Cultivating Conspiracy Theories

I commented on a twitter video a couple days ago and inadvertently stirred up a shit storm.  The comment got 10 times as many views and replies as any of my previous tweets.  The video was purportedly of a woman who suffered neurological damage from the vax.  My comment was that the COVID vaccines are the largest crime in my lifetime and that people need to start going to prison.  I received replies that ranged from likes to people calling me gullible and an idiot.

The people calling me an idiot pointed out the video appears to be fake.  I confess that I did not even view the video.  Immediately I thought it was another heart wrenching tweet by an ignored victim and I reacted.  I rushed to judgement.  When I finally viewed the video I confess it might well be fake but I don’t regret the shit storm I caused because it perfectly illustrated where the public are at.

The vaccines have divided people in to 2 camps.  One camp thinks the vaccines are lifesaving and the vaccine injured are faking.  The other sees vaccine injuries around every corner.  Both sides see conspiracies, one side sees a conspiracy to discredit the vaccines the other sees a conspiracy to cover up vaccine injuries.  Both sides to some extent might be right.  They only thing that is for certain is that all of this is the fault of government and media.

There is a lot of evidence of vaccine injuries but there has been no coordinated effort to investigate any of them.  The lack of a coordinated effort is due to the government media cabal that steadfastly refuse to acknowledge vaccine injuries exist.  In the absence of hard evidence speculation abounds and it is easy to fall in either camp.

It is easy to believe the jabs are safe if you have taken it and not been injured.  In fact many of the comments deriding me were from multiple jabbed people who have had no issues.  These people need to remember that just because you got away with it does not mean that it was safe; it could just mean you were lucky.  I need to remember that not everything is a vaccine injury, sometimes a coincidence is just that, a coincidence or someone willing to mislead.

We are more than 2 years post vax.  In those 2 years deaths and injuries have significantly increased yet we still do not know how much of it, if any, was caused by the vaccines.  Researchers who point out clear safety signals are ignored and once rare occurrences are reported as a mystery.

Dr. Taryn Bragg, an associate professor at the University of Utah and the only pediatric neurosurgeon for the state of Nevada, began noticing a large increase in cases of brain infections among children beginning in March 2022.

“In my 20 years’ experience, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Bragg told CNN.

In a pre-jab world when a doctor made a statement like that people would demand answers.  They would insist that no stone be left unturned.  In a post jab word it is taboo to dislodge one certain stone.  As long as that Taboo exists we will never have answers only conspiracy theories, from both sides.

Fake and Scripted

Have you ever noticed that no matter who gets elected nothing really changes?  The ridiculous destructive policies of the last government never get changed by the new government even though the new government made campaign promises to do exactly such.  Years ago a Canadian Politician named Preston Manning described the group think in Canada’s capital as Ottawashing.  Manning vowed to change things when he finally got to Ottawa.  Manning did rise to leader of the opposition but when he got to Ottawa, Ottawa did not change, Manning did.

So is there a hive mind mentality in the centers of power or is something else going on?  Could it be that the people we elect are not the ones making decisions and actually have very little influence over what happens?  It certainly seems that way to me.  Take Joe Biden for instance.  I don’t think any rational person believes Joe Biden is in charge.  So who, then, is in charge of the most powerful nation on earth?  Is it the person who writes the questions and answers for Joe?

Joe Biden will face fresh questions about his fitness for office after he unwittingly brandished a cheat sheet that contained a vetted question from a journalist.

Joe says what he is told to say and he is not the exception.  This video is a senior Ontario Government official at the peak of the COVID pandemic.  A hot mike moment catches her admitting she just reads what someone else has written.  Apparently she takes no part in the pandemic response even though on paper it is her job to do so.


Incidents like these show that modern politicians and journalists are nothing more than actors.  They are handed a script which they are expected to follow; no adlibbing allowed.  Anyone who can’t be counted to stick to the script is carefully kept out of the way when anything important happens.  There is a reason why Justin Trudeau never met with the Freedom Convoy and left the country when the PSAC strike started.  The script writes are not confident that someone as stupid and narcissistic as Justin will be able to stick to the script.

I don’t know who is really in charge in either Canada or the US.  That is not supposed to be the way democracies work but it is the way modern democracies work.  Your vote doesn’t matter because the real decision makers are never on the ballot.  They do not need your vote.

Fear not science is being used to impoverish Everyone

I found this video of Kari Mullis from several years ago.  Mullis the inventor of the PCR technique was discussing climate change, or rather the lack of evidence that CO2 is causing climate change.


