The Real Viruses

A couple days ago Rant team member Chad sent me this

Tucker Carlson interviews a Chinese virologist who claims she can prove that the virus was manmade, and she believes the Chinese government released it on purpose.  I have read several sources that make the same claims.  I have not commented on them for a couple reasons.  The first is that I lack the expertise to determine if this could be true.  In these rants I have often drawn parallels between the science behind global warming and the science behind Covid.  Global warming is a problem of thermodynamics and heat transfer; 2 things I use every day at work and 2 of the highest marks I received in University so I am quite comfortable telling you Anthropogenic greenhouse gas warming is a steaming pile of horse manure.  With Covid I am not a virologist, but I can see when the “experts” are obviously ignoring pertinent data and definitely not using the scientific method.  If you are not using the scientific method, you are not doing science; it is that simple.  From this short interview I can make no judgement on the quality of her science.  I refuse to believe because of her credentials.  That is a game the global warming charlatans play; because I have a PHD you must obey me.  Frankly I think the people who granted PHDs to some of those idiots must be rolling in their graves.

The second reason is that in some respects it really does not matter.  I think the evidence is clear that it did not come from the wet market.  They were not able to trace all of the original cases to the market and they have now found the virus in sewage samples in Europe and the US that date to early November before the virus supposedly originated from the market.  You read that correctly, someone tested sewage samples.  Real science is not glamorous work.  Fake scientist fly to conferences in Rio and Copenhagen where they rub elbows with politicians and celebrities.  Real scientists sift through sewage.  Despite my love of science, I have to admit the only time I have ever had to deal with sewage was when my father needed help at work; he was, among other things, a plumber.  I say the origins of the virus do not matter because the virus is not the problem; Politicians and Bureaucrats are.  Politicians and Bureaucrats are an entirely different form of virus.  One that replicates far more often and is far more deadly.

Even though I think our political infection is the more serious problem I want to take a minute to comment on whether the virus is man-made and what the implications are.  The virus could be man-made.  It is not shocking that the communist government of China would try to weaponize a virus.  As we have discussed in previous rants governments, especially left-wing governments, have little regard for human life and are responsible for the largest atrocities in history.  There are several sources claiming that this virus was a weapon.  There is no doubt that the entire world has been negatively affected.  The virus has been enormously effective in getting politicians to do enormously stupid things; but how can you count on that?  I mean in a general sense you can count on politicians to do stupid things.  After all these are people who possess no marketable job skills, have marginal intelligence at best, and are clearly sociopaths.  Despite my low opinion of politicians, even I did not think that the stupidity could have been ramped up to what we have seen over the last 6 months.  It seems odd to me to build a weapon that would be ineffective if politicians did not go out of their way to one up the most stupid thing they have on their resume.

Covid on its own is not much of a weapon.  Some people have died but as we have shown the numbers of deaths are, in some places like Alberta, not even outside the bounds of normal.  The people who it has killed are also not much of a military target.  All over the world the average age of a covid fatality is over 80 and ill.  Not many sick octogenarians  pick up rifles and charge in to battle.  If I was going to design a virus as a weapon I would make it selective to military age men and Children; the 2 groups that have zero risk of dying from Covid.  Military age men are obvious, hard to shoot a gun or guide a missile when you are dead.  Children because it upsets society and pulls military age men off the battlefield as they morn their Children. 

Does this mean a sick 80-year-old has no value?  No of course not; It is just that no one finds the death of a sick 80-year-old particularly shocking.  In Alberta 70 people die every day; 75% of them are over 75.  No one is surprised when someone over 75 dies, especially when they were in ill health.  I have already buried my Father, Father in Law, and my Mother.  They were all in ill health and I watched them all slowly deteriorate.  It was sad but not shocking when each of them died. I morn, I move on.  In contrast I don’t know how I could move on if I had to bury one of my children.  It is a very poor weapon that kills only those who pose no threat and were expected to die anyway.

It is not shocking that ill Seniors die of Covid.  It is shocking how the government has treated their family.  My father drew his last breath holding my hand.  My father in-law was the second-best man I have ever known.  Hours before his death I shook his hand and said goodbye.  My Mothers last lucid moment was to wake up, smile, and say hello to me.  If covid had been the final straw for any of them I would not have been upset the Chinese had released the virus; I would have been upset that Jason, Justin, Deena, and Theresa would not have let me in the room, let alone touch them, for my final moment with them.  Viruses are a very manageable problem.  The infection we need to get rid of is politicians and bureaucrats.

Remember that at the next election.  Remember how these cold, Callous, sons of B%$ches would not let family be with ill seniors when they died.  If you have any rage left then worry about the Chinese communists.

How to Benefit from a Fake Pandemic

2 days ago, Rant team member Trevor asked the question what was Ontario afraid of?  The Covid numbers were certainly nothing to be afraid of.  Ontario did have some people die from Covid but it is over now and if they would simply stop testing they could get back to normal.  So why don’t they?  Well I have discovered what Ontario is afraid of or more specifically what Doug Ford is afraid of.  Doug Ford is afraid that people might realize that Covid is over.  He might go back to being judged on something other than his response to a fake pandemic.  That would be disastrous for him.  For Doug Ford the fear is real and intense.  See his approval ratings below.

We have discussed this before for some strange reason most Canadians love being abused.  We are a nation of masochists.  British Columbia has also re-instated some restrictions unfortunately for the same reason.  Here are John Horgan’s approval ratings.

Some of the rant team are British Columbians and I have been very Alberta centric.  I decided it was high time that I took a closer look at BC especially since one of our BC rant team members is the niece of a former Jujitsu instructor.  Ignoring BC any longer might be perilous to my health.  I am glad that I looked at BC because something very curious came out of it.  Here are the weekly deaths in BC from Stats can.

BC had a spike in deaths that at first glance I attributed to Covid until I looked at the dates.  The peak week for deaths in BC for 2020 ended March 21st.  BC did not record their first Covid related death until March 20th.  By March 21st BC had only 10 Covid related deaths.  Deaths in BC started falling just as Covid related deaths started to appear.  Deaths continued to fall through the whole Covid Pandemic.  British Columbia’s deaths peaked the week before Covid hit.  That is so incredibly bizarre it has to be repeated.  British Columbia’s deaths peaked the week before Covid hit. 

