Can we vote our way out of this?

The western world has been going the wrong direction for a very long time.  The reason is simple western voters adopted left wing socialist ideas and voted for politicians that promised to look after them from Cradle to grave.  Socialism/communism is a very attractive ideology for lazy thinkers.  On the surface it sounds like a utopia.  No one is left behind.  Everyone is cared for.  With socialism the devil is in the details.

Socialist politicians promise to make everyone equal.  Exactly how do you do that?  How do you make people born with different abilities equal?  The task is impossible.  Just look at your own family.  All your siblings started from the same place.  Are they in the same place now?  I doubt it.  Some will have more than others.  Everyone has different skills and makes different decisions.  If you can’t make people in the same family equal, how do you make everyone equal?

Socialists say the solution is easy.  Everyone works for the government and the government divides the wealth equally.

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs

Karl Marx

This sounds nice but has 2 serious fundamental problems.  First it denies human behavior.  People are hardwired for survival.  That means we will always place our own interests first.  People will put in extra effort to better their own position but will not go the extra mile to benefit someone else.  Socialist systems produce economic lethargy.  Hard work has no reward, so people default to a lower standard.

The second reason is that even under enforced equality there must be systematic inequality.  Look at that statement again and ask yourself, who decides?  Who decides what your needs are and how much the state should expect from your abilities?  The statement from Marx tells you there will not be equality.  There will be someone or some organization that sits in judgement over everyone.  By definition, those people will be superior.

This was certainly evident in eastern Europe under communism.  In those countries people in the government always had more than everyone else.  We see that now in the west.  As our governments become increasingly socialist the only people who get ahead are those associated with Government.  In Trudeau’s Canada, government employees make far more than the average person without ever doing a day of productive labor.  People connected to the highest levels of government do even better.  If you are a friend of Justin Trudeau making money is easy.  Just form a shell company and start sending the government invoices for work that is not required and no one will ever do.  The government is gobbling up a disproportionate share and, just as in the Soviet Union, ordinary people struggle to pay for necessities.

And without a trace of irony, our prime minister since 2015 added, “There is something fundamentally shifted in our economy that young people don’t have the kinds of opportunity they had before.”

There is a shift in attitudes starting in the west.  People have finally woken to the fact that this socialist polices did not make their life better.  Voters are now voting for more right-wing candidates.  The latest example was Marine Le Pen in France.  She has seen a surge in support, but she was stymied by left wing collusion in the latest French election.  Le Pen fell short, but it is worth asking, would it have made any difference?  It didn’t in Italy.

Giorgia Meloni rose to popularity in Italy for promising to stop illegal migration but since she took office in 2022 illegal migration has gone right back to where it was previously.

She was going to stop the boats, but the boats kept coming and she did nothing.  Voting for a “right wing candidate did not produce right wing policies.  Will that be the case everywhere?  Are the right-wing candidates right-wing?

In Britian Nigel Farage has returned and immediately won support.  Farage, like many right-wing candidates promises freedom.  Does he mean it or is freedom just a convenient campaign slogan?  I fear it is the latter.  As James Delingpole points out Farage was all in on stripping everyone of their freedom during COVID.

Covid was a test which Farage – and many others – failed and failed utterly. You do not redeem yourself from such disgrace by shrugging your shoulders, muttering that mistakes were made and sighing ‘Ah. Next time, eh?’

Either you acknowledge that Covid was the largest scale assault on human freedoms in the history of the world – or you are part of the problem. You can’t redeem yourself by being quite sound on other stuff like immigration and the environment. It’s like being pro human sacrifice but expecting some leeway because you once gave some money to a lovely rehabilitation centre for injured capybaras.

I agree with Delingpole.  COVID should be the litmus test.  Any politician who did not oppose the lockdowns should not be trusted when they speak about freedom.  This is exactly why I am skeptical of Pierre Poilievre.  Poilievre likes to say he wants to make Canada the freest country on earth but during the lockdowns Poilievre was quiet as a church mouse.

The more I think about it the more convinced I am that even though we voted our way in to this mess we can’t vote our way out.  Voters are turning away from socialism.  They have finally figured out the more free things the government offers the more expensive life gets.  But as they turn away from socialism what do they turn towards?  There are plenty of politicians promising freedom and accountability.  I doubt there are any who will deliver what they promise.

The arrogance of progressives

Each morning, I read the news from various internet sources.  Some mornings I come across articles that just trigger me.  This morning is just such a morning.  It was another article about Canada’s housing crisis.  I have posted about this before but what triggered me was not more useless posturing over an easy problem to solve but the arrogance of the man tasked with solving it.

