There is no polite way to say I Told You So

A wealthy French businessman died recently from the COVID vaccine.  Like most wealthy people this man had a large life insurance policy to protect his family so it came as a great shock to the family when the insurance company refused to pay.

The insurance company would not pay because the vaccines are experimental therefore the man took part in an experiment at his own risk.  Of course the family did not agree so the case landed in court.  The judge’s take on the situation was not much different than the insurance company, this is what he said.

“The side effects of the experimental vaccine are published and the deceased could not claim to have known nothing about it when he voluntarily took the vaccine. There is no law or mandate in France that compelled him to be vaccinated. Hence his death is essentially suicide.” 

So in the opinion of the court taking the COVID vaccine is suicide.  The new Pfizer advertisements almost write themselves.

“Are you depressed?  Are you lonely?  Pfizer has a vaccine for that.

It was inevitable that insurance companies would start denying claims.  Disability and death claims are up 40% since the vaccine roll outs.  Insurance companies are destined for bankruptcy if they continue to pay out claims for vaccine injuries.  Suddenly informed consent is a thing again.

This French court decision is of great concern to the sociopaths pushing the vaccines.  New York State is trying to calm the waters by assuring people that the vaccine does not invalidate insurance policies.

New York State assures vaccinated that New York law does not allow a death claim from vaccination to be denied.  This is a very artful lie.  The COVID vaccines are experimental vaccines.  I am certain the courts will see the important difference between vaccines and experimental vaccines.  Even if they don’t it would not be hard to prove that these treatments are not even vaccines.

This French decision is a ray of hope for the insurance industry and will definitely make the next few months interesting.

The slow death of Science.

I found this March 10th paper published in the medical journal Lancet.  I cannot think of a better example of how science has been perverted for money.  This is the conclusion.

The full impact of the pandemic has been much greater than what is indicated by reported deaths due to COVID-19 alone. 

The study looked at excess deaths for 2020 and 2021 compared to reported COVID deaths.  They found 3 times as many excess deaths as COVID deaths.  The authors wanted to leave you with the impression that COVID deaths are under reported.  That is not surprising since the study was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.  I am sure it will be quoted by politicians next fall as justification for mandatory vaccination which would be just fine with Bill Gates.  But did the study really prove that COVID was more deadly than reported?  Not by a long shot and the authors know that.

The language is intentionally vague.  They did not say that COVID deaths are under reported just the impact of the pandemic.  The authors did go on to say.

Further research is warranted to help distinguish the proportion of excess mortality that was directly caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection and the changes in causes of death as an indirect consequence of the pandemic.

So the authors did acknowledge indirect deaths, I wonder what those could be?  It’s not like isolating people and injecting them with a toxin might be a problem, is it?  COVID deaths are obviously over reported.  Every review has found high percentages of deaths listed as COVID where COVID was not even a plausible contributing cause.  A positive PCR on a cancer palliative care patient is meaningless.  COVID may have shortened their life by minutes yet they are still listed as COVID deaths.

So there were 3 times as many excess deaths as COVID deaths and the COVID numbers are ridiculously high, what does that tell you?  Bill gates hired these researchers to produce an ad campaign for vaccines but what they really did was quite different.  They just proved the lockdowns and vaccines are far more deadly than the virus.

Fake Emergencies never end

Government wants you to think that COVID is over.  The restrictions have been relaxed and some officials are acting like the last 2 years never happened.


Of course this is all a charade, this is not over.  If it was over why have most places not repealed their emergency declarations?  Government want you to believe this is over and go about life without looking too closely at what they are still doing.  While everyone is focused on the Ukraine and spring, the state of California is still busy using COVID to consolidate power.

One bill in that very impressive list caught my attention is Bill AB 2098.

Under AB 2098, doctors would be subject to disciplinary actions by the Medical Board of California and the Osteopathic Medical Board of California if they do not adhere to the approved COVID treatment consensus.

Professional organizations exist to set standards and discipline their members.  The organizations have been granted this authority because of the technical nature of the work performed by their members.  When a doctor or engineer makes a mistake it takes another doctor or engineer to judge how bad the mistake was.  This is a system that has protected the public for decades but left wing politicians hate it.

Left wing politicians believe they are gods.  They believe they should stand in judgment over everyone and everything.  The fact that they are not smart or disciplined enough to become doctors or engineers is irrelevant.  Take Justin Trudeau for instance.  Justin dropped out of Engineering in his first year.  Justine is an imbecile, which is beyond doubt, yet Justin believes he is god.  Justin just knows how to save you from COVID and climate change.  He is not as good when it comes to solving with real problems.  Justin is simply too stupid to identify a real problem.

