The solution now is to burn it all down

A friend of mine wanted to start a company in a horribly over regulated industry.  He asked me for help and I agreed even though I have grown very tired of the government stupidity I would need to deal with.  The business is started and we have recently acquired some assets which places us inside the storm of stupid government regulations.  We are bombarded daily with the stupidity so much so my friend remarked to me this week that he has not had time to do anything productive.  He spends all of his time dealing with regulations.

That is the problem with government.  The stupidity is not just time consuming.  It is expensive and destructive.

The list of stupidity is long — expensive signs forbidding homeruns in a baseball diamond, planning to dig up the Eglinton right after it has undergone years of reconstruction, allowing hate-mongers to occupy public spaces, permitting druggies to coldcock firefighters with impunity …

Canadians are over-governed beyond any level of efficiency, or good judgment, and it is costing them dearly.

Highly trained professionals are not able to spend their time productively using skills that took years of training and experience to acquire.  Instead they spend their time trying to please a government bureaucracy staffed entirely by people who have never been productive in their lifetime.  This problem has been brewing for a very long time.  Canada is blessed with so many natural resources that the government stupidity was affordable.  The problem with government stupidity however, is that it will inevitably grow until it is unaffordable.

Canada is blessed by enviable geology and geography — immense natural resources and a friendly superpower next door — which Canadians too frequently take for granted. Because our border is safe and our population well off by world and historical standards, progressive politicians feel free to obsess about issues irrelevant or actually harmful to economic growth, jobs, affordability, a sound currency, security and national unity.

Since 2015, intrusive regulations have proliferated across the economy, imposing burdensome compliance costs that are particularly harmful to small and medium- sized enterprises. 

The election of Justin Trudeau in 2015 was not a turning point but an inflection point.  Canada has been on this path for a long time.  The stupidity just accelerated under Justin Trudeau because Justin Trudeau is capable of a level of stupidity previously considered impossible.  Sadly there is no end in sight.  When faced with a problem caused by government regulations like our housing crisis government bureaucrats can only think of one solution; more regulations.

Reid said he would like to see affordable housing mandated in planning,

I was at an event recently that was attended by several MLAs.  I was not expecting to encounter any politicians but looking back I should have been.  The event was a small part of a movement that is gather steam and movements attract politicians like shit attracts flies.  They all see the potential for votes if they can pretend to be part of it.  I spoke to 3 MLAs and I admit that I was not at my best because I had not expected to have an audience with 3 people who likely regretted stopping to talk to me.

My conversation with all three was that regulations are strangling us.  Government brings in new regulations only to solve problems caused by previous regulations.  A more simple and direct solution would be just to eliminate the existing problem causing regulation but that never happens.  To their credit they all listened respectively to my rants and then went on to explain how they were making things better with the new regulations they were currently working on.

They just don’t get it and they never will.  This has gone past the point that it can be fixed without tearing the entire system down ad restarting from scratch.

Time for a rethink of our over-governed lives. Or a revolution.

I could not agree more.

A speed bump on the way to total tyranny

Ordinary citizens were given a brief reprieve from tyranny this week when the World Health Organization failed to ratify the pandemic preparedness agreement.  This agreement really had nothing to do with pandemics.  It was just a smoke screen to take control from national governments and hand it to unelected globalists.

Dutch MEP Rob Roos (European Conservatives and Reformists), has campaigned against the treaty across the world. Roos reasons that the Pact would transfer too much power to China and ‘big pharma’ lobbyists while ordinary citizens would lose their democratic rights to a WHO executive that cannot be voted out.

No one was more disappointed with this than The Trudeau Liberals in Canada who have been all in on this treaty since day one without a peep from the opposition.

Canada is working closely with other countries and international partners to strengthen global pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. This includes the development of a new World Health Organization (WHO) convention, agreement or international instrument

There is not a population on earth more eager to give up their rights and Canadians.  Not only did our politicians not raise a single concern over this disgusting attempt at globalist enslavement most Canadians did not either.  Canadians believe they are free because no one ever stops them from conforming to government.  We are free to obey government whenever we want and that is enough for Canadians.

