It is Halloween, Go Ahead and Wear Your Mask

It is Halloween the one day when it acceptable to wear a mask; except this is 2020 and it has been Halloween now for 8 months.  This guy likes Halloween so much he wants us to wear masks forever.

He also wants us to download a tracing app so the government will know where we are at all times.  I guess he thinks if the government knows where we are they can bring us candy directly which will greatly simplify trick or treating.

From the title of the organization I assume this guy is some sort of medical doctor.  I don’t know what his specialty is but he is very concerned that the government has not done enough to protect prisoners and homeless people from a virus that has not produced any excess deaths in Alberta.  My guess is he is an urologist; he probably went into medicine to figure out why he wet the bed until he was 13.

Masks have become central to covid response almost everywhere mostly because Donald Trump rarely wore one.  In the time of Covid the effectiveness of any medical intervention is inversely proportional to Donald Trump’s interest in it.  It really does make policy decisions easier because you don’t need to test or even have medical knowledge you just need to advocate for anything you think makes Trump look bad.

In the first couple months of our 2 weeks to flatten the curve it was not always that way.  It wasn’t clear how Trump felt on a lot of things so policy makers had to take their own position.  Of course when you ask a useless career bureaucrat like Theresa Tam or Anthony Fauci to take a position on anything they will always come down on both sides so that no one can say they were wrong.  They both told us masks did not work until suddenly, miraculously, mask were the only thing keeping us from dying while we hid from the virus.  Being useless is not career limiting in government especially when the media will provide cover for you like this.

Now that masks are the cure du jour it is not just the media that is concerned that you might question the mask wisdom of their favorite bureaucrat.  Even medical journals are getting in on the act.  A group of Danish doctors have completed a study of the effectiveness of mask mandates.  They cannot get it published.

There could be reasons that they will not publish the study but ask yourself this, if the study confirmed that mask mandates work do you think they would turn it down?  One of the medical journals that declined to publish the study was the Lancet.  The Lancet could not wait to publish a study that said hydroxychloroquine did not work right after Trump mentioned it in a briefing.  That article was pulled less than a week later when other researchers showed the data was completely fabricated.

There is no way the study could confirm that mask mandates work.  Just weeks ago the CDC confirmed that 71% of all the recent covid cases confirmed they always wore masks in the 14 days prior to their infection.

Masks have been shown to be useful while performing surgery.  In the lab masks have been shown to reduce spread of pathogens.  Unfortunately the real world is not an operating room or a controlled laboratory.  Outside of the lab masks have not worked anywhere they have been tried.  There are scientific reasons why masking the general public does not work and once again the media has been hiding those reasons from us.

The Media loves to tell us about the lab tests that show even cloth masks are able to catch viruses when you exhale.  What they don’t tell you is those numbers are the initial readings right after you put on a clean mask.  I found a paper where they measured the effectiveness of cloth and surgical masks with time.  You can find it here.

Humans are basically an internal combustion engine, our muscles get energy by combusting the carbons in sugar.  As with every internal combustion engine the exhaust is full of CO2 and water vapor.  The water vapor you exhale makes the mask moist which reduces its effectiveness.  Even surgical masks became completely ineffective after 2 hours of continuous use.

Masks would only help if people changed them multiple times per hour.  To do that and still keep everyone safe you would have to go outdoors to change your mask.  Try doing that on a 5 hour flight.  The only time masks are truly effective is Halloween.  Traditionally on Halloween masks were used to scare people.  It is ironic that this year the best way to scare a covidiot is to approach the door without a mask.

The Terrain Matters

In the late 1600s Bacteria were discovered; it wasn’t until the late 1800s that Louis Pasteur was able to link bacteria to disease.  In 1861 Pasteur published his germ theory.  Germ theory postulates that disease is caused by germs, bacteria and another germ which at the time no one had been able to identify.  Later that century the other germ was identified when viruses were discovered.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  Pasteur’s pioneering work on bacteria stems from a burning need to figure out what was making beer go sour.  That alone is enough to rank Pasteur among the greatest of all time.

At the same time Pasteur was publishing germ theory there was another competing theory called Terrain theory.  Terrain Theory postulated that diseases were caused by an imbalance in the body; if the body (the Terrain) was healthy and in balance you would not get sick.  Germs were just another nuisance that a healthy body dealt with every day.  Today you find most Naturopaths espouse ideas that are basically Terrain theory, but they are the only ones, the rest of the world went hard for germ theory.

Today modern medicine and society is obsessed with finding and eradicating germs everywhere.  Walk down a cleaning aisle in a store and count how many products promise to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.  Virus busting vaccines became a staple of medical care.  Just look at us now, hiding behind masks in our basements until a vaccine from covid can be developed.  In Modern times most people give no thought to a healthy Terrain, if they did we would not see obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and smoking related cancers.  We rely completely on modern medicine to save us from ourselves.