In a post COVID world left wing politicians like Justin are taking back authority from professional organizations because they feel organizations have not been quick enough to discipline their members.  That is exactly the impetus for Bill AB 2098.  The leftist moron sponsoring the bill is certain of this because the media told him.

 “Major news outlets have reported that some of the most dangerous propagators of inaccurate information regarding the COVID-19 vaccines are licensed health care professionals.”

In a post COVID world media outlets are the judge of what doctors are allowed to think, say, and do.  As a member of a professional organization I feel compelled to point out that Journalist might be an occupation but it is not a profession.  Any idiot can do it and in 2022 many idiots do.

This is the post COVID world we live in.  Engineering drop outs take directions from social activists with no skills beyond lying, otherwise known as journalists.  We are so screwed.

Minority Report is no longer Fiction

More than once in the last 2 years I have commented that we are now living in some sort of dystopian science fiction movie.  Usually the movie closest to reality is I am Legend.  In that movie society is destroyed my government vaccine mandates.  Vaccinated people turn in to monsters who hunt down and annihilate the few remaining unvaccinated people.

Yesterday in Calgary we got a glimpse of a different movie, Minority Report.  In that movie police violently invade homes and arrest people who have not yet committed a crime.  They do this because politicians produce a list of people that they say will commit crimes in the near future.  Of course it turns out politicians are really arresting innocent people to cover up the politician’s crimes.

Our minority Report moment yesterday was when Chis sky was arrested by police before he could commit a crime.

Due to poor communication and cooperation there were 2 freedom protests in Calgary yesterday.  One protest was in Prince’s Island Park.  The other was scheduled for city hall but moved to the provincial court house because Calgary Mayor Gondek had an injunction to prevent the protest in front of her office.  Mayor Gondek and the courts firmly believe that protests are not to be allowed unless they support the government agenda.  In 2022, If you are not a useful idiot you, have no legal right to protest in Canada.

Chris Sky was walking from the protest in Prince’s Island Park to the court house protest hoping to speak.  That is when Calgary’s worst swooped in for their dramatic arrest.  More cops that you can count came to arrest Chis Sky because they knew he was about to commit a crime.  In fact he was about to commit the most serious crime in Canada.  Chris Sky was about to tell a truth that would contradict government sanctioned lies.  You will not find this law written down anywhere but I can confirm that it does exist.  It is just about the only law that you can be arrested for in Canada.

Canada has 2 very serious problems right now.  The first and smaller problem is the absence of rule of law.  Government and Police are behaving lawlessly.  They are just making it up on the fly to suit their agenda.  You can now be arrested and detained for walking down a sidewalk.

On an absolute basis absence of rule of law is a very large problem, but as I said that is our smaller problem right now.  The big problem in Canada is that 99% of Canadians don’t care.  They sit at home and drink beer while our governments destroy the country.  I fear this problem can’t be fixed.

The losing streak for Albertans is not over

The Demonic Dwarf is facing a leadership review in 12 days and he is rightfully concerned.  The Convention was set for a hotel in Red Deer.  They expected up to 3,000 people to register but got more than 15,000.  Almost half of that 15,000 had bought their party membership in the last 6 months.  I sincerely doubt that those people became party members to show their support for Jason Kenney since I am one of the 49%.

Jason is so worried that he is taking drastic action.  He tore a page out of the US Democrat play book and introduced mail in ballots to facilitate fraud.  Then he rallied his faithful followers in a secret meeting.  As it turns out even Jason’s most faithful are not that faithful.

In the leaked audio file Jason had this to say.


“I will not let this mainstream conservative party become an agent for extreme, hateful, intolerant, bigoted and crazy views.”

“The lunatics are trying to take over the asylum. And I’m not going to let them.”


Then later, when asked to clarify his comments from the leaked video, Jason said this.


 “hostile takeover of our party by fringe elements.”


What Jason said can be summed up like this; people who disagree with me are a fringe minority with unacceptable views.  I have a piece of advice for Jason’s script writers.  Maybe your puppet is unpopular because when you close your eyes and listen to him you cannot help but see Justin Trudeau.

Jason’s extreme unpopularity is due to his COVID policies and the fact that no one in Alberta got what they wanted.  Albertans want Common sense, Jason wants the affection of Justin Trudeau, and the Alberta media want Rachel Notley.  Jason Slavishly does whatever Justin wants but it is never good enough for Justin.  Meanwhile the Alberta media gives Rachel Notley free campaign adds to claim that that Albertan’s are dying of COVID because Jason does too little too late.