Canadians are so oblivious that they don’t even notice the bizarre contradictions our subservience to government produces.  In Canada it was mandatory for restaurant owners to question vaccination status but illegal for police to do so during death investigations.

Const. Grus, a detective with the OPS sexual assault and child abuse unit, is accused of discreditable conduct for conducting an “unauthorized project” between June 2020 and January 2022 by probing into the sudden deaths of nine infants. Const. Grus is alleged to have accessed Ottawa police files and then contacted the coroner’s office to learn the COVID-19 vaccination status of the parents, as she believed there could be an association between the two.

The globalists won’t stop.  This was just a speed bump.  This treaty will be back with a different name and marketing program.  The political elite parasites that infest western governments are determined to destroy national governments.  They much prefer a world where the new royalty get to abuse the serfs in any way they want.

I have no doubt that when this is resurrected Canadian politicians will be all in again.  Canadian public will also likely ignore as their rights are taken.  Not everything in Canada is broken; just all the important things.

The risk is always highest when politicians tell you there is none

Politicians are very good at framing policies as sunshine and roses.  If we follow their path every end result will be good.  If we don’t it is all bad.  Some politicians are even stupid enough to believe the things they say.  Others like Trudeau have a messiah complex.  They believe they have special knowledge that only gods have and mere mortals will never understand.

As Sowell writes, “the vision of the anointed is not simply a vision of the world and its functioning in a causal sense, but is also a vision of themselves and of their moral role in the world. It is a vision of differential rectitude” or righteousness.

“What a vision may offer, and what the prevailing vision of our time emphatically does offer, is a special status of grace for those who believe in it. Those who accept this are deemed to be not merely factually correct but morally on a higher plane.

Intelligent people, a group that politicians rarely fall in to, know that this is not true.  Every decision has the potential for both good and bad outcomes.  There is always a tradeoff but politicians refuse to acknowledge that there is ever a downside and their stubborn refusal to acknowledge reality can be dangerous.  COVID was a great example of that.

The lockdowns were sold as a sure fire way of controlling the virus.  At no time was the downside of the lockdowns discussed.  As far as politicians were concerned there was no downside so to them the risk/reward equation was positive.  Only an idiot could have believed this.  Lockdowns were dangerous to the economy and to public health; that was certain.  What was not certain was how much of a benefit they could be but all of the available data from previous lockdown attempts indicated the benefit would be negligible.  Lockdowns had a very real large downside with a small and uncertain upside.

Ditto for the vaccines; all medical treatments carry risk.  New medical treatments often carry very large risk.  Treatments that we barely understand and that caused problems in the lab carry an unacceptable risk.  But that is not what we were told right?  They were safe and effective.  Once again it would be all sunshine and roses; except it wasn’t.

You would think people would learn but we haven’t.  The average person is no more able to evaluate options than the average politician.  A case in point is our current energy transition.  Politicians tell us eliminating hydrocarbons is all upside.  For some reason the world started using hydrocarbons even though apparently we derive zero benefit from using hydrocarbons.

That is of course not correct.  We use hydrocarbons because they are hugely beneficial so eliminating them comes at an extreme cost.

The story told by activist politicians and climate campaigners suggests that there is nothing but benefits to ending fossil fuels, versus a hellscape if nothing is done.

But the reality is that the world over the past centuries has improved dramatically — largely because of the immense increase in available energy that has come mostly from fossil fuels.

Life spans have more than doubled, hunger has dramatically declined, and incomes have increased ten-fold.

While the impact of climate change is likely negative, it is enormously exaggerated.

Giving up hydrocarbons is giving up a lot when we are not even certain the overall impact of climate change will be negative.  So we are not making a small sacrifice for a large gain we are making a large sacrifice for a small and possibly nonexistent gain.  Are you ready to sacrifice all the gains we have made in the last century for an uncertain climate benefit?  A better question might even be are you prepared to let people die for an uncertain benefit; because that is where this is going.  Our energy transition will kill people.

The problem with wind and solar is that when you need energy the most is when they generate the least.  Extreme heat and extreme cold happen when large unmoving high pressure cells settle over an area.  When this happens there is little to no wind so there is no wind generation.  In fact under these conditions in the winter wind turbines consume energy to stay warm.  They make a bad situation worse.