Despite that the Canadian Federal government does not build houses and has very little to do with issuing housing permits Canada has a housing minister.  His name is Sean Fraser.  Trudeau thinks he is the man to solve the problem that Trudeau is largely to blame for himself.  Sean Fraser is also supremely confident in his ability to solve the problem.  So much so that he got very annoyed when reporters asked questions about his plans.

“If your goal is to throw up obstacles every way, feel free.”

“Have a field day. I want to solve the housing crisis. My goal is actually based on what I think it would take to solve it.”

Apparently, Sean is far too busy building houses to answer questions about his plan.  That might lead you to ask just how many houses Sean has already built.  Well, the answer of course is zero.  Sean has built no houses for one simple reason.  Sean knows nothing about building houses.  In fact, Sean doesn’t know anything about anything.

Sean Fraser took a degree in Kinesiology.  He then went on to finish a law degree.  After graduating Sean worked for three years as an associate lawyer before entering politics.  That is, it.  A man with 3 years of work experience is now tasked with building 3.9 million homes by 2031.  For those of you keeping score at home that is more than one home every minute for the next 6 years and Sean has not started yet.

Canada has never been able to build 1 home per minute.  This would be an impossible task for even an experienced builder to accomplish.  There is no way an inexperienced lawyer, a profession that normally slows things down and makes things expensive, will every do this.  But this is one more thing that Sean does not know.  He thinks he can do it because his progressive ideology makes him superior to all others.

This is the core of progressivism, or liberalism if you will, the belief in your own inherent superiority.  Progressives believe that things are only the way they are because no one as smart as them has ever come before.  Sean believes Canada can’t build houses fast enough just because he was never involved before.  Now that he is here houses will magically appear if he doesn’t waste any time answering any questions.

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts and the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

Charles Bukowski

I hope young people are not holding their breath waiting for Sean to build them a house.


Prime Minister is a poor occupation for the village Idiot

Almost 40 years ago I graduated University with an Engineering degree.  To be quite honest I was not even sure how I was supposed to use the things I learned.  I quickly learned that Engineers broadly fell in to 2 categories; design or operations.  I chose operations and that meant I spent most of my time solving problems.  There was always some piece of machinery or process that was not working properly and it was my responsibility to determine why and offer solutions.

I found I quite liked solving problems and that all problems are solved by first determining the root cause.  This seems very straight forward but for some people it is not.  I can’t count how many times I have solved problems that have persisted for years.  Money had been spent on “solutions” that had never worked because no one had spent the time to correctly identify the root cause.  People who cannot identify the root cause make very poor engineers but often very successful politicians.

Justin Trudeau is a very successful politician.  His success doesn’t just border on unbelievable it crosses the border right in to unexplainable.  How did a man with brain function so low he is barely capable of autonomous respiration become the leader of a G8 country?  This will no doubt puzzle any historian that studies our current dumb ages but this unpredictable situation is having very predictable results.  Canada has a number of serious problems that are not being solved.

The biggest problem for Young Canadians right now is that houses are unaffordable.  Not to worry though Justin thinks has identified the root cause; investors speculating in Real Estate.

“The big thing is we just have to slow down on the speculation, right?” said Trudeau. “I mean, housing prices and values should increase over a lifetime, but you shouldn’t be able to flip a home eight years later and have it double the price.”

Speculation does distort markets but it tends to be a temporary distortion.  In life outside politics reality always intrudes.  The value of the product being speculated on will always return to what supply and demand dictates that it should be.  Usually it does not take long and the price adjusts.  If after 8 years prices are still increasing speculation has little to do with it.  So obviously the root cause is not speculation but that does not matter.  Justin is going to end all of this speculation by taxing home equity.

I mentioned this to another friend, who said, well if it’s a modest hit on million-dollar homes, and it goes to help millennial home buyers, then maybe that’s not such a big sacrifice. In other words, it’s OK to go after the rich folks (or wealthier middle class) in the Robin Hood sense.

Remarkably many Canadians are as poor at problem solving as Justin Trudeau.  There are people willing to accept this “solution” despite how incredibly stupid it is.  This will not help a single young person.  How could it?  The problem for Young people is that houses are too expensive.  Taxing homes will not make homes less expensive.  The underlying value of any product is determined by supply and demand.  This will not get more homes built or lessen the demand for new homes.