The people of BC are in love with John Horgan for shutting down the province over something that was not as bad as whatever it was that came before it.  Just when you thought that this covid nonsense could not get any weirder along comes the left coast.

In Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, mister all hat no cattle has been very quiet lately.  He has been very content to let the 2 morons running the largest cities in the province to carry the Covid water for him.  There is a good reason for that.  It looks like Albertans have seen through the charade.  Mr. AHNC is still struggling to pull the golden egg out of the covid golden goose.  At this point he may as well cook the damn goose.  His approval ratings are below.

These approval ratings charts are from the polling group Angus Reid.  Their comments about Mr. AHNC’s sinking ratings are that Albertans are upset about his weak covid response because of the increasing cases.  It never occurs to the left-wing lunatics at Angus Reid that Albertans are smart enough to see through this and are just tired of Jason Kenney’s shit.

My rant yesterday sparked an offline debate with another rant team member.  I believe that every political decision can be rated on 2 scales: one for stupidity and one for pure evil.  When I look at the light weights currently running things at the provincial and federal level I tend to think most things in Canada are high on the stupidity scale and low on the evil scale simply because not a single one of them is smart enough to qualify as an evil genius.  Dr. Evil from the Austin power movies is a Rhodes Scholar compared to John Horgan, Jason Kenney, or Justin Trudeau.  In the grand Covid scheme of things politicians in Canada are nothing more than useful Idiots.  My debate partner disagreed he thinks they score much higher on the evil/conspiracy scale.  It is of course his right to disagree with his older, much wiser, brother.  You don’t need a conspiracy to keep this going as we have seen this has been a moment in the sun for some politicians and it has been very good for the people selling masks and covid tests.  They obviously have no desire to see this end.  The people furiously working towards a financially lucrative vaccine say prayers at night asking for more people to die.  You don’t need a conspiracy to keep this going you only need greed, an absence of empathy, and self-interest; there is plenty of that to go around.

Albertans have seen through the charade, but we are still willing sheep wandering aimlessly with masks on.  Thankfully, there are other places in the world that have not only noticed but they are doing something about it.  The Pennsylvanian courts have ruled that the lockdowns are unconstitutional.  See the article below.

The head judge wrote this in his judgment.

While those restrictions were “well-intentioned,” wrote U.S. District Judge William Stickman IV, “good intentions toward a laudable end are not alone enough to uphold governmental action against a constitutional challenge. Indeed, the greatest threats to our system of constitutional liberties may arise when the ends are laudable and the intent is good—especially in time of emergency.”

This is where the left always goes off the rails, they think that a program should be judged on its intent and not on its results.  If your intent is pure it does not matter that you killed innocent people.  This judge has reminded people that just because you did not intend to kill people does not change the fact that you did kill people.

Below is an article forwarded to me by rant team member Russ.  This journalist writes a good summary of Covid.  All of this the rant team discussed months ago but it is still good to see some journalists finally question what is going on.

This link below is a video of a mask protest that Happened in the US.  We need one of these in Calgary; why don’t we have anyone wanting to replace Nenshi organizing one?  The silence in Calgary over this does not bode well for our future.

Best of all the top prosecutor in the US is starting to get very vocal about what is going on.  See the article below.

Can we please make Bill Barr an honorary Canadian and park him on Trudeau’s door step?  It might take a few weeks to convince Bill that Canadians actually elected that idiot, after that I am sure he would get to work and prosecute some of the worst Covid offenders.  I would pay big money to get him to start with Jason Kenney.

It is going to take a long time to deal with the guilty

As expected Covid 19 has become one of the central issues in the US presidential election.  The Democrats are hoping to convince voters that Donald Trump’s past actions led to higher deaths and that his current actions are ineffective.  Joe Biden claimed that if Trump had acted just one week earlier no one in the US would have died of Covid.  That is a very outlandish claim; if there was even one honest journalist in the world, they would have asked these 2 follow up questions

1                     Which countries enacted restrictions sooner the US?

2                     How many of those countries have 0 covid deaths?

Of course, there is no such thing as an honest Journalist so that did not happen.  I am told that there were 2 honest Journalists admitted to the arc but since one was actually a male identifying as female they were unable to reproduce and honest Journalism was wiped out by the flood thousands of years ago.

The dishonest Journalists that we are left to contend with have done a masterful job of keeping the Covid panic alive.  They were so successful that Donald Trump was dragged reluctantly into the madness; at times even appearing on camera wearing a mask.  The deceitful nature of the media has served Joe Biden well.  Joe Biden has been a politician for his entire adult life, 47 years now.  The only time during that period that he has not been in Government is the last 3.5 years that Donald Trump has been president.  In 47 years Joe Biden has done the same thing as nearly every other western politician during that time; absolutely nothing other than enrich himself, his family, and his friends. It is Difficult for Joe Biden to campaign on issues that existed prior to 2016.  It would be laughable for him to say he will solve those problems now when he did nothing about them for over 40 years, 8 of which he was second in command.  Joe Biden desperately needs Covid 19 because it is the only issue he has not failed at it yet.

Since the media has succeeded in making Covid a campaign issue, both sides must have a Covid 19 plan as part of their platform.  Trump is touting his efforts to make a vaccine available in record time.  Joe Biden says that he will make all Americans wear a veil mask.  Joe is convinced that if every day looks like Halloween the virus will get confused and stop making people sick.  In November Americans get to choose between vaccines or masks.  No one is offering a 3rd option of not wasting any more money on testing and just get on with life.  Americans must choose between the lesser of 2 evils. 

Joe Biden has an uphill battle on his hands because the public has been told for decades how important Vaccines are and just months ago they were being told that masks did not work.  It has only been quite recently that masks have been promoted as a cure for everything and delightful little devices during foreplay.  The Director of the CDC saw the problem immediately and jumped into the fray to give Joe a helping hand.  The video below is him touting how masks are more effective than vaccines.

