple task in front of them.  They had to control access to a relatively small number of places.  None of these places were high traffic in the first place.  Money could have been spent to add staff; to pay staff to live with the residents in shifts.  Receiving rooms with UV light could have been built for supplies.  Staff could have been trained to administer vitamin d and hydroxychloroquine.  These are all things that would have saved lives.  We were much too busy wrapping yellow caution tape around playground equipment to do any of it.

Instead of concentrating their efforts on people who are at risk the government spent time and money to foist unemployment and masks on people who have a 0.0004% risk of dying from Covid 1984.  The stress and poverty they caused took lives.  We have already seen non covid deaths increase during the lockdowns.  The poverty and hardship caused by the lockdowns have elevated deaths even after the restrictions have been removed.  The Policies of our governments have killed young people without saving a single nursing home resident.  As per usual the government blundered in and made things worse, much worse.

Western politicians and health bureaucrats have become the most prolific serial killers in history.  They have easily eclipsed Bundy, Gacy, and Dahmer.  I read once that serial killers get fan mail in prison.  I wondered how people could be that sick.  We are witnessing that strange phenomenon again.  Politicians with blood on their hands have seen surging popularity.  Some have ridden the wave to easy election victories.  Bureaucrats like Deena Hinshaw and Theresa Tam have done nothing but spread misery and death; yet somehow they have become folk heroes.  If these people are our heroes, our society is doomed.

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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    My grandmother is sitting in lock down with severe dementia. She does not have long to live. They PCR them often…she has Covid. However, she has no symptoms and is fine. I also know another man who has Covid and has gotten over it at home only feeling fatigued and who was supposed to die five months ago of cancer. If these two individuals die this winter they will probably be chalked up to Covid deaths but Covid will not be what kills them. All the people I know who have had Covid have randomly different symptoms or none at all…seems fishy. Good grief…. wake up people, Public needs to think a lot more critically about this hoax.

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