The Australian government is telling us “we’re different” to other countries struggling to make wind and solar work. We supposedly have “world-class resources” and “natural advantages in renewables“. But we also have world-class high pressure cells that stop wind generation across the entire nation simultaneously. On days like these, it doesn’t matter much whether we have 1,000 wind turbines or 10,000 if 95% of them are failing.

Blackouts during extreme heat and cold will cause deaths.  How many people are you willing to kill to prevent climate impacts that are exaggerated and only LIKELY negative?  We never stopped to ask that question about lockdowns or vaccines.  People died as a result.  Possibly millions of people died.  Do we really want to repeat that stupidity with climate policies?

Contrary to what politicians will tell you there is a risk/reward component to any decision.  The switch away from hydrocarbons to renewable energy will be overwhelmingly negative; even deadly.

Don’t be fooled by the advertising

Just yesterday I posted about how suddenly X wants me to see posts from rabid COVIDiots.  Many of the posts extoll the benefits of COVID Jabs.  They now prevent everything, just not COVID.  There is a concerted effort to re-popularize a treatment people used to line up for that now no one in their right mind will take.  Even people duped into taking multiple jabs no longer want these products.

It is not surprising that the jabs have fallen out of favor when it is impossible to keep hiding vaccine injuries.  Almost everyone knows someone who has been injured by these products and almost weekly now papers are being published that document the carnage.  This recent paper discusses the rapid rise in autoimmune disorders since the vaccine roll outs.

As for how COVID-19 vaccine may give rise to such immunogenicity, a recent study by Li et al., has shed some light.75 The authors showed that in the lymph nodes (LNs), modified RNA sensed by MDA-5 results in the production of type I interferons (IFNs); the latter induce antigen-specific CD8+ T cell responses.75

The link between COVID jabs and autoimmune disorders is just being explored but other injuries like heart attacks, blood clots, and cancer are already well understood.  They link with Cancer is now so obvious that oncologists in multiple countries are calling for bans.

It turns out these “safe and effective” treatments are not really all that safe.  Governments forced almost 6 billion people to take an experimental treatment that we knew very little about.  Researchers are now acknowledging the depth of our ignorance.

Though correlational, her medical team surmised that the mRNA vaccine may have contributed to this presentation. The side effects of COVID-19 infection and vaccination are still incompletely understood. Though complications are rare, clinicians should be aware of presentations like this one.

Don’t you think we should have understood what we were doing before we did it?  A little bit of understanding would have gone a long way.  Millions of lives would have been saved with just a drop of common sense.  You should not force healthy people to take a treatment you know little about.

Common sense is not common in the 21st century and complete absent from almost every western government.  So, we charged ahead when caution was the right approach and now, we deal with the aftermath.

The group are collectively seeking exemplary punishment and compensation for the deaths of their children, allegedly due to the vaccine’s side-effects. The petitioners are also seeking a comprehensive review of the scientific basis behind all Covid vaccines, including the Covishield vaccine that was developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University.

We used to do comprehensive scientific reviews before approving new medical treatments.  Now we do them after the bodies start piling up.  That should be a lesson but sadly judging from my twitter feed it is not.  We are gearing up for another round of stupidity.  I don’t care how many people the government pays to flood my X account with pro-jab posts; I will never accept mass murder.

The criminals aren’t just laughing at us they are preparing to do it again.

Congressional hearings in the US have uncovered that Anthony Fauci and his inner circle communicated with private emails and private cell phones during COVID.

Congress brought Morens to Capitol Hill today to ask why he used a Gmail account to dodge the Freedom of Informant Act (FOIA) when communicating about the COVID virus we were assured came, not from a lab, but from a guy who ate a bat salad, so that he could “delete anything he doesn’t want to see in the New York Times.”

While being questioned by Rep. James Comer, R-Ky.), Morens stammered like Joe Biden at a Girl Scout meeting. He clearly knew Congress had done its homework.

Morens was busted in a big fat felonious lie. Several actually.

