Jacinda all but admits this was never about a Virus.

Jacinda Ardern is a tyrannical lunatic.  She used COVID as an excuse to turn New Zealand into an island prison.  Yesterday Jacinda announced that New Zealand would drop most COVID restrictions By April 4th.  New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere so Jacinda is dropping restrictions just in time for cold and flu season.  Her Restrictions must have really been effective if she can declare victory over COVID before cold and flu season right?  I guess, all you need to do is ignore all the cases and deaths.

After forced vaccination of almost every Kiwi Jacinda now has record levels of infections and deaths.  Draconian restrictions and massive vaccination has not worked in New Zealand.  This is hardly surprising as the same strategy has failed everywhere else it has been tried.  So does this mean that Jacinda has admitted her strategy failed and she is adapting her policies?  Well of course not.  Jacinda is declaring victory and trying to hide her failure by dramatically ramping down testing.

Jacinda Ardern is a darling of the left.  Her ridiculous COVID policies were lavishly praised yet she has chosen to drop them in the middle of the worst outbreak her country has experienced.  All it took was a few violent protests in front to parliament.  Obviously Jacinda is not dropping restrictions because COVID is over.  Jacinda is dropping restrictions because it is politically dangerous to keep them.  This sudden turnaround by one of the world’s worst leaders is just more proof that this was never about a virus.


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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    I met a Kiwi when I was driving the Dempster Highway in fall 2019. We had a great time debating who has the worst PM. I had never heard of her at the time but my new friend assured me she was the worst in the world. I’m still not sure who the “winner” of worst PM is, but I sure know who the losers are. Canadians and Kiwis.

    These two need to be tied for crimes against humanity.

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