Because I am a bit of an odd duck, I found myself thinking about what would have happened if germ theory and Terrain theory were being debated at the same time that we discovered the Covid 19 virus?  I think you would have an awfully hard time making a case for germ theory.  90% of the people who test positive for Covid have no symptoms, they are not sick, they do not have the disease associated with the Covid 19 virus.  How could you argue that the virus causes the disease when 9 out of 10 people with the virus do not have the disease?  Pasteur would have been heckled off the debate stage.  He would have had to retreat to the brewery.

Does this mean I don’t believe that germs cause disease?  No of course not; Vaccines have had dramatic effects on some diseases like polio.  Vaccines have undoubtable helped but it should be noted that deaths from infectious diseases were dropping dramatically before the invention of most vaccines.  Improved nutrition from increased food availability and improved sanitation from sewage and garbage control had a more dramatic effect than the development of vaccines and medicines.  Farmers, Plumbers, and Garbage men have saved more lives than Doctors.  As a plumber’s son I note that with pride.  Improving the Terrain dramatically improved overall health.

Modern society is too fixated on germs and does not spend enough time thinking about Terrain.  That fixation on germs is the root of some of the most destructive Covid regulations.  People do sports and go to the gym to improve their overall fitness and health; why the hell would you shut down sports and fitness centers in response to a viral outbreak?  Declining personal health will just make the Terrain weaker and more susceptible to the virus.  Shutting people in their homes restricting access to sunlight and fresh air makes the Terrain weaker.  We have seen this in the data, lockdowns did not flatten the curve they sharpened it by weakening the terrain.

This video is from Australia.  I don’t know who this guy is but he is explaining the new covid restrictions.

Set aside for a minute how scary it is that the government wants to control who you see and how often you see them.  Even worse they want you to keep a log of who you speak to so they can check it any time they want.  This is 3 steps beyond anything the soviets tried to do to their citizens.  Instead let’s take a look at Australia with respect to Covid rather than discuss their total loss of fundamental human rights.  Here is what has happened in Australia

Australia is in the southern hemisphere so when Covid first hit they were still in the summer.  They employed drastic lockdown measures and had very few cases and deaths.  Australians congratulated themselves on what a great job they did controlling the virus when really it had more to do with summer than it had to do with yellow warning tape and police brutality.  In the summer all the ultraviolet light makes it difficult to transmit the virus and the Terrain is strong.  Warm weather and vitamin D are very good for immune systems.  As soon as winter hit Australia discovered that they had not chased the virus off the continent.  Australia went back in to a harsh lockdown.

Cases have fallen again which probably has more to do with the arrival of spring than it does to the lockdown.  The video was from October 26th; now that cases are down the government has decided to ramp up the restrictions.  The Australians are making the same mistake every northern hemisphere country except Sweden made.  All summer long people were discouraged from moving around and congregating.  Instead of using the summer as an opportune time to let the virus circulate when the Terrain was strong we did the opposite.  Now winter is imminent and covid deaths are rising everywhere in the northern hemisphere except Sweden.  How stupid can we be?

It should be obvious that the truth is somewhere in between germ theory and Terrain theory.  Contacting a virus does not guarantee that you will develop a disease.  The stronger the Terrain, the less likely a disease develops.  We cannot keep an airborne virus from circulating; you would have to be as unintelligent as Justin Trudeau or Theresa Tam to think that.  The only thing we can do is control the Terrain so why does every government virus mitigation program do nothing but weaken the Terrain.  It is almost like they don’t want this to end.


When Will We Start Following the Science?

A work colleague told me an interesting story about step mom.  His step mom works in a bank in a small rural community.  The Bank’s policy was that employees must wear masks at all time.  His step mom developed a bacterial infection in her eyes; the result of her breath always escaping the top of the mask and blowing up under her eyelids.  Incredibly the doctor told her he had already treated 18 people that week with the exact same malady.  That is 2% of the people who live in the area.

Covid has been a real non-event in Alberta, in 8 months 0.6% of the population has tested positive and most of them are in the Edmonton and Calgary.  Alberta does not have any excess deaths due to this end of the world Pandemic.  It is unlikely the small community this poor woman worked in has had a single case of Covid.  2% of that community fell ill in one week by wearing a mask to prevent a disease that no one in the area has ever had.  Ironic or tragic, you be the judge.

This is how we follow the science; we mandate masks to prevent the release of a virus.  Her mask did not prevent her from releasing a bacteria but it is an iron clad guarantee against the release of a virus.  I suppose it might be impolite to point out that even the smallest Bacteria are 7 times larger than the Covid 19 Virus.  Is that impolite or unscientific?  Another good question in this time of Covid; which one do you think will cause the mask wearing covidiots to scream at me less?