In a desperate attempt to get rid of Donald Trump, this deceitful waste of human flesh is using his pulpit as head of a major health organization to implore people to be anti-vaxers.  After decades of being told about the absolute effectiveness of vaccines, and laws mandating that we get vaccinated, the CDC is now claiming that vaccines are far less effective than a piece of cloth.  I need to check to see how high the life expectancy is for Muslim women; they must live well past 150.

Why is the CDC so willing to go out on a limb, they may never be able to get back from, to help Joe Biden?  Let me Jump to the answer before I get to the explanation.  The CDC is concerned that if Donald Trump gets elected that there might be repercussions when the CDCs involvement with Corona Virus development comes to light.  With Joe Biden they know it will never become known and they won’t have to worry about possible criminal prosecution.

A couple days ago I mentioned a debate my brother and I are having.  He does not think I am concerned enough about the origins of the virus.  My brother has always been reluctant to accept the wisdom of his older brother, so he was not about to give up on this one.  He sent me a couple of videos of an interview.  The person who was being interviewed brought up some very interesting points and dates.  The CDC patented the corona virus in 2007.  You can find the patent document here

This is very curious since the CDC was able to patent something that technically can’t be patented.  The US courts do not allow patents to be issued for things that occur naturally.  If they did, I could patent sunlight and force everyone to pay a royalty for using it.  Just think how much money I could make off farmers and resort hotels.

The other curious thing was how desperate the CDC was to get the patent.  They tried multiple times starting in 2003.  They were turned down several times because you cannot patent nature.  Then somehow, they were able to get the patent in 2007.  There was, no doubt, a money poultice applied somewhere.  I have no doubt that there is now a former patent clerk living well beyond his apparent means.

Why were they so desperate to patent a virus?  In the mid-2000s the US department of defense was very interested in using viruses as a weapon.  They were very interested in the corona virus because it was quite common and quite contagious.  Patenting the corona virus gave the CDC control.  Now no one could do any research on the corona virus without paying the CDC and getting their permission.  The department of defense had to pay the CDC a royalty and could only use companies that were approved by the CDC.  At first the research was done in the US but in 2012 the CDC realized that doing germ warfare research in the US had poor optics.  The research was sent to a third party outside the US and the NIH controlled the flow of money.  It is worth repeating the CDC had to approve of the lab, so they were OK with doing the research overseas in a foreign country as long as they got their cut.  They were also OK with the Department of defense funneling the money through the NIH.  We have talked a lot about the NIH since St. Fauci is one of the highest people in that organization.  So where did they third party the research to?  You might be able to guess where this is going.  The research was being done at a lab in Wuhan China a couple miles from the infamous wet market.  St. Fauci was cutting the checks to a Lab in Wuhan China so they could work on manipulating the corona virus.  The CDC was taking their cut off the top.  Do you still think covid came from bats in a wet market?

What does this have to do with Joe Biden?  The research was moved to Wuhan China in 2012 when Joe Biden was starting his second term as vice president.  The CDC wants Joe Biden because he is already aware of the CDC’s involvement, he is not about to call them out on it.  Joe Biden refuses to call China an enemy, he refers to them as a competitor.  It is very hard to explain why you would pay a competitor to do research on your behalf.  It is impossible to explain why you would pay an enemy to do weapons research.  If Trump gets elected People at the CDC risk Jail time.  If Biden gets elected everything will be swept under the rug and it will be business as usual.

This is very damning for the CDC.  I think there is a good chance that covid 19 is manmade and came from the lab in Wuhan.  Whether it was released intentionally or by accident we don’t yet know.  The origins of this virus are important.  But I still think it is of secondary importance.  If it is manmade my guess is still that the release was accidental.  As we have already discussed if this was to be a weapon it turned out to be a very poor one.  I don’t think they were done playing with it.  It certainly not ready for prime time.

Whether this virus was released accidentally or on purpose makes no difference to me.  We did not have to play this stupid game.  We could have treated this virus for what it really was, a bad Flu.  We could have investigated and held people responsible if it turned out to be manmade, but the inescapable fact is that all the damage was done by the politicians and not the virus.  The virus itself did very little damage.  So I will concede to my brother that this virus is probably manmade and could have been released intentionally but I won’t be concerned with that until we hold all of the politicians and bureaucrats accountable for their destructive, irrational response to the cold and flu season of 2020.  Every single politician in this country needs to be run out of office.  Every bureaucrat that had anything to do with developing or enforcing covid regulations needs to lose their job and pension.  After we deal with the people who caused the problem then we can deal with the people that caused the virus.

More media hijinks, Could this all just be about US politics?

I was reading the newspaper on Sunday.  There were 5 pages dedicated to covid 19.  The lead editorial lamented that we were in a second wave because people were ignoring health regulations.  Another Column went to Neil Ferguson for comment on the increasing cases in the UK.  I don’t know why I keep hoping to pick up the paper and read an article written by an honest reporter with an IQ over 80.  I have been reading newspapers for more than 40 years now and it has not happened so my hope seems a little ridiculous.  It also seems ridiculous to continue to address the lies the media tells but I can’t let them get away with these 3 blatant lies.

The media is in love with the idea of a second wave; they talk about it a lot.  Someone should remind them in order to have a second wave you must have a first wave.  As we have already discussed the only week this year where Alberta had deaths outside the range of normal is the week when we had far fewer deaths than normal.  You cannot argue that we had a first wave and the thought that what we are seeing now is a second wave is laughable.  Alberta has had 2 covid related death in the last 15 days so 0.2% of all deaths during that period are covid related.  On Friday we had 44 people in hospital with covid so 0.001% of Albertans were hospitalized with Covid.  It is not much of a wave that does not affect 99.999% of people; it isn’t even a ripple.

As for ignoring regulations that is an easy claim to make but is it too much to ask for some hard data to back that up?  I do not have any data to show one way or another, but my own personal observations are that Albertans are cowering in Fear and going beyond the regulations.  I was In Worsley and Dawson Creek last week.  It was refreshing to see so many people not wearing masks.  I came back to Cochrane and went to the Grocery store on Saturday.  I was in the store for 10 minutes until I saw another person not wearing a mask; at least 70% of the people in the store were wearing masks.  The Cochrane city council has passed a resolution that if Cochrane gets to 10 active cases masks would be made mandatory.  There were so many people wearing masks that I thought we had passed the magical mark of 10 cases while I was away and that masks were now mandatory.  When I got home, I checked the city website.  Cochrane has 1 active covid case.  70% of people in Cochrane are wearing masks because they are deathly afraid that they might run in to that 1 person.  I have not seen any evidence that people are ignoring rules.  I have seen plenty of evidence of mass hysteria.