For 2 years Albertans were upset that Jason was doing too much and the Media claimed that Jason was doing too little and that explained Alberta’s high case numbers.  It is true that Alberta had higher case numbers than any other province but it is not true that Alberta’s rules were less stringent than other provinces.  During this plandemic I got my hair cut in Saskatchewan when barber shops were closed in Alberta.  I went to restaurants in BC when restaurants in Alberta were closed.

So if Alberta used the same ridiculous rules as other provinces why were their case numbers higher?  Because Alberta tested more than any other province, that’s why.  If you look at hospitalizations and deaths all of the provinces are similar.  Alberta did not have a larger problem than any of the others just more fictional cases due to massive over testing.

Jason was not smart enough to ramp down the testing in time.  I doubt the over testing was his idea in the first place.  The senior management at Alberta Health Services was appointed by and is loyal to Rachel Notley.  The fictionally high case numbers in Alberta guaranteed Rachel a regular spot on the evening news.  The networks essentially produced free campaign videos for Rachel.

Don’t get me wrong, none of this is to defend Jason Kenney, just explain the turmoil in Alberta right now.  Jason Kenney is most definitely an evil sock puppet used to push a disgusting agenda.  Jason is clinging to power because he is not done destroying Alberta yet.  To cling to power Jason is playing hardball; marginalizing opponents and defending his COVID policies.

Jason is still pushing the fiction that lockdowns and vaccines have slain the COVID dragon.  If that were true why are we still tracking COVID cases and wearing masks in medical offices?  The only people who claim lockdowns worked are politicians and COVIDiots.  The science has been clear for a very long time.  Lockdowns killed more people than they saved.

Lockdowns clearly did not work and the same can be said about the vaccines.  No country in the world that used aggressive vaccination programs saw cases go down.  Quite the opposite, cases always soared when the vaccinations started.  For some bizarre reason our political masters concluded that soaring cases due to vaccination is an argument for more vaccinations.  Booster shots were rolled out and now we see data like this from Ontario.

The worst thing you can do is take a booster.  Boosted people in Ontario are 75% more likely to get COVID and it is getting worse by the day.  Scotland stopped publishing data that showed that Boosted people were also more likely to die and in Spain right now vaccinated people account for nearly 100% of all COVID deaths.

Alberta had similar case data so they removed it from their website last week.  Quite the coincidence that Alberta stopped publishing embarrassing COVID data 2 weeks before a leadership convention right?  A cynic might say that Jason Kenney is proud of his record because he killed just as many people as any other Premier.  His Media anointed heir, Rachel Notley, brags that she would have killed more.  In Alberta politics there are no winners, only losers.  The biggest losers as always are ordinary Albertans.


Jacinda all but admits this was never about a Virus.

Jacinda Ardern is a tyrannical lunatic.  She used COVID as an excuse to turn New Zealand into an island prison.  Yesterday Jacinda announced that New Zealand would drop most COVID restrictions By April 4th.  New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere so Jacinda is dropping restrictions just in time for cold and flu season.  Her Restrictions must have really been effective if she can declare victory over COVID before cold and flu season right?  I guess, all you need to do is ignore all the cases and deaths.

After forced vaccination of almost every Kiwi Jacinda now has record levels of infections and deaths.  Draconian restrictions and massive vaccination has not worked in New Zealand.  This is hardly surprising as the same strategy has failed everywhere else it has been tried.  So does this mean that Jacinda has admitted her strategy failed and she is adapting her policies?  Well of course not.  Jacinda is declaring victory and trying to hide her failure by dramatically ramping down testing.

Jacinda Ardern is a darling of the left.  Her ridiculous COVID policies were lavishly praised yet she has chosen to drop them in the middle of the worst outbreak her country has experienced.  All it took was a few violent protests in front to parliament.  Obviously Jacinda is not dropping restrictions because COVID is over.  Jacinda is dropping restrictions because it is politically dangerous to keep them.  This sudden turnaround by one of the world’s worst leaders is just more proof that this was never about a virus.


It will be over after you submit to Serfdom

18 months ago I started this blog because, quite frankly, government and media just were not telling the truth about COVID.  This is and always has been a completely manufactured crisis.  I naively believed that I could present accurate information and people would get over their fear and just say no to government.  I was wrong.  Government is still playing the same stupid game and people are swallowing the bull$h1t.  Scotland has once again closed schools over rising cases.