Laugh with glee as Comer reads Morens’ email claiming that “Tony [Fauci] is too smart” to use his NIH email for things he doesn’t want to go public.

Is anybody really surprised by this?  Aren’t all criminals careful with how they communicate?  If COVID really was a pandemic Fauci would have nothing to hide but COVID was not a pandemic.  COVID was a criminal conspiracy and Fauci was in the middle of it.

COVID was the largest most audacious crime in history.  It was all fake and they even told us what they were going to do 6 months before they did it.  In October 2019 the WEF and Gates foundation hosted event 201.  Event 201 was to be an emergency planning exercise for a pandemic, but it really was just predictive programing.  It was an exercise to convince the public that existing pandemic response plans were inadequate to handle a serious pandemic.  They proved this by starting with the assumption that the existing plans did not work.

I shit you not.  They did an emergency response exercise with the assumption that every bit of knowledge accumulated to date was wrong.  The only thing that was right was all the things that had failed in the past.  To put it in perspective, imagine an emergency response exercise where the imagined emergency was a fire.  A rational person would say in case of a fire grab a fire extinguisher and call the fire department.  But for event 201 this would have been the wrong answer.  This fire can not be put out by fire extinguishers and firemen.  Even though every fire in history has been put out with fire extinguishers and firemen that is not the right answer for this particular fire.  For this fire we need to pour fuel on it and add fans to supply more air.

The whole thing was laughably ridiculous, but we bought it.  We threw out our old plans built on decades of hard-won experience and did every damn thing that had failed in the past.  We truly do live in the dumb ages.

Now congressional hearings have uncovered that from the first minute of the lockdowns the criminals stopped using official emails and cellphones.  Every one of them knew this was fake as they went on television to tell us how dire the situation was.  They should be in prison waiting for execution, but they are not.  They are living in luxury, and it appears they are planning to do it all again.

The only social media I use is X and I did not even start X until after Musk bought it and it looked like he might allow free speech.  So, I am a relative newby and don’t know the terminology or all the intricacies.  All I know is that when I sign on there are several posts for me to read.  Sometimes it is dominated by people I do not follow so I assume these people pay somehow to have their pearls of wisdom show up uninvited.  In the past week I have been flooded with posts from COVIDiots trying to convince me that masks work, COVID jabs are the best thing since sliced bread, and COVID is not over.

There is obviously a miss/dis/mal-information program underway.  We are headed to another lockdown just in time for the US elections which Joe Biden will win by receiving 400 million mail-in votes.

Anything they do not get punished for they will do again.  Why wouldn’t they.  They got everything they wanted last time.  We are at a decision point.  Build gallows or watch our rights disappear again.  I have saws, hammers, and even materials to donate towards option 1.  How about you?  Which one will you choose this time?

The Truth is it was all planned by people who do not like you

I came across a number of interesting posts on X a couple days ago.  The first one is a vax addict trying to understand why his boosters have consistently failed to prevent COVID.  Sorry since Musk changed from to I am no longer able to embed videos.  You will need to follow each link.

To tell the truth I can’t tell if this video is real or not.  For him to have gotten 9 boosters already he would have needed to take them every 3 months.  I can’t imagine why anyone would do that but there were government agencies recommending shots every three months so I guess if he was willing to follow government it is possible.

But that is the point isn’t it?  This whole vax mania was initiated and perpetuated by government.  Here is former Calgary mayor and current leadership candidate for the provincial NDP praising the AstraZeneca jab.  You remember the AstraZeneca jab right?  You know the one recently pulled due to safety concerns.  Mayor Nenshi did fail to mention that even if you don’t take the jab you are also nearly 100% protected from dying of COVID.

The best example comes from the Diamond Princess Cruise ship.  Those people were quarantined on the ship with covid positive patients.  This was a perfect Petri dish for cultivating illness yet 83% of the people did not get infected.

If 80% of us are already immune then my chance of getting and then dying from Covid is

20% x 0.29% = 0.058%

Or put another way my chance of surviving this world ending apocalyptic pandemic is 99.942%.  I like those odds

So your chance of surviving with the vaccine is nearly 100% and your chances of surviving without the vaccine are nearly 100%.  Kind of makes you wonder what the purpose of the jab was then, doesn’t it.  Go take a look at the date on that post.  In January of 2021 it was apparent that people under 70 would not benefit from the jabs even had they worked.  It has taken more than 3 years but now even the former head of the CDC is admitting that.

