How the most Treatable Disease in History killed so Many

The official government COVID narrative is that there is no treatment except the vaccine.  That, like everything else government said about COVID, is a dangerous lie.  In very short order doctors learned that Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Quercetin, Zinc, antihistamines, and Vitamin D could all be used to dramatically decrease the COVID death toll.  Yesterday I found an article about another medication that also showed impressive results.  A Brazilian study by Dr. Flavio Cadegiani showed that Proxalutamide reduced deaths in critically ill patients by 78%.

The peer-reviewed and published study with Proxalutamide involved 778 hospitalized severe COVID patients from Amazonas and Rio Grande do Sul. The reduction in deaths observed was 78%.

Proxalutamide: 45 of 423 (10.6%) died.

Placebo: 171 of 355 (48.2%) died.

Dr. Cadegiani released his paper in March of 2021 so why are we just hearing now about another successful treatment for the most treatable disease in medical history?  I think you know by now the answer to that.  Dr. Cadegiani’s results were suppressed by a lawsuit that was only recently dropped.

Dr. Cadegiani was accused of falsifying his results even though he has a sterling reputation and Proxalutamide belongs to a category of drugs that had been proven effective for COVID in multiple previous trials.  The lawsuit had no merit and everyone knew it.  The purpose of the lawsuit was to keep Proxalutamide out of hospitals until after everyone was force vaccinated.

There was a global effort to maximize COVID deaths by suppressing treatment information.  None of this was by accident.  The whole thing was planned from the start.  The people behind this crime were setting up their censorship apparatus 4 days after the first confirmed infection and 2 weeks before the WHO even declared a pandemic.

As revealed by Graphika’s 35-page public report released in April 2020, Graphika began “data collection” of “global conversations” containing “conspiracy theories” about Covid origins on December 16, 2019

The virus was engineered and purposefully released.  The release and the response was all part of a carefully thought out plan.  The plan included censorship and eliminating all options except the jabs.  A small group of psychopaths held the whole world hostage and were rewarded handsomely for their efforts.  They profited from murder and cannot be allowed to get away with it.