We have discussed Neil Ferguson before.  He was the moron with the enormously wrong computer model that started all this nonsense in the first place.  Neil Ferguson has never been right about anything in his life.  It is not just that he has been wrong it is that he has been spectacularly wrong.  No one should ever listen to Neil Ferguson about anything, yet the press continues to trot him out and present him as an expert.  We have discussed this before; the media loves fake experts like Neil Ferguson.  To the media an expert is someone who they can count on to make fantastic claims that fit their narrative.

The media is going to be dishonest, that is a given.  Governments are also dishonest, but they do have to face the voters eventually and economic conditions tend to dominate elections especially when the economy is bad.  Governments presiding over poor economies traditionally have trouble holding on to power.  So why have governments persisted in the lie for so long?  At first, I thought it was that they overreacted and could not figure out a way to back out and save face.  That explanation works for weeks but not months.  Either these governments actually believe we have a problem or there is an ulterior motive.  I don’t doubt that most of them are stupid enough to believe we have a problem.  If so, they are plainly too stupid to hold public office.  You get the government you deserve; we voted for these morons.  I hate to don the tin foil hat, but it is hard to believe that they are all as stupid as they appear.  Some of them must know this has been over since May.  That leaves us with ulterior motives.

We have discussed that many of the politicians are basking in the glow of public adoration over their tough stance and might be reluctant to declare the honeymoon over.  Still they must know that we can’t do this forever.  If they are popular now just think how popular they would be if they could claim they took harsh action to protect the public and then led them back out of lockdown to economic health.  So why are none of them doing it?  Why is Jason Kenney persisting when Albertan’s, despite their compliance, are clearly tired of his policies?  Ending this would be ridiculously easy.  All you would have to do is hold a press conference and discuss that the new tests are far too sensitive and are not providing useful data.  You could tell people you are now going to track not only total positives but also the number of positives that make the threshold of potentially contagious.  After a week or 2 the public would see how ridiculously low that number is, and you could come out and declare victory.  You could tout that all the restrictions have served their purpose and now we can move forward with removing restrictions.  Within a couple weeks we could be back to normal and you would look like a hero.  Why hasn’t anyone done this?

In the US the answer is obvious.  They need Covid to defeat Donald Trump.  But we don’t have to defeat Donald Trump, do we?  Well that depends on whether you are a globalist or not.  Globalists all over the world hate Donald Trump because Donald Trump still insists on respecting national borders.  Globalists like Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel do not believe in Borders.  They believe that every decision should reflect what is good for the global community.  Donald Trump stubbornly insists on putting the well-being of Americans first.  Contrast that with our Prime Moron who spent his first 100 days in office borrowing billions of dollars that he spent outside of Canada.  For his first 3 months in office he completely ignored Canadians.  Our Prime Moron does not believe his Job description includes considering the needs of Canadians.  He is quite content to arrest Canadians for ignoring covid regulations while laying out the welcome mat for 3,821 people who have entered Canada illegally during the lockdown.  Why weren’t those people arrested?  Weren’t they breaking the same covid rules that Canadians were arrested for?  To the Prime Moron, Canadians are just the people who must pay for all the good he wants to do in the rest of the world.  Trump is America first everyone else second.  This makes Donald Trump a real problem for the globalist leaders in the rest of the western world.  Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord and there is no way he will go along with the great global rest they have been planning.  The US is the most powerful country in the world.  None of these crack pot ideas can be implemented if The US does not participate.

Would politicians in the western world continue to destroy their own citizens lives just to help get rid of Donald Trump?  Most of these leaders have already shown great disdain for their own populations.  It is not just Canadian politicians who instruct police to body slam citizens that won’t wear masks while they spend tax money on millions of people who enter their countries illegally.  Their laws are applied harshly to their own citizens and are suspended when dealing with foreign nationals.  20 years ago, that would have been an outlandish idea but 20 years ago these globalists did not hold power.  Now this selective enforcement of laws and tyranny against your own citizenry is a daily occurrence.  Consider this, one of the rant team members told me his daughter in University got a letter from the dean explaining that the covid restrictions are only for the next 2 months.  In March we were told restrictions were needed for 2 weeks and somehow, they became permanent so how is the Dean so confident that it will be over in 2 months?  Quite a coincidence that it lines up with the US election, right?  I am beginning to believe this whole thing is about nothing other than the left’s irrational hatred of Donald Trump.  If we had not surrendered completely to the left in Canada, we would not be wearing veils masks right now.

The Danger of Secondary Infections

On Monday one of our fellow rant team members, Giles,  told me a story about his granddaughters first 2 weeks in Kindergrten.   She had been enjoying kindergarten immensely but one day last week she told her teacher her tummy was sore.  Her teacher sprinted to the front of the class to hit the big red button that would put the school on Covid 19 DEFCON 1 (ok I may have made that up but I doubt it was any less dramatic).  The young girl was sent home to self-isolate for 14 days.  When her mom got her home, she asked her what was wrong.  Her answer was nothing her stomach was sore because she was hungry.  We are now so hypersensitive that a hungry child can trigger an emergency response plan.  I looked up the symptoms of Covid 19 on health Canada’s website and this is the list I copied from the sight.

  • new or worsening cough
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • temperature equal to or over 38°C
  • feeling feverish
  • chills
  • fatigue or weakness
  • muscle or body aches
  • new loss of smell or taste
  • headache
  • gastrointestinal symptoms (abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting)
  • feeling very unwell

In the teachers defense abdominal pain is on the list so she did have reason to be concerned.  The problem is that this list does not just describe Covid.  I have created a list below of all the things I could think of that would trigger one or more symptoms on this list.