Of course the Bank mandated masks and put their employees at risk because they were following the science, or so they thought.  When People say they are following the science what they are really doing is following rules and advice from people in authority.  We assume they are scientists but usually they are not.  Joe Biden has a plan to eradicate Covid from the US.  The closest Joe has ever got to science is by being a very public test case for the effects of dementia on aging politicians.

Bill Gates is another often quoted source of Covid advice.  Bill Gates does not have a science degree.  Bill has never earned a degree in anything; he does have a 1998 conviction of violating US anti-trust laws though.  In Canada the corrupt business dealings of the Chretien and Trudeau governments are somehow proof of their patriotism and concern for the average Canadian.  In the US the corrupt business dealings of Joe Biden and Bill Gates make them uniquely qualified in pandemic response.  What a difference the 49th parallel makes.  See borders really do matter.

Of course the hope is that authorities are following the science.  It is awfully naïve to think that people who have trouble spelling science could actually follow it.  If they could this farce would be over already.  No one would have been locked down or lost their income.  The policies we have followed have had absolutely no basis in science.

  • The idea of locking down and hiding from a virus came from a high school science project.  I guess they saw the word “science” in “high school science” and automatically assumed the policy was written on the third missing tablet that God gave to Moses.
  • There is no science to support mandatory masks for the general population
  • There is no science that shows how many people it is safe to allow inside a business or building
  • There is no science that determined what the safe distance to stand from another person is; especially a person that is not infected.
  • There is no science that says wrapping yellow warning tape around playground equipment makes anyone safe from a virus.

While politicians were following disastrous advice that had no basis in science they were carefully avoiding anyone that might point out actual science that could have been useful.  Things like

  • This virus is airborne as well as close contact
  • Social distancing rules have no chance of flattening the curve of an airborne virus.
  • Masks are ineffective against airborne viruses and increase the chance of bacterial infections for the wearer.
  • Young people are not at risk and should not be locked down
  • Asymptomatic transmission is so rare it is not a factor and has never been a factor in any viral outbreak.
  • Herd immunity is the only thing that stops a viral outbreak; you can hide in your house all you want the virus is not going anywhere.

We have not been following the science.  We have been following people in authority who most definitely have not been following the science.  We have also been very selective as to which authorities we follow and when.  Dr. Scott Atlas is on the US coronavirus task force but the media is adamant that you should not follow him.  The WHO was the ultimate authority on Coronavirus until last week when they advised against lockdowns; the WHO is now lumped in with Scott Atlas as cranks that should not be listened to.

We need to collectively wake up and take control.  We are not following science, scientists, or even people who follow science or scientists.  What is happening now is ignorance and superstition.  We are following incompetent, corrupt, plain evil people.  We are acting like primitive people sacrificing virgins to appease angry pandemic gods.

Who Wielded the Weapon?

Below is a plot of selected Western European countries.  The plot shows daily covid deaths expressed as deaths/million population/day.  I picked Sweden and 6 other countries that had similar deaths/million as Sweden.  The countries their populations and deaths/million can be seen in this table.

And here is how the “pandemic” played out in each country

The time scale has been normalized so that day one for each country is the day that country exceeded 1 death/million on a cumulative basis.   All of the countries except Sweden had extended lockdowns.  Most of the countries except Sweden had mandatory masks at some point.  From this plot it is apparent that Lockdowns killed people more quickly than the virus would have if left to its own devices.  Lockdowns were originally designed to flatten the curve and they actually had the opposite effect.  Panicking people and making them afraid to go to the hospital had a remarkable deadly outcome.

Now that fall has arrived bringing with it a new cold and flu season all of the countries that employed lockdowns are seeing rising Covid deaths.  All of these countries except France already have more deaths than Sweden and they all have rising deaths while no one in Sweden is dying of Covid anymore.  If present trends continue France will pass Sweden in Deaths/million in the next 2 weeks.  The right thing to do was to encourage health people to go back to normal and spend time together outdoors during the summer.  Ultra violet light destroys viruses and increases Vitamin D production.  Warm weather also strengthens our immune systems.  Being exposed to the virus in the summer is almost like getting vaccinated.  You are likely to be exposed to a small viral load at a time when your immune system is at its peak.  Every government in the northern Hemisphere should have encouraged their population to go back to normal over the summer.  Only Sweden did and we are now seeing the results.