We are finally starting the slow COVID reveal.  Bit by bit the truth is being released.  I don’t know if we will ever get the complete truth largely because the unvarnished truth is just too horrible.  The truth is that the COVID emergency was completely fabricated.  The people that planned and implemented COVID had political and financial objectives.  At no time was public health, your health, ever a consideration.  They did not care what happened to you.  In fact their plan depending on making as many people sick as possible.

Many of the people involved with the crime like mayor Nenshi are still involved in government.  Power may have shifted from one party or individual to another but they are all still there.  Almost every politician in Canada, regardless of political affiliation, went along with this crime.  They all have blood on their hands.  I doubt we are voting our way out of this.

Cui Bono?

Things are getting so bad in Canada that even the normally willfully blind media is beginning to notice.

Canadians are currently experiencing one of the worst and longest declines in their standard of living in decades, according to a new report by the Fraser Institute.

So what is wrong with Canada?  Why is a country with a skilled workforce and abundant resources moving backwards?  The short answer is Justin Trudeau.  The long answer is Justin Trudeau’s climate policies.  To save the planet Justin is sacrificing Canadians.  He has used climate change as an excuse to cancel projects, restrict resource development, and tax Canadians in to poverty.

And, to be clear, the climate narrative is just that; an excuse.  There is no climate emergency.  Yes the climate is changing but that is completely normal.  There has never been a time in history when the earth’s climate has not changed.  At times the earth’s climate has changed just as quickly as it is changing now.  There is nothing happening now that should be considered outside the bounds of normal.

Modern western politics is about weaponing normal.  It is normal for ill seniors to die in cold and flu season yet for 3 years politicians were able to convince the public that it was abnormal and could be prevented.  To bestow eternal life on grandparents we just needed to hide in our basement and look the other way as politicians looted the public treasuries.  The same is true of climate change.  Suddenly storms are not normal.  They are completely preventable by giving up your SUV.

We let them steal and lined up for experimental injection and guess what?  Ill seniors still die in cold and flu season.  You can give up your car and eat bugs but I guarantee we will still have storms.  Climate is not controlled by humans any more than viruses are.  Climate changes are part of a much larger cycle that we are powerless to prevent.

  • This analysis suggests that it is the change in orientation of the Earth to the Sun, known as Milankovitch cycles, that is the primary driver of climate change.

  • These findings raise questions about the credibility of the existing climate change narrative.

These cycles cause both warming and cooling which is great for politicians.  They can prove either warming or cooling just by picking a different start date.  Currently they are weaponing warming but I have no doubt they will someday weaponized cooling.  That is what makes climate so useful to politicians.  There is always something happening that can be used to justify action and no way to judge whether any of it worked.  The future climate will be what it will be but you can argue it might have been different.  Therefore the insane destructive policies must have worked.

It also helps that the government controls all of the data.  When their insane policies don’t meet the stated objectives they can just go change the data.

The government says retroactively changing the historical record of Canada’s emissions every year is due to improved methods of measuring them, both past and present.

To save the planet western governments have made hydrocarbons expensive.  This has damaged economies but has not lessened our dependency on hydrocarbons because we have no substitute for hydrocarbons.  We pretend that windmills and solar panels are a substitute but they are not.  These are not new technologies.  There are good reasons we were not using them before.  Both tend to produce power when we do not need it and don’t produce power during periods of peak demand.

So why do we do it?  Why are western governments intentionally impoverishing their citizens?  To answer that question we need to ask another question.  Cui Bono, who benefits.  When you ask that question about COVID, China bubbles to the top of the list.  The lockdowns eliminated Trump, the most problematic politician China has ever had to deal with.  It also installed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Two politicians China has financial ties with.  COVID could not have worked out any better for China.

Remarkably when we ask that question about climate change we get exactly the same answer.  Western politicians are pursuing climate policies that seem to benefit no one other than China.