  • Hunger
  • Eating too much candy
  • Eating too much of anything
  • A hangover
  • Dust
  • Asthma
  • The common cold
  • High blood pressure
  • Low blood pressure
  • Standing up too quickly
  • Being overweight
  • Being severely underweight
  • Poor nutrition
  • Being out of shape
  • Exercising too hard (especially when you were out of shape in the first place)
  • Dehydration
  • Allergies
  • Lack of sleep
  • Lack of oxygen from wearing a mask
  • Stress
  • Stress caused by someone screaming at you for not wearing a mask
  • Food sensitivity or poisoning
  • Any bacterial or viral infection

My medical knowledge is not complete, but it seems to me that on any given day anyone could exhibit one of theses symptoms even if they are in perfect health.  It is a poor screening tool that can’t exclude anyone, but I guess that is the point.  The government wants you to believe that if you have a headache you are going to die of covid.  As we have seen it is very easy to keep people alarmed about this invisible menace.  So invisible it has not infected anyone you know, or if you use this list the converse is true, it has already infected everyone you know.  But for the grace of god all those people would be dead right now, or at the very least suffering from all the long-term health conditions the computer models predict.

When Giles relayed this story to me, he coined the term Covidiocy.  That is when it dawned on me that I have been wrong about the second wave.  I was only considering Covid but we have been dealing with infections of Covid and Covidiocy at the same time.  Health Canada did not have a list of symptoms of Covidiocy so I made my own.

Symptoms of Covidiocy

  • Irrational fear of hungry children
  • Wearing a mask and face shield
  • Wearing a mask while driving alone in your car
  • Wearing a mask while having sex
  • Wearing a mask when not compelled to by threat of government violence
  • Tourette like screaming at people not wearing masks
  • Unwavering belief in the wisdom of politicians
  • Deification of public health bureaucrats
  • Belief that the most effective treatment to cold and flu season is unemployment
  • Insisting on being tested for a virus when you have no symptoms
  • Willful denial of reality
  • Inability to understand numbers larger than 10 or smaller than 1

While we had our first ripple of Covid we had a significant first wave of Covidiocy.  During our second smaller ripple (echo maybe) of Covid we have had a tsunami of Covidiocy.  It seems Covidiocy infections are somehow inversely proportional to Covid infections.  I shudder to think of how much damage we will see when the Covidiocy peaks after people realize covid has been gone now for 5 months.

Do You think The Media will Tell The Truth About Covid When They are Willing To Do This?

It has been apparent, to anyone who thinks, that Covid 19 is not about science, it is not about public health, it is all about politics and the media’s corrupt cooperation.  I came across an example a few days ago that is not covid related but clearly illustrates the level of corruption that we must push back on.  Watch this interview with Joe Biden on Telemundo.  This was so bizarre I googled the reporter to make sure he was a real “journalist”; he is, and he has been around a long time.   Here is the brief clip on twitter.

Notice the strange way that Joe Biden looks forward when asked a question and then looks to the left when he gives an answer.  You can probably guess why.  There is a picture of the interview room that has surfaced on the internet.

The interviewer is in front, the teleprompter with the answer is to his left.  There have been several instances already where Joe Biden appeared to be reading a teleprompter but this one makes it clear that he was.  This one made me think and not just because of how willing the interviewer was to jump in and help when Biden was unable to read the answer properly from the prompter.  Ask yourself this; if they do not trust Joe Biden to answer questions by himself do you really think they trust a single person to come up with an approved answer and type it in to the teleprompter fast enough for Joe to read and make it look real?  Of course not.  They obviously had the questions before, and Joe was reading a script that had already been written.
The next question is, did they get the questions ahead of time or did they decide on the questions themselves and hand the interviewer the same script that Joe had?  My guess it is the latter but either way this entire interview was just theatre.  There was not one thing about this that was real, and this “journalist”, his crew, and his network were willing to go on with the charade and even jump in to help when Grandpa Joe stumbles.  This is not just cherry-picking data or ignoring things that don’t fit the narrative; this was complete fabrication to support a politician they agree with.
The more you think about this the worse it gets.  From the start of the US campaign I thought Joe Biden was an unexplainable pick.  He had a famous name but is dim witted and has a history of saying incredibly stupid things.  Of course, that is not much of a handicap in modern politics as long as you are on the extreme left.  Canadians have twice elected Mr. “the budget will balance itself”, “you have to build an economy from the heart out”.  Another dim-witted man with a famous name and penchant for saying stupid things; the Joe Biden of the north.  What made Biden an odd candidate for me was that he is obviously going senile and the democrats themselves exposed him as corrupt.  In their zeal to impeach Trump over withholding aid to the Ukraine they revealed that Joe Biden had withheld aid from the Ukraine until they fired a prosecutor that was investigating Biden’s corrupt son Hunter.  It came out that several Biden family members flew around the world with Joe, picking up lucrative business deals everywhere they landed.  Joe Biden is a corrupt, dim witted, senile, career politician yet the democrats pushed him forward as their man to beat Trump.
Why do they think they can pull this off?  They went into this knowing that Biden would have trouble even reading answers off a teleprompter.  Anyone who has been paying attention knows the media has an extreme left-wing bias.  But this is more than bias.  The democrats knew that the level of cooperation they were going to need to pull this off went far beyond a friendly reporter conveniently ignoring stupid things Joe would say.  There is no way that they started this without understanding that they were going to need all the major news agencies to go along with their scripted theatre.  How could they be so sure they could count on everyone?  The disturbing answer is that they have obviously done this before and not just once.  They have done this often enough that it is routine, and they were able to take for granted that they could do it again.  Even if it meant electing a corrupt, dim witted, senile old man to run the most powerful nation the earth has ever seen.
What does this have to do with Covid?  Do you think a media corrupt and dishonest enough to hand nuclear launch codes to a man with dementia can be counted on to tell the truth about Covid 19?  Covid 19 is pretty small potatoes compared to that.  We have to push a very large media stone up a very steep slope if we ever hope to return to normal.

