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Friends and helpers have been sending me so much information lately I am having a hard time keeping up.  I have received a couple of very lengthy videos recently that I will post in due course.  Here is the first one.  This German-American lawyer formed a group and started an investigation in to COVID months ago.


The video is just him reading from a rather lengthy prepared statement.  If you don’t have time to watch here is a brief summary.

  • COVID is not a pandemic. It was a bad flu that we would barely have noticed if it wasn’t for the media’s eager cooperation with government.
  • Excess deaths were almost completely from lockdown restrictions and Government enforced medical malpractice.
  • Cases and deaths were exaggerated to ramp up fear and remove rights.
  • COVID is nothing other than theatre to keep us from noticing the real objectives.
  • It is not about a virus.

He spent a lot of time and effort to prove that everything you read on this blog is true.  People need to wake up.

Vaccination Fees are as Inevitable as Vaccine Passports

With every passing day more government officials are speaking about the necessity of COVID Jab boosters.  The high Priest of COVID is no exception.  Here is an interview he has done where he states that soon fully vaccinated will mean 3 not 2 shots.

If you think this stops at 3 shots you are kidding yourself.  We are on our way to multiple COVID Jabs each year.  Unfortunately it won’t even stop there.  This is just for COVID.  There will be another virus.  There is always another virus.  Anthony Fauci and Bill gates financed the development of this virus.  What will stop them from buying another one?

Once the government has forced you to accept vaccine passports this will be endless.  Every year there will be a new virus and a new injection compete with regular boosters.  If you want to earn an income or buy groceries you will line up for each and every shot.  That is when the last shoe will drop.

How long do you think the vaccines will be “provided” by taxpayers?  Once the system is established, and you are obligated to take dozens of shots per year, vaccination fees will appear.  Graduated fees based on income.  This is the ultimate wealth transfer tool.  Government will make sure that money you earn finds its way to them and their friends.

This is how the great reset happens.  You will not own anything because you cannot afford to own anything.  You will have no disposable income to buy a house, car, or plane tickets.  Those things will be reserved for government and the corporate ruling elite.  Your life will be nothing other than drudgery.  You will work to pay for vaccines so that you can work.

The world is stratifying right before our eyes.  It will be vaccinated and unvaccinated but not the way you see it now.  The holdouts in low places will be force vaccinated.  The only people that will remain unvaccinated will be those in power; top level Government and their wealthy friends.

If this is not the future you want, you better stand up now.



COVID causes Hysterical Blindness in Canadians

I saw this article by Brian Lilley.  Brian Lilley is marginally better than most “journalists” in Canada.  For the most part Brian Lilley behaves like the rest of the herd.  He publishes what he is told to publish with no real attempt to verify information.  What makes him marginally better is that sometimes he steps out of line.  In this article he questions the necessity of vaccine passports.

It is good to see a prominent journalist questioning the vaccine passports.  Unfortunately the only reason that he believes passports are unnecessary is because he believes so fervently in the vaccines.  Brian thinks eventually everyone will accept the vaccines without coercion.  I don’t know why he believes this.  In his own article he quotes Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s chief medical officer who says this.

“There is currently no scientific evidence of the direct impact of COVID-19 vaccine certificates on SARS-CoV-2 transmission”

Dr.  Moore is keenly observant.  He has noticed that government issued documentation has no effect on Viral transmission.  I don’t know about you but his observation was a wakeup call for me.  All this time I believed my driver’s license was preventing me from getting COVID.

Vaccine passports do not prevent transmission for 2 reasons.

  1. They are a piece of paper not a magic amulet.
  2. The Vaccines themselves do not prevent transmission. In fact the data shows the jabs accelerate transmission by turning people in to walking petri dishes.  Every vaccinated person is a potential super spreader.

Both of these men are willfully blind.  They should not be questioning the necessity of the passports.  They should be questioning the logic of subjecting every human on the planet to an experimental treatment.  A treatment that was developed for a virus dangerous to very few, which 80% of us had prior immunity for.

The Moronic Man-child is also not questioning the logic for vaccination.  He knows exactly what the Jabs are for.