Lockdowns did not “flatten the curve” they made it sharper.  Restricting the movement of people during the summer only served to give the virus less healthy hosts in the winter.  Our governments adopted policies that had the opposite of the intended effects and increased the death total.  This does not even account for non-covid deaths that we know occurred because of the lockdown.  In the US deaths due to Heart attacks, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s peaked during the lockdowns.  Suicides peaked and the unemployment that was caused will lead to future premature deaths.  Lockdowns on this scale had never happened before.  It was easy to predict that they would lead to deaths and it was highly uncertain that they would prevent a single covid death yet we did them anyway.  We knew the therapy could have deadly side effects and we used it without any evidence that it would be in any way beneficial.  What the hell ever happened to “first do no harm”?

There has been a lot of talk about this virus being manmade and a weapon.  There is some evidence that the NIH may have paid the Chinese to develop this virus. The original intent could have been to weaponize it but it is an odd weapon that that kills only Octogenarians managing long term health problems.  These people are not contributing to the military or the economy.  Quite the opposite; in the modern welfare state elderly people in ill health take out far more than they put in.  Does that mean they have no value?  Of course not, but the world cannot be brought to its knees because of their deaths.  Yet here we are on our knees.

The weapon is not the virus, Panic and lockdowns are the weapon.  The Chinese may have wielded the virus but they had no control over the panic and the lockdowns.  So who wielded the weapon that brought then entire western world to their knees?  Here is a partial list;

Jason Kenney

John Horgan

Justin Trudeau

Nancy Pelosi

Anthony Fauci

Deborah Birx

Neil Ferguson

Theresa Tam

Deena Hinshaw

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Robert Redfield

Boris Johnson

Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern

Boris Johnson

Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron

With but a few exceptions, every journalist in the world.

Every “civil servant” or bureaucrat hat took part in crafting or enforcing Covid restrictions.

Everyone on this list has blood on their hands.  The list is far longer than I have presented here and it needs to be fleshed out completely because everyone on it needs to be held to account.  What has taken place is nothing short of a crime against humanity.  8 months ago I thought these people just needed to be fired for incompetence but 8 months later we are beyond that.  All of them need to face criminal charges.  If the Covid virus results in the elimination of professional politicians, career bureaucrats, and dishonest journalists the pain we have endured will be worth it.  If these people all sail in to the sunset with their pensions, historians will look back at 2020 as the start of the second dark ages.

It is Time To Fire Deena Hinshaw

Two nights ago, I was watching Laura Ingraham.  She was discussing how European countries are moving back towards lock downs.  She showed these bullet points.

Isn’t it comforting to know that governments now think Covid 19 gives them the right to tell you what you can do in your own home?  I remember years ago, when the first Idiot from the Trudeau family was in charge, he famously said “there is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation”.  Unfortunately, the bedroom is the only room in the house these left-wing globalists do not think they should control.  They might be willing to stay out of our bedrooms, but they need only the flimsiest of excuse to crawl into every other orifice. 

Notice also how smart the virus is in Europe.  In France, the virus can tell time and knows it is not allowed to infect anyone before curfew.  In the Netherlands and Germany, the virus can count and knows that it is only allowed to infect excess visitors.  The Virus even knows the different limits in the different countries.  We now have a virus that can tell time, count, and respects international borders.  In Canada, our prime minister can’t do any of that.  If our political leaders in this country were only as smart as this virus our country would be in much better shape right now.

It would be bad enough if this silliness was just re-occurring in Europe, but Restrictions have already been re-imposed in some provinces even though Canada does not have a problem.  Below are the cases and deaths in Canada.

The blue line is cases per day and the orange is deaths.  You can see that we now have more cases per day than in late April when we had our last peak.  Most of the increase in cases is because we are doing 16 times as much testing as we did in April.  If we compare where we are now to where we were in April, Cases are up 40% and deaths are down by 850%.   People are just not dying like they were in April and there are good reasons for that.

  1. The most vulnerable have already died and you can’t die twice.
  2. The virus mutates with time and can become less deadly
  3. Doctors and Nurses are not stupid; in the absence of government interference they will figure out better and better ways of treating patients.

Canada does not have a problem.  In fact, this is exactly what you want to happen.  The virus is working its way through the population without causing many deaths.  There are people who will maintain that even one death is unacceptable but that is simply not realistic.  You can not hide from a virus; it is not going away.  This only ends when most people have been exposed to it.  That happens either naturally or through a vaccine.  Today we do not have a vaccine and by the time we get one we will not need it.  Bill gates will have to find another way to make his next 100 billion.

We are also seeing cases increase in Alberta and yesterday Deena Hinshaw stated that our hospitalizations are increasing by 3% and if it hits 5% restrictions will be applied.  Alberta’s hospitalizations can be seen below.

Hospitalizations have risen to the highest level since March, but Deena needs to take a pill.  120 people in the hospital in a province of 4.4 million is not an emergency.  Since even simple things seem to confuse Deena, I will do the math for her; 99.997% of Albertans are not in the hospital with Covid right now.