The glut in solar power in Australia is so big that next year solar panel owners in Sydney will have to pay 1.2c a kilowatt hour to offload their unwanted energy between 10am and 3pm. Nearly a million homes in Sydney have solar panels, but only 7% of them have batteries, which means basically, thousands of homes installed hi-tech generators that aren’t very useful. Worse, other homes were forced to pay part of the costs for them. The only winner was China.

China is playing a long game.  They purchase western politicians and get exactly what they want.  The west becomes weak and dependent on Chinese manufacturing.  There is only one way to stop this.  Stop voting for Chinese whores like Trudeau and Biden.  Politicians should pursue policies that benefit us not China.  Wouldn’t it be nice for once to ask Cui Bono and be able to answer “we do”?

Bad science pays, obviously bad science does not

Governments specialize in Stupid.  If you want to make a situation worse just get government involved.  Just look what happened with COVID.  The virus was circulating for months without producing a substantial number of deaths and then along came government.  What would have been an ordinary cold and flu season suddenly became a deadly pandemic.

Unfortunately COVID was not an aberration.  Now that it has become difficult to kill and impoverish people over cold and flu season government has pivoted back to killing and impoverishing people over plant food.

I was struck by some numbers in Robert Lyman’s column in FP Comment yesterday on the costs of net-zero climate policies. The costs he talked about were impressive enough: the units they come in are years’ worth of GDP. But what impressed me almost even more was that, according to a compilation by Navius Research for the Canadian Climate Institute, there are, as Lyman wrote, no fewer than 112 federal and 364 provincial and territorial programs addressed at various aspects of climate change. That’s almost 500 in total.

Did you know that it takes 500 different government agencies to implement net zero?  What exactly is net zero anyway?  How do you become net Zero in CO2 emissions without reaching zero emissions?  The only way is to take as much CO2 out of the atmosphere as you put in.  Trees do that for free but for some reason trees don’t count.  If they did Canada would already be net zero and there would be no need for 500 government departments.

No, we need 500 government departments to accurately determine and implement the most expensive ways to deprive plants of plant food.  Taken to the extreme this will of course lead to mass starvation and death, which incidentally is part of the plan anyway.

McGuire, a Professor of Geophysical & Climate Hazards at University College London (UCL), said the quiet part out loud in a post on X on Sunday.

“If I am brutally honest, the only realistic way I see emissions falling as fast as they need to, to avoid catastrophic #climate breakdown, is the culling of the human population by a pandemic with a very high fatality rate,” he wrote.

Alarmingly, McGuire was a member of a British government body that advised politicians on the COVID-19 response.

He definitely said the quiet part out loud and it is not surprising that it came from a university professor.  Western governments have been financing fraudulent climate science for decades.  Canadian Universities are full of people paid to conclude that the only good CO2 is the CO2 released by the yachts and private jets of the political elite.  CO2 released by ordinary people is very bad.  But, the good news is we have way more ordinary people than we need to build and service private jets and yachts.  As soon as we get rid of those useless eaters not needed to cater to the elite the planet will be saved.

There is a bit of a problem, however, with broadcasting such a harsh truth; it makes the lies too obvious.  That is why this professor is warning his colleagues that they must tone down the rhetoric and make the lies less obvious.

I see potential conflicts when scholars use information selectively or over-attribute problems to anthropogenic warming, and thus politicise climate and environmental change.

“I’m afraid that now scientists and activists are becoming all the same. And that is not good for science. In the mid to long term, if we lose our standards then the climate deniers and sceptics, they all have us. You have to be very careful.”

It is a very simple message.  Become more skillful liars or the gravy train halts.  Do not give the public a reason to question the science because when it comes to climate science the scientific cupboard is bare.  I fear it might already be too late for these grifters.  People are in the mood to ask questions.  It only took 4 years but now people on their 4th booster and 5th COVID infection are wondering why the jab and standing 6 feet away did not work.  How could “the science” have gotten things so horribly wrong?  Or an even better question is why did we pay for such bad advice and poor science?