Neil Oliver is 100% correct you can find it if you test for it.  All we need to end the plandemic is to stop testing.  Unfortunately this is a lesson we should have learned long ago.  On Dec 13th 2020, I wrote this.


The massive testing we are doing accomplishes nothing other than fueling panic.  The main reason we have so many cases is that we are manufacturing them. 

We have not learned a damn thing in the 15 months since I wrote that.  Governments continue to test so that the evening news has scary numbers to report.  Governments are evil, I would expect nothing less.  I did, however, expect more people to figure this out by now.

If you are waiting for government to call an end to this farce and let us get back to normal I have bad news for you.  Government has no intentions of ever letting you go back to normal.  Governments simply have too much time and money invested in this farce to let it go.  This was never about a virus.  It was always about getting us to surrender our rights and distract us from their true objectives.

While vaccinated Canadians have been busy discussing the best way to euthanize unvaccinated the Trudeau liberals are plowing ahead with an agenda they would rather you don’t notice until it is too late.  Call me a cynic but I can’t see how letting Justin Trudeau have digital IDs and Digital currency will be good for anyone but Justin.

COVID will not end until governments no longer need it.  If you are curious about how long that might be you can ask Jagmeet Singh.  Well maybe not Jagmeet, he is really not that bright, but you could ask his script writers.  They would tell you there is a reason the Trudeau Liberals don’t want to face a non-confidence vote before 2025.  In 2025 when elections are outlawed Non-confidence votes won’t be much of a problem anymore.


Justin sets the stage for more Tyranny

For the first year of the great COVID plague I did not even know anyone who had it.  The media assured me that COVID was highly contagious and deadly but that was hard to reconcile with my own observations.  Fast forward one year and I now know several people who have had COVID, almost all of them vaccinated.  In fact after 2 years I only know 2 unvaccinated people who had COVID.  One of those 2 did not even know they had it.  It was only discovered after they took an antibody test out of curiosity.  This pandemic of the unvaccinated strangely included very few unvaccinated.

It turned out that COVID was not nearly as easy to catch as the media wanted us to believe.  I have previously posted studies that documented high levels of natural immunity from previous coronavirus exposure.  Most people simply could not catch COVID from routine exposure.  In fact as this study shows most people can’t get COVID even when they try.  Researchers tried to infect young healthy volunteers by having them inhale high viral loads.  They were unable to infect 50% of the volunteers.

Because COVID is not easy to catch it took 2 years but now I know several people who had COVID yet I still don’t know anyone who had a serious problem with COVID.  I wish I could say that about the vaccines.  I have 2 members of my extended family that I suspect died from vaccine injuries and a former work colleague with pericarditis.  Just yesterday I spoke to a man who’s 2 brothers developed prostate cancer within 2 months of vaccination despite no family history of prostate cancer.  I have friends with similar stories about their families.

With or without a vaccine you are unlikely to ever get COVID.  Despite that, governments are determined that you be jabbed multiple times per year.  Eventually you will have a serious problem from the Jabs to avoid a relatively mild disease you would likely never get.  There is no logic to the Jabs for anyone who is not immunocompromised but the Jabs have never been about COVID.

Governments have their own reasons for mandating vaccinations and those reasons did not disappear when the public objected to mandates.  We have been granted only a temporary reprieve.  I would wager the mandates will be back with a vengeance next winter.  In fact Justin Trudeau is setting the stage for that now.

The NDP has no desire for an election.  Under Jagmeet Singh’s Leadership in 2019 they lost 40% of their seats and did not recover any in the 2021 snap election.  Jagmeet is a dud and the voters know it; the only direction the NDP can go is down.  Justin did not need to promise Jagmeet anything for his cooperation, so why did he?  I think the answer is obvious.  Justin is preparing to do things that even Jagmeet will find hard to stomach.  Things like a federal vaccine mandate and permanent vaccine passports.

A summer Reprieve does not mean this is Over

I attended the world wide walk for freedom in Calgary on Saturday.  It really was a walk for freedom.  We were told that if we did not walk away from the beltline area we would be arrested for the crime of disagreeing with government.

Everyone walked to city hall where disagreeing with government is not yet illegal, just frowned upon.  Of course this was just an oversight in the court injunction.  If Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek had anticipated the protest would move, she would have included the entire country in the injunction.  The injunction would likely only be issued for the corporate limits of Calgary but the judge would need to explain to Jyoti that she is not Queen of Canada.

My hat is off to the protest organizers.  Their quick thinking to move the protest resulted in another good day.  This is not the first protest I have attended.  I always leave them with mixed emotions.  The Protesters are a good cross section of ordinary Canadians who understand the value of freedom.  That part is always uplifting but at the same time the protests are also depressing.