It is even easier if we just look at the most severe cases, those people who wind up in the ICU.

We have more cases now but fewer people in the ICU and far fewer people are dying.  It is not tragic when someone gets sick that happens every day.  All you can hope for in a pandemic is to limit the number of deaths through early detection and treatment; as I said the virus is not going away and it is juvenile to think we can hide from it.  With that in mind the most interesting thing about this farce is the total deaths see below.

Incredibly Alberta does not have any excess deaths.  You can not say that anyone has died from Covid in the province.  Cases are up, ICU admissions are flat, and arguably not a single person has died of Covid in this Province, yet Deena Hinshaw wants to return to a lockdown.  This is made worse by the fact that we know people died from the previous lock down and people will die from the unemployment another lockdown precipitates.  We did not save anyone with the first lockdown, we have no reason to believe we will save anyone with a second lockdown.  Deena Hinshaw is advocating, again, for policies that will kill more people than the virus.  She is either evil or incompetent either way it is long past time to fire Deena Hinshaw.  No single politician or Bureaucrat in Alberta’s history has done more damage than Deena Hinshaw.

The Media Lies Because it Works

I went to the doctor for a routine matter 2 days ago.  After we got through everything my doctor and I had a brief conversation about Covid 19 and all the changes that have happened because of our reaction to it.  I pointed out that Alberta has only seen one week in 2020 with deaths outside of normal and that week was abnormally low.  When I commented that Covid 19 in Canada hasn’t even been as bad as most flu seasons my Doctor made a comment that was odd.  He said that he supposed people were more concerned about Covid because influenzas tends to kill older people and Covid can kill younger people.  I thought this was odd because I knew the opposite to be true.

First I have to apologize for comparing the US to Canada.  I can get demographics for covid deaths in Canada but not Influenzas deaths.  I can get demographics for influenzas deaths in the US.  I am using the 2017/18 influenza year in the US when an estimated 18.7 people/100,000 died of influenzas.  So far in Canada 25.7 people/100,000 have died with Covid.  On the surface that makes Covid look more deadly except excess deaths in Canada are far lower than the official 9,642 covid total and Canada, like other countries, is using a running total for Covid that spans 2 seasons now.  That is just another little numbers game to keep people scared.  Covid has all the hallmarks of a seasonal respiratory disease just like influenza.  With Influenza we stop the tally when the season is over and start the tally form 0 again next season.  With Covid it looks like we are going to keep a running tally until the earth ends in the sun’s final fiery supernova.

My Doctor was right Influenza tends to kill older people.  According to the CDC in the 2017/18 US flu season only 5.64 % of deaths were in people under 50.  Where my Doctor was wrong was in thinking that Covid was more serious than influenza for younger people.  As of October 19th only 61 of the 9,642 Covid related deaths in Canada have been people under 50; that is 0.63%.  As a percentage of deaths Influenza is 9 times more deadly for young people than Covid is.  Even if we look at deaths/100,000 Covid is not more deadly than influenza for young people.  Canadas has had 0.26 deaths/100,000 people under 50 while influenza deaths in the US were 1.62/100,000; 6 times more deaths.  Any way you slice it influenza is a far bigger problem for young people than Covid 19 is so why have we locked down young people?

Below is what covid looks like in Canada in total deaths and deaths/100,000 for each age category

This data clearly shows Covid 19 is almost exclusively a problem for the elderly.  When you build a bar chart the numbers for people under 50 are so small you can’t even see the bar.  The data is available to anyone with an internet connection so why does my doctor not know it?  I can think of 2 reasons.

  1. He is a small business man so busy with trying to comply with ridiculous and arbitrary restrictions imposed by the government that he has not had time to look.
  2. The media lied to him and he is too nice a guy to believe just how corrupt the media is.

My wife has friends that are scared witless by Covid.  When my wife expressed that she was not that concerned her friend sent her this article to convince her how dangerous Covid was.

The Calgary sun had to go all the way to the Ukraine to find a young person who died with Covid.  He was a fitness influencer so that meant he posted fitness videos on the internet.  We are supposed to believe that means he was healthy and Covid is incredibly deadly.  One fit young person in the Ukraine that we assume to be healthy died so that justifies shutting down the entire world’s economy.  The media does this all the time they take one abnormal case and use it to convince us the whole world is in Jeopardy.  A truly healthy young person that dies of covid is a unicorn, the data tells us that.  The media wants you to believe that the death of a Unicorn signals impending doom for all of mankind. 

Why does the media play so fast and loose with the truth?  Because it works.  It worked with my wife’s friends and it worked with my Doctor who is a competent highly trained medical professional.  The media counts on you to be too busy or disinterested to fact check their obvious lies.  It is sad how well that works.

How Long Can We Continue to Ignore Sweden?