The Prime Moron has ordered 35 million booster doses for next year, 30 million the year after.  Those are very interesting numbers.  Canada has 38 million people and post COVID Jabs our populations went up by about 400,000 every year.  We should need 38.4 million boosters next year.  Justin is apparently using projections showing 3.4 million excess deaths this year and over 5 million excess deaths next ear.  Gee I wonder what could cause such an extinction.  Are we preparing for an asteroid strike?  Does Justin know something he is not telling us?


There is no Win/Win Solution to COVID Tyranny

I have a friend who is quick to point out that lockdowns in Alberta are a sure sign that the worst is already over.  The evil dwarf, Premier Jason Kenney, very carefully times every new restriction.  He waits until there are clear signals that the outbreak has already peaked before he removes additional rights.  The goal is, of course, to take credit for something that was already happening.  Jason must take credit for things he has not done because the things he does are criminal.

Jason Kenney is not the only politician playing this disgusting game.  Here is a news broadcaster in England pointing out the same thing.

Jason’s latest restrictions are another great example.  The % positivity was already dropping by Sept 4th.

Jason kept the case numbers high by increasing testing to make it appear that Sept 16th was the peak day.


September 16th was of course the first day of the latest round of tyranny.  Tyranny that Jason wants you to believe was necessary for your safety.  “For your safety” justified concentration camps 80 years ago.

My friend is not the only Albertan that has noticed this pattern.  Here is an Alberta doctor speaking at a town hall.  He can predict new regulations by his falling caseloads.


The Doctor also takes the time to point out that the crisis in our health care system did not start with COVID.  It started 6 years ago under the watchful eye of Alberta’s second biggest mistake, Rachel Notley.  Rachel is the former Premier and current leader of the opposition.

Canadians are enamored with Government run health care.  This is something that I just do not understand.  I can understand wanting some sort of safety net providing funding.  No one should face financial ruin for medical treatment.  I just don’t understand why anyone would want government both funding and running the system.

No politician in history has trampled Albertans’ rights as thoroughly as Jason Kenney.  In the last 2 years Jason has used COVID regulations to destroy, even end lives.  He has done this with absolutely no political opposition.  Rachael Notley, and her merry band of communists, have been cheering every evil decree from the sidelines.  Jason and Rachel are evil.  They have no redeeming qualities as human beings.  Why on earth would you want people of such low moral fiber hiring and firing nurses?

This malady affects every government run health system in Canada.  Here is a hospital in Windsor Ontario firing staff who will not take the Jab.

This is at the direction of Ontario Premier Doug Ford.  If you carefully examined Doug Ford under a microscope you would find no desirable qualities.  Doug is stupid and every bit as evil as Jason and Rachel.

If there was a single influential politician in this country with even an ounce of empathy, things would have been very different.  Far fewer people would have died.  More and more papers are being publish about the deadly consequences of lockdowns and they are finally getting media attention.

“We fail to find that SIP policies saved lives. To the contrary, we find a positive association between SIP policies and excess deaths. We find that following the implementation of SIP policies, excess mortality increases.”


Some in the media are also starting to discuss the futility of masking and social distancing.


Soon even the most catatonic among us will wake up and realize what our “leaders” have done.  When that happens it will not be pretty.  Our “leaders” are smart enough to have noticed their precarious position.  If even 10% of the population stands up and says no, the game is over.  Maybe that is why Politicians are now lashing out in fear.


Hold fast, do not succumb and do not capitulate.  This goes one of two ways.  We either lose our freedom forever, or the politicians do.  Let it be them.

Another Ivermectin Success Story

Chalk up another win for Ivermectin.  This time it was Japan.  Like other nations with healthy vitamin D levels Japan did not have a problem with COVID.  Despite not having a problem Japan decided to go ahead with vaccinations anyway.  Guess what happened.

After nearly 2 years without a COVID problem cases started to soar.  Familiar story right?  The Jabs turn people in to walking COVID petri dishes.  The more people you jab the more super spreaders your create.

If this was Western Europe or North America the story would continue like this.  Government would immediately force people in to masks and unemployment.  The next several weeks would then be spent demonizing unvaccinated.  Once the public was sufficiently enraged vaccine passports would be implemented.  At no time in this process would there be any real attempt to treat people.