Canadian homes are expensive because unrestricted immigration has dramatically increased demand and there has been no corresponding increase in supply.  This is not normal market behavior.  The market has been distorted by government policy.  Municipal governments have been piling on regulations for decades that make new homes expensive and new developments slow to approve.  Demand has been distorted by the federal government and supply has been distorted by municipal governments.

This problem has been caused by government but the root cause is the voters.  Canadians have an unblemished track record of voting for stupid politicians and allowing them to do stupid things.  The housing crisis and almost every other significant problem Canadians face can be solved by doing one simple thing.  Don’t choose the village idiot to run the village.  Justin Trudeau should have been laughed off the stage the first time he threw his hat into the ring.  We did not do that and now our children can’t afford houses.

1000 ways to lie

The best lies are half-truths.  Half-truths are comforting for people who don’t like to think.  They can hold on to the piece they know to be true and take everything else on blind faith.  Politicians and media understand the power of half-truths and it is normally their go to version when they lie.  But, that is what makes the lies about the COVID jabs so difficult.  How can you find a grain of truth about a treatment that increased the number of people who died?

COVID-19 cannot explain the increase in excess mortality after vaccinations began. For the second and third pandemic year a significant positive correlation between the increase of excess mortality and COVID-19 vaccinations is observed, a fact that strongly calls for further investigations on possible negative effects of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Every day the Jab narrative gets worse.  There is simply no good information that can be used as a foundation for lies.  The lies would need to stand on their own in the face of a tidal wave of contradicting evidence.  You would need to be a lot smarter than the average politician or journalist to get away with a lie that large.  Unfortunately the media has been in the business of lies for a very long time giving them other, albeit more crude, techniques for times such as this.

“nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.”

Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell, June 11, 1807

Hundreds of years of lying experience tell the media when the lie is too large ignoring the truth is the only remaining option.  An Australian network broadcast a panel discussion of the COVID jabs.  They presented the discussion as free and open but what they really did was edit out anything detrimental about the jabs.  Their version of the truth contains no actual truth.

Professor Booy said the people who have had Covid and have not been vaccinated “get more severe disease and they’re more likely to get long Covid”, which prompted audience accusations of “liar”, “bullshit” and “snake oil salesman”.

The media lies.  This is ground I have covered before but it is worth repeating.  The media cannot be trusted.  They have an agenda.  With the media it is always about manufacturing or supporting an agenda.  It is never about the pursuit of truth.  When the media reports something then the question is not “are they lying”?  Of course they are lying.  The question should always be “why this lie”?

Why would the media continue to lie for 3.5 years about a treatment that has no discernable benefit but a very real and documented downside?  Millions of people have died from this Jab.  Why is it so important for the media to cover that up?  Is there so much money to be made off fake vaccines that they will not risk their future income?

The COVID jabs and the Whole COVID campaign has been mass murder.  I am not sure that mass murder was the intent.  I think it was profiteering by people who did not care if someone else died.  That makes it contract killing.  Some day we will admit this to ourselves.  When that happens, what will we do with the people who caused it?  I am not just talking about the people who built and released the virus.  I mean everyone; including the journalists who cooperated.

Real Science eventually proves the obvious

I came across 2 new articles this morning.  In this one the authors re-examined data and concluded that claims of high COVID vaccine efficacy might have been dishonest.  They come to the surprising conclusion that COVID vaccine efficacy might have been less than zero even when we were being told that it was 100%.

All this makes it plausible that the COVID-19 vaccines have always had an effectiveness that was very low, zero, or even negative,

The next article also looked unsuccessfully for vaccine positive efficacy but also noted the vaccines might have had some nasty side effects.

Regarding the increase in excess mortality, an increasingly strong positive correlation with the vaccination rate of a federal state is observed, which reaches a value of r = 0.85 in the third pandemic year, indicating that excess mortality increased the stronger the higher the vaccination rate in a federal state was. An analysis of stillbirths showed exactly the same pattern.

I find myself once again exclaiming “no shit Sherlock”.  This data has been staring us in the face since day one.

Contrary to what Anthony Fauci and Theresa Tam want you to think there is no evidence that the vaccines prevent serious illness or death.  They are taking credit for a drop in serious infections that started before anyone was vaccinated.  The Jabs do not change your odds of surviving COVID at all but they do increase your odds of having a stroke or heart attack.  Why in God’s name are we still using them?

When you inject almost everyone, and people still get sick and die, it is obvious that the injections did not work.  When all these vaccinated people start showing up at hospitals with a host of other maladies unrelated to COVID it is equally obvious that the vaccines are not safe.