Mullis is 100% correct.  There is little to no evidence that our recent warming has had anything to do with CO2.  As a matter of fact there is very little evidence that CO2 has ever been the primary driver of climate.  The sun is our source of heat and it is the sun that drives our climate.



A trace gas (CO2) has nothing to do with our climate; it’s the sun. If we get further away from the sun, it gets cooler, and if we get closer to the sun, it gets warmer.

So if the earth is not really warming and the climate is not really changing, why are we told there is a problem?  Because the models says so that’s why.  The only place where dangerous climate change is occurring is in the computer models.  The models predict a cataclysmic future so politicians tell us we have no choice but to pay higher taxes.  It is a real shame the models are just more climate alarmist garbage.

One of the biggest problems with climate science, as it stands, is that it cannot explain the natural variations in the Earth’s temperatures, which have swung wildly more than anything predicted from human activity. Clearly, those natural variations need to be understood first before adding in anything that human beings do.

The models that predict a cataclysmic future cannot be used to match past data.  The ability to match known data is the primary quality control check for a computer model.  If it cannot match known conditions it cannot be used to predict future events.  The models are junk because the science is junk.

If the science was truly settled there would be a set of equations that could be used to calculate the temperature of the earth at any moment in time.  Those equations do not exist.  It is therefore impossible to build a climate model that can accurately predict the future temperature of the earth.

To recap then the theory of anthropogenic greenhouse gas warming (global warming) is not supported by the earth’s energy balance or the historical data.  The entire fraud rests on computer models built with equations that have never been proven.  In a sane world we would tell the climate alarmist to go away and come back when their “science” is not so easily disproven.  I would give anything to live in a world with that level of insanity.

Climate alarmism exists not because the science says we have a problem but because the great reset has a problem; people have too much money.  The great reset requires us to own nothing and be completely dependent on the government.  Climate change policies are designed to make that happen.  Carbon taxes are nothing more than the government confiscating your money.

As Rex Murphy has written, “Here’s what the carbon tax is. A kick in the shins to Alberta. A depressant on the greatest source of the Canadian economy. A useless, immeasurable money grab.”

People we elected are actively stealing our wealth and arrogantly telling us we just need to get used to being poor.

British households and businesses need to accept that they are worse off and should stop asking for wage increases and pushing prices higher, the Bank of England’s chief economist, Huw Pill, said on Tuesday.

COVID and climate Change are tools government uses to transfer wealth from ordinary people to the elite; the new royal class.  Government policy is to impoverish us and make it impossible for anyone other than the new royalty to own property.


When politicians talk about a net zero economy they are not talking about CO2.  Net zero refers to your after tax disposable income.  After taxes and basic living expenses you will have exactly zero left to spend.  Your life will be drudgery theirs will be luxury.  Did you vote for that?  Too bad because it is happening.  Will you continue to watch it happen or will you say no?

How the most Treatable Disease in History killed so Many

The official government COVID narrative is that there is no treatment except the vaccine.  That, like everything else government said about COVID, is a dangerous lie.  In very short order doctors learned that Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Quercetin, Zinc, antihistamines, and Vitamin D could all be used to dramatically decrease the COVID death toll.  Yesterday I found an article about another medication that also showed impressive results.  A Brazilian study by Dr. Flavio Cadegiani showed that Proxalutamide reduced deaths in critically ill patients by 78%.

The peer-reviewed and published study with Proxalutamide involved 778 hospitalized severe COVID patients from Amazonas and Rio Grande do Sul. The reduction in deaths observed was 78%.

Proxalutamide: 45 of 423 (10.6%) died.

Placebo: 171 of 355 (48.2%) died.

Dr. Cadegiani released his paper in March of 2021 so why are we just hearing now about another successful treatment for the most treatable disease in medical history?  I think you know by now the answer to that.  Dr. Cadegiani’s results were suppressed by a lawsuit that was only recently dropped.

Dr. Cadegiani was accused of falsifying his results even though he has a sterling reputation and Proxalutamide belongs to a category of drugs that had been proven effective for COVID in multiple previous trials.  The lawsuit had no merit and everyone knew it.  The purpose of the lawsuit was to keep Proxalutamide out of hospitals until after everyone was force vaccinated.

There was a global effort to maximize COVID deaths by suppressing treatment information.  None of this was by accident.  The whole thing was planned from the start.  The people behind this crime were setting up their censorship apparatus 4 days after the first confirmed infection and 2 weeks before the WHO even declared a pandemic.