Thankfully for the Japanese their government had a different script.  For some bizarre reason the Japanese government and medical authorities had no desire to see their citizens suffer and die.  On August 13th they recommended using Ivermectin.

Within 12 days of this recommendation cases plummeted and Japan once again had no problems with COVID.  With Ivermectin the curve really can be flattened in 2 weeks.  That is precisely why we are not using it.  The evidence is mounting.  Western authorities are clearly guilty of mass murder.

Rationing Medical Services to Ramp up the Pain

I found this article a couple of days ago.

Alberta doctors have been well conditioned by Government.  After 2 seasons of COVID they know the drill.  The government wants crowded hospitals and high body counts.  This year the government did not even need to pick up the phone and make the call.  In anticipation doctors are already rationing services.

If you show up at an Alberta hospital with COVID you will be placed in a regular room.  This helps spread the virus to as many other patients as possible.  Once in this room you will be ignored until you are critical and transferred to the ICU.  At that time they decide whether you get ventilated.  A decision that no doubt hinges on your vaccination status.

This is a well-established protocol.  Unfortunately the protocol lacks one very important step.  TREATING YOU FOR COVID BEFORE YOU NEED THE ICU.  This is quite the oversight when you consider that COVID might be the most treatable disease in medical history.  Here is a Spanish study published 9 months ago.!po=34.9057

Two nursing homes run by the same corporation had 84 patients.  100% of their patients eventually tested positive for COVID.  They had 0 deaths.  Nursing home patients are elderly and in poor health.  That is why they are in nursing homes.  Statistically speaking they should have seen 15 or 16 deaths yet they had none.  They successfully treated every patient with Azithromycin and antihistamines.

The list of effective treatments for COVID continues to grow.  Ivermectin, HCQ, asthma medication, Vitamin D, Azithromycin, and Antihistamines have all proven effective.  We apparently don’t use any of these things in Alberta.  Hospitals treat patients just the way our government wants them to.  We use very high doses of neglect.

COVID Jabs are Short Term Gain for Long Term Pain

What the government gives they can take away.

I have discussed Israel before.  They pursued vaccinations more aggressively than any other major nation.  Israelis dutifully lined up to “do the right thing” and quickly more than 80% of adults were vaccinated.  Israel was also the first country to introduce vaccine passports.  They call it a green pass.  If you get 2 jabs you get a green pass.  The green pass gives you privileges that the dirty unvaxxed don’t get.  Most western countries no longer have rights; just privileges granted by government for being obedient.

The Israeli government has re-defined “vaccinated”, now it is 3 jabs.  If you do not get your third jab within a specified time after your second jab you are no longer “vaccinated”.  On October 3rd 900,000 Israelis will pass their “due date” for receiving their 3rd jab. 900,000 green passes will be cancelled.  This number is bound to grow as other green passes reach their expiration date.  5.6 million Israelis took the first 2 Jabs.  So far only 3.1 million have taken the 3rd.

So why have 900,000 Israelis decided that the green Pass privileges are just not worth it?  Maybe it is because they have become pin cushions.  Their government intends to jab them multiple times per year.  Or maybe they have figured out the Jabs just don’t work.  Something that they are starting to discuss on Israeli television.


The COVID Jabs provide short term temporary relief.  The cost of this fleeting benefit is long term health issues.  People are finally starting to figure that out.

How can the COVID Jabs be the Solution when they are the Problem?

Every country in the world that aggressively pursued vaccinations saw sharply rising cases shortly afterwards.  Governments blamed it on the unvaccinated and to be fair it was unvaccinated people who did get sick initially.  But why did this even happen?  When no one was vaccinated the virus spread slowly.  Why the sudden acceleration?  To answer this question I am going to start with a very unlikely source, CNN.

CNN is a very reliable Network.  If you are a left wing tyrant you can rely on CNN to have your back.  No lie is too large for CNN as long as it forwards the left’s agenda.  That’s what makes this short clip so incredible.


Even CNN no longer denies there are problems with the COVID jabs.  They admitted on air that vaccinated are just as likely as unvaccinated to spread the virus.  This is a stunning revelation for CNN but, if I was an internet fact checker, I would rate this as only “somewhat true”.  The whole truth is that vaccinated people are far more likely to transmit the virus.