Dr. Scott Atlas possibly the most import person on earth right now

In past Rants, we have discussed Deena Hinshaw, Theresa Tam, Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Robert R. Redfield (CDC director), and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus  (WHO Director).  These are some of the highest public health officials in the world and over the last 6 months of this fake pandemic they have shown themselves to be incompetent and/or corrupt.  Thankfully there is a glimmer of hope on the Horizon, Dr. Scott Atlas.  Dr. Atlas was recently appointed to the Covid task force in the US by President Trump and he is already making waves.  Dr. Atlas is going against the grain because he stubbornly insists on talking about data and science.  That is something we have seen rarely in the US and not at all in Canada.  Remember the video of Rand Paul trying to force St. Fauci to acknowledge the science.  St Fauci resisted all Rand Paul’s attempts and stuck to discussing his feelings.  Contrast that with this recent press conference

Did you notice how much the reporter pushes back?  Have you ever seen a reporter do that to St Fauci, Deena Hinshaw, or Theresa Tam?  The reporter even tries to invoke an appeal to authority by pointing to the corrupt head of the CDC.  Dr. Atlas would have none of it.  He has the science on his side, and he knows it.  On Friday I listened to an interview he gave to fox news.  You know that hard right Trump supporting network.  The reporter tried desperately to get Dr. Atlas to exclaim that Covid would ultimately kill everyone.  Dr. Atlas pointed out that the pandemic appears to be ending and he used the science and data to back that up.  No matter how many times the fox reporter tried to lead Dr. Atlas to the conclusion that Trump is evil for letting the virus kill people, he would not take the bait and stuck to the science.  When the reporter realized how badly this was going he finished with “Dr. Atlas we are out of time, but I must remind you that 45,000 Americans tested positive yesterday.  He cut the interview off and got the last word hoping that 45,000 positive tests would scare the listeners enough that they would disregard the science Dr. Atlas discussed.  Thanks for coming out Dr. Atlas but my journalism degree form an online university makes me way smarter than you and you are wrong.

The US is interesting.  It is possible to come out of nowhere and become President.  It has not happened much, but Trump is proof that it can happen.  It is impossible for that to happen in a parliamentary democracy like Canada.  You must become the leader of a party before you can become Prime Minister.  You don’t get to be a party leader unless you have been a party insider for a long time.  Prime Ministers and Cabinet Ministers are swamp creatures by definition.  In the US Donald Trump is not part of the swamp.  That is why the establishment hates him.  The most consistent mistake I have seen Trump make is giving the benefit of the doubt to long term bureaucratic swamp dwellers.  When Covid first hit Trump put together a panel of experts to help.  Any good businessman would have done that.  Trump just did not realize his experts were swamp dwellers and the fake experts that the media loves to use to push a narrative.  By the Time Trump figured it out it was too late, and he was pushed into shutting down the country.  The swamp was able to force Trump to play their stupid game, but Trump is not stupid.  He needed a way out and he knew it.  At first Trump tried to do what he always does; he lets things play out until the public start to realize how stupid things are and then he steps in front of the parade to take it somewhere else.  After 6 months he realized he could not do that with Covid and he has to change the rules of the game.  Dr. Scott Atlas is the game changer that he needed and right now might be the most important person on earth.  If the US pulls out of this insanity everyone else will have to follow.

Thank God for the US system and Dr. Atlas.  After 6 months Trump has finally put a real scientist on a committee that is supposed to advise him on science.  Up until now this has not happened anywhere in the world except Sweden.  You know this could have never happen in Canada.  The Canadian system is based on our British Parent.  The British have a new prime Minister who crawled out of the same swamp the old Prime Minister came from.  In a parliamentary system the more things change the more they remain the same.  To Boris Johnson rights and privileges are not for the little people.  Left to his own devices he will never go back to normal.  This nonsense does not affect him.  To make it worse he had Covid 19, so he knows it is not the great global killer he is telling everyone it is.  Boris Johnson has been prime minister for just over a year and people are already fed up with his swamp fed policies.  On the weekend there were these protests.

The British police responded by rushing the crowd and beating them with night sticks.

They beat the protesters because they were not socially distancing.  IN 2017 The police in London announced they no longer had the manpower to investigate property crimes.  They published a long list of crimes they would no longer investigate.

Just weeks ago, the London police stood by while BLM protesters destroyed public property; all while not socially distancing.  The London Police have made it clear that theft and property destruction are no longer a concern to them.  Social distancing is also of no concern as long as you are engaged in either theft of property destruction at the time.  If you do not socially distance while you are protesting having to socially distance suddenly the London police find the time and manpower to rush into the crowd and beat people with night sticks.  The Political establishment in the entire western world is a putrid quagmire.  It is not just Canada and the US that need to drain the swamp.

Our Prime Moron just gave a speech to the UN where he had a laundry list of problems that Covid 19 has highlighted.  According to our Prime Moron we would not be aware of all the problems the world has to face if it was not for Covid.  Apparently the virus reveals these shocking truths by whispering in his ear while he sleeps.  I never thought I would agree with our Prime Moron on anything but I do agree that Covid 19 has highlighted a serious problem; it was not however, any of the problems he listed in his speech.  Covid 19 has shone light revealing the depth of the swamp and the rot that it has caused in every western nation.  The US now has one person standing outside the swamp trying desperately to drain it.  Why can’t we have someone like that in Canada?  Are we that far gone as a nation?

Quebec really needs a new song sheet to sing from

Quebec iis closing businesses again.

The Quebec public is being told that the restrictions are only necessary for 28 days.  Do the politicians really think anyone will believe that?  Restrictions were first put in place in Quebec on March 24th  for “14 days to flatten the curve”  6 months later some of those restrictions still exist.  If 14 days meant more than 6 months how long will 28 days be?  Here is why Quebec is in a panic.

It is really hard to see a problem cases are going up, but deaths are not.  Quebec like most places has been ramping up their testing dramatically.  Unlike Alberta though, not all of Quebec’s increased cases are just the increased testing.  Here are their testing numbers.