As revealed by Graphika’s 35-page public report released in April 2020, Graphika began “data collection” of “global conversations” containing “conspiracy theories” about Covid origins on December 16, 2019

The virus was engineered and purposefully released.  The release and the response was all part of a carefully thought out plan.  The plan included censorship and eliminating all options except the jabs.  A small group of psychopaths held the whole world hostage and were rewarded handsomely for their efforts.  They profited from murder and cannot be allowed to get away with it.

Contempt is called for

Just yesterday I posted that the media no longer seems willing to support the previous COVID narrative but don’t mistake that to mean that they will now tell the truth.  The media is now just supporting the new COVID narrative; that all the ineffective policies were just well intentioned mistakes.  This is also a laughable lie largely because government never does anything with good intentions.

Despite this being another obvious lie I expect the media to beat this particular drum loudly.  If the media can convince you COVID was just a series of unfortunate mistake then their role in the plandemic can be forgiven.  Two days ago New York Times Magazine tried to use this new narrative to exonerate the world’s largest COVID criminal Anthony Fauci.

The Times and Fauci were very clear, mistakes were made and in their estimation there was something at the root of all those mistakes.  If you think it might greed and totalitarian ideology the Times and Fauci want you to know that you are wrong.  The root cause of all COVID mistakes was too many human rights and not enough government intervention.

Very conspicuously, American vaccination rates never approached the levels of peer nations — and the problem wasn’t just the anti-vaccine right. Quarantine guidance was abruptly shortened in the midst of the Omicron variant, when thresholds of community-spread levels were suddenly redefined as well. There was no effective paid sick leave instituted, and the official end of the pandemic emergency on May 11 imperils the Medicaid coverage of 15 million Americans. 

Tucker Carlson is absolutely correct the Media is part of the control apparatus.


I also agree with Tucker when he says the media should be treated with maximum contempt.  That is how they treat us; why would we not respond in kind?

Re-writing History

The sociopathic liar that China chose to be Prime Minister of Canada tried to re-write history yesterday.  Apparently he never forced anyone to take the COVID vax.  Technically he is correct his mandate for federal workers did allow them to choose unemployment and house arrest rather than vaccination.


As per usual every word that came out of his mouth was a lie yet I still find this video interesting.  Trudeau has never felt the need to explain himself before.  Anyone who did not immediately agree with him was just branded a racist and misogynist.  If that doesn’t work he normally turns his back and arrogantly walks away.  So what caused him to sit and try to explain himself this time?  Could it be that the media is no longer willing to carry the COVID narrative?

Major publications are slowly inching up to the truth.  You know they would not do this if they felt they could continue to lie.  The whole COVID narrative is getting too dangerous to maintain which is causing all the criminals to propose their own historical re-writes.  Re-writing history is a delicate business for people with blood on their hands.  The New York post is trying to write off their involvement by claiming that everything was one big mistake.

But none of this was a mistake.  It was not a mistake to force pregnant women to take a treatment that was never tested for safety on pregnant women.  No one is that stupid.  There is no way they did not know how dangerous this was.  The COVID narrative was not a series of cascading mistakes.  It was one gigantic orchestrated lie.

Don’t let the liars re-write history.  Collectively they are responsible for millions of deaths.  The majority of COVID deaths would not have happened without their interference and without vaccine mandates; no one would have been killed by a vax they did not willingly take.


COVID was devastating to Rule of Law

Democracy is nice but not necessary; rule of law is essential.  In fact democracy without rule of law is nothing more than anarchy.  If the will of the majority trumps all else then rules can change overnight on a whim.  If the majority decides someone needs to die then they die; no other justification is necessary.

Below is the Oxford dictionary definition of rule of law.

The restriction of the arbitrary exercise of power by subordinating it to well-defined and established laws.

Oxford dictionary left out one very important part. It is not enough just to have laws.  To truly have rule of law those laws must be applied consistently to everyone.  That is why modern western politicians have such disdain for rule of law; it takes all the fun out of governing.

Modern western politicians yearn for a return to feudalism where laws change based on their personal benefit and are applied arbitrarily to punish their opponents.  That is precisely why they went all in on COVID.  COVID provided an opportunity to suspend rule of law almost indefinitely.  Politicians were fee to plunder national treasuries and even personal bank accounts.  They could change rules weekly with no votes and then send police to beat any who don’t comply.  For them it was endlessly entertaining.

COVID has finally lost its grip on public fear but that has not heralded a return to rule of law.  Politicians are busy crafting laws that make rule of law impossible.  In France you can go to prison for flipping the bird to a politician.