The virologists got COVID wrong because they were paid to get it wrong.  The climate scientists are still getting it wrong because they are still paid to get it wrong.  There is profit in lies.  Big lies like COVID have a lifespan though, people figure it out quickly.  Subtle lies work better.  They can be milked for decades as long as you don’t overreach.  Climate scientists have been milking climate alarmism for 3 decades but it is coming to an end.  The lies are just too obvious now.

We still won’t admit what happened

It has taken 4 years but at least some of the legacy media has finally admitted that there was nothing natural about COVID.  The virus was engineered and so was the response.  All of the people claiming to follow the science had no knowledge of or regard for science.

The nation’s top public health official during the Covid-19 pandemic admitted that the origins of the coronavirus remain up for debate, the lab-leak theory is not a conspiracy, and that there was no scientific evidence to support the government’s social-distancing guidance.

Not a single COVID mitigation measure had a foundation in science yet anyone who pointed this out at the time was vilified.  Our governments were not following science they really just following a script written by sociopaths.  The pandemic architects had political, financial, and ideological objectives.  All of their objectives were to your detriment.  Lives were lost and fortunes were made.  It was a crime plain and simple.

Increasingly it looks like COVID was a crime no one will be punished for.  The co-conspirators have friends in high places.  Those friends have obstructed every investigation and by now much of the evidence has been destroyed.

All signs point to a lab leak. The only reason we can’t say it conclusively is because China has been allowed to destroy all evidence.

We are finally able to question the virus origins and the response but we still are not discussing something that was obvious 3 years ago.  They built this virus with the intent to release it.  The virus was for the lockdowns and the lockdowns were for the vaccine.

Again I have no smoking gun but many things taken together makes this the most likely explanation.  Even things that point to it being accidental still make sense if it was intentional.  Like the outbreak starting in China.  The logical argument is that the Chinese would not release the virus inside China.  The reality is that if China wanted to disguise their intentions, it had to be released in China.  If a virus common to Chinese Bats first appears in The US people will smell a rat (or in this case a bat).

We need to accept then that an intentional release makes as much sense as an accident.  How do we tell which it was?   In my mind these are the things that point to this being intentional.

COVID was a well-planned and orchestrated crime.  The people who committed this crime either held public office or were able to exert undue influence over those who did.  The criminals still hold all the power that is why no one has been punished.  This can’t be allowed to stand but I doubt voting will be part of the solution.

You can fix anything except Canada

I came across this video a few days ago.  It is a political commentary on Australian TV about the discontinuation of the AstraZeneca jabs.  (sorry you must follow the link for some reason it won’t embed)

I agree 100%.  People do have the right to be angry.  They were lied to.  They took a dangerous treatment that they did not need because the government wanted them to.

The only thing I disagree with is the end of the video when the commenter discuses different truths.  The idea of different and opposing truths is just as stupid as the idea the government does anything for your safety.  There is only one truth and the truth is none of the COVID jabs are vaccines.  They do not provide immunity therefore they do not prevent either infection or transmission.

There is also no public health benefit to any vaccine.  Vaccines, when they work, protect the person who took it; they provide personal not public protection.  Your vaccine does not protect anyone else.  This truth is very problematic for politicians taking kickbacks to mandate vaccines.  To get around this obstacle politicians maintain that the public health benefit comes from protecting hospitals.

While there is at least a kernel of truth in this, the reasoning is problematic for 2 reasons.  In socialized heath systems it is the politicians who determine the capacity of the system in the first place.  If the system gets overwhelmed for any reason it is because Politicians chose to limit system capacity in the first place.

The second reason is that these mandates are oddly specific to situations where big pharma makes profits.  People are forced to take vaccines to protect hospitals but they are not forced to exercise, stop smoking, stop drinking, or eat properly.  Hospitals are full of people who make these poor health choices but it is the unvaccinated that can be denied service?

With the COVID jabs there is a third reason the “protect hospitals” logic does not hold.  These treatments do not prevent infection or transmission.  They don’t even prevent serious injection.  At the peak of the vaccination programs hospitals were full of fully jabbed and boosted COVID victims.