At the start of this farce the media and government “invented” asymptomatic transfer.  They did this to make us frightened of each other and to explain how people became infected without direct contact.  There was never any evidence to support asymptomatic transfer.  Contact tracing shows that asymptomatic people do not even infect others in their own home.  Think about that for a minute.  Asymptomatic people do not infect family with close daily contact.  Yet the government wants you to believe that standing within 6 feet of someone will kill you.

Asymptomatic people are infected but not sick.  Their viral loads are too low to produce the illness or symptoms.  The low viral loads also make transmission highly unlikely.  If you do not have enough virus to become sick, you do not shed enough virus to make anyone else sick.

Symptomatic people are the main source of viral transfer.  The symptoms are how the virus leaves their body.  Sneezing, coughing, runny nose; these are all avenues for the virus to exit an infected person and find a new host.  Symptomatic people are sick.  Sick people tend to stay home because they know they are contagious.  This naturally dampens the outbreak.  Unfortunately this was the Pre-jabbed world.

In the post Jab world asymptomatic people can have very high viral loads.  The CDC pointed this out 2 months ago.

The jabs are not designed to prevent infection, just lessen symptoms.  In the first 4 months after being jabbed, a person can become infected and develop very high viral loads without any symptoms.  They do not realize they are contagious.  Infected jabbed people keep their normal routines.  They circulate among and infect the un-jabbed.  As a result the virus spreads very quickly.  Even in the summer when it should hardly spread at all.

In a post Jab world asymptomatic transfer is very real and now probably the dominant transfer mechanism.  Not to worry though, this will be short lived.  There is a high degree of natural immunity in the un-jabbed population.  The virus only has so many places to go.  Also as the jab’s effectiveness wears off and ADE sets in, jabbed people will develop symptoms.  They will become sick and stop circulating among the general population.

We may be witnessing both phenomena in Alberta right now.  The current outbreak appears to be over.  % positivity appears to have peaked between September 7th and 10th.

The number of jabbed people being hospitalized is also growing.

In a few months I expect Albertans will see the same thing Israel and England are already seeing.  The hospitals will be full of Jabbed people.  This is shaping up to be a very bad winter for Jabbed people.  The answer is not vaccine passports and more jabs.  We just need to ride this out and treat sick people early rather than let them die like we did over the last 2 winters.

32% of Canadians are Cognitively Impaired, and it wasn’t COVID

The Moronic man-child just can’t help himself.  If you put a microphone in his hand he will say something stupid.


He thinks it is only logical that your vaccine will not work if you sit in the same restaurant as an unvaccinated person.  Canada is a highly dysfunctional country.  You will never fix a country where 32% of the adults think it is a good Idea to have that idiot in charge.

The FDA Pumps the Brakes

A helpful reader sent me this article yesterday.

A few days ago the FDA declined to approve booster jabs for anyone under 65.  Most of the articles written in the main stream media explained that the FDA thought it was simply too soon.  They did not want to take the focus off getting the first 2 jabs into everyone.  This article was interesting because it was the only one that mentions safety concerns.

This is what is so evil about the main stream media.  They are not in the business of reporting news.  They are in the business of manufacturing opinion.  The opinion they want you to hold is that booster shots are safe and necessary; we just don’t need them quite yet.

If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?  If the media does not report something does that mean it did not happen?  The main stream media did not report that the FDA entertained several presentations about vaccine injuries.  During one presentation an expert gave his opinion that men under 40 should not receive the jabs.  The risk of myocarditis was higher than the risk of the virus.

The FDA was not only concerned with timing.  The track record of these Jabs is awful.  Other vaccines have been pulled for a fraction of the problems that these Jabs have produced.  The original Pfizer approval was obviously made under duress.  The FDA succumbed to political pressure.  Creepy Joe wanted to use the approval to push forward with vaccine mandates.

Now creepy Joe wants to start a booster program.  Once again the FDA is under intense political pressure but this time they did not cave.  It looks like the FDA is trying to distance themselves from the Jabs.  This might be the most hopeful thing that has happened since March of 2019 when this tyranny began.