Most of the new infections are just due to increased testing but some are real, the daily % positive has been increasing but not as dramatically as it jumped in March.  Quebec has also seen a 30% increase in ICU Hospitalizations in the last week; .0005% of Quebecers are now in the ICU with covid.  Quebec is concerned that no one is really dying and 99.9995% of all residents are not in the ICU with covid.  I don’t know about you, but I am finding it really hard to get scared of those numbers.  I can understand that, even though the ICU numbers are still very low, a 30% increase while % positives are also increasing could be cause for concern, but why is the answer another lock down?  Have another look at the top plot, almost of Quebec’s infections and deaths happened during the first lock down.  There is no reason to believe that the first lockdown affected the viruses spread in any way.  Lockdowns are a blunt tool that have been highly ineffective against an airborne virus while inflicting serious hardship on millions of people.  Quebec is trying to kill a fly with a sledgehammer, again.  By the time they kill the fly they won’t have a house left.  I guess that does not concern them because they just assume that if they destroy their house Alberta will just buy them a new one.

Increasing infections without increasing deaths is exactly what you want to happen.  The best-case scenario is for the virus to work its way through the healthy population before winter hits season hits.  Once winter arrives vitamin D levels go down, people’s immune systems wane, and people stay inside where the virus thrives.  You want your low risk population exposed now before cold and flu season hits.  The quicker the low risk population gets exposed to the virus the quicker the threat to high risk individuals disappears.  Once again the politicians are doing all the wrong things.  In 6 months, we have not learned a damn thing.  What Quebec is doing made absolutely no sense to me until I found out this guy was developing their plans for them

Now it all makes sense.

The Cost Of lock downs in Human lives

A month ago, rant team member Gary brought to my attention new data from the CDC that showed only 6% of Covid deaths in the US had no comorbidities.  That would seem to indicate that we can only say for certain that 6% of the 150,000 plus Covid deaths (the data was only complete until the end of July) in the US were caused by Covid.  The rest of the deaths could have been dying with Covid rather than dying from Covid.  We have certainly seen this in Canada where BC and Alberta did not have a covid peak or anything outside of normal.  Canada had a coivd peak, but it is much too small to account for the official covid deaths.  In Canada Dying with Covid is more common than Dying from Covid.  After what I had seen in the Canadian numbers, I assumed that I would find fewer excess deaths than the official US covid total.  In Canada people who would have died anyway were added to the count to make it look scary.  It was not the lack of parachute that killed that sky diver it was the covid.  I was able to find the total deaths in the US and to my surprise I found that the US had a covid peak that accounts for all the Covid deaths.  The number of excess deaths was so close the official Covid death total that it looked like the CDC was carefully watching the numbers and classifying anything above normal as Covid.  It looked like they were cooking the books.  Still the deaths were real, something caused them, right?  I did not know what to do with the data, so I set it aside for a month to think about it.

I went back to the data a few days ago and updated my numbers.  Now the data is complete to mid-August when the US official US deaths were 185,000.  I checked the excess deaths and found that the CDC was still carefully matching the excess deaths to the covid total.  I was only able to find 3 years of back data, but it was very consistent and gave me a good average.  The plot below shows total deaths by week for 2020 compared to the average of 2017 to 2019.

Contrary to what the corrupt media would like you to believe the US was one of the first countries to impose restrictions.  Deaths started to peak right after complete lock downs were initiated in Mid-March (week 11).  Then when deaths started to peak in the southern states in about week 25 restrictions were re-imposed in many places.  All these excess deaths occurred when the US was under lockdown.

Next, I looked at the comorbidities from the CDC. 

The first thing to note is how incredible ill these people were.  The 185,619 people who died during this period had a combined 528,068 comorbidities.  That is almost 3 per person.  That is what made this so confusing in the first place.  Which one of their 3 serious health problems caused their death?  Because these are truly excess deaths the CDC has taken the position that it must be Covid because that is the new complication, without it these people would be alive. 

Like most things the lunatic left says this makes sense until you think about it for a minute (or in this case a month).  I have two problems with this explanation

  1. Some of the comorbidities are deadly on their own.  22,949 people suffered cardiac arrest and 16,349 had kidney failure.  If your heart or kidneys stop working you have way bigger problems than Covid.
  2. We know from anecdotal evidence that some people have died because to the lockdowns.  To say that all the deaths were due to Covid ignores those deaths.  It also ignores the 6,152 people on the list above who died of accidental poisoning, injuries, and intentional harm.  How the hell does suicide become a comorbidity?  He shot himself but the real cause of death was the covid infection he did not even know he had?

Covid was not the only new factor.  The lockdowns are new and occurring simultaneously with Covid.  How many deaths are due to the lockdown and not the virus?  The CDC and other medical agencies have touted the lockdowns as an important mitigation tool, so they are more than a little reluctant to blame the lockdown for any deaths.  To them the lockdowns were a medical intervention.  Once again, the CDC is ignoring reality.  Medical intervention is often deadly.  250,000 people die every year in the US from medical errors.

To answer the question of how deadly the lockdown might be I looked at non covid related deaths.  I was able to find on The CDC website deaths from all causes categorized in major categories.  If there were more heart attacks simply because people with weak hearts could not stand the stress of Covid then I should see the same number or even fewer heart attacks with people who were not infected with Covid.  The same should go for all the other comorbidities on the list.  Unfortunately, the data base I found only had 2019 and 2020 so all I can do is compare with last year.  What I found was that in 2020 the US had significantly more deaths in some of the major categories than in 2019.  Remember these are for deaths unrelated to Covid.  Some of the biggest increases are below.

There were some very significant increases over 2019.  These 5 groups also happen to be the most common comorbidities for covid fatalities; over 50% of the comorbidities fall in to these 5 groups when you count all the various heart conditions listed in the comorbidity table.  Maybe 2019 was just a low year; I don’t know since I have no data from other years.  I might have thought that this was not out of the ordinary until I looked at the timing of these deaths.  I Grouped them all together except influenza; influenza is viral disease while the others are not, so I left it out.  Below is a plot showing the difference from 2020 to 2019 on a weekly basis.  When the number is positive 2020 had more deaths that week than 2019 on the same week.  When the number is negative there were more deaths in 2019 for that week.  See the plot below.