Mandating vaccines is wrong, mandating dangerous, unnecessary, treatments that don’t even work is obscene.  Most of the world is waking up to that.  Sadly Canada is not most of the world.  In Canada we will only concede that remote workers might not need to be jabbed.

A labour arbitrator has struck down part of Canada Post’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy for employees, ruling it was unreasonable to suspend staff without pay who worked remotely simply because they did not confirm they were vaccinated.

The ruling says the policy’s purpose was to limit the risk of COVID-19 transmission in the workplace. But Flaherty says that purpose was not met when it was applied to a handful of employees who had no reasonable chance of ever seeing their colleagues at the workplace because they worked entirely remotely.

Isn’t that nice?  If you are a hermit living and working in a remote location, the government will leave you alone, next time.  For everyone else though Canadian courts are clear.  The government has every right to hold you down and inject you with anything they want.  That might seem like hyperbole but that is essentially what a British Columbia judge just ruled.  The judge ruled that 4 years later it is completely appropriate to force a treatment, which does not work, for a virus that no longer exists, on health care workers.

I have railed about the Canadian judiciary before.  Canadian judges are appointed for ideological purity rather than competence or even intelligence.  Nowhere is that more evident than in this latest decision.  This decision is so remarkably stupid I am sure it will be used in special education classes as inspiration to the students that anyone can become a judge in Canada.  I have cut a few of the more ludicrous parts of the decision below.

On the claim that COVID-19 was no longer “an immediate and significant risk” to public health in B.C., Coval determined “transmission of the virus continued to pose an immediate and significant risk to public health throughout the province, justifying the ongoing use of the emergency powers.”

The virus wasn’t a significant threat until sociopaths like Bonny Henry started pushing the jabs.  Now that people have stopped taking the jabs the threat is gone.  COVID is now one of the least likely reasons to die yet this judge thinks it is an immediate risk.  It wasn’t even an immediate risk at the peak of the pandemic for anyone who was not already on deaths doorstep.  There never was an emergency and their certainly is no emergency now but this judge believes the absence of an emergency is a good reason to extend emergency powers.

On the claim that unvaccinated health-care workers posed no greater risk to vulnerable patients, or the health-care system generally, than vaccinated workers, Coval sided with Henry’s evidence that a fully vaccinated workforce mitigated transmission risks.

If the jabs were vaccines then unvaccinated staff would pose no risk to vaccinated vulnerable patients.  The judge is either clueless as to how vaccines work or knows damn well these treatments are not vaccines.  He is Stupid and/or dishonest which makes him a perfect politician but a horrible judge.

Coval noted that he was not assessing the veracity of the scientific evidence but rather whether the evidence supported Henry’s claims. As such, since the vaccine has been proven to reduce transmission and rates of hospitalization, the mandate was generally justified.

And indeed, the mandates did so, Coval ruled; however, they did so within reason “to achieve the essential public health objectives of protecting vulnerable patients, residents and clients from serious illness and death, and safeguarding the functioning of the province’s health-care system.”

If it was not for the next stupid thing he said this would have been by far the most stupid thing I have heard this year.  He claims that he is not ruling on the validity of the science but then claims unequivocally that the vaccines prevented transmission and saved the hospitals.  How is that not taking a side and ruling on the “science”?  If he was not going to consider the science his ruling should have been based solely on individual rights and past precedent.  Those things are clear, vaccine mandates are not legal.  So he let “science” override the law while claiming he was not ruling on the “science”.  How the hell does that work?  Exactly how insane do you need to be to think this makes sense?

And now we get to the most stupid statement from his ruling.  This is the same statement made by our idiot Prime Minister.  No one was forced to take the vaccine.  You could have chosen unemployment without any eligibility for unemployment assistance.  Take a chance on the jab or take a chance on starvation; a completely normal everyday decision.

“The orders did not compel them to accept unwanted medical treatment, and so did not interfere with their bodily integrity or medical self-determination,” stated Coval.

The judge even one upped Trudeau on the level of stupidity.  Somehow a treatment with over 2000 life altering or ending side effects does not interfere with bodily economy.  Canada is broken.  You cannot fix a country where idiots sit in judgment over people.  The courts, police, and politics in Canada are corrupted beyond repair.