A speed bump on the way to total tyranny

Ordinary citizens were given a brief reprieve from tyranny this week when the World Health Organization failed to ratify the pandemic preparedness agreement.  This agreement really had nothing to do with pandemics.  It was just a smoke screen to take control from national governments and hand it to unelected globalists.

Dutch MEP Rob Roos (European Conservatives and Reformists), has campaigned against the treaty across the world. Roos reasons that the Pact would transfer too much power to China and ‘big pharma’ lobbyists while ordinary citizens would lose their democratic rights to a WHO executive that cannot be voted out.

No one was more disappointed with this than The Trudeau Liberals in Canada who have been all in on this treaty since day one without a peep from the opposition.

Canada is working closely with other countries and international partners to strengthen global pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. This includes the development of a new World Health Organization (WHO) convention, agreement or international instrument

There is not a population on earth more eager to give up their rights and Canadians.  Not only did our politicians not raise a single concern over this disgusting attempt at globalist enslavement most Canadians did not either.  Canadians believe they are free because no one ever stops them from conforming to government.  We are free to obey government whenever we want and that is enough for Canadians.

Canadians are so oblivious that they don’t even notice the bizarre contradictions our subservience to government produces.  In Canada it was mandatory for restaurant owners to question vaccination status but illegal for police to do so during death investigations.

Const. Grus, a detective with the OPS sexual assault and child abuse unit, is accused of discreditable conduct for conducting an “unauthorized project” between June 2020 and January 2022 by probing into the sudden deaths of nine infants. Const. Grus is alleged to have accessed Ottawa police files and then contacted the coroner’s office to learn the COVID-19 vaccination status of the parents, as she believed there could be an association between the two.

The globalists won’t stop.  This was just a speed bump.  This treaty will be back with a different name and marketing program.  The political elite parasites that infest western governments are determined to destroy national governments.  They much prefer a world where the new royalty get to abuse the serfs in any way they want.

I have no doubt that when this is resurrected Canadian politicians will be all in again.  Canadian public will also likely ignore as their rights are taken.  Not everything in Canada is broken; just all the important things.