Even facing the threat of arrest about 4 to 5 thousand people attended.  On an absolute basis that is a good size but on a relative basis it is not.  Calgary is 1.2 million people.  If you count the surrounding area the number is closer to 1.4 million.  4,000 people is 0.3% of the populations.  99.7% of Albertans are not concerned with Canada’s rapid slide in to Tyranny.

Albertans are not now concerned because most were never concerned and those that were think this is over.  Albertans are no longer forced to wear a mask or produce a vax pass to participate in society.  Most people believe this is a clear sign that all of this is behind us.  These people are in for a rude awakening next cold and flu season.  This was never about a virus.  It was always about control and moving us towards the great reset.

The script writers behind Canadian Politicians have not abandoned those goals.  We have been granted a temporary reprieve while the tyrants re-group.  Next fall the testing will resume.  The rising cases will be used as proof that we never should have dropped masks and vaxx passes, but it won’t stop there. Rising cases will be used to argue that none of the restrictions have been strong enough.  Business will be closed once again and fully vaccinated will be redefined as 3 doses and will move to 4 before spring.  Interprovincial travel is likely to be banned.

All this sounds terrible right?  Well I have not even gotten to the worst part.  The worst part is that the overwhelming majority of Canadians will comply.  COVIDiots will volunteer to hold down unvaccinated neighbors while police forcibly vaccinate those dangerous, unacceptable, free thinkers.

I hope I am wrong about Canadians turning on their own but I will be shocked if they don’t.  Canadians are the most hypocritical people on the planet.  We pretend to care about others but we don’t.  Not a single vaccinated Canadian stood up to declare that excluding unvaccinated people was immoral.  They were more interested in the privileges (formerly known as rights) they could receive by cooperating with government.

I hold out even less hope that I am wrong about the tyrannical ambitions of the sociopaths holding the levers of power.  If this was over, why is Australia openly discussing a mandatory 5th jab and warning physicians about speaking out?

Why would Google be stepping up censorship of accurate medical information?

This is not over.  Not by a long shot.  Your chance to stand up is evaporating.

Following Scientists is not the same as following Science

I found this clip on Ivor Cummins site.  It is a panel discussion on Great Britain News.  One of the panelists explains she has not vaccinated her children because of her concern for long term side effects.  Her children are girls and she is specifically worried about menstrual and reproductive problems.  The host gives an “expert” on the panel a chance to address the mother’s concerns and this is what he does.


Did you catch that?  Instead of addressing the science he made an appeal to authority.  The concerned parent is wrong because the Royal College of obstetricians and gynecologists says she is wrong.  This is not following science it is following scientists or rather people with science degrees.

There is a huge difference between following science and following a scientist.  Scientists are human.  It is an undeniable fact that almost 100% of humans will agree with the person paying them.  They may not agree privately but they will always agree publically.  Britain’s health care system is similar to Canada’s.  Doctors are paid by the government.  Essentially what the “expert” panelist says we must not question a group of people paid by the government to say what the government wants you to hear.  Blind acceptance of authority is the exact opposite of science.

This is why we have endured 2 years of tyranny.  The data and the science has never supported anything our governments do but there are always scientists that will.  When government says they follow the science they really mean they follow the scientists.  But not all scientists, of course, only scientists that support the government position.  These government supporting scientists are not hard to find, most of them were already on the government payroll long before the plandemic.  It is very easy to find people that you mail checks to.

Now just because the “expert” panelist is paid to parrot the government line does not mean that he is wrong.  Even the government mistakenly tells the truth from time to time.  So is he wrong?  Is there no evidence of reproductive harm?  To answer that let’s turn to the US military.

The US military is its own parallel society.  They are self-contained with their own medical system.  They even have their own version of VAERS called DMED.

The common criticism of VAERS is that it is voluntary and therefore likely suffers from underreporting.  Well nothing in the US military is voluntary, including vaccination.  100% of the US military is jabbed and the military has comprehensive pre and post jab medical histories of their soldiers.  The effects on reproductive health are shocking; there has been a 300% increase in miscarriages.

The most fundamental building block of science is data and the data is clear; the jabs negatively affect reproductive health.  We may not know why this is happening yet but you cannot deny that it is happening or state that there is no evidence of reproductive harm.  It does not matter how many scientists are willing to lie in return for a paycheck it does not change the science.  Consensus arguments and appeals to authority are used when the science does not support the conclusion.  They are clear indications you are being lied to.  Think about that the next time the news starts with “scientists say”.