Sweden is very interesting; they chose to treat Covid 19 as a simple viral infection. Instead of lockdowns, masks, and ridiculous, arbitrary, destructive restrictions they kept it simple.  Gatherings of over 500 were banned and people were asked to behave like responsible adults.  When the rest of the world decided to use Covid 19 as an excuse to turn hard left to total, tyrannical, government control Sweden went hard right advocating for personal responsibility and minimal government interference.

Sweden has been an independent country since 1523.  For some reason most reporters are unaware that Sweden exists.  This is an interesting collective amnesia that started to afflict Journalists about 30 seconds after Sweden Decided not to trample people’s rights as a pandemic response.  Every now and then a reporter clicks the wrong button on the airline website and finds himself in Sweden instead of Switzerland; like this NBC reporter.

 He seems to be shocked by what he finds.  The Swedes are shocked to see the only man wearing a mask in the country who is not robbing a bank.  To be fair the first half of his reporting is honest.  He interviews a few people who are eager to tell him why it is so much better to be in Sweden than it would be to be practically anywhere else in the world where terminal Covidiocy has infected the entire population. 

I am sure when he submitted his article with interviews of happy, sane, rational people his editor explained to him how career limiting it would be if they published the article as is.  As we have seen through this fake pandemic the truth will not be tolerated by the media.  I am sure it was made clear to him that if he could not show a reason to panic he may as well apply for asylum because he can’t come home.  His only choice was to tack on to the end of the article anything he could find to cast doubt on the first half of the article.

He goes out of the way to find anyone who will say they are nervous yet none of them are nervous enough to wear masks.  He does find a group of protesters demanding lockdowns but it is so pathetically small it looked like a Biden rally.  Not to worry though when the media can’t find anything to support their narrative they always have an ace up their sleeve.  They just make shit up.

First he shows an empty hospital room and makes the comment that the hospitals are empty now but they were overwhelmed in April and a second wave could fill them again.  This must have come as quite a surprise to the Swedes who never reported overwhelming hospitals in April.  I am sure they just smiled and nodded at the confused Covidiot in the mask.

He then states says there are signs that masks could be compulsory; what signs?  Does he mean when Sweden’s chief medical officer Dr. Anders Tegnell said this about masks in August?

“The findings that have been produced through (the use of) face masks are astonishingly weak, I’m surprised that we don’t have more or better studies showing what effect masks actually have. Countries such as Spain and Belgium have made their populations wear masks but their infection numbers have still risen. The belief that masks can solve our problem is in any case very dangerous.”  Or is he referring to all of the times Dr. Tegnell stated that Sweden would not make masks compulsory?

So is everyone in Sweden Insane and this lost NBC reporter the only sane person in the country?  Should Sweden have followed the rest of the world, locked down and trampled people’s rights?  Sweden did have a lot of Covid fatalities.  At one time Sweden had the highest death rate in the world.  But as you can see from the plot below Covid is over in Sweden.  Very few people are dying from covid anymore and other countries that used harsh lockdowns have passed Sweden in deaths/million.  A month ago Sweden was still 10th highest in the world now they are 15th and falling as more countries pass them.  For total infections Sweden is 49th in the world as infections are soaring everywhere else in Europe.

Sweden was right and the rest of the world was wrong.  That can’t even be disputed any more so the media has instead chosen to just ignore Sweden as they cheer on lockdowns all over the world.  With how hard the media is working to ignore Sweden you would think the entire country is the drug addled son of a corrupt US politician.  If you shop at Ikea in Calgary you must wear a mask.  That furniture was packaged in a factory in Sweden where no one wore a mask.  Is that Ironic or tragic?  In the time of Covid that line is very hard to see.

Pandemic Profits

I came across this video on the weekend.  I don’t know who Bernadette Wilson is or what government board she was addressing.  I do know the world needs way more people like her and far fewer politicians.  Watch and enjoy.

Bernadette rightfully points out that these lockdowns have disproportionately affected the poorest people in society.  Most working class people do not have jobs where you can work from home.  When you close a restaurant or a dance studio the people that worked there cannot telecommute.  They are just unemployed. Politicians especially left wing politicians always believe they are virtuous and on the side of angels but when this woman challenges them to debate no one picks up the gauntlet and tries to defend what they have done.  The sad reality is that we are not all in this together.  As always when the government gets involved there are winners and losers.  The winners are their friends and the losers are always the common, tax paying, worker.