My wife turned on the news yesterday.  They were interviewing someone from Alberta Health services about the abnormally high level of emergency calls.  Apparently, ambulances in Alberta are having a hard time keeping up.  The AHS representative was at a loss to explain why so many people are suffering distress from so many different maladies.  2021 seems to be the year of the mysterious emergency.

I was not surprised by AHS’s inability to explain what is happening.  No one in that organization seems to understand anything medical and they are seriously allergic to logic.  Let me solve the mystery for them, IT IS THE VACCINES YOU IDIOTS.  You don’t need to take my word for it you just need to count the bodies in Europe.

That last quote came from a post I made nearly 3 years ago.  We can study the jabs forever and find what was painfully obvious from the start.  They are not safe; they are not effective.  The only thing they were was profitable.  Wake up and smell the assault with deadly intent.  The government never meant to keep you safe.  They only ever meant to keep you in the dark as the robbed and killed you.  COVID is the largest crime in history.  Don’t let them get away with it.

Even Canadians have noticed that something is not right

Officially today is Canada day although unofficially Justin Trudeau changed the date to April 1st several years ago.  In the lead up to this now defunct Canadian holiday pollsters asked Canadians how they felt about Canada.  They found national pride waning significantly.

But 45 per cent of people who did the survey said they were feeling less proud than they did five years ago in 2019. Leger said that’s up 16 percentage points from 2021, when they posed the same question.

Normally oblivious Canadians are starting to realize all is not well with Canada.  The country has some serious problems and at the top of that list is housing.  Many young Canadians can no longer afford to purchase a home.  They can’t even afford to rent.  So far, the governments solution to this critical problem has been to demonize landlords and people who already own homes.

I did not take political science so I really don’t see how demonizing people who did not cause the problem will help solve the problem.  Even some of the media has noticed that whipping up anger likely won’t make houses more affordable.  This article points out that some concrete action rather than hateful ideological rhetoric might be far more useful.  Below are the top 7 points from their list.

  1. One of the obvious solutions is to slow the flow of immigration until the housing supply can catch up.

  2. Instead of rubberstamping redevelopment proposals, local governments could choose to protect trailer parks and other forms of affordable housing.

  3. Local governments could revise zoning bylaws to allow small, affordable houses to be built. Many bylaws require new houses to be a certain size and have expensive features.

  4. Local governments could give encouragement and even tax breaks to builders who would build low-cost housing and co-op housing.

  5. Local governments could speed up the processing of building permits. Delays cost builders money, and those costs are inevitably passed on to the eventual owners.

  6. Governments at all levels could reduce taxes on housing. These include “development charges” at the municipal level, PST at the provincial level (and taxes such as British Columbia’s Property Transfer Tax), and GST at the federal level.

  7. Considerable amounts of underutilized land owned by governments could be made available for housing.

I don’t know about you but there was a common theme that jumped off this list for me.  First every single point dealt with government.  Second, they were not things that the government should do.  It was a list of all the things the government should stop doing.  They did not come out and say it directly, but the point is well made.  The housing crisis was caused by the government.  Specifically, the housing crisis is the result of too much government.

Canadian governments have grown like a cancer at all levels.  We simply have too many takers and not enough makers.  The cost of this imbalance is far higher than most people realize.  The money necessary to support our bloated bureaucracy must come from somewhere.  It comes from your pocket in the form of a myriad of taxes and fees that make everything expensive.

Secondly, fixed-rate municipal charges (like Development Charges), now constitute a larger proportion of new home costs. In many GTA municipalities, these charges can average between $100,000-$150,000 for a single family home and are going up not down, contributing as an inflationary pressure to the cost of a new home.

Supporting the bloated bureaucracy in Toronto adds up to $150,000 to the price of a house.  Pro government lunatics, of which Canada has far too many, will point out that this money is needed to upgrade infrastructure.  There is some truth to that but most of this will never be invested in infrastructure.  Just go ask anyone in Calgary under water restrictions from old water lines that have received little to no maintenance in 50 years.  Most of this money will be used just to support the ungodly weight of the government.

Canadians are not really losing confidence in Canada.  They are losing confidence in Canadian government, and they are not alone.  Voters are opting for change at the ballot box almost everywhere.  I have serious doubts that voting for a different career politician will solve the problems caused by other professional politicians.  Once in power they all find it difficult to pull their nose out of the public trough long enough to consider who fills the trough.

Voting likely won’t fix this.  Purging the country of the people causing the problems might fix it.  It is at least worth a try.  I certainly would not object to never seeing this himbo in the country again.