The three are reportedly thought to have fallen foul of a draconian law in the country that forbids statements that “affect the personal dignity or the respect owed to a public official”

How would you even defend yourself against this charge?  How could you prove you did not offend Macron’s dignity when he never had any in the first place?  This law enshrines the concept that different people have different levels of protection.  You can raise your middle finger to anyone you want, except politicians.  French politicians are now special and are afforded special legal consideration.  By law, laws are no longer applied evenly in France; I.E. they no longer have rule of law.

The same thing is happening more covertly in Canada.  Justin Trudeau is trying to pass a law that would allow unelected bureaucrats to make rules that carry the weight of law.

Specifically, it would allow all federal regulatory organizations the ability to make internal government documents into law via “incorporation by reference.” This would give these internal documents the same authority as government regulations.

This is a great way to take voters out of the picture completely.  Justin can get some anonymous bureaucrat to change any rule he wants.  He can override pesky rules that require things like elections.  If you don’t believe that can happen then you do not understand the nature of either Justin Trudeau or the typical government bureaucrat.  This law will allow Justin to run the country without ever interrupting his many vacations.

Opposition leaders slammed what they called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “lack of judgment” Tuesday after it was revealed he spent his Christmas vacation at the Jamaica home of a wealthy donor to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation.

You cannot have a functioning society without rule of law and rule of law is under attack everywhere.  If you want your children to be free you need to start pushing back on these elitist, entitled, brats.  The law must apply to everyone including them.  No one should ever have absolute power especially sociopaths like Justin Trudeau and Emanuel Macron.

There is no benign Explanation

The COVID vaccines were a very bad idea.  To start they are not vaccines because they do not expose you to the actual virus.  You cannot build immunity to something you have never been exposed to.  It is not surprising then, that the Jabs do not provide immunity and also do not prevent infection or transmission.  This is, of course, not what you were told when you rolled up your sleeve.  You were lied to.

The people responsible for this had to have known they were lying because it was not difficult to figure out that these treatments would not work.  A little internet research and logic would have led any intelligent person to that conclusion.  I did that research and wrote this in August of 2021.

So from my own research and a little logic I was able to determine that without T cells these treatments would be temporary and would not prevent infection.  Or even disease for that matter.  The whole endeavor took about 2 hours of internet searching. 

Even if you were skeptical of my logic when I wrote those statements there was already Israelis data proving the jabs did not prevent infection.

If Vaccines prevented infection, then most of the new cases should have been unvaccinated people.  That was not the case.  Vaccines made absolutely no difference.  In each age group the % in new infections in vaccinated people exactly matched their percentage in the general population.

So before the mandates any intelligent person knew that the Jabs at best would offer partial temporary protection.  That is not much benefit from an experimental treatment with unknown long term health effects.  Vitamin D supplements were a much better option which is exactly why you were never given an option.  Take the Jab or lose your job and withdraw from public life.

Billions of people were coerced to take the jabs and 2 years later we find our worst fears realized.  The Partial protection was worthless.  It did not reduce COVID deaths and the side effects have been far worse than anyone could have anticipated.  People have been killed and permanently disabled while vaccinated children are now 6000 times more likely to have heart problems.


The problem is so large that most people know someone who has been injured which is why few people are willing to take boosters.  Some governments are even being forced to abandon their vaccine mandates but unfortunately the damage is already done.  With each passing day researchers are discovery ways that the Jabs can cause injury and many of those injuries will shorten lives.  One researcher now believes the spike proteins may cause premature aging.

They theorized that spike preys on our DNA, and that repeated exposure will prematurely age us, leading to earlier death by natural causes. “Spike is spike. The more the worse,”

There was never any rational justification for vaccine mandates.  Any intelligent person could see the risk far outweighed the benefits.  There is no benign explanation for the government’s stance on these experimental treatments.  This was a crime plain and simple.

It was a Crime not an Accident

Anyone capable of independent thought knows the entire COVID narrative never made any sense.  Unfortunately independent thinkers are a minority which is why government was able to perpetuate blatant lies for as long as they did.  Thankfully many independent thinkers refused to be silenced and the COVID conspiracy is slowly unraveling as the truth is exposed.

One of the independent thinkers who refused to be silenced is Senator Ron Johnson.  Initially the conspirators used their friends in the media to defame and marginalize Senator Johnson.  Below is a New York Times headline from December 2020.