White collar workers have not really had much trouble since they can work from home.  I am a white collar worker.  My income took a hit but not a big one.  The company I work for has been very good to their employees.  This is the case for most white collar workers.  The lockdowns and restrictions were inconvenient but largely revenue neutral.  Government workers fared even better.  Most of them were sent home on extended holidays.  They weren’t even expected to work but they still got paid and their pensions still accumulated.   Some government employees still had to show up for work but things still went very well for them.  Take Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s chief medical officer, she had to show up for work every day to collect her $331,000/ year salary, poor dear.  Before Covid I would have struggled to explain what the chief medical officer does.  Now I know her primary responsibility is to show up on TV every few days and wring her hands in worry.  It seems like this is the first time in her medical career that she has been faced with the reality that people can get sick from viruses.  Because this is, apparently, so new to her she has dispensed some really awful and destructive advice.  I guess it looks good on her though because Albertans seem to love her ineptitude.  She has been nothing short of useless and she will no doubt be in line for a big bonus at the end of the year.  2020 will no doubt be a banner year for Dr. Hinshaw financially.  It is hard to see how we are all in this together when her income goes up while others suffer financial losses.  It is even harder to see why she would ever want this to end.

Deena Hinshaw is not the biggest winner in this farce though.  We have already pointed out the big boost in popularity that some politicians have capitalized on but the real winners are the Crony Capitalists.  Jeff Bezos and Amazon have made out like bandits.  The richest man in the world saw his fortunes multiply as his competition was shut down.  Same for Bill Gates.  Old Bill is quite happy to sell vaccines and expensive treatments.  What about the people making and processing tests?  Alberta alone is spending $4,000,000 every day on testing.  Do you think the people involved in testing want healthy people to calm down, stop panicking, and stop lining up to be tested.  98% of people testing in Alberta are negative and 90% of the 2% that are positive don’t have symptoms.  If Albertans were to suddenly start behaving rationally and we only tested people with symptoms the people involved in testing will see their income drop by 99.8%.

The reason that this farce has gone on as long as it has is that wealthy people are profiting from it.  Wealth brings power and influence.  When a hairdresser petitions the government to lift restrictions and Bill gates pleads for the government to keep restrictions until he is ready to sell a vaccine who do you think the government listens to?  We are not all in this together.  I heard a Barber in the US put it perfectly he said “we might all be in the same storm but we are not all in the same boat”.  Despite everything they say governments don’t give a damn about the average working person.

The Educational Opportunities of Covid

Last night as I was on my way out a story came on the news about a new study from Harvard researchers.  The study showed that the virus was airborne.  I had an appointment so I could not stop to get the details.  This morning I searched for the study online and I could not find it.  That could mean that the study was old, and the reporter was just using it now because they could not find anything new to scare people with, or that the study does not even exist.  We have seen many times already that the media has no issues with manufacturing news when it suits their purposes like this reporter for the Edmonton journal.

A reporter interviewed a doctor hoping to get the doctor to tell him how they were still overrun with Covid.  The Doctor did say that the ICU was nearly full because of the backlog of patients but the headline attributed the full ICU to Covid even though there were only 6 ICU patients in the entire province on the day of the interview.  The reporter had to put words into the doctor’s mouth to get the story she wanted; neither she nor her editor had any problem with that.

I did find some other articles from the last week about research showing the Virus to be airborne, so it is possible that the reporter is not lying about the study.  See what an optimist I am; despite a proven track record of deceit and no evidence of the study I am still willing to admit it is possible the reporter was not lying.  The details that I caught before shutting the news off were

  • The virus travels much further than 6 feet
  • HVAC systems can recirculate the virus keeping it airborne making being inside dangerous.

This all seemed very familiar.  It is like I have heard this before, on July 17th , 7 weeks ago, when the Rant team discussed this. So, 7 weeks later a group of researchers with very expensive Harvard degrees have discovered that the room seems stuffy because of the elephant standing in the middle of it.

After finally acknowledging the bleedingly obvious did the researchers use this new knowledge to draw any useful conclusions like.

  • Locking people indoors was a colossal mistake that did nothing other than help spread the virus?
  • That cloth masks, bandanas, and neck gators offer absolutely no protection from the virus, so mask mandates are nothing but empty virtue signaling from Tyrannical governments?
  • That governments spent Trillions of dollars, destroyed millions of lives, and caused death unnecessarily, pursuing policies based on the erroneous assumption that this was a close contact virus?

No, the only conclusion that they drew was that this meant it was not safe to send kids back to school.  These overeducated researchers spent months and no doubt millions to discover the obvious and then drew all the wrong conclusions.  Being Harvard educated seems to preclude common sense.  It does not seem to matter how much research is done on Covid 19; it always leads to some combination of these 3 conclusions

  1. We need to avoid all human contact
  2. We need to wear masks
  3. We can’t go to school

I am not sure if the government has thought this through.  I don’t think they understand how dangerous the 3rd conclusion is.  If we keep students out of school long enough there is a very real chance they might learn to think for themselves which will make them question the first 2 conclusions, and their Parents voting record.  If the government wants to keep the first 2 conclusions alive, they should abandon the 3rd and send us all to Harvard.