Don’t you find the shape to be very familiar?  Take another look at the first plot that shows excess deaths due to covid.  Covid deaths peaked in weeks 15 and 29 when the Covid lockdown restrictions peaked.  Deaths for people who had the same conditions but did not have covid also peaked in weeks 15 and 29 when the covid lockdown restrictions peak.  Deaths due to heart attacks, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and strokes peaked with the restrictions whether or not the patient had Covid.  It was the lockdown that caused these excess deaths not covid; covid was just along for the ride.  We have suspected all along that we would see deaths due to restricting health care to people who were managing long term health conditions and this is the smoking gun.  The lockdown kills.  We should suspect that some of the covid deaths would not have happened if it were not for the rationing of health care.  How many of those Covid victims put off seeing a doctor for their Diabetes not realizing that they also had Covid?

You cannot show that the lockdown saved a single life, but you can show that the lockdown negatively impacted millions of lives.  We will never know the complete cost in terms of human lives that the lockdowns caused but this plot would indicate that number is in the 10s if not 100s of thousands.  The people responsible for the lockdowns will forever block a full accounting of their sins, and these are huge sins.  How is this not mass murder?  War criminals have received the death penalty for less.  The only way to hold these people to account is to throw out the politicians responsible for this tragedy in the next election.  Then we must insist that the new people clean house.  We need to root out all the incompetent, corrupt bureaucracy that helped make this happen.

PCR Tests – The Perfect Government Program

The sheer number of covid tests has always bothered me.   As an engineer I know that nothing is perfect and the more times data gets handled the more suspect it is.  Alberta is now doing more than 15,000 tests every day; that number has been steadily increasing since the beginning of this farce.  More tests means more people, more labs, and more errors.  I found one paper that put the number of false positives between 0.8% and 4.0% with a median value at 2.3%.  The wide range probably reflects how careful the samples are handled and how good the various labs are.  Alberta continues to increase their margin for error by increasing the number of people involved and even with that we have not been over 2% positive since the first week in May, you know when the “pandemic” officially transitioned to a scamdemic.

It is very easy to find out how many tests are being done every day in Alberta; the government is very forthcoming with that data.  It is a point of pride how many tests are done every day.  It is not however, easy to find out how much money the Government is spending on all the testing.  Some estimates of testing costs I have found indicate that Alberta is spending over 4 million dollars/day testing people to find out that 98% of them do not have covid.  We are on pace to spend 8% of our entire health care budget to find out 98% of the people are wasting our time and tax dollars.  It is hard to understand why this is such a point of pride for the government.  If they wanted a good indicator of how the scamdemic was proceeding they could track hospital admissions.  Something they were already doing so it would not cost a nickel.  Be honest now, 18 months ago when you voted for Jason Kenney did you think you would be looking back nostalgically at the fiscal responsibility of Rachael Notley?

A few weeks ago I thought the only problem with massive testing was the cost and high number of false positives that served to fuel the panic.  That was before I started l educating myself on the PCR test.  I used to worry that the 0.8% to 4.3% false positive rate was artificially inflating the numbers.  Now that I understand the PCR test a little better I am concerned about the 100% false positive rate sustaining a fake pandemic that ended in April.

The most common test for covid 19 is the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test.  PCR was developed by Kary Mullis, he won the Nobel Prize for it.  It was originally developed as a way to replicate a strand of DNA over and over again until you had a sample large enough to study.  It is basically a manufacturing process.  When HIV was first discovered someone figured out that they could use the PCR process to replicate the virus in a sample enough times to actually find it.  When a lab technician takes a sample it has a lot of stuff in it.  Trying to find one specific thing is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  With the PCR test you are able to keep duplicating the needle until you have enough of them that you can say for certain the haystack must have contained at least one needle.  The way the process works is that the piece of DNA you are looking for is split in 2 and then re-built.  Now you have twice as many.  If you do that 30 times you have a billion times as many.  By the time you have a billion times as many needles hopefully you can see them in the hays stack.  When they started to use the PCR technique to identify the HIV virus Kary Mullis objected.  He was adamant that this was never to be used as a diagnostic test and that if you have to produce 1 billion copies just to see it is it really a problem?

So the guy who won the Nobel Prize for developing the technique says that it should not be used to identify a virus and the test kits from Altona Diagnostics actually caution that the tests are not to be used as a diagnostic test.  The keystone of our pandemic response is testing and both the man who developed PCR and the people who produce the tests do not stand behind them.  You would think that would be enough to convince us not to spend 4 million dollars a day but unfortunately Jason is just not that smart.  That on its own is bad enough but unfortunately with Covid the more you look the worse it gets.

The PCR test works because DNA is symmetrical so when it is split it is easy to double because you know what the other side is supposed to look like.  Virus don’t have DNA they have RNA which is not symmetrical so the first step of the test is to turn the RNA in to DNA so that you can split it and replicate it.  Then in the Covid test you replicate it as many as 40 times which means you make 1 trillion copies.  So to find the virus RNA you convert it to DNA and replicate it 1 trillion times to see it.  This really sounds like something that we should use to shut down an economy and destroy lives over right?

I hate to sound like a sham wow commercial but wait that is not all!!!  Here is where it gets really stupid (like it was not stupid before).  No one has ever produced a purified sample of the virus.  That means the piece of RNA that the test turns in to DNA and replicates came from a sample that did not just contain the Covid 19 virus.  There was other stuff in there.  We are spending 4 million dollars a day to identify a piece of RNA that might not be part of the virus.  You read that correctly we might not even be testing for the virus.  We can’t be that stupid can we?  Need I remind you we are talking about Jason, Justin, Deena, and Theresa?

There is some empirical evidence that the test is not actually identifying the virus that is causing the disease.  There is a documented case in Wuhan China of a woman how go sick and then infected her whole family.  Everyone in the family tested positive except the woman who brought the disease home in the first place.  They tested her 18 times, swabbed everything that they could swab and she was negative every time.  She had what they had but she did not have the strand of RNA that the test looks for.  There was also a study in Singapore where they tested a group of patients every day.  Every one of the patients flipped back and forth from positive to negative multiple times.  They were all sick but they could not always find the strand of RNA that we test for.  That strand of RNA might be from some common thing that has nothing to do with the virus.  We are spending millions of dollars a day to accomplish absolutely nothing; the very definition of government.

Here are a couple of good articles on the PCR test and why we should not be using it