Elevating Fringe Theories, Ron Johnson Questions Virus Science

But Senator Johnson was undeterred and thanks to his efforts one lie after another has been exposed.  Even 1 year ago you would be shouted down for saying COVID came from a lab.  Now as Jim Jordan puts it “common sense tells you it came from a lab”.


Jim Jordan is late to the game but 100% correct.  The balance of evidence always supported a lab origin.  The evidence also support that it was released more than once.  My choice of wording is intentional.  The virus did not leak from a lab it was released intentionally more than once.  I know that this is controversial but then so was the lab origins theory.  Just as common sense and evidence always supported a lab origin it also supports the conclusion that none of this was an accident.  That is why I wrote this in September of last year.

It appears the virus was released in multiple locations in the fall of 2019.  The virus was allowed to circulate without much fanfare.  This first release was necessary so that the virus would be easy to find when the plans were put in motion.  The second release came in February in Wuhan.  The virus was already circulating but the second release was necessary to provide a plausible origin story.

The second release was followed quickly by manufactured videos of people dropping dead in the street.  Suddenly the virus was discovered everywhere.  We were told this was due to how incredibly contagious this virus was when really it was just because the virus had a 5 month head start.  The fear factor was ramped up, society was shut down, and then the deaths started to happen.

I have done multiple blog posts presenting evidence to support my conclusion that the releases were not accidental.  This morning I found another interesting piece of evidence.  Anthony Fauci continued to send money to Wuhan until July of 2020.

A document dated July 13, 2020, detailed NIH funding (or rather funding from NIH’s NIAID, then headed by Anthony Fauci) and other information for a project titled “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence.”

Ask yourself, why would Fauci do this?  If the releases were accidental, why did Fauci keep sending money after the first release in 2019?  Fauci knew damn well he was funding illegal, dangerous research.  If you wanted to keep that secret why would you keep funding a lab that was so sloppy the virus was escaping?

To believe that this was an accident we must believe that Fauci continued to support a lab that lost control of the virus at least twice.  There is no way that is what happened.  Fauci would have cut and run after the first “accident”.  He kept paying because that was part of the deal he made with the lab to release the virus.

Fauci’s continued support of Wuhan is of course not a smoking gun.  In fact none of the evidence I present on this blog is a smoking gun but it all points the same direction and paints a terrible picture. None of this happened by accident.  It was all carefully planned and the sooner we admit that the better.  A small group of well-placed co-conspirators managed to shut the world down.  They did this for financial and ideological gain.  We need to admit this was a crime and start dispensing justice.

We do not need to Choose Stupidity

Government response to the COVID “emergency” should have everyone worried about the future of humanity.  How could a civilization that put men on the moon 54 years ago have been convinced that a virus can be stymied by arrows on the floor?  How could we descend this rapidly in to stupidity?  It would be easy to write the irrational decisions off to panic but that would not be true.  Temporary panic cannot explain why now that the panic is gone the stupidity remains.

After bungling the pandemic response The Public health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has turned their attention to climate change.  Climate change as a public health emergency is now all the rage so PHAC paid experts to find the roots of climate change.  Thankfully by giving millions of tax dollars in to anonymous experts PHAC may have discovered the root causes of climate change.

Capitalism and white supremacy are partially to blame for climate change and must be addressed, according to several experts consulted for a newly released report from the Public Health Agency of Canada.

I know you are just as shocked as I am; another world ending calamity caused by capitalism and white supremacy.  Our descent into stupidity continues unabated.  The world is in fact getting less intelligent and Canadian government is leading the charge to the bottom.

It is, unfortunately, not just my opinion that humanity is becoming less intelligent.  The overall decline in human intelligence is well documented scientific fact.

“The causes in IQ increases over time and now the decline is due to environmental factors,” said Rogeburg, who believes the change is not due to genetics.

These environmental factors could include changes in the education system and media environment, nutrition, reading less and being online more, Rogeberg said.

Better environment and education caused average IQ to increase for centuries.  For decades now the trend is backwards.  Obviously the environment and educational systems have changed.  It turns out the modern “progressive” ideology is actually regressive. Society is headed backwards at a breakneck pace.

We are in the grip of an ideology that disowns our genius, denounces our success, disdains merit.

But the cultural revolution that began in the past decade is re-erecting those barriers and creating new elite power structures, elevated not by talent or hard work, but, curiously, by membership of the self-approved class, signaled by the right luxury beliefs and articulated by the right “inclusive” language.

The good news is that we caused this so we can stop it.  We can turn this around by simply turning the clock back to a time when merit was more important that feelings or identity.  The lunatics do not need to run the asylum.