Since the government has yet not decided to fund a Harvard education for me, I have been forced to look elsewhere for educational opportunities during this end of the world pandemic.  I don’t know about you but there have been several people who have taught me some valuable lessons.

  • These Harvard researchers and Harvard alumni Naheed Nenshi have taught me that getting a degree from Harvard must be a mail in process and include internet discount coupons.
  • The media has taught me that if you can pass a lie detector you can’t be in the business.  Even careless truthfulness will not be tolerated.
  • Theresa Tam and Deena Hinshaw have taught me you don’t necessarily have to be smart to become a doctor
  • Jason Kenney and Justin Trudeau have taught me that useless has no lower limit or party affiliation

We are fortunate to live in a time and place that offers so many educational opportunities outside of school.  Which is great since there is no school anyway.

Lock Downs Work, Just not Against the Virus

Lock down restrictions are starting to re-appear in various spots throughout Canada.  South of the Border Joe Biden has hinted that if he is elected lockdown measures will be re-instated in the US.  Countries all over the world chose lockdowns as pandemic control.  It is very hard to show that Lockdowns were at all effective at controlling the spread of covid 19.  It turns out that viruses don’t obey pandemic restrictions any more than criminals obey gun restrictions.  So why are all of these politicians so eager to return to lockdowns?  It is because lockdowns work just not for what you think.

New Zealand had some of the harshest lockdown rules on earth.  They closed their borders and aggressively quarantined people.  New Zealand became an island prison no different than Cuba and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern just won re-election with the highest percentage of the popular vote in New Zealand history.  People loved all of the unemployment she caused because she was saving them from a virus so deadly that everyone in New Zealand would be dead right now if she had not stripped them of their dignity and fundamental rights.

Still New Zealand has one of the lowest death totals in the world with only 5 deaths per million so it was worth it right?  Yes until you do the math.  It is well documented that unemployment leads to higher death for almost all causes.  Here is an article out of Canada.

1n 1982 a study was done in the US that showed for every 1% increase in unemployment you can expect 37,000 additional deaths.  At the time the US was 231 million people.  If I apply the same ratio to New Zealand every 1% increase in unemployment will result in 780 deaths every year.  To stop the spread of the virus New Zealand closed its borders which shut down the entire tourism industry.  8.5 % of New Zealanders work in tourism.  Lockdowns cause people in other services to be unemployed as well.  I tried to get a good number for unemployment in New Zealand but all I could find was an estimate of 13.5%.  The official government numbers are below.

 Of course the official government numbers are a blatant lie.  There is no way to have falling unemployment as you shut your economy down.  Since the government is lying I can only use the estimate of 13.5% and again estimate that prior to the lockdown unemployment was around 5%.  That means unemployment went up by 8.5 % which agrees very well with the number of people in tourism that lost their jobs.  By shutting the country down PM Ardern has caused an additional 6,600 deaths.  If New Zealand had done nothing as Sweden did they might have had 100 times as many deaths (Sweden is 585 deaths/ million).  For a country the size of New Zealand that would have meant 2,900 deaths.  Jacinda Ardern is the most popular politician in New Zealand history for killing 3,700 more people than Covid would have.

If you think this is just a strange quirk of living in an isolated island in the southern hemisphere you are wrong.  Look what is happening in Canada.  In BC John Horgan called an early election to take advantage of his lockdown popularity.  You can see from the Angus Reid polling below the lockdown was great for John Horgan.

Current polling shows John Horgan coasting to a huge majority government. 

The same goes for Justin Trudeau.  His popularity went up in every province including Alberta as he stoked fear and panic.  His popularity fell a little after the WE charity scandal but is still much higher than pre-covid when Canadians were not so convinced that stoking panic saved lives.

Think about that for just a minute.  As long as Justin Trudeau keeps us in a panic over the virus most of us are willing to forgive him for shelling out tax dollars to a charity that in turn hires members of his family.  When a drug dealer funnels money through a third party back to his own bank account is called money laundering.  I don’t know what Justin calls it but when the Liberals were caught doing the same thing in the sponsorship scandal they called it keeping the country together.  Apparently liberal corruption is the glue that holds Canada together.  To be fair there is a big difference between what the liberals do and what drug dealers do.  Drug dealers let the third party keep a percent or 2, liberals let the third party keep most of it.  The average kick back in the sponsorship scandal was 15%.  Justin tried to Give WE charity 1 billion in return for the ½ million his family received from We Charity.  We charity got to keep 99.95%.  Math is not Justin’s strong suit, neither is ethics but as long as he keeps Canadians unemployed we love him.  Lockdowns mean never